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Product Description

Palm Zire 31 Color Connected Organizer P80708US - Stay connected to life! The Zire 31 handheld from palmOne is the color handheld that fits your budget, and the only one you'll need to keep track of your life on the go. Keep lunch dates, meetings, birthdays, and doctor's appointments at your fingertips. Look up phone numbers and view photos of family and friends on a bright, colorful screen. Store your shopping list with room to spare with up to 16MB of memory. It's also an MP3 player for listening to your favorite music. There's even an SD slot for adding more memory and applications. With software included in the box, it's easy to keep your handheld on the same page as your Windows or Mac computer. Use your desktop keyboard to input data, then transfer it to your Zire 31. Information is always safe and secure Includes USB sync cable and AC adapter

The Zire 31, the successor to Palm's Zire 21, is designed for value-conscious students, parents, and anyone who wants to keep their most important day-to-day schedule and contact information close at hand. The bright color screen lets you show off your favorite snapshots (stored on optional expansion cards) to friends, family, and coworkers. The Zire 31 also offers a built-in MP3 player and Secure Digital card expansion for storing digital audio files and photos. The 16 MB memory (14 MB user available) can store thousands of phone numbers, addresses, lunch dates, meetings, birthdays, doctors' appoinents and shopping lists.

Upgrade Features
The Zire 31 offers the following improvements to the Zire 21:

  • Color display (versus the Zire 21's monochrome screen)
  • 16 MB of Memory (versus the Zire 21's 8 MB)
  • MP3 digital audio capability
  • Palm OS 5.2.8 (versus 5.2.1 for the Zire 21).

The Palm Zire 31 features a 160 x 160 color STN screen that displays thousands of colors and features contrast and brightness controls.

The included RealPlayer for Palm OS enables you to listen to MP3 music files stored on optional expansion cards via the built-in speaker or optional headphones/ear buds. RealPlayer for Palm OS makes it easy to transfer your personal MP3 music collection to expansion cards and organize your songs by creating and editing playlists right on your handheld. It also offers an auto-dimming capability to help conserve battery power.

The Zire 31 features a 160 x 160 color STN display with contrast and brightness controls.

Connectivity and Expansion
The Zire 31 uses Multimedia Card and Secure Digital expansion cards, which instantly add software applications, additional memory, large databases, and more without taking up built-in memory space. You can synchronize to your desktop PC via the mini-USB connection on the side of the handheld.

Operating System and Software
The Zire 31 is powered by Palm OS 5.2.8, which provides higher performance, enhanced multimedia features, and enterprise-class security. It useses the intuitive and easy-to-learn Graffiti 2 writing software to input data into the handheld (as well as an on-screen keyboard). Windows users can synchronize calendar, contacts, tasks and notes with Microsoft Outlook.

Track expenses on the go with Splash Money

The Palm OS features the following organizer applications:

  • Contacts: Lets you store several addresses for each contact, and it adds new contact fields for more phone numbers, multiple email addresses, instant messenger IDs, and a website for your contacts.
  • Calendar: Use the new Agenda view to see upcoming calendar events, tasks due and important email, and color-code your events to provide an easy way to reference your Calendar in the Agenda, Day, Week, and Month views. Take more notes, or synchronize more details from your desktop, into the larger Memos and Notes fields on the handheld.
  • Tasks: Use tasks with alarms and repeating tasks to set reminders for important comments.
Along with the standard Palm software, you'll receive a Software Essentials CD-ROM containing RealOne Mobile Player (Windows only desktop application), PalmOne Photos, Solitaire, powerOne Personal Calculator, Handmark Splash Money, Handmark Mobile DB (keep track of birthdays, auto maintenance, and more), and Audible Player for palmOne handhelds (Windows only).

The Palm Zire 31 is compatible with PCs running Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, Me, and XP, and with Macs running Mac OS 9, version 9.1 or higher, or Mac OS X, version 10.2 or 10.3.

