Soleus Air CFM-40 E 40-Pint Dehumidifier with Humidistat

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Product Description

Portable lightweight with a Streamline design. Automatic shut-off prevents overflow. Manual & soft-touch control.

  • 40-pint dehumidifier with removable reservoir tank; optional continuous-drainage port
  • Full-bucket indicator alarm; automatic shut-off prevents overflow; washable air filter
  • Adjustable humidistat; whisper-quiet operation; automatic defrost
  • Lightweight; built-in wheels and carrying handle provides easy portability
  • Measures 21-1/2 by 15 by 10-2/7 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice and quiet, small capacity
    I use it to dehumidify my basement. The unit is extremely quiet, however, the water bucket is relatively small, which requires frequent emptying. Overall, I am happy with the unit....more info
  • Quiet and just works
    This unit is very quiet; I can leave it running while I watch TV with minimal bother. It is pretty efficient -- it uses around 200 Watts and can take my 1050 sq ft house from 50% to 40% humidity in about 8 hours. It can run for about a day at 50% humidity before the water bucket fills up. I haven't had any problem with water spilling anywhere....more info
  • Mostly very satisfied, but
    It really is quiet and does an excellent job of keeping the humidity at an even level. Price and value are certainly there with one big complaint. We leave it running in a condo in Florida when we go back home. If the electricity is interrupted for only a minute or so for ANY reason the unit shuts down and the power button has to be pressed "ON" and the humidity and fan speed levels have to be reset. This is a major problem as we may be gone for months and need it running especially in the high humidity summer months when we aren't there. That's the only complaint....more info
  • Returned to Vendor
    I wanted to like this unit, but alas, it was returned to Amazon. Here is why: It seems the life of todays dehumidifiers has been drastically shortened since manufacturing of these units all went to China. I have owned 3 dehumidifiers over a long span of time. The first one ran for about 15 years and I got this used from my parents, so I don't know how long it ran in total. The second one ran for 10-12 years and the last one (the first I owned not made in the USA) ran to just out of warranty, or about 26 months. Since repairs were prohibitive, I started searching for a new unit. I was unable to find a single unit still made in America. With that done and overwith, I narrowd my search to the Soleus CFM-40, in part, due to the usually spot-on reviews in Amazon. The unit arrived OK and performed very quietly on the continuous cycle as the owners manual recommends you begin using at first. When the area was down to its intended humidity (50%) level, one that was maintained for years with previous dehumidifiers, I selected that humidity level on the controls of the Soleus for it to maintain automatically. While the fan ran, it stays on constantly - an annoying feature not found in most dehumidifiers, the compressor never cycled on and the humidity level rose 15% past the setting selected to 65% over several days. No matter where I set the auto-humidity level - the compressor never came on. I called the Soleus 800 number, where I reached an associate that must have gotten bad sushi or got up on the wrong side of the bed to stagger into work for Soleus USA's 9AM starting time, my 12PM, when I was first able to make contact with them for the day. I told her that the unit would not cycle the compressor unless continuous was selected. That must have triggerd her ire as no one in her world is supposed to be able to detect a Soleus compressor cycle. Our conversation ended with her abruptly ending the conversation and hanging up on me. Here is a customer service person that knows how to put the 'cuss' in customer service... Thanks to Amazon, a prompt and efficient return was accomplished, but no more Soleus products for me, ever. So, I'm back to the somewhat noisy, but properly functioning Sears Kenmore - the brand that once made dehumidifiers that lasted generations, but also made my last unit that chunked after 26 months... ...more info
  • Avoid this product and company
    The dehumidifier ceased to work properly after a month. The compressor would not turn on and it would not remove any water from the air.
    Attempts to contact customer support have gone unanswered.
    These items have a very high failure rate.
    AVOID purchasing any Soleus products....more info
  • good but certainly not great
    This is a pretty good little DH. It is small which enables you to carry with ease to different rooms and is very quiet as opposed to my older Kenmore that I had for five years. It seems to do the job but at a slower rate that my Kenmore had. I have noticed that the filter collects alot of things quicker than the Kenmore and I have to clean it more often. Maybe that is good or bad? I do like that the Kenmore sucked the wetness out of towels and the floor within an hour. Soleus takes a bit longer and I do not like that it does not have a 3 hour on/off energy star shutoff like the Kenmore had. If you don't hit power, the fan will always run. I am also worried that if it breaks I will have to spend $ to send it back on the other coast. ...more info
  • Works great so far!
    I haven't had this unit for very long, so I can't comment on the durability issue some people have had. So far, this unit is working exactly as it should. The "quiet" mode is still a bit loud for use in a bedroom, but overall this unit is a bargin for the price. ...more info
  • was great for the first year and a half...
    It worked great for the first year and a half. It isn't quite as effective at dehumidifying as some units, and its settings are a bit limited, but it is very quiet compared to other units I've used.

