PEET Shoe Dryer Original M97-OL Shoe Dryer
PEET Shoe Dryer Original M97-OL Shoe Dryer

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Product Description

Peet "Family Model" Boot & Shoe Dryer The Peet shoe dryer is your answer on how to control wet sweaty shoes. Now your footwear can be restored to normal overnight-safely silently and thoroughly-for healthier more comfortable feet. Peet's thermal convection drying process removes perspiration wetness and resulting odor from any type of shoe or boot. Plug it in and forget it. Warm air rises naturally to circulate and penetrate a child's rain soaked shoes or even hard-to-dry lined Pac boots. Since Peet does not get hot or blow hot air all footwear can now be dried without fear of shrinkage or stiffness. Even your valuable leather shoes are free from damaging heat. Mfg No: M97 Manufacturer: Peet Warranty: Warranted for 25 years from date of purchase against defective materials or workmanship.

  • Remove wetness, perspiration and odor safely from any footwear, overnight
  • Silently dries using thermal convection
  • Endorsed by shoe makers Red Wing, Rocky, and LaCrosse, as well as Gore-Tex
  • Attachments available to dry knee boots, hip boots, waders, and gloves
  • Runs for pennies per day

Customer Reviews:

  • Should have bought two
    Both me and my husben work outside and last winter we were soaked all the time. When I saw the shoe dryer I bought one. We tryed it out and knoticed that the manual was right it did get ridd of the shoe oder. So I should have got two as now my husben and kids shoes are always on the dryer and mine are always soked. So I am getting a second one. It is great as we just leave it in the entry by the door it takes up no space and it is very quiet. we have it on all the time and there is alwyas a shoe on it.
    ...more info
  • excellent dryer
    Seems pricy at first, but worth double that for dry shoes. Makes no noise, runs flawlessly....more info
  • 5 stars
    I got the PEET dryer for my boyfriend for Christmas. He's a land/road surveyer and often works outside in both heat and cold. He has told me multiple times how much he likes the boot dryer. He says it is completely silent and though it doesn't feel like it's putting out heat, his boots are always dry and toasty warm after being on the PEET dryer. He seemed to think it helped with drying sweat/odor too. I've heard only positive comments from him....more info
  • My husband loves this!!
    This boot dryer is just what my husband was looking for. The heater for it is sooo little we wondered if it would actually work but, work it does & very efficiently. It's a slow dry, so the leather doesn't crack. Definately buy another when we need a replacement....more info
  • Awesome piece of equipment! A must have for almost everybody!
    This is my third boot dryer and they are still, I think, one of the best boot dryers you can buy. Definitly a must to keep you shoes or boots from stinking too! I bought the glove attachment for mine and it dries a pair of gloves in about 4-5 hrs. and also kills the smell some wet gloves get, even after their dry. I would definitly recommend this to anyone!...more info
  • Got my first one in 1982 -- I'm buying four more!
    I work in Construction and frequently have wet feet. This drier is a dream for people like me who hate to get up and jam dry socks into cold, wet boots. The drier works overnight and silently. It doesn't over-heat the leather, so there is no over-drying or cracking of the leather. I love this thing!...more info
  • I shouldve bought one 20 yrs ago