What's in the Box
This package contains the Zire 31 handheld, built-in rechargeable battery, protective flip lid, mini-USB HotSync cable, power cable, stylus, CD-ROM with Palm Desktop 4.1 software for Windows and Macs (as well as bonus software), and printed Getting Started guide. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a battery life of up to a week under normal usage or around 6 hours with continuous digital audio playback.

  • Standard mini-USB connector
  • Comes with Palm Desktop Software for Windows and Mac and Software Essencials CD
  • 160x160 color display with contrast and brightness controls supports thousands of colors
  • 200 MHz Intel ARM-based processor, Palm OS v5.2.8, 16 MB RAM (14 MB actual storage)
  • Expansion slot supports MMC, SD, and SDIO memory cards

Customer Reviews:

  • not compatible
    I could not keep this product because VISTA IS NOT COMPATIBLE!!!! I then purchased, from you, a Tungsten E2 and finding out that VISTA IS NOT COMPATIBLE for this either. This is the most frustrating problem I have dealt with since I started using the computer in the early 1990's! MICROSOFT has developed a lame program and all manufacturers that deal with the computer that is not a MAC has to bow down to them which is wrong and not good business practice....more info
  • Solid, basic PDA
    After my second Palm Vx died on me, I decided to shop around for a replacement. I was slightly tempted by the pricier models, but the Zire 31 seemed to have what I was looking for at a reasonable price. So I bought it and it has performed flawlessly so far. The screen is easy to read. It powers on quickly and the battery life is good....more info
  • Great handheld
    This is a great product. I upgraded from the Zire 21 for two reasons: I wanted a backlit screen and I wanted more memory. The 31 has the backlit color screen, which makes it easier to see and gives more options in customizing screen setups in my programs. I also displays photos very well. The card slot provides the extra memory I needed, which is what I think makes it a better product that the Zire 22 (and was the deciding point for my choosing this one over the 22). The price was the reason I chose this over the Tungsten, which was running closer to $200.