    Unfortunately after a year and a half it pretty much stopped dehumidifying... the fan runs and it pulls a tiny bit of moisture out, but at a rate an order of magnitude slower than it used to...

    Reading other reviews, this is a fairly frequent occurrence.

    4 stars if it is working, 1 star since it doesn't keep working....more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    We purchased the Soleus CFM-40 E dehumidifier just over a year ago and it has stopped working and is out of warranty. My husband called Soleus and was told that it could be repaired at the rate of $45/hour, plus shipped to and from the repair center. That is unacceptable. A $200 dehumidifer should last more than 13 months. We are junking the machine and DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT....more info
  • Would not purchase again
    Definitely would not purchase this product again. The flimsy on/off switch apparatus fell off after about 6 months of occasional use. I was able to reinsert it which rendered the unit usable for awhile. My bad for not calling customer service at that initial breaking point, although after reading the other reviews it appears they would have sent a used unit to replace mine. No thanks. I called customer service to locate a repair facility- there are none. You must ship it back at your expense. My unit was 10 days out of the 1 year warranty. They will not make an exception and replace the unit. I ask to speak to the customer service manager. I'm told she's out to lunch and will call me after lunch. Still waiting for Cheryl's call- a week later. ...more info
  • Quiet, powerful, effective.
    I have had the Soleus Air CFM-40 for just over 6 months, and it's been great- I am very pleased. When I first got the unit (summertime), it was very damp and humid in my basement, and the dehumidifier would fill up every 12 hours. Each time it did, it shut off and a red light went on, just as it should. After a few weeks, it was noticeably drier, and it would fill up every 24 hours. Now, in the winter, it is pretty dry, so, predictably, it does not fill up at all. I am very impressed by the excellent performance of this fairly small unit. Well worth the price for a small to medium sized room. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Waste of Money!
    This thing doesn't work. I have had it running for a week now and not one drop of water in the bucket! Water on my floor but not in the bucket. Save your time and money....more info
  • You get what you pay for..or not.
    We purchased this product in late July of 2007. It was quiet and it did its job until it failed to function in October of 2008. So, one and one half summers and one and one half autumns. This is the second "Made in China" dehumidifier that we have had that has failed shortly out of warranty. The problem each time has been freeze-up. Both times "customer support" has been a "you bought the problem" experience. Well at least they are right about that, we did....more info
  • Very quiet, but low capacity and low efficiency
    Pros: Very quiet on low speed - about like a refrigerator.

    Cons: Low capacity, low efficiency, does not restart after power failure.

    The Soleus is advertised as a 40 pint per day dehumidifier, but the label on the back of the unit states this:

    EF = 1.3
    20 pints/D at DB:80F RH:60%
    (40 pints/D at DB:86F RH:80%)

    It is hard for me to imagine a scenario where an indoor temperature of 86 degrees and 80% humidity would be acceptable, so the 20 pint per day rating at 80 degrees and 60% humidity seems more realistic.

    Capacity: I tested the Soleus unit at 76 degrees and 58% humidity - close to the conditions stated for 20 pints per day. The unit condensed water at the rate of 18.9 pints per day - close to the manufacturer's rating. The same amount of water was produced on both high and low fan settings.

    Efficieny: EF is a measure of how many liters of moisture a dehumidifier will remove from the air for each kilowatt-hour of electricity used. Higher numbers are better. The Soleus unit used 295 watts during the test which works out to an EF of 1.25 - close to the manufacturer's rating. The electricity used was the same for both high and low fan settings.