    this thing is great. I love my Wesco boots but their not waterproof. It makes no noise whatsover, mine is next to the bed. I hose and brush the mud off my boots when I get home (mud draws the oils out of leather)put em on the dryer. Dry, warm boots by morning! Just dont forget your boots on it! I oil my boots 1x a wk or so....more info
  • Pleasure to Use
    These are really a pleasure to use, wearing boots everyday can really be hard on them. These dryers really get all the condensation and odor out of your boots. As a side benefit, it is really nice in the winter to put on your boots and have the leather pliable and warm, not stiff and cold as they otherwise would be....more info
  • Like it so much I bought another!
    I liked the first so much that this was the second Peet I've bought. Mostly I use one for boots and one for gloves (with the glove attachment). I like the slow, quiet effectiveness of it. It's perfect for overnight when skiing. My only complaint is that it's pretty big to store/transport, so will never make it on an airplane trip. ...more info
  • really works
    I bought the boot dryer for my son he works out side and his boots are in water mud grease and they were wet and the boot dryer works great his boots are dry for him in the morning for work. I thought no this will never work but it does and it is awsome.thank-you Jeanne from Troupsburg, New York...more info
  • Great Product!
    I bought this for my son who works construction. He used to dry them over the heat registers at home, but when he moved out, the heat registers were high on the wall! Now his feet are always dry AND warm....more info
  • Peet Shoe Dryer
    I am very happy the quality of the shoe dryer, and I am even happier with how quickly I received my product. Thank you so much for the great service!...more info
  • Highly Recommended boot/shoe dryer
    I purchased this product for my son in law for his birthday. He walks his dog in the woods which has a creek and gets his boots wet. My husband has a boot dryer and he mentioned he would like one. He said it works beautifully and he now has dry feet!!!...more info
  • Used twice and already a problem...
    I had to send the shoedryer back two days after Christmas when the middle
    of the units both started to melt.. I have to say I have always heard awesome things regarding this product so I was caught off guard. It has been a couple of weeks since I sent the product back and I have still not heard a word. I would like to think it was just a flaw in this unit. I am requesting another unit to replace it to give it one more shot.. Pls
    dont "Peet" disappoint me:)...more info
  • Works as advertised
    The product works great. My kids' shoes get soaked when they play outside. We put them on the shoe dryer and they're good to go by the morning....more info
  • Tricky Sales Tax
    Peet Family Model Dryer M97. I ordered this item on the Internet and it arrived quicker than expected. It is quiet and appears to work well. I bought it because I had planned to buy an expensive pair of work shoes and instead of buying two pair to alternate each day I bought one so the dryer would have them ready for another day.
    The buying experience was the worst. The shopping cart experience was unusual. I was charged sales tax even though I ordered the product from another state. I was given the final price and then afterwards was charged sales tax (per the receipt) because it was shipped from a company in my same state. This was not mentioned up front and I have lost all interest in the company and its products.
    The company did not respond to my emails regarding this extra charge.
    If you need a shoe dryer I recommend buying it locally to save $8.00 shipping and just pay the legitimate sales tax.