    One tip: Keep the screen backlight set on low for most uses and the battery lasts a lot longer....more info
  • Very good quality and service
    It's what I expected. Thank you. I used the memory card to load somes games, and it working very good. Thank you to Richmond Whosale for the very good servcie and the quality of the PalmOne Zire31...more info
  • Terrible battery
    The first one I received did not charge the battery. The second had a battery that lasted for less than 1 hour of use or 15 hours not being used. Then 30 days later stopped charging the battery again. Too much trouble. Not reliable....more info
  • The flip side
    Well i first got my zire 31. A couple of weeks after i got it 3 blotches appeared in the screen. I think its some moisture but i'm not sure and they make the unit inaccessible so you can't even check it due to the rare screwdriver needed. Furthermore the screen is terrible outside and the battery life isn't very good. Really the only nice things i found was the small size and the SD port. However, my zire 31 keeps screwing up the songs using RealPlayer and its a pain to transfer them back on. You can't transfer to the card from a multimedia port, you need to hotsync the whole unit and transfer using realplayer. In addition i find the 160x160 annoying. I really think this is a terrible palm and you get what you pay for....more info
  • Fantastic gizmo!
    The wonder of what engineers can fit into a small package! The Zire 31 already has a great selection of programs: memo, Real Player, notes, calendar, etc., but there is a TON of third-party software available as well: Adobe Reader for Palm, editors (and doc readers) like CardTXT, pedit, etc. I spent a lot of fun-filled exploratory time getting this device loaded with the programs that my wife needs for her teaching/studies. A Palm PDA such as this sure beats having to carry around a lap-top. Having an expansion-card slot (1 gb max) is a BIG advantage as far as the flexibility to load lots of mp3s, txt files (such as texts from Project Gutenberg), etc. If we ever need another Palm, it will be another Zire 31 or the next level up Palm: the TX or Tungsten E2. ...more info
  • ncie
    this thing is great for the day to day necessities of keeping track of things. batteries last an appreciable amount of time, its got a sleek look, and couldn't be more simple to operate. it has everything palm os can offer. i've got ptunes on it and tons of other programs and games. the thing is just great buy it....more info
  • Great buy
    Low cost, not great definition but it does what I need for a fourth of the price. Great buy....more info
  • Zire 31 as an ebook reader.......
    I bought the zire 31 and a 1 gb memory card for use as an ebook reader because most ebook readers are over 300$ and they only read ebooks..... This pda may not be top of the line but as an ebook reader it rocks! I can read all day on this thing i bought the 5$ upgrade to ereader and can change the screen orentation text and background color large/small font normal/bold text. I used ReaderWorks Publisher(free)to convert almost any text format to LIT then used ABC amber LIT converter (free)to convert any lit book into pdb format which is what the pda ereader uses! Works like a charm =) not to mention it plays mp3's video audio books =)...more info
  • Great planner
    For those of us who still need it, this is the best palm pilot out there....more info
  • Excellent inexpensive Palm device
    I've used Palm devices for many years and they are excellent for contact management, calendar and notes. In fact, I still carry a Palm in addition to a Samsung Blackjack and an iPhone. This is my 2nd Zire 31; after several years, I damaged the screen on my first. The first one replaced a Palm V. The Zire 31 can do everything that I used on the Palm V with the only exception being email....more info
  • Costs $40 more if you want to use Outlook on it
    I bought this, my first handheld, to work at home with the multiple subfolders I have created with Outlook's calendar, contacts and tasks. With the included software you get for the $129 cost of the handheld, you cannot HotSync subfolders except in Tasks, where they are called Categories. You can only HotSync subfolders (multiple calendar folders, multiple address books) by buying a separate $40 Pocket Mirror Professional XT program. Nowhere on Palm's webpages does it tell you that....more info
  • Palm Zire 31 keeps me on track
    Got one of these about a year ago after missing a few back-to-back meetings in the midst of 2 big projects and continuing production support. Up until then I'd always disparaged PDAs and other "executive toys", but something had to be done. A refurbished Zire 31 fit the bill perfectly. Now, no matter where I am, I get alerted when something's coming up and can also do long range planning while taking a healthy walk at lunchtime. Those walks are also less boring now that I can listen to downloaded podcasts or music using the mp3 player feature of the Zire 31. I haven't had any crashes or other technical problems with my unit, and the refurb came from the vendor in near mint condition....more info
  • PalmOne Zire 31 is EXCELLENT!
    This is exactly what I needed to keep my personal (and business) appointments and contacts at my finger tips.

    A little trouble getting it to download direct from Outlook Today, but still well worth it.

    I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an electronic calendar that does so much more. Just make sure you have your Palm Desktop up-to-date and backed up regularly. If your battery goes completely dead . . . you will need to resync and reset everything.

    ...more info
  • Great product
    I have been using this palm for just at 30 days and really enjoy it. I have yet to fig out the photo feature and can not give it more than 4 for that reason only. ...more info
  • PalmOne Zire 31
    Even though I bought this used, it still works fine. The only thing I dont
    like is that the battery runs down to fast. Four songs and fifthteen min. of reading a book took me down to half of battery power. Other than that this was a good buy, I'm now able to read my Sherlock Holmes books....more info
  • Great unit for the money
    This Palm OS device has almost everything that the more expensive Palm models have, including an MP3 player. I've owned two of them, but recently upgraded to a Palm Tungsten E2 which has a metal case. and stands up better to being kept in the front pocket of my jeans....more info
  • Still a winner
    The PalmOne Zire 31 replaced a well-worn m125. I found a great price, and the product offers more features, while keeping the basks that I have learned to use well....more info
  • good PDA for price
    I have had a few of the low cost Palm type PDA's and this is great for the money. It is in color, which is very eye-friendly, and the mp3 and picture viewing capabilities are adequate and fun. All the basic functions are available, and I especially like playing Solitaire!...more info
  • Great for the Price!
    The PalmOne Zire 31 is great for the person who doesn't want a large planner to carry around. I use mine everyday both as a student and for work so it serves it's purpose. The software is a bit outdated and the memory space is small compared to the newer technology but if you're only using it for everyday meetings, assignments, and schedules; there is plenty of space. I actually have never tried playing music on it but I'm sure an IPOD or IPhone would be much better. All in all, it serves it's purpose and the price was great! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a beginner planner....more info
  • not bad, but pretty plain
    This was somewhat an impulse purchase... I'd just bought a new G5 and decided that I might as well replace my Handspring Visor Deluxe at the same time. This is the model that a) was recommended to me, and b) fit my immediate budget. I've come to find that while it gets you organised and lets you view pictures and play music, it won't let you do much else. No way to add Wi-Fi to it, and no way to play video files. It's nice in that it does have a colour screen (albeit what looks like a passive matrix), and the plastic casing is thick and fairly durable.

