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Invisible enemies are revealed with his x-ray vision, his Arm Canon discharges explosive firepower, his hearing is unparalleled, and his strength is no less than 100,000 horsepower. With his superior, electronic brain, he decodes robotic languages andsecret codes. Help Astro uncover his full potential through 10 non-linear, interactive areas, including a volcano, outer space, underground, and the city.

  • Awaken and strengthen Astro's seven super abilities throughout the game.
  • Explore huge 3D worlds to uncover side quests and hidden items.
  • Interact with characters from the cartoon series including Dr. O'Shay, Zoran, and more!
  • Collect trading cards and open new areas to search.
  • Determine the best super power to defeat Magnamite, Acheron, the Blue Knight, and Atlas.

Customer Reviews:

  • wow... this game really...ROCKS!!!
    I couldn't wait till the release day since I found out that the game was developed with cooperation of TREASURE, one of most beloved video game company of my life(company responsible for games like Radiant Silvergun, Gunstar Hero, Guardian Heroes, Silhouette Mirage, Sin and Punishment, Ikaruga, Bangaioh...) So I bought an import version because I figured that this game is an action game although I have very minimal Japanese...who needs to know Japanese when you are playing an action/shooter game, right? Well, I was very wrong; and I'll explain later why.

    This game is based on THE famous 'Astro Boy(Tetsuwan Atom)' series by Tezuka Osamu, who's considered to be the Father of the Japanese manga/animation starting in 1960s. What really surprised me was the sheer amount of animation and STORY in the game. I mainly expected just some nice actions, yet this game is just packed, I MEAN PACKED WITH SEEMINGLY ENDLESS STORY. There are total of 46 characters, directly related to 'Astro Boy' series such as Uran and Dr.Ochanomizu, however, some characters, like Sapphire, happens to be one of Tezuka Osamu's creation from other series.

    So what about the game itself? You can definitely feel the touch of TREASURE here and there, which means it's very enjoyable. I would say that the game is bit on the easy side, however, they give you much harder option once you complete the game by having to finish the game without a continue(I continued numerous time while I was playing for the first's not that easy). Graphic and sound is top notch as if you are watching a well-made GameBoy Advance version of animation; you won't be sorry! This game starts with a tutorial with Dr. Ochanomizu, and it is highly recommendly because Astro Boy can do several things, including some special attacks(Some characters are reachable by performing certain action... so pay attention!)

    I guess this game really shines when it comes to the story. I felt strongly compelled to buy US version SO I CAN JUST GO THROUGH THE WHOLE THING ONCE AGAIN WITH KNOWING THE PLOT. I mean, who really cares about this old, outdated anime as long as you get to play the action part, right? WRONG! I remember that I bought an mport version of Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero first(again, couldn't wait), then bought US version just to read rivals' profile. Why? Because the game was so good and reading that rivals' profile was a crucial part of that gaming experience...didn't mind playing the whole game AGAIN BECAUSE IT WAS STILL DAMN GOOD. It's same for this very game because you can't deny the whole gaming experience of this sheer amount of story when you get to play this game; trust me on this.

    You can finish the game with finishing from stage 1 through 7, however, there are unlockable stages 0 and 8, which gives you the REAL ending with more, much more satisfaction. And I guess the one of the best part of the game was figuring out and completing the game with 100% completion; I don't get picky with completion percentage with games, but this game FORCED me to do so WITH PLEASURE.

    So if you are having a doubt that this game is just a way to cash in some profit by using some Astro Boy fame... Think again because you will be PLEASANTLY SURPRISED.

    Enjoy; you won't be sorry!...more info

  • The best GBA game you didn't play...
    And I almost didn't either until a few years back when seeing it used in my GameStop. The game only cost me $10 but y'know, if I paid attention when this game actually came out, I would have readily payed $30.

    This game... I mean, it's Astro Boy, an anime icon, the game though has its own storyline (and character designs) seems closer to the recent 2003 anime the game accompanied. Anyway, back to this game, this wonderful gem of a game... It's gonna be hard not spoiling this wonderful game for you.


    After the game prologue Astro starts his training in Dr. Elephun's lab this is basically just helping you get into the games controls and you'll need it. Right after you'll be swept into Stage 1 and onward through an excellent story full cameos and roles from characters of the Osamu Tezuka universe.

