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Billed as "Your Ultimate Prescription for the Perfect Body," Fitness Rx takes a scientific approach to women's health and fitness, offering tips and information on diet, nutrition, exercise, supplements, cosmetic enhancement, and sexual enhancement.

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth Reading Every Page
    I've been an "off again/on again" athlete for years and now, at 45 years old, needed this magazine to re-inspire me to get out there and get back in shape! It's format is so easy to read, you can spend 30 seconds or 30 minutes and still feel like you've just hit on something new/different/great! I would highly recommend this magazine......more info
  • Great Magazine
    I have been reading this magazine for three years now. It has scientific, tested, and proven articles. None of the racy, superficial, brainless, sex fluff that other women's magazines try to push. You feel sexy by eating right, exercising, and learning how to treat your body well. That's what real women want to read about....more info
  • They are better now
    When I first subscribed to this magazine, I found I didn't really enjoy it. There was alot of things about fashion and makeup and such. Now a days I have seen that they have improved and focus more on fitness topics which is what I like and the whole reason I purchase this magazine in the first place. Good job!...more info
  • Is it worth it?
    Fitness rx is pretty expensive for one year $20.95 for only 6 issues. is a tall order but lets see if enough information is given and can be utilized to actually pay that price.
    The magazine is broken down into four part.
    Training, Diet and fat loss, health and beauty, Inside the curve.
    These also have various topics related to them. The contents are easy to find.
    The magazine went from MORE ENERGY,LESS FAT, BETTER SEX to THE SCIENTIFIC APPORACH. And the pages gets smaller and smaller.

    1.Women of color are rarely on any of the covers-surely there is some women of color that exercises. If indeed it is the scientific approach
    the different genetics of muscle mass and fat storage as well as body types should be discussed. Unless I missed that article it is not to be seen covered thoroughly.

    2.The magazine usually targets FLAT BELLY on the cover-SALE TACTIC, maybe
    I think so.
    Many people assume because this book is jam packed with information that it is good but how much of that information you actually can use is what makes it good. Most women wear make-up, Do women see beauty as a threat.
    Are these really needed articles to the consumers? or just attention fillers?

    3. Why are most of the women so cladly dressed? The women on the cover usually has a spread where she is in about 3 different outfits that are pretty much bikini's talking about herself and workout regimine. Fine but was the missing articles of clothing really necessary? The consumer is buying the book for workout tips not naked women( That may just be a personal problem I have)Some of the models do not even look fit they just look little not necessarily skinny but petite.
    Lose fat for better sex, Miracle fat loss pill and shocking new study curvier ,smarter,sexier ,sends up red flags to me as well as articles like the hourglass workout, if your body type is not hourglass you will not have an hourglass body and if the article was trying to target women with hourglass figures why not women with other body types? A bit misleading? You decide.....

    I would like "more" articles discussing how food is broken down into the system,the actual digestive system, what each vitamin does seperately and combined, how exactly does vitamins improve certain organs and muscle structure. How the muslces work to support each other. I think when they do discuss vitamins etc they do a fairly nice job, instead of "weight loss makes women feel sexier".We all ready know that......

    In complete honestly you would be better off getting a vitamin guide, a book on nutrition and some exercise dvd's. Which you could probably get on amazon for less than $20.00 but we all like to get the glossy magazine with promises to make us thin with new information.Because the cover looks so inviting But after a while we notice that the single lunge keeps getting repeated on the pages.
    Don't get me wrong I like to get fitness magazines as well for tips on different exercises,and recipies but I think getting a book full of information is better than getting magazine subscriptions.And will save on your wallet and storage space too.

    I will admit that Fitness rx and prevention magazine seems to be taking the leading in the information that they provide to the consumer,not necessarily the exercise information but they have more well rounded info ,basically a range of different topics.(EVEN THOUGH PREVENTION IS NONSTOP ABOUT WALKING.I have read some nice articles in this magazine. I like the illustrated break down in the body particulars section. The training info and bits, supplement info bits, sometimes the health info bits, sometimes the nutrition info bits. Sometimes the articles and exercises by the front cover girl and sometimes the recipies. I like the research that goes behind the articles but again the thing with "scientific articles is that they change as new information is present again eggs,no eggs, or only egg whites? They may well be following a fad that is not effective and not even realizing it but I guess that is for the buyer to decide. Again how much of the information can be digested and used by the average person I'm not sure. Is this a superior magazine to the ones out their like self absolutely.
    A lot of information is given but who is going to use it all? If not you you have got a magazine that cost about $4-5 each on a bunch of information you will never put to use. You decide useful or useless?

    The pages have also narrowed down when I first start getting Fitness rx it had about 180 pages sometimes more now its down to sbout 125.

    Overall .... this is a nice magazine with some interesting topics it is not just geared towards exercise freaks but also has information regarding different areas of life. From sex to nutrition.The contents is easy to understand and easy to locate. The book is set up in an accessible frame. Is it really worth 6 issues for $20.00. It depends if you just want something well rounded yes, if you want something that is in serious depth about the breakdown of nutrition etc then I would suggest getting a book I would say use the internet but interenet information can be misleading.I had a subscription but realized I was not putting the magazine to good use snd decided to get it here and there when the contents looked interesting. I prefer in depth books of Nutrition, and the digestive system etc. But I think this is one of the better fitness magazines as regards to information and not strictly training.

    ...more info


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