    I don't like the new graffiti, though. T's, K's, and I's are very hard to write and never come out right the first time. I wish there was an option to use the old or new system of graffiti. Thankfully they do give you a chart on how to write the letters, which I've pasted to the flip-cover. I've had the device since July and I still refer to the chart.

    Mine also came with OS 4.5.2P, not OS 5.2 like I was really hoping for.

    There's also no indicator to tell you when the battery's charged, so I just leave it plugged in overnight. Battery life's not terrible unless you're playing music.

    For the price it's not a bad device, and a great way to get started with a handheld. But if you do you get to using it, you'll probably want more features than the Zire 31 has to offer. Perhaps one of the newer models (TX or Tungsten E2/T5) might be a better initial investment, so you don't have to go out and replace this one once you find it can no longer meet your expectations....more info
  • Basic-ly perfect
    It's a palm, which means great quality. It does everything I want it to do, reminds me of appointments, B-days (it automatically moves B-days from contacts into calenders- Sweet!), keeps all my notes, scribbles, phone numbers, and tasks in one easy place. I also got the isolo program and have a couple of books to read on the bus. The graphiti program actually works better on this older model than my husband Tungsten.
    The downfalls? It has 14 MB of memory. It's hard to believe when my thumb drive holds more, and the largest SD card it holds is a gig. So it's a great organizer, but if you want to use it to listen to music, get ready to carry several memory cards. It works perfect for my basic needs and for a quarter of the price of the newer models- it was more than worth it!!...more info
  • Great little PDA
    I recently got the Zire 31 and the Palm Z22 Handheld (for my wife). For me it was to replace my trusty IIIxe; its the first PDA for my wife. We both like them a lot. The pluses of the 31- speed, color, applications, SD card slot. The minus- 160x160 screen, only 14 mb memory, can hold only 1 gig SD card. I like the Z22 also, but the screen is a tad smaller and it has no SD card slot. My wife has quickly learned to use it for jotting notes and other items that used to go on slips of paper, besides using the calender.

    Palm has improved the calender function but I still recommend the DateBk program from Pimlico. I used DateBk 3 on my IIIxe so I could see my todo lists with appointments, and am trying out DateBk 6 on my 31. It is very powerful with many functions/options/views not in the palm datebook.

    I was looking at the TX, but for its price I got two very good PDAs. Overall we are both pleased....more info
  • Work Horse; dependable and inexpensive
    I purchased the Zire 31 when it first came out years ago. I don't need a phone or internet access on a handheld; just date book, notes, calendar, expenses that sort of thing. The Zire does all this well. My first one failed a few months ago - the lower half of the touch screen would not respond and no amount of recalibrating made a difference. Hot sync worked fine so when I found a store that had a replacement I bought it. It cam right away - good company to deal with! Not sure where I'll go from here when this one fails, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there....more info
  • Excellent Service
    Received the merchandise exactly as I ordered it. Timing of delivery was as promised. Very satisfied....more info
  • Worst piece of junk ever
    Received a Zire 31 Handheld as a gift - brand new and sealed. Within a few days of use, it kept running out of a charge (in other words, the memory kept getting wiped ever every other day). Called Palm One and they refused to help, unless I paid a $75 dollar repair fee. Apparently, because the Zire 31 is such a unreliable piece of garbage, Palm One can only afford to give a 90 day warranty from day of sale (not when you open the package). Kudos on terrible customer servies and a really bad product. ...more info
  • Awesome gadget!
    This PDA changed my life! I don't know why I never bought this before. So easy to use and made my everyday activities convenient. When I thought of important things to do - I don't have to look for a piece of paper that I may lose someday, I just write it on the PDA. I don't need to bring my unorganized address book either! For someone with a hectic lifestyle - this product is definitely for you! ...more info
  • Excellent PDA!!
    This unit is great. Plenty of functionality. I use it to do my Bible studies. Load the MP3 teaching session onto the chip; Access the entire greek/hebrew Bible software on the unit and away I go. This is definitely one of my finest posessions. :-)...more info
  • Does Not Work With XP Media Center OS
    I bought this from Guarenteed Tech. A wonderful company & Eduardo is fantastic! Highly recommend purchasing from him.