    The games story is quite interesting especially a certain turning point where you're lead to believe is the final battle only to learn well... just wow. Very strong message the Astro Boy games are known for and the endings (yes, this alludes to what I said earlier) are real emotion bringers.

    Like I said, this game is a gem. It's part side scroll beat 'em up, part side scroll shooter, part explorer in one nifty little game. The game has three modes. Easy (I haven't played this), Normal (which is quite hard) and Hard (which is a nightmare). Hard lives up to its title as enemies hit hard and bosses can pretty much 1HKO you if you don't upgrade Astro's health.

    And to upgrade Astro's health and everything else is in the title. The Omega factor is quite a unique customize system. To utilize it, Astro needs to meet many different characters who'll all fall into certain places in Astro's judgment (Friend, love, enemy etc) Astro makes these judgments and each confirmation meeting allows you to access Astro's Omega Factor and upgrade his Health, Power, Laser, and Bullet weapons. Some people you meet start as "???" But don't worry, as the game moves along, Astro (and you) will see these people for what they are and the call is made there.

    Replay Value:
    It depends on you. I fell in love with this game and all the extra challenges (and lovely story) in the game made me play over and over until hard mode and its insanity made me stop. Try seeing if you can beat Stage 1 to the final areas, the game even times you for it. Good luck.

    Astro Boy Omega Factor: One of the best GBA games made that was shunned due to all the hype around other games. It's a shame, but if you can, pick this game up! You'll love it....more info
  • Awesome but really short
    There is a lot of text in the game, but you can skip through it very quickly if you want too. Amazingly fun and original with beautiful graphics. Cons are it is a very repetitive button masher, and it is wicked short. It took me two hours to beat the game on normal and I'm just an okay gamer. Each level was ridiculously short and flew byin a minute. The boss levels were cool by even the hardest ones were really easy to figure out how to beat. You pretty much only use one button when attacking. ...more info
  • Treasure does it again
    Though you'd be pained to actually find their logo somewhere on the game's box, Treasure developed this amazing title - one of the few licensed games to really go above and beyond in the gameplay department. In fact, this is one of the few GAMES period to go above and beyond in the gameplay department. Taking cues from the Konami classic Rocket Knight Adventures, Astro Boy: Omega Factor features great ground- and air-based combat with massive, exciting bosses. Astro Boy saves your progress automatically, which is a good thing. This game is HARD - but never at the expense of fun! You will travel all over the world (even through time) to try and get the humans and robots to cooperate in Omega Factor's charming story.

    This game has it all - addictive short-term gameplay, a massive upgrades system that has drastic affects on your abilities, and probably the coolest replay motivator in any platform game ever. Once you finish the game the first time through, you go on a scavenger hunt through time and space to try and correct the damage the twisted villain has committed - each of the levels changes slightly, with some completely new levels and many new boss fights being revealed along the way. Completing this scavenger hunt will grant you access to the final, incredibly difficult area, and finally the game's good ending.

    I almost forgot to mention how fun the actual combat is - this is one of the few sidescrolling games ever to even slightly capture the feel of anime combat. A great balance of make believe and real physics mean that you do a lot of your ground combat in the air still - air attacks let you hover for a short amount of time, allowing you to engage any enemy on the screen in any way you choose. A powerful dodge move lets you take on groups of 20 enemies at a time, even if they are as tall as the screen (and they will be!) The game is also tuned for the heavy use of special moves - every 10 or 20 punches charges your power meter, allowing you to do a devastating attack that is not just meant for bosses. Even using your special attacks charges the meter, so the regular gameplay takes on a really addictive, rhythmic quality as you decide who to punch and who to blast.

    If you like GBA action games at all, this belongs in your system, along with Gunstar Super Heroes, Warioland 4, Drill Dozer, and Dawn of Sorrow....more info
    An excelent game, I recomend this product to everyone that enjoy playing with robots. Even though astro boy don't look like your every day robot, he's more like a little kid with a strange haircut....more info
  • great underrated game
    i love this game on the gameboy sp. i tried it on the ps2 and it wasn't that great. but playing it on the gba was cool and made up for it. thanks...more info


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