    Comparision: I also own a Fedders model A7DH45B2A dehumidifier which is advertized as a 45 pint per day unit and is Energy Star qualified. Under similar test conditions, the Fedders unit condensed 43.5 pints per day at an EF of 1.75.

    Conclusions: When comparing to other brands, I would think of the Soleus unit as a 20 pint per day dehumidifier of relatively low efficiency. Under similar test conditions, the Soleus unit could condense less that half as much moisture as the Fedders, and it used 40% more electricity for each liter of moisture condensed.

    The unit works equally well at either the high or low fan settings, but it is quieter on low, so that is the best choice.

    The lower capacity of the Soleus unit (20 pints per day) means it might not be adequate to dehumidify larger areas or very damp rooms.

    The lower efficiency of the Soleus unit translates into a higher electric bill to operate it. When operated continuously, it would use 212 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month, which would cost $21.20 at 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. A unit with the same capacity and the efficiency of the Fedders unit would cost only $15.14 per month.

    Power failure: The Soleus unit does not restart automatically after a power failure. So, it would not be useful for an unattended application.

    Despite its flaws, the quiet operation of the Soleus unit makes it suitable for use in occupied rooms, whereas the Fedders unit is noisy enough to be annoying, even on low speed. For that reason, I am primarily using the Soleus unit rather than the Fedders.
    ...more info
  • Dead after one year
    The dehumidifier stopped working after one year and 15 days when it was out of warranty. They are not build to last....more info
  • Removes Condensation
    My windows got a lot of condensation before AND after i remodeled so my contractor said i should get a dehumidifier. Read amazon reviews & bought this one, looked better than the other dehumidifiers i saw, & its not too heavy. its EXTREMELY quiet even on the highest setting, i really cant hear it at all if im not a couple of feet from it. would be easy to sleep next to but i keep it in my living room because it seems that i get lots less condensation when i use it. its crazy how much water it takes out of the air, about 10 pints in 6 hours @ my house. never knew air had that much water in it. does what it says & very easy/convenient to clean/empty...more info
  • Compressor became very "weak" at the 4 month mark
    Looks like the compressor is on its way out already. Based on other 1-star reviews, it is not even worth my time (and shipping cost) to send this back to Soleus in California. It's too bad, since it was a quiet unit. It is struggling to dehumidify my home office, where I just steam cleaned the carpet. It is 70F, ambient....more info
  • quite but dead
    Bought two of these units two years ago. Worked well until the warranty expired. Then the first compressor quit, and six months later, the second unit quit. Don't buy these units based on the raves on quietness. My two units and those bought by others simply did not last....more info
  • Planned Obsolescence or what?
    I bought this unit last summer and used it to knock the relative humidity down to 50% when things got too muggy in the home. I must say that the unit worked well at extracting water from the air and did so silently, a nice feature when sleeping. But alas! I took the unit out last night to help painted rooms dry faster and then checked the bucket this morning only to find it bone dry! Broken, a unit that now only consumes electricity and blows air around. I get so annoyed that companies can build refrigerators that last 15 years but this product dies after only one year. I'm convinced this unit is manufactured as a throw away product in our disposable-obsessed culture. ...more info
    I bought 2 of these to take the moisture out of the air in our new home. Our hardwood flooring was starting to "cup" and the installer recommended putting in dehumidifiers to lessen the moisture content in the air and the wood. I received these right away (great service from Amazon!) and they have worked perfectly since they came out of the box. They are quiet and attractive and are really doing the job. When it has rained and the air moisture rises, I have had to empty the tanks much more frequently. A sign that they are really effective! Emptying the tanks is a breeze, they are not very heavy and as soon as you slip them back in, the unit automatically starts up again. I've had them about a month now and am very pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Died in less than a year
    I bought one less than a year and now it collects very little water even when I set it at high. I used to empty it every other day now even after a week it has less than an inch. NO GOOD. I posted this in the 25 pint model as well because I think people should know about this. I'm really disappointed. BAD!!!...more info
  • Quiet, but does NOT work so great
    The compressor will only run in "continuous mode." Preset humidity levels only cause the fan to blow. The dehumidifier will, at its peak, get the humidity level in my ~200 sqf, 70 F, finished basement down to 53 percent. I was hoping for better. Other than that, it IS relatively quiet as far as dehumidifiers go....more info
  • Excellent product
    So far so good! This product has worked like a charm,but we have only had it for two months....more info
  • Quiet and Effective
    After reading all the negative reviews about this product, I was really reluctant to purchase it, except that the competition sounded no better. We are living in our RV in wet and rainy western Washington while having our home built. We needed something quiet that was able to operate at low temperatures and be reasonably portable. This one fits the bill on all counts. It is whisper quiet, easy to move around, and is removing about a gallon of water from the air every day. We have only owned it for a month, so I cannot speak to reliability, but so far it has met all expectations. In fact, we just bought a second unit for the POD that is holding our household goods. Two thumbs up....more info
  • coming up on one year
    I bought this unit in July, 2008. It has run continuously in my basement since then. It is so quiet that we have to go downstairs to make sure it is on...unlike any other dehumidifier we have put down there. It works great! My only negative is that they should make the continuous hose option much easier to use/do and should provide a hose or sell it as an option so you don't have to go searching in a home improvement store for the right one. Otherwise, I would buy it again....more info
  • Soleus Air 40 Pint Dehmidifier - no problems
    Use: 1 small bedroom in San Francisco x 1 year. Before buying the dehumidifier we had water/condensation literally trickling down the walls. Cabinets, closets, and belongings became mildewed.