    I was very excited when the package arrived. But after 12 hours of tech support, I find out XP Media Center OS is NOT supported by Palm. That's ANY palm product. I was shocked! Nowhere on any Amazon description or specs does it state this "little bit of info". If I had know this prior to purchase, well...we all know. Palm does have it on their website, if you do a hard search for this product & finally find a link about it on the very bottom of a non-descript page that tells you about it. Don't bother calling Palm. I was told I shouldn't of "been so stupid as to buy something that wasn't compaitable with my OS" & that "they could care less if I have to buy another brand that might be comptiable. Thousands will buy Palm that are compatiable & I'm only 1." Must be nice to be so non-chalant with people. I'm sure there's more than 1 person that uses XP MCE OS that would love to be able to use a Palm product. ...more info
  • Don't bother
    This Palm product lasted less than one year before the the touchscreen would not recognize or locate the pen. Retraining it did not solve the problem. I was very disappointed in this product after owning 2 other Palm IIIs for several years....more info
  • Zire 31-Great Little PDA for the $
    The Zire 31 is great for the price (about $70) from an amazon seller. This is my second one. The first lasted about 3 1/2 years before screen fade set in. Unfortunately, palm doesn't make this anymore. It has card expansion slot which the Zire 22 doesn't have. If this one lasts like the first did I will be pleased. ...more info
  • Good package, protection & product.
    I got a product in good condition. Package & protection 're good also. fast delivery....more info
  • Excellent basic PDA
    I owned a Palm Zire 31 for five years, and found it wonderfully reliable. The Zire 31 was easy to use to keep my calendar and notes. The sync feature was easy to use. As long as I used the auto-off feature, this PDA would hold a charge for several days at a time.
    ...more info
  • Closeout Sale Came Without Warranty
    This is our second Palm item and we had problems. Worse, the item arrived with an announcement that there is no warranty given! This was not in the advertisement on Amazon. Without a warranty I would not have bought it. We have already had problems. It has froze up. Then we had problems resetting it and now the transfer with cable is not working (software/hardware does not recognize the USB connection which prevents us from even resetting it and reinitiating)! It would be a good product IF it wasn't so difficult to keep operational! Right now it is a paperweight....more info
  • finally orgainized!
    This is a great school tool for orgainizing tasks/homework etc...very easy to use......more info
  • This palm is for my Nephew
    He really like this, he said that it's very good. For me the price was really cheap and motivated me to buy it....more info
  • Older Products may have battery problems
    We tried to get a replacement Palm Pilot (PalmOne Zaire 31) thru the internet. The unit arrived, but the battery would not take a charge. We had to return the unit, finally.
    If you too have a faithfull, but older battery powered unit, simply trying to buy a replacement may be a chore. Before you put your money down make sure you have a manner available to exchange or return your purchase. Amazon's PayPal or strong hand is needed.
    Its hell to get old. Even us. (I found a battery shop locally and they put in a replacement battery - it had to be hard soldered in place. )
    Cal Townsend...more info
  • Great
    This is my first PDA. I find it very easy to operate. I am pleased with the quality and function of this device. The battery stays charged for several days. If you are looking for something to store pictures I would suggest using something else. The quality of the pictures that I stored was light and grainy. I didn't spend a lot of time on that section because I really purchased it for other uses. I recommend this product to all first time users....more info
  • Hardware Failure after 4 Months
