Lenmar AC5 World Travel Adapter/Converter Plug Set

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Product Description

The Lenmar World Traveler adapter plug set includes adapter plugs for Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific Islands, Great Britain, Ireland, and Hong Kong.

  • World Travel Adapter Plug Set
  • 5 Different Adapter Plugs use to fit your Personal Electronics into Foreign Outlets
  • Includes Adapter Plugs for Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, Philippines, Australia
  • Includes Adapter Plugs for New Zealand, South PacificIslands, Great Britan, Ireland, and Hong Kong
  • 1 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews:

    Great price, efficient (each plug does what it's supposed to), they're lightweight and easy to pack. ...more info
  • Very Nice Product
    Bought two pairs (for myself and a friend). I tried plugging in my cell phone charger and my generic iPod charger, and both fit well into all 5 of the adapters. I bought these for our trip to Europe in the coming summer (both Ireland/England and continental Europe). A bit cheap construction, but for the price on Amazon, it's worth it. I'll see how well they'll work in the summer, but I'm sure they'll work fine. If not, there's a 3 year warranty.

    after trip: these worked great in ALL the countries we visited (ireland, england, france, italy, germany)! ...more info
  • Not a converter
    The fact that the product is called a "converter" led me to believe that it was a voltage converter. It is not. This is a deceptive marketing practice on the part of Lenmar. Don't be fooled. You will only get a set of adapters....more info
  • Useless without a voltage reducer
    The adapters are useless without a voltage reducer and I wish this would have been specified. To drag these all the way to Australia to learn that we needed to purchase a voltage reducer to avoid destroying our items was a disappointment....more info
  • Not What I Expected
    I'm sure that this is a fine adapter set, but be advised that it is ONLY an adapter set. Because the title lists the item as an adapter/CONVERTER, that's what I expected to receive. I feel that this listing is misleading when it says "Product Description
    Lenmar AC Plug, Converter Set, 5 Piece, International". I suppose if I knew more about what I was purchasing, I could've seen by the picture that this was only an adapter set, BUT I don't know what a A/C converter is supposed to look like since I don't own one yet. I was relying on the words to guide me.

    I am returning the adapter set to purchase one that includes a converter, so I cannot fairly rate this product for what it actually is. Since I had no choice, I assigned the adapter set 3 stars. I'm basing the low rating on the fact that the countries of use are not written directly onto the plugs. Who wants to keep the package and take it along on vacation?...more info
  • Broken
    Took the UK plug in my carry-on bag, same interior pocket as cell phone. The cell phone survived without a scratch, but one of the prongs snapped off the plug somewhere between Dulles and London. Product is terrible. I will be seeking a refund....more info
  • No fuss, worked well
    I purchased this set for a trip to England. The adapter worked like a charm with several different electronic devices that I brought with me. I stayed in three different hotels in different parts of the country and never had any trouble whatsoever. Plug this into the wall, plug your device into this adapter, and you are good to go. It was just that easy and worked perfectly every time. The only thing you have to watch is that whatever you plug in can run on the foreign voltage or you'll need a transformer as well. Fortunately, most devices are now made to run on voltage ranging from 110 to 220 but you should always check just to be sure you don't short out anything....more info
  • Unclear advertisinf
    This product was labeled "Adapter/Converter" but appears to be only an adapter. I was seeking a dual-purpose thing, so it was disappointing. ...more info
  • Exactly what I needed
    This set was exactly what I needed for my business travel to Europe. The adaptors worked well for my laptop, BlackBerry, cell phone, and personal care accessories. Make sure all of your electronics can handle the 240 voltage over there before pluging them in because these adaptors do NOT step the voltage down! Most newer electronics and chargers are rated for the higher voltage and will be fine but be sure to check....more info
  • good and cheap
    Good and cheap, works fine. I would wish to be able to buy the single adapters rather than the whole set, but hey, now I'm set to go wherever in the world...!...more info


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