WMF Perfect Plus 6-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker

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Product Description

WMF Perfect Plus 6-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker. Holding 6-1/2 quarts, this attractive pressure cooker from Perfect Plus ably handles most recipes and offers many conveniences to simplify both use and cleanup. Made of heavy-gauge, 18/10 stainless steel, the main chamber offers strength and durability while a polished exterior shine gives it an eye-catching appearance. A Trans Therm base evenly distributes heat and brings excellent high-temperature retention. The black Phenolic handle is ergonomically designed for comfort and resists heating; additionally, it easily detaches to simplify cleanup. In the event that excessive pressure begins to build up, an integrated safety feature audibly indicates the need to reduce heat. Pressure cooking lessens cooking time and preserves vitamins and minerals for healthier meals. Purchase includes a perforated insert and trivet; additionally, an accompanying collection of recipes from Lorna Sass helps get the home chef started.

  • Advanced safety features prevent excessive pressure build-up
  • Handle design improves comfort and safety and detaches for easy cleaning
  • More healthy cooking as vitamins and minerals are preserved; included recipes by Lorna Sass
  • Reduces cooking times by up 70-percent
  • Constructed in Germany of heavy-gauge Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel

Customer Reviews:

  • Nothing but the best .... and easiest to use
    The WMF pressure cooker sets the standard for ease of handling, longetivity (also of all rubber rings), value for money and contribution to more healthy eating habits.
    The ergonomic design with the two handles makes you pick up the fullest loaded pan thus improving safety and stability.
    There are two pressures indicated on the pressure marker to cook with: medium pressure and high pressure. Upon the marker popping out to the relevant ring you turn down the heat. Potatoes take about 6 minutes to cook on high.
    The tall pressure cookers have inserts (with and without holes in their bottom) so that you can cook the meat at the bottom, an insert with potatoes is followed by one or two other inserts with veggies. Dinner is ready in about 15 to 20 minutes on medium pressure.
    The cheapest, toughest beef turns to butter in anywhere from 30minutes to 45minutes on high.
    If you live in the mountains at an altitude the pressure builds up just as fast....more info
  • Removable cleaning handle is the only way to go.
    The removable handle is the best. It makes cleaning that way it should be. And the fully sealed pressure system, with gauge, take less energy than the old "rocker style" I grew up with. Wonderfully simple, bring the thing up to pressure, and then just put it on the lowest burner setting (doesn't take much to keep pressure)....more info
  • A great first pressure cooker
    I received a Perfect-Plus pressure cooker as a Christmas gift. I have used it several times a week since then, because it is so fun to use & experiment with. I have been interested in cooking with a pressure cooker for a while - but was intimidated by them.

    I was given a 4.5 quart cooker, which was too small for some of the recipes in the recipe book that comes with the cooker. I exchanged it for a 6.5 quart cooker, and that has been a useful size.

    The Perfect Plus is incredibly easy to use. It has a very clear pressure gauge that makes it easy to adjust to medium & high pressure. It does not make any noise. It is very easy to release the pressure gently, without letting out a blast of steam.

    I have let the cooker get too hot a few times. It makes a clearly audible "hooting" noise, and you just remove it from the heat.

    It is heavy and seems very well made. The handle clicks on, making it very easy to take apart and clean. I have not used any other pressure cookers, but it is hard for me to imagine that they are any easier to use. The Perfect-Plus is a great pressure cooker, and very simple to use....more info

