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Though there are many recipes for making pizzelles, this waffle-like cookie has fairly ancient origins and is served at most banquets and feasts throughout Italy. The name pizzelle comes from the Italian word "pizze" for round and flat. It has been called the oldest known cookie, and it's believed to have originated in the Abruzze area of Italy centuries ago. Some people say the pizzelle made its debut at the village of Colcullo, during the Festival of the Snakes, when villagers celebrated a divine intervention that helped them expel the serpents overrunning the town. Others say it started at the village of Salle, where pizzelles are still baked today to celebrate the feast of Beato Roberto, a twelfth-century monk.
This VillaWare Prego Pizzelle electric Pizelle iron bakes batter quickly and easily so you can enjoy this delicious cookie fresh, every day. It helps make each day a feast. And each day should be a celebration. Add this to your kitchen today! Automatic thermostat Steam guard to protect hands from steam 110 Volt AC power cord Chrome finish with black handles

  • Electric appliance bakes 2 5-inch Italian pizzelles every 30 seconds
  • Imprints traditional fiori pattern on each waffle-like cookie
  • Xylan non-stick grids; automatic thermostat with "ready" light
  • Steam Guard protects hands; cord wrap; instructions with recipes included
  • Measures approximately 15 by 12 by 4 inches; 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Value for the money
    For my dollar, this pizzelle baker was definitely worth it. It bakes the pizzelles very evenly, does not require any non-stick spray or anything like that, and it cleans up in a snap!

    I would still like to know what I have to do to pour exactly the right amount of batter & where to place it to get a perfect pizzelle every time. It would also be nice if there were a signal to let you know when it's done.

    Bottom line, if you don't want to spend a fortune, and you like pizzelles, I highly recommend the VillaWare V3600-NS PREGO Pizzelle Baker !...more info
  • Makes Perfect Pizzelles
    Pros: I've used this once or twice a week since it arrived last month. It's exactly as described, easy to use, and easy to clean and maintain (let it cool, wipe it with a paper towel, and you're done.) It came with some very good recipes, the 'traditional' style and 'Southern Italian' style being the two best, but if you have your own recipe don't be afraid to use it; this is a machine tolerates changes in batter/dough and continues to work well. Best of all, though, is that it makes wonderful pizzelles and in only 30-45 seconds (cooking to taste.)

    Cons: None, really. Some makers have a signal to let you know when they're cooked, but I don't think I'd pay attention to it after the first batch was done. By their nature, being so thin and delicate (and even with more sturdy batters), you really have to decide for yourself when they're done. I'd suggest having a watch with a second hand nearby the first few times you use it, but once you know how 'cooked' you like them to be (judged by their color, from pale yellow to the color of a sugar cone), you'll know how long to leave them in the maker.

    I grew up on these and the ones now being sold in local grocery stores - even the 'homemade' pizzelles at $6 a dozen - just don't make the grade. These do. I couldn't be more pleased....more info
  • Great product! Arrived on time
    I have always wanted a pizzelle iron because my aunt used to buy them for me when I was a little girl (they were homemade in a little Italian corner grocery store). This one arrived exactly when they said it would and it works wonderfully well. It takes a little time to get the hang of when they are finished, but with practice it gets easier; the little book that came with it said between 30 and 45 secs. Sometime it took a little more if I left the top open too long, but when the steam starts to go away is a good time to check. The recipes I've tried that came with it are amazing in their similarity to those I remember as a child. ...more info
  • Make no mistake...
    you do still need to use non-stick spray! Otherwise, this is a great product. We make gluten-free pizelles and they disappear as fast as they come out....more info
  • Compact, efficient, and peforms as promised
    It takes approximately 5 minutes to warm up (110v outlet), and if you follow the very simple recipe, it does not require any greasing.

    I substitute olive, grape-seed and walnut oil for butter. Olive oil can become carcinogenic for heavy duty cooking, but is fine for the 30-75 seconds that it takes to make pizzelle (any oil that smokes has burnt, and is potentially cancer-causing; olive oil and other light oils have the tenancy to burn faster than other types of "heavy" vegetable oil).

    You can also substitute stevia or warm honey for sugar, and whole grain flour for bleached. If you're truly a health nut, substitute apple or prune puree for some or all of the oil, but then Mamma Rosa may grab you by the ear and slap you around for ruining "i cannoli."

    Remember that the further away you get from the original recipe (by adding whole wheat flour and adding apple sauce), your cooking time will increase to 75 seconds, and you will get less of the crispy effect and more of the toasted texture.

    Also, substituting strained fat-free yogurt (mixed with the proper spices) for ricotta can do wonders.

    Buon appetito!

    ...more info
  • Really enjoy
    once i recieved this product, i waited for my son to get home from college and we made our pizelles while on thanksgiving break, we really enjoy it, once we got the hang of how much batter to use, it worked great. i would recommend this product....more info
  • Oh, Pizzelles...How I Love Thee...
    For a long time, I've looked for the perfect pizzelle maker. I've finally found it.