    Then we bought the 40 pint unit. We run the machine almost everyday from 9am to 10pm. After one year, it is still functioning, and preventing mildew. I don't look at the elec bills that closely, I cant tell you what it costs to run it. I run it at the top speed and still the noise is inoffensive.

    Note: I didn't take temp or humidity baseline measurements when we first bought it. But I've used a temp and humidity monitor for approx 1 month during our current rainy season (Feb).

    Without ever running the machine the humidity in the bedroom would prob. be around 70-75% on average. During the rainy season, its about 67% humidity in our bedroom in the am when we wake up. I let the machine run all day until 10PM. At 10PM/bedtime when I turn it off its about 40% humidity. The room is much more comfortable, the sheets feel dry, and the air is noticeably drier and warmer. When we wake in the am there isn't any condensation running down the wall.

    Without the machine, I bet we would average 75% humidity overall. Now that we are averaging 40-45% there aren't any visible mildew problems. I'd buy another one for sure....more info
  • Love this dehumidifier- works like a champ
    After several weeks of research we settled on this one. The negative Amazon reviews made me a bit nervous, but there were so many positive reviews we took a chance. I couldn't find any other brand with as many user reviews. Sounds like there are some bad units, which might be the luck of the draw.

    We got this dehumidifier 2 months ago and it's like living in a different house. We went from 80% humidity to 49% in the main living area in about 48 hours, set on the continuous/high setting. We keep it in our bedroom, running on the quiet mode now that the humidity is under control, and it's about as loud as a normal fan. We live in Southeast Alaska where it rains CONSTANTLY so we were having mildew and mold issues. This unit takes so much moisture out of the air it was filling the collection tank every 24 hours. We have a 1500 sf, single level home, and this 40pt unit is powerful enough to work on the entire house. We did install the drain hose this weekend (purchased at home depot - 7/8" x 5/8" x 10' for about $8) and ran the hose down through the floor and into a crawlspace drain.

    I love this unit and can't remember how we lived without it. The mildew is gone, the moisture in the windows is gone, the house smells cleaner and fresher, and I wouldn't be surprised to see our heating bill go down since the air inside is dryer and warmer. It hasn't effected our electricity usage noticeably, even though we run it constantly. Highly recommended.

    It does it's job consistently
    It's amazingly quiet
    It's not unsightly
    it's portable, although the casters are somewhat useless. It's so light you can just carry instead of rolling it.
    Has 3 humidity settings and 3 power settings (low, high and quiet)
    You can hook up a drain hose instead of emptying the collection bin every day
    The cost to run it is less than the cost of heating the cold, wet air

    Does not have auto-restart in case of power outage
    That's the only down-side I could see for most users who would put this in their basement in other climates.

