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Don't waste your summer sleeping in! This is the ultimate wakeup-makeup for lips: the waterproof pink lip stain imparts a natural rosy glow, while the cocktail of tripeptides in the plumping gloss stimulates collagen on the cellular level.

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing. Simply amazing.
    I use very little makeup and have always been skeptical about blushes; they never look good on me. I'm also not highly skilled at applying makeup, though, so that may have been the problem. But the Tarte cheekstain was unbelievably easy to use, no experience necessary, and it looks incredible! It's a very natural look (I tried the Flush one first, and I've bought three others now) and I love it. Definitely worth the price, and will last for a very long time....more info
  • perfect blush
    Don't try this on lips. It tastes God-awful and will not 'stain' lips. Go for a lip stain instead.
    Tipsy is a nice red-pink, blushing bride is more plum than shown. I find that bride is a sheerer color to tipsy. Tarte stains, being sheer, complement any skin-tone, really, so it'll look natural. Will make blotchy skin look blotchier, though.
    I apply over foundation, directly from tube, then blend edges with round sponge. The color has to be applied more concentrated than you need, because as it sets in it will fade (an hour or so). But on the cheeks it stays all day, doesn't stick to my hair (which rubs against my cheeks ALL day), and looks nice and natural.
    I have acne, but I can still use it b/c I apply light concealer directly on the spots, after applying blush. It blends with the blush a little, so you can't tell where the pimples are. Nice!
    Also great for my chest, and neck. It's like a glow....more info
  • YUCK!
    How come nobody mentioned how awful it smells? ALthough the product looks good on my face, it absolutely REEKS like a sixth-grader's sour-apple bubble gum. I will be returning it. WHo is the target population here anyhow? I wouldn't think at $28 a pop it would be kids. It's very hard to imagine that any adult wants this scent wafting around them--I'd be embarassed to be in a closed car with a date while wearing this. I couldn't bear it sitting at my desk. Thank God I tried only on one cheek to start with. WHY is it so hard to find unscented quality makeup? With perfume, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion already scented, why would a gel blush need to add something wretched to the mix? It's giving me a headache....more info
  • Tarte-Flush
    This was an impulse buy at Sephora's and I am really really happy that I sprung for the product, despite the price. I had seen it on a friend in a more peachy color and it looked nice, but I opted for the more pinky color "Flush." I love it! I think I have actually found my new favorite product. It smells really fruity. I never wear blush because I look too made up nomatter what I use, even bronzers don't do the trick. This product blends/manipulates well and looks very natural, whether it is on bare skin or over foundation. ...more info
  • Worth the money
    I was not enthused about spending so much on a single makeup product...despite my better judgement, and because I've heard so many rave reviews, I bought Tickled, a peachy/red color. I have that skin where I'm yellowish when I'm not tanned, and Tickled is a perfect compliment. It feels a little tacky at first but it fades as it blends. The raspberry scent is pleasant but not, thankfully, too strong. One word of advice: do not apply the product directly to your face, or you will have far too much of it to be able to blend. I just touch a finger to it and then to my face and blend (I'm sure there are more sanitary ways to do it but I don't like spending tons of time). At this rate, it will probably last the rest of the decade. Definitely, definitely, worth the money!...more info
  • not worth it at all!!!!
    well i just bought this kit, and when it came i was sooo let down! my friend has the regular sized stain, and these are about a sixth of the size of a normal tube. the colors are not that great, and they are sooo sheer that you can barely see them. i was very excited to buy these, but very let down when it actually came. they are very greasy feeling as well. people with oily skin like mine should not purchase this product. i spent wayyyyy to much for wayyyyy to little. stay away!...more info
  • Quick, easy, clean blush
    I've been using Tarte gel blush in Blushing Bride for the past few months and it always looks fresh and clean, unlike the "Dynasty" look of most powder blushes I've used in the past. It won't mess up the makeup you have on underneath and it actually lasts surprisingly long. I imagine it would work well on a variety of skin tones since there are so many gel colors and it works with your skin tone instead of covering it up.

    The stick can get a little messy, but you can clean it easily with a makeup sponge. Lives up to the promise!...more info
  • Some shades amplify appearance of pores.
    I bought the Sweet Cheeks set of 4 mini cheek stains. The colors were Flush, Blushing Bride, Tipsy, and Dollface.

    Flush and Blushing Bride are beautiful colors, gel blush, VERY STICKY, and when you glide the stick over your skin the product sits in fine pores, amplifying the appearance of pores that would otherwise go unnoticed. The cheek will be stained, and with little tiny darker dots wherever you applied the stain over pores.

    Tipsy and Dollface are lighter colors, cream blush, not as sticky, and they DO NOT increase the appearance of pores. They glide on more easily and blend more easily. These lighter cream shades are not truly creamy; there is a firmness to the stick. I think the firmness is due to the shimmer.

    The stickiness will not persist all day; it decreases as the hours go by. Each color is buildable.

    I rated this with 3 stars b/c some of the shades are sticky and amplify pores. Customers won't know this, and even if they do know it, they won't know if their pores are too large to wear which color. The customer will have to buy it, try it, then they'll be disappointed and have to return it. It's sort of hit 'n' miss. Many customers would experience post-purchase regrets. Additionally, to make a good purchase decision of these cheek stains, a customer would need to buy several colors. That is somewhat inconvenient. ...more info
  • Pretty and Natural
    This gel looks incredibly natural--like you're lightly flushed. Tickled Peach is a lovely color. (I'm caucasian with light olive skin and dark-brown hair.) I just put a little on my fingers and work it along my cheekbones.