    Using the included recipe, you can make two pizzelles in about 40 seconds, they cool fast and are VERY addictive! The larger size does make them a little more susceptible to breaking, but they look nice and you don't spend so much time breaking up the batter.

    The non-stick surface and heating element make pizzelle time fast and easy. Even kids can help making these with the use of a silicone/heat-resistant plastic spatula. Fun to use and easy to clean up!...more info
  • pizzelle maker
    Excellent product. Easy to use, especially for the first time maker, like me. Directions are easy to follow and it works as described- no sticking....more info
  • Fabulous
    Very easy to use. Easy to clean. Clear instructions. You'll be up and running in minutes!...more info
  • VillaWare V3600-NS Prego Pizzelle Baker
    This is a simple very well made Pizzelle machine. It resembles a waffle iron but is much smaller in size, so it will not take up too much kitchen cabinet space when not used. The non stick surface works extremely well and the Pizzelles are easy to remove once baked.

    The unit has no timer built in to it, but I use an external timer which cost me $5.00 and it works great with the pizzele machine. I find it takes 50 seconds to bake two pizzelles at a time. They are 5 inch pizzellis and not 4 inches as some other machines produce. I really like the 5 inch ones over 4 inch pizzelles. The unit allows me to bake approximately 2 pizzelles every minute.

    You can fold a pizzelle into a cone shape easily while still warm. (It takes maybe 15 seconds to harden up firm into the desired shape either as a cylinder, cone, or flat pizzelle). (If you curve them into a cone and fill them with whipped cream out of an aerisol can, they are to die for).

    My family has found the "plain pizzelles" and the "walnut/maple syrup pizzelles" to be our favorite ones. We initially thought we would like the Rum and Orange pizzelles but that was not the case. The Orange flavor was too over powering. Of course, a sprinkling of Powder Sugar really makes pizzelles addictive. (All the mentioned recipies came out of the instruction manual which came with the unit.

    Yes, I would again buy this unit. It would be my first choice again if I had to buy another machine. Let's face it, you are not going to use this device every day of your life. It is a simple well made appliance and it cranks out two 5 inch pizzelles every minute. That is fast enough for me. My resettable outboard timer keeps me posted as to when to remove the pizzelles from the baker. I am very well pleased with this unit, the price was right, and Amazon's FREE shipping made my purchase a great deal.

    Pizzelles are fun and fast to bake and everyone I give them to loves them. You will get a lot of enjoyment out of this well made low cost machine.

    Houston, TX ...more info
  • Excellent Value & Product
    VillaWare V3600-NS Prego Nonstick Pizzelle Baker

    Ok, I'll admit I collect kitchen appliances. From commercial to the unusual

    Now I've been looking at these Pizzelle makers for quite some time. But I'm not big on the baking cakes and cookies kinda person. However, this appliance was to me rather unusual & for under $35.00 & free shipping. I just had to buy it to add to my collection of unusual no else I know, has one of these appliances. This Pizzelle Baker is so much fun, and easy to use. Not to mention the cookie it self is wonderfully delicious. If your looking to impress your guests this holiday season. Or you have a cookie monster in your home. This is a must have appliance. Not to mention Pizzelle's I bought at a local bakery shop were $4.20 a dozen. 35 cents each. plus tax....more info
  • Love it!
    I have found the perfect pizzelle maker. I am a beginner at making pizzelles and after just a few attempts I was making them perfectly with this machine. Awesome buy! They don't stick to the baker and the traditional recipe that comes in the book works perfectly. I do recommend adding double the amount of vanilla if you choose not to add the anise....more info
  • Great Italian Cookies, finally!
    I have been researching pizzelle makers for what seems like forever. After reading all the reviews at Amazon, I purchased the VillaWare. Well I received it last night and I am very happy & pleased. I made two batches (almond & chocolate)and they all turned out great once I figured out the proper placement of the dough and how much dough to place on the unit. Of note, I also tried to make a gluten free pizzelle and it did not work well. The dough was way to runny on the first run so I added more gluten free flour and it still was not the consistency of the regular dough. I have to say the unit was a mess when I tried to make the gluten free product, but it was very easy to clean. I can't wait to try different flavorings. ...more info
  • Great Machine
    This product does what it says it will do. I have had no problem with sticking. I let the mahine heat up and then sprayed it one time with PAM and each cookie turned out great. It takes about 33 seconds for a perfect pizzelle. I would recommend the purchase....more info
  • Amazing product... 5 stars!
    I really enjoy this machine! I was looking to buy this machine in stores in town but they don't have this machine, so I found it in Amazon. It's fun to make these pizzelle cookies, the recipes are very good, but I change instead of 1.3/4 cup of all-purpose flour I just make 1 cup flour+ 3/4 cup of Tapioca flour), and I add 1/2 of coconut milk juice (I bought in Oriental Supermarket in a 16oz can). The cookies are very crispy and tasty. I used a thin spatula to take out the cookies one at a time, put on a cutting board and rolled it like a small eggroll then put on cooling rack,and continue to do the next one, so that can keep the cookies warm and easy to roll.
    It's so delicious. After 2 weeks, I liked this pizzelle maker so much I ordered another one. I order a 3rd one and sent it to my sister, because she lives in Canada. The price I bought was $38.54 with free shipping, it's Great price.
    I love -- I started buying more things in this website because of the cheap prices and fast delivery. Thanks info
  • Great Service !