    And with free shipping, you can't beat Amazon's price. Costco quit selling their model, WalMart and HomeDepot were constantly out of stock (with questionable models, I was unable to find many user reviews for what they do carry) and Fred Meyer didn't carry them. Consumer Reports reviewed several but I don't recall Soleus being on the list this year.)...more info
  • Excellent product
    I purchased this product in October after noticing my basement was quite himid and stuffy. The dehumidifier has worked non-stop, quietly and efficiently, and the basement is noticably drier. I anticipate less use over the winter and will ultimately utilize the drain hole to keep from emtpying the unit manually. So far, I would recommend this product without qualification....more info
  • excellent dehumidifier
    our Soleus Air CFM-40 arrived while were on vacation. we left a borrowed dehuidifier running while we were away. we had slept with the borrowed unit for almost a week and I was growing tired of the noise.
    all I can say is Wow! when we turned the Soleus on. it was like it wasn't there. they should put QUIET in the model name.
    it has been running for two weeks now and absolutely no complaints, disappointments, or surprises....more info
  • Dehumidifier Soleus Air CFM-40 E
    The Soleus Air dehumidifier is extremely quiet; however, the amount of moisture pulled from the air is not nearly the amount the previous very noisy models traditionally found in Sears/Lowes/HomeDepot.

    After getting it set up and running for a week, I noted in the Users Manual that the rated capacity is at 80 degrees and goes down as the temp goes down - so if your basement is much cooler, that capacity goes down.

    ...more info
  • Nice product
    Im not around the unit too much as it sits in the basement, but when i am it does seem a lot quieter than the older one that i was using (GE brand i think). ...more info
  • This unit is working perfectly!!
    I've had this dehumidifier for about 6 weeks now. It has been better than I expected. Save yourself some time researching the other brands and just buy a Soleus. Not sure about the longevity of the item due to not having it long, but so far, I'm very happy!...more info
  • Quiet and Efficient
    I purchased this unit to replace an old noisy dehumidifier. I can't believe how quiet it is running! It has run continuously since i plugged it in, no more sweaty windows! I dump the tank twice a day, it does have a port for continuous flow tube, but that needs to be purchased separately, but I don't mind the dumping....more info
  • Good for a year or 2 but that's it
    My Soleus is less than 2 years old. The compressor locked up when I turned it on a couple days ago. Basically, that means it's totaled. Searching the web, I find this has happened to many people. They last for a year, 2 or 3 and then they lock up. The one year warrenty is no help. They're a great unit when they work, but my old GE costs a lot less and lasted 2x as long. I'm looking for new one but won't be considering a Soleus...more info
  • Stopped working after just 4 months
    It worked well initially, but then just gave out after a few months. We only ran it a few days a week and always emptied it when full. I was very disappointed and would not recommend this to anyone. If for some reason you do decide to buy it, make sure you keep all the packaging and receipt so you can return it ! (which I failed to do)...more info
  • Good product, but a few little annoyances
    The product looks great, and is very quiet. That's wonderful, but there are two small annoyances. I'm taking one star off for this two small failings.

    First, they put a big advertising sticker listing various features on the front, and it cannot be removed with a lot of effort. The sticker de-laminates and becomes a sticky mess once you try.