  • Tasty easy and looks good too!
    We bought this pressure cooker after deciding the old one was too small. The price seems like a lot for a pressure cooker but if you look at the time saving extras like: easy clean-up and the all inclusive handle with spindle and steam releaser, it is easily worth the money. We have already made lentil soup, chicken noodle soup and some nice German specialties like crunchy pork roast. Delicious. Highly recommended! Check it out. There's a good reason that European cooks are willing to pay full price for a great product. Have fun! ...more info
  • Works really well, very sturdy, too!
    The product is well built. The seal is tight and very easy to open or close. It is also a decent size to cook stuff that requires longer cook time and work. We are very satisfied with this pressure cooker. My mom wants one now, but the non-sale price is a bit high....more info
  • Not your mother's pressure cooker
    I am so glad I bought this cooker. For almost 50 years I waited for my mother to launch her WWII era cooker into low earth orbit and was scared to death of the darned thing. Probably because of all the dire warnings I got at an impressionable age.
    This WMG 6.5 Qt unit is a beauty but more importantly it is simple to use and a dream to clean. I bought the optional glass lid and that makes the prep a lot easier. I cook 6-7 meals at a time on the weekend and this is the greatest time saver I could have imagined. The results are exceptional!
    I obsessed over this and the comparable Kuhn Rikon model. I am sure they are both good but the deciding factor for me was the ease of cleaning. Overall I couldn't be happier!...more info
  • built like a tank
    My mom had a pressure cooker. I remember the little weight it had on top. This is my first pressure cooker. I was initially concerned about safety so after I bought this pressure cooker, I also purchased "Pressure cookers for dummies". I wanted to understand how this thing worked and how safe it was. that was two years ago, since I have used it fairly regularly. I greatly appreciated the quality and the rugged construction. It is heavy. It cleans up well and is easy to disassemble and assemble. The only thing I had to learn was that I was using too much heat. It clouded my chicken stock. I would recomend that when you first use this cooker that you use the recipes in the manual first. The instructions are detailed and geared to the pressure cooker. ...more info
  • First encounter??
    This was my first encounter with any pressure cooker, so I thought my review could be helpful. When discussing it with others, the same old concerns are still being verbalized (hissing, explosions etc.). Never fear; using this product has been a fun experience combined with good cooking outcomes. It's easy to clean; easy to take apart and put back together.
    Never leave it unattended and try recipes with a thin base (broth, water) for starters to avoid scorching the bottom of the cooker. I have an electric stove, so I needed to learn to use the heat levels correctly with the pressure cooker. Once the second orange ring starts to appear, it's time to reduce the heat in increments from medium to the lowest level. I've cooked short ribs on the lowest heat setting for 25 minutes with great results (falling-off-the-bone good).
    My old electric slow cooker went south last winter so I wanted to try something new. A pressure cooker allows for more recipe variety. For example; teriaki chicken legs in 6.5 minutes---additional under-the- broiler time for a little crisping and you're done! Rice pudding (in a pan on the trivet which is included along with a vegie steamer) has become a favorite. Fresh corn on the cob placed on the trivet (3 ears in this size cooker---I was afraid to over-fill) for 3 minutes and then quick release was the best tasting ever. It did not burn the roof of my mouth because there was no boiling water in it. Additionally very little nutrients were lost in the steaming water.
    Another positive is that I suspect I might be saving on electricity because of shortened cooking times. Haven't had a new bill, as of yet, to be sure.
    The WMF Perfect Plus 6 1/2 qt is a good size cooker to start with, unless you plan to prepare a big roast or a whole turkey (or more ears of corn at one time---see above). In that case, size up.
    Using this cooker has re-vitalized my enthusiasm for cooking. There are about 30 recipes I've highlighted which I expect to try over the coming winter months. I'm looking forward to it!! ...more info
  • Awesome pressure cooker, first time user
    I just received this gem today. Upon opening the box I immediately noticed the construction and build quality which is second to none. This is my first pressure cooker. I had been considering this one and the Kuhn Rikon. I can't compare them side by side (I have never seen the KR in person), but I can't imagine that KR could be any better than the WMF. So far I am very pleased with my purchase and look forward to using it more and more. ...more info
  • No one does it better than this
    For a long time, I had a traditional alluminum pressure cooker that was given by my mother. It has the weight thing on top and when the pressure builds up, that thing is just bouncing up and down making all kinds of noise every few seconds. And alluminum is not good for cooking anyway. I looked at several choices including Kuhn Rikon and others that have stainless steel models. Then I chose this one over the Kuhn Rikon (the other final candidate) for the look, quality and easy to clean. It's much cleaner looking than others. The control is concealed and the lid is smooth all around. I was still surprised at how well it is made when I received it. The mirror finish does make it standout in our kitchen in a good way. It's easy to clean especially with that quick release handle. The helper handle is definitely a plus for less strong arms. We have cooked many meals with it and absolutely love it. Also, its rubber seal ring is much heavy duty then some other ones I looked, one less thing to worry I guess. It will take your cooking experience to another easy and joyable level....more info


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