    I originally bought this Zire 31 after having good luck with my previous m105. I just got tired of the AA batteries hard resetting the unit when changing them, and the m105 didn't sync with Outlook natively without buying extra software. Anyway, there is a reason why the new Zires have 90 day warranties and other more expensive Palms have 1 year warranties. After 4 months (one month beyond warranty) the mini-usb port on the side went bad. Every time I plug in a cable, it hard resets itself and loses all data. Even if you jiggle the cable slightly it does this. After 20 minutes on the phone with a tech support person in the far east, I still could not convince him of this. He kept saying I needed to try this or that, totally unrelated to the real problem. I guess it wasn't in his script! He just didn't understand. When I finally talked to someone else, they informed me of the 90 day warranty, and that I would have to pay $75.00 minimum to repair. It only cost $130! After shipping, why bother! Spend the extra money for one with a longer warranty, or better yet, don't buy a Palm. Don't buy this one even if you buy the extended warranty. Why hassle with it breaking at all. Very disappointed with the unit, and with Palm in general. Hope this helps anyone who may even be considering this unit....more info
  • PalmOne Zire 31
    I call this my memory keeper. I love that I can write notes, keep lists, make tasks, and have all contacts on hand. It's so handy to make appointments in so there's no little cards to lose. I've always wanted a PDA and now I can't live without one. When my sister saw mine, she got one for herself.
    It's so great to keep a shopping list, check off what you get, and if you remember something you need to add to the list there's no digging for a pen, just use the stylus.
    I use it only for personal needs and always have it nearby....more info
  • Works Great!
    I received my Palm Pilot sooner than promised, in brand new condition. It came with the manual and Install CD, and the seller also included a paper with more helpful hints in addition to those. I charged it, set it up, then transfered my info from my Palm desktop. It was so easy and quick!
    ...more info
  • So far so good
    Bought this for my husband, who has a Blackberry, but is often taking on it when he needs to access another phone number, use the calculator etc, It's dropped 20 bucks since we bought it, which figures. He's really tickled with it, I was afraid it would be one of those things he just left at home all of the time, but so far, he's carrying it around in the other pocket. No more phone numbers written on everything from receipts to tissue paper!
    Putting numbers in with the stylus is pretty tedious, but it turns out you can use your computer to do that also. Our 5 year old got it stuck on a foreign language right off the bat, but I was able to keep resetting and get that taken care of.
    ...more info
  • Getting a model that is no longer being reproduced
    PalmOne Zire 31 Handheld I purchased this product because I was interested in hearing audio books and reading books. I bought this brand and style because it is a well made product and has less problems in use. I also bought it because of the price. When you can't afford a new model this is a great one to buy. I am very pleased with my Zire 31 Palm and I'm now enjoying an audio book that has 14 books and I'm on book 6. So take a chance a get a model that is like this, you just might enjoy it like I did, and especially when you can't afford the more modern ones yet....more info
  • Great while it worked, not so good after it died
    I loved this piece of equipment, beautiful screen, light weight, easy to use....then one day
    DEATH!!! no suicide note, just quit working! I had even bejeweled it with crystals but that was not enough to keep it alive!
    Palm has a bad rep for fixing it's "broken" items so i won't even bother. This is a good device but be ready to replace it in about a year...more info
  • I am sorry that Handspring sold out to Palm
    I don't often take the time and trouble to review products, but the Palm Zire was so awful that I felt it needed addressing. Sure, it worked okay at first but it used Palm's 2-stroke script which is annoying at best. I never could make a "K" on it which is a real pest because my first dozen entries were family and my family name has a "K" in it.

    The reason that this is written in the past tense is that the thing lasted about 1 year before it totally failed to work for no apparent reason. Sitting on my desk it just croaked. My prior PDA at least had an excuse .. I drowned it in a rainstorm. The sole redeeming grace was that i kept the gadget synched. My experience soured me on PDAs and I have done without for a while. And if I do get one, there is no way it is going to be a Palm....more info


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