    ...more info
  • This'll git 'er done
    I've used one of these for three years now with excellent results for hiking boots, Nordic ski boots, athletic shoes and rubber/leather pacs. Although the heat level is very modest - and therefore protects your footwear and keeps the electric bill low - it will thoroughly dry all but the very soggiest boots in a few hours. Also, it seems to eliminate any foul odors (who me?) in athletic or street shoes.

    Here's a hot tip: put your already-dry winter boots on this Peet dryer before venturing out on a frigid morning and your feet will be truly toasty!

    I've seen much fancier boot dryers and I see even Peet now makes a fancier version. And this product seems a bit pricy for something so simple that has no moving parts. But I'm not tempted to get anything else because this simple model is foolproof and "gits `er done."

    Highly recommended for anyone who ever gets their boots or shoes wet while exploring the surface of our beautiful planet.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic! Everyone needs one!
    This dryer is fantastic! There has been a pair of boots on it every minute since we got it! It is great for here in Michigan where we've had a ridiculous amount of snow so far this year!The kids love it, my husband loves it and I love it! It makes no noise at all and drys shoes perfectly! My husband works outside a lot and we used to set his boots up by the heat vents when he got home and they never quite dried out! It's great to start your day with warm, toasty boots!...more info
  • Great, friendly, helpful
    I would definitely use this seller again. They were very helpful and accomodating....more info
  • Great product
    Have had for a week and use it every day, works great. I deliver packages in Wisconsin, so I trudge thru lots of snow. Nice to have completely dry boots every morning. Would absolutely recommend....more info
  • Not for neoprene booties
    I tried this product for drying my surfing booties and it did not work at all. In fact, the passive heating (no fan) and warm air seemed to provide the perfect environment for bacterial growth and the booties smelled like something the dog would like to roll in. The low rating is for use as a neoprene booty dryer. I have no experience with it otherwise....more info
  • Great product!!
    This is a product that we have needed for years. Finally got it......and it's worth it! Perfect for those wet boots after feeding horses in the rain.............more info
  • Hubby puts on boots with a grin each mornin'!
    My husband is a ski lift mechanic at a resort in VT. He used to put on partially dry boots every morning and trudge off to work. He reports that this little gadget dries his big bulky Rocky boots fully and warmly! Nice to start your 5am day off with warm dry feet on the snowy slopes!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I ordered one of thse for my husband for Christmas and he loves it.It works beautifully.Now,I am ordering two more for my sons.It dries soggy shoes overnight and they are warm when you put them on....more info
  • Great for sports shoes of all types
    I bought this unit after my motorized boot dryer stopped motoring. I'm a snowboarder and play soccer and it works great for both boots and cleats. No more musty boot smells. I also put my wet gloves on it. Makes washing tennis shoe much easier. Buy at least one but you may find you'll want 2 or more. Great product....more info
  • Excellent Product
    Everybody needs one of these. There great for drying wet sneakers, boots, etc. I should have bought these for Christmas gifts. A+...more info
  • Simply Works Great
    I originally bought this to give to my brother for Christmas. However, I had to try it out to see how it worked. I ended up keeping it for myself. I dry out my Nikes eveyday. You just can't beat the feeling of putting on nice and toasty dry shoes in the morning. Hopefully this will help with fungus problems too. One small problem, it could use an on/off switch. I will be gettng one of those cord switches you can splice into the cord and it will be great. Its a bit of a hassel plugging and unplugging every day....more info
  • Peet Shoe Dryer
    I gave this item as a gift and it went over really well. He uses it daily and he really notices how well it dries his work boots overnight....more info
  • Great product
    My husband works in the oil and gas industry and hes always getting his work boots wet and when he would come home he would sit them by a fan to dry over night, half the times they were still wet by morning. I bought this dryer as a Christmas present for him but I couldn't wait to give it to him. It was so easy to put together and once it was we thought it was broke because there was absolutely no noise. He put his boots on it and went to bed. The next morning they were very dry and warm and he was so happy that he didn't have to wear wet boots all day. I'm very impressed with this product and I know I will be using it when I wash my shoes so I don't have to hear the noise of them bouncing in the dryer. I highly recommend this dryer to anyone who cant stand wet shoes/boots....more info
  • Take note....
    The dryer is nice but beware it does take a LONG time for items to dry. On avarage you need to leave gloves on overnight and boots even longer--we have 3 children and really need to have items dried faster, but it's still better then nothing or air drying....more info
  • Simply Awesome!
    I received a Peet Shoe Dryer from a friend a few months ago. When I first received it I must admit I did not know what to do with it... Well, this past Friday night, as an April Fool's joke, I was pushed into the pool... with my shoes on! Seeing this as a great first opportunity to try the Shoe Dryer - I did. The dryer did a phenomenal job drying my leather shoes. I was worried about potential damage to the shoes and the noise the drier would create; but neither was an issue.

    I highly recommend the Peet Shoe Dryer for anyone that may have been pushed into a pool, may get pushed in a pool, or generally needs to get their shoes dried....more info
  • does what it's supposed to just don't expect it to be fast
    Works great, does what it says it does. Makes hot air that travels up the tube naturally (no fan) and dries the shoes. It's completely silent. Don't expect it to be fast though. If your shoes are really wet they will take all night to dry....more info
  • Toasty warm & dry shoes
    This dryer works flawlessly. No noise, no smell and warm, dry shoes in the morning. I ordered another unit to dry my sneakers after washing....more info
  • Good deal
    This boot dryer is great. Low heat slowly dries the boots from the inside out. It's nice to turn it on to warm up the boots before I head out into the cold too!...more info
  • Good, just not what i thought it was
    This is not a "blow" dryer. It is more like a toaster. Very effective, just not what I thought it was. We kept it, use it and are happy with it....more info


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