    Second, the unit includes a handy cord minder on the rear, but it immediately broke. Basically, it's a nice little holder for the power cord, with a snap to hold it shut. The snap broke the first time I tried to use it....more info
  • Worked great for 2 months...
    This dehumidifier worked great for a little over two months. It ran mostly on continuous mode with great results. Then ice built up on back where the filter is, and it stopped dehumidifying. I'm in the process now of contacting Soleus about its warranty. I will update this post when this issue is resolved....more info
  • Right tool for the job.
    I did quite a bit of research to find the right dehumidifier. Small enough to be portable yet still has a large capacity. Works like a charm!...more info
  • Nice, light and quiet
    We bought this dehumidifier for our basement. It really helps reducing the humidity there. Now it's no longer damp and smelly. We really like it because it's lightweight and it's very quiet. It doesn't heat up the place either. If only it has something to show the current humidity level of the room, it would be perfect....more info
  • Quiet!
    Soleus CFM-40 is QUIET and effective. My only reservation is the relatively small tank capacity which seems to fill up so quickly (because it's so effective!)....more info
  • I am so pleased with this Soleus Dehumidifier
    This is my first dehumidifier and I really like this one. Being a woman, it is a little heavy for me to carry from one room to another, but it works great!! I have owned it about a month now and it is working just fine. Thank you!!
    ...more info
  • Excellent Soleus Dehumidifier, Quiet and efficient
    Purchased this Soleus CFM-40 after putting up with an old GE unit that was loud and clunky. When the Soleus arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the sleek design and quiet operation. It's used in our basement office space where I often do conference calls, so the simple fan (very low noise) continues to be a delight. The 40-pint tank does fill quickly, but I don't mind the empty routine each morning. The adjustable fan output allows directed airflow up and away. There's a convenient flip-up handle for carrying and it's not too heavy to move around.

    We bought the unit back in August 2008 and waited until now (Nov.2008) to post this review... this dehumidifier works perfectly, and we would buy another if ever the need arose....more info
  • Horrible "Service"
    This machine comes with a 1-year warranty. If anything goes wrong with it you must ship it back to the factory at your expense, over $45. These are very troublesome machines. I have two of them. Once the year is up, you are on your own. Soleus does not sell repair parts for this unit, nor do they make them available to anyone else, including appliance parts or repair shops.

    No one should buy any of these units, period. That is, unless they are willing to write off their cost after one year.

    The product is nice and quiet, though.

    The company has no service and is extremely arrogant about it....more info
  • After two weeks, so far so good
    At standard delivery from Ace Digital, Soleus CFM-40 arrived in several days in perfect condition, well packaged. Loud enough so you don't want to sleep in the same room with it, even in quiet mode. I pour out several quarts of water each day from a 780 sq ft Northern California house. It's a good looking unit, easy to handle, and out of the way....more info
  • Bad Customer Service
    The unit is great, but if something goes wrong, forget it. I bought mine from Amazon. It arrived with a defect. I contacted Soleus via their website and got no reply. I left a msg on their voice mail (they are West Coast so don't open until late Central time). Never heard from them. Finally called in the middle of the day only to be told that I would have to pay to have it shipped back to them. Still waiting to hear from a supervisor and now looking for the President's name and address to write a letter of disgust. Is this really any way to run a company?...more info
  • Good while it last
    This product works great when it worked. Mine stopped working with less than a year's non-intensive use. But it seems every other dehumidifiers have the similar problem of breaking down after one year's use. I would love to have one that is reliable for at least two years. But don't know which brand. ...more info
  • This dehumidifier is very quiet
    I just received this dehumidifier and I can't believe how quiet it is! I have a Whirlpool at work and it is so loud I can't even talk over it. We'll see how well it works in a few hours--it is very hot and humid today....more info
  • Returned it within 3 days...
    This thing is a piece of junk.

    I should've known I bought the wrong product from the very second I opened the box and noticed a little flyer on top saying "STOP - Do not return this product to the store. Please contact us if you have any problems..."

    Typical Amazon, the merchandise arrived cracked (the cord hook was broken off), but that was minor. I plugged the unit in and, as advertised, it was extremely quiet. For anyone that needs an expensive white-noise generator, this is your product. If you need to dehumidy a room, however, find yourself another dehumidifier. I'm sure you could buy something else for $20 that works better than this overpriced piece of garbage. Anyway, I let it run and tried multiple settings for two straight days and not a single drop of water in the bucket. After reading more online, multiple people have had this problem, so it's not an isolated incident.

    I called Soleus and they apparently don't answer their phone, so I decided to not waste any more time and just returned it to Amazon. I'm still waiting for my credit though.

    I'll never buy a Soleus product again. For $200, the thing should not only dehumidify, but it should make me a sandwich while doing it. It doesn't even do the former....more info
  • Works well.
    Howdy from Jackson Hole!

    I remodeled a house, and made it very tight. Consequently, I got a lot of condensation and mold, ruining paint and varnish around the windows. After repainting, the Soleus did the job.

