Relaxation & Breathing for Meditation

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A unique two-part program of supported yoga poses and breathing techniques to bring the body and mind to a state of stillness.PRODUCT DETAILSThe special DVD edition includes the complete two-part practice bonus guided restorative meditation and an in-depth interview with Rodney Yee.System Requirements:Running Time 85 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS UPC: 029956013209 Manufacturer No: 120-1316

The importance of the breath is familiar to anyone who practices yoga, as is its significance in the pursuit of a deeper, more meditative state. But it never hurts to be reminded of that connection, especially as yoga's growing popularity has turned it in a more active, less contemplative direction. The title of this DVD program pretty much describes the content; it consists of two approximately 30-minute sections, one ("Conscious Relaxation") devoted to several easy, relaxation-inducing poses and the other ("Conscious Breahing") focusing entirely on the breath itself. (Also included are an 8-minute "guided meditation" and an interview with instructor Rodney Yee.) It's unlikely that you'll break a sweat, and you won't "go for the burn," as yoga practitioners seem intent on doing these days--but you might reach a place of stillness that's considerably more profound. Note: The use of certain props (mat, blanket, pillow, chair) is recommended. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Uplifting, yet fast
    I purchased this item to help aid in relaxation and possibly ease stress. I found that the video was very easy to understand and I really enjoyed it. However, I do think that Rodney went too fast in the different sections of the tape. A section would start off fine, but then I had to pay attention because he was already at the next scene/pose. Over all, the tape did exactly as it said. I still will do the tape and I am sure that with a period of time doing the tape, I won't have to feel like I'm playing catch up. I guess I just need to learn the tape. :)...more info
  • Relaxing
    This is a very nice practice for breathing and meditation. Very relaxing in its approach and I am enjoying the breathwork, very calming as you work through it, which is why I enjoy yoga generally (relaxation) and Rodney is one of the best. ...more info
  • BREATHE .... RELAX ..... FEEL .... WATCH .... ALLOW
    In my humble estimation, this is one of the best of Rodney Yee. Be ye new to Yoga or just initiating your SEARCH, this quality produced dvd will provide you with a great intro to meditation and breath work.

    Rodney will easily guide you through the process and belive me this is one powerful experience. If there ever was an ANSWER to "today's world situation" the practice of yoga, breath work and meditation will certainly point you in the right direction and hopefully a "path to spiritual, emotional and even physical health".

    This is one of the best .......more info
  • very easy to follow -
    Rodney Yee has a great way of talking to everyone and making meditation accessible regardless of injuries or age....more info
  • Meditation and Relaxation
    Excellent relaxation tool. I have a painfull illness and need to find ways to relax and meditate as I am restricted in my physical activities. I would highly recommend this to use a way to relax your body and your mind and release the pressures of the day.
    ...more info
  • Breathe
    I have a few DVDs by Rodney and this one is a change of pace (th others are great) in that it is a more meditative/relaxation based DVD as the title says.

    It has two routines, one focusing on relaxation and one on breathiong, both of which are easy to follow and do.

    I enjoy all the variations of yoga (routines designed to move quiker) but the relaxation aspects are why I do it and this one does that well....more info
  • relaxation and breathing
    Warning look at item carefully Gaiam repackages of previously released dvd and sells with a new title but old recordings
    this is one of them...more info
  • Easy and relaxing
    Relaxing but hard to make time to do. I usually end up doing 1 of my 10-20 min meditation CDs instead....more info
  • Stress Relief
    I needed to find something to help me deal with the changes in my life and the added stress I was accumulating. I feel a lot more calm, not so quick to stress out over things and genuinally feel better about life and myself. This combined with yoga has worked well for me....more info
  • Very relaxing...
    This is a great DVD if you're looking for deep relaxation and some breathwork. Rodney Yee has a soothing voice, is very knowledgeable, and provides good imagery to help you get in touch with your breath. The DVD is broken into 2 segments, one with relaxing yoga poses and one with breathwork, which is nice if you don't have a ton of time to practice or want to work specifically on one or the other....more info
  • Rodney Yee Rocks!!! Hands Down Great Instructor.
    I have tried several of Rodney Yee's Yoga DVDs and find he has a certain command to him. He is nice to listen to, does advanced moves, and focuses on yoga. In my opinion, he is one of the greatest yoga instructors on DVD. His DVDs may be a bit fast paced for a beginner; however, if you safely watch it first or try to do the exercises with your own modifications a few times you will get the hang of it. I'd recommend Rodney Yee to my family and friends any day. He gives good instructions and body placement recommendations. It feels like you are working on your body, yes...but also your meditation and energetic releases. Namaste....more info
  • Relaxation & Breathing for Meditation
    Great to use for relaxing. Also helps me thru my pain....more info


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