    The company (Ace Hardware) who provided the Pizzelle Baker was excellent received it 2 days after ordering from Amozon.

    ...more info
  • Works Wonderfully
    Though I have the non-stick version that is still back from where I moved from, I bought this version in order to make my favorite holiday treat this past Christmas. This product worked wonderfully and as advertised. Nothing stuck and was extremely easy to use. The one thing I will say is that it seemed the pizzelles came out a bit thinner in the non-stick version, but it could have been a variance in the batter I suppose. Regardless, it worked very well and highly recommend this product....more info
  • Thank you
    This product is just what was told me it would be. The speed of the shipping was very fast....more info
  • Nice Product
    It makes nice cookies , the non stick has held up well .. a very worthy purchase for a gadget junkie....more info
  • Easy to use
    Makes perfect Pizzelles! Simple and easy to use, no burning or sticking. Couldn't be happier....more info
  • pizzelle heaven
    Lightwieght and easy to use. Ready to eat cookies in 10 minutes. Granddaughter loves it too....more info
  • Wonderful
    What else can I say - excellent and fast shipping - a machine that's second to none. I've made over 200 pizzelles, 28 seconds for each duo, unlike the Cruisant that took 4 minutes! I'm a happy buyer....more info
  • Excellent Product!
    This thing's awesome. I tried several of the recipes and they all have been great. Very easy to use, easy to clean, well worth the price....more info
  • Very Satisfied
    This item I purchased for a wedding gift and I am sure they will use it for years. I have a Pizzelle Iron and he(he is my Grandson)always enjoyed my Pizzelle's. It seems I always find something I am looking for on Amazon... :)
    Ann...more info
  • great product!!!
    my kids love this machine! they eat every little bit when i make them. It is a must have!!!...more info
  • Good product
    The VillaWare Pizzelle Baker is a good product and a great value. My wife wanted a pizzelle iron like her mother's (which is probably 30 years old) and this product was almost identical. Works great and makes great pizzelles!...more info
  • If I Only Knew
    I had a pizzelle maker I used for over 20 years that finally started to die. I put off buying a new one because of the difficulty in cleaning the old one. Everyone I knew had the same complaint so I figured they were all like that.

    After reading the reviews here I ordered the VillaWare Pizzellemaker and am extremely happy with it. It cooks perfectly, the cookies don't stick, and clean-up is a breeze. With my old pizelle maker I would sometimes have to get a toothpick to clean out the designs when I was finished baking, with this maker all I have to do is rinse or lightly wash it. I was concerned because the grids did not come out for cleaning but after 2 months of heavy use (I was in pizzelle withdrawl, had to make lots) I have had no problems. Also, the non-stick coating is not just on the plates, its also on the sides a bit (where batter would "spill out", which also helps clean-up.

    The maker is compact and has a "lock" to make sure the cookies are the right thickness. Shipping was fast and service was great. I would definately recommend this. If I only knew how much I'd enjoy it, I would have bought it long ago....more info
  • Review
    First time making pizzelles and this machine worked me right throught it without any problems. I followed the receipt and it came out great. The clean up was easy and we earned lots of raves for the product and the machine....more info
  • This is the one you want to buy!!
    I was very impressed with this. There is no better product for the price....more info
  • great pizzelles
    This is a compact iron that makes great pizzelles! And Amazon sent it fast, even though it was free shipping. HOWEVER - Amazon dropped the price $10 since I bought this 3 days ago!...more info
  • Great value and product
    I think this is a great pizzelle baker for the cost. I really don't know what other features you would need (there is no timer but you don't need it) so I don't see any reason to spend any more money. I have never owned a pizzelle baker before so I have nothing to compare it to but as far as kitchen appliances go it's one of the easiest I own to operate. I have made 3 batches of pizzelles so far and they have all turned out great. Very happy with my decision to purchase this model. It was highly rated by most other reviewers and I wholeheartedly agree....more info
  • Great Pizzelle Baker
    This is actually my second purchase of this same baker. I have had the other for a few years and decided I needed to up my production capabilities. Love the nonstick aspect; it cleans up easily.

    I don't use the recipe that comes with the baker. ...more info
  • pizzelle iron...
    pizzelle iron....just used it for the first fine!! Happy with purchase and with price!...more info
  • Not as expected
    I'm sure this product is good as I do own a larger version of this pizzelle maker, but it is smaller then I thought it would be....more info


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