    I'm ordering my 2nd Soleus air CFM-40. This first lasted a year. I don't mind, as I expected this. After all, it's a small unit doing a BIG job.

    Please note:
    -It was quiet throughout its life.
    -It kept our 850 sq. foot house dry.
    -People have complained about all brands of dehumidifier they run all the time. The units have to. They need to keep sampling air, and keep it moving. Ah well.
    -I remember one gentleman was unhappy with this unit as his son had a medical condition which needed low humidity, and the Soleus would only adjust to a certain percentage and go no lower. He was wrong. The unit has a "Continuous" setting also, which keeps it's little drive running 24 hours a day to remove all the humidity it can. That's where I set it during the winter.

    Happy Trails!...more info
  • A Perfect Mate for R2 D2
    When I saw 322 reviews for Soleus I immediately decided it must be the best. But I tend to be suspicious of products that cut silly corners such as not providing a threaded connection for a hose. So I started reading more carefully and then I discovered the guy with only 6 reviews might indeed be better. Following the herd isn't always the best way to go. But the Soleus seems like it must deserve at least 3 stars. The question is whether the Frigidaire deserves more attention. I suggest you read this, look carefully and the pros and cons of both and then decide.

    These people who complain about noise apparently haven't tried my not so old Kenmore. I bought a Kenmore dehumidifier about 3 years ago and you'd think they designed it to make noise. Sometimes it wined. Sometimes rattled. Sometimes it sounded like it was grinding metal. Thank heavens it finally died. So I started reading reviews of humidifiers here, at [...] and other places. I noticed that the Soleus has by far the most reviews on Amazon, dwarfing the Frigidaire in numbers. And the Soleus is consistently praised for being quiet. That would be very important if you're going to run a dehumidifier in your living space. But, in the basement where most people put their humidifiers they just need to be quiet enough so you don't hear an intrusive level of noise through the walls and floor. The Frigidaire meets that requirement easily. On low I can't hear it at all in our living space. But I also suspect that the Frigidaire moves a lot more air on low than the Soleus. The Soleus was criticized for taking a long time to dehumidify. In fact the Frigidaire moves so much air on the low setting that you could use it as an emergency hair dryer by sitting it up on a table using the handy fold down handle on its top. You could also set it next to your drip-dry rack and hurry up the drying of those things you don't want to put in the regular dryer.

    If you read these reviews of the Soleus carefully you'll find reports that some people think getting one that works properly is sort of a crapshoot. And some said that if there is a problem the customer service for the Soleus isn't that great. I didn't read anything like that about the Frigidaire. I also tend to be suspicious of products that cut corners. So, when I read that the Soleus doesn't provide threads for connecting a hose onto the water output. Duh! I said to myself, "No way!" Seems like a no-brainer to me. But maybe not providing threads saves a half dollar on the production. Anyway, after reading all those little snipes I decided that, even though the Frigidaire only got 6 reviews to the Soleus' 323 or whatever, I'd look around and see what other sights were saying about the Frigidaire. I found one sight that rated it as the best of the humidifiers. What I didn't find was anyone saying theirs stopped working after a month and a half. So I went out and bought one for myself.

    After opening it up, screwing in the hose, plugging it in and pushing the 'ON" button, which took all of 3 minutes, I have come to the conclusion that if the Frigidaire just came with a video processor, a logic chip, voice capability and a means of propelling itself I might develop an affection for it. I might do so anyway. So far anyway Frigi's breath is pleasant enough. See, I've already given her a name. She's actually quite beautiful as compared for example to R2 D2. I think R2 D2 would definitely have fallen in love at first sight. As for me? As much as I'd like to just sit and look at Frigi, I am a married man and therefore feel obliged to limit such indulgences. ...more info
  • soleus air stopped working after a couple of months
    It stopped working after a couple of months. Tried turning it on and off, plugging it in and out... occasionally these "restarts" worked but then they stopped working all together. The unit was over $200 and just worked a few months....more info
  • Works fine so far
    This product has done a good job drying out my damp basement. It has plenty of settings to keep the humidity as you want it and the quiet setting is a nice feature....more info


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