    It doesn't dry immediately, but you do have to rub a little harder to blend it than I'd like. It also requires some practice before you learn how to get it in just the right area. I wouldn't toss my powder blush, but I'm also glad I got this product. It's a really pretty look, once you get the hang of it....more info
  • Tarte & Tangy.
    I have used this blush at runway shows and for sets and commercials. Yet, more importantly, I have used it on myself.

    No matter the skin colour, the flatter is endless. For my Ivory complexion I use a combo of Bronze {For the length of my cheekbone} and Flush {For the apples of my cheeks, down the thin of my neck, and between my cleavage for a healthy, hot glow.

    It's also been a tasty pucker for my lips and dipped on eyelids for sheerness.

    Possibilities - endless.

    A must have for those winter months in Connecticut when skin is more than likely dry and flaky. A stain that compliments any complexion and at any age without leaving you without rent.

    Tarte cheek stain, an essential. Five stars.
    ...more info
  • Tarte Cheek Stain
    This is one of the best cheek gel/stains I have ever used and I've tried a lot. This goes on smooth and glides over your skin with a cooling sensation. Its easy to blend and it looks like my skin is glowing from within. I have this in Flush (a pink/rosey color) and Tickled (peachy-red). This even smells yummy! The Tickled smells like fresh peaches and the Flush smells of fresh raspberries! I have fair skin with yellow undertones and both of these colors looked fantastic on me. I cannot wait to try out some other colors. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • LOVE
    I have a very fair complexion .. which is a nice way of saying that I'm PALE. If I don't wear blush I look sick, and this stuff makes me look healthy and natural. No one can even tell I'm wearing makeup. I'm never going back to powder...more info
  • Use it everyday!
    I have been using this product almost everyday for probably close to four years now. Initially, I do remember it being a little difficult to get used to, but it is now the product I won't leave home without putting on. It lasts all day, through work, through going to the gym - everything. It's nice to have a product you don't have to continually apply all day long. I have seen some of the other reviewers mention it's a little sticky at first and I'll agree but it dries quickly, and fades just a little so it takes a few tries to learn how much is right for your skin tone. As for the price, it is more than the average blush, but this little tube will last forever, I only recently purchased my second one (Flush color) after using my last tube all the way to the bottom. This is one product I will continue to use!...more info
  • A miracle!
    Wow... I love my Tarte "tickled" cheekstain... it gives me the most natural, beautiful glowy flush. It also looks gorgeous as a lip tint; it doesn't look like i'm wearing any lipcolor at all, just like my lips are naturally dewy and rosy. Plus, it smells fantastic, like peach jello. Buy this!! You will not regret it!!! It's oil-free too. I suggest buying it on ebay, I got mine brand new for 10 bucks less than normal retail price on there....more info
  • Apparently I'm another fan
    I really liked this too. I have medium skin, and I purchased flush, and it is a really good first color. If you want it darker, you can just layer in on, and it still looks natural. This is the only blush I use now, and it works really well on my combination skin. Even if I'm not going to wear any makeup, I always dab a little on my cheeks, and it gives me just enough of a glow that looks totally natural and sexy. ...more info
  • Great natural looking
    I use this in TICKLED and I don't think it can be beat when it comes to getting a natural-looking flush. It is very natural looking, fairly subtle, blends well and stays put for a pretty long time. However, it is a bit sticky...so say if after you apply it, you decide you want a little more blush and swipe some powder blush over it...it comes on very intensely and you end up looking like a clown....more info
  • The Perfect Flush
    I am obsessed with this blush! I have it in Flush (a sheer red, very fresh) and Blushing Bride (sheer plum-red). I am definitely planning on buying another one! They smell amazing, are easy to blend, and come in great colors. Plus, they last forever. Definitely, definitely buy this!...more info
  • Incredible blush!
    I own every color Tarte cheekstain other than Bronze Goddess and Sunkissed, and every single on looks wonderful on me!

    I have very sensitive skin and for over 7 years, I could not find any blush that I was not allergic to. I tried powders, cremes, gels, bronzers, and every one left me looking like someone had slapped me - my cheeks would wind up red and puffy. Finally, in desperation, I figured I would try one last time and try Tarte's cheekstain, and I've been using it ever since. It doesn't bother my skin in the slightest!

    My latest favorite colors are Cloud 9 (it looks so purple in the bottle, but it goes on so pretty and natural!) and True Love (part of the Lovin' the Fast Stain set, and the prettiest pink!).

    I also recently got my mother-in-law hooked on Tarte cheeekstains. I am very fair and have very dry skin, she's olive-skinned and has very oily skin, and the Cloud 9 looks great on both of us. The cheekstain also works very well on both of our skins, even though we have very different skin types.

    I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone!...more info
  • Marvelous blush!
    It's been a long time ago since I kicked powder blushes to the curb once and for all. I became a devotee of liquid stain and I turned to tarte cheek stain as I'd grown a bit bored of the color imparted by Benetint (it does, after all, come in only one color), one of my longtime beauty staples, and wanted a little bit of variety.

    Well, not only do you get variety with so many colors to choose from at tarte, I got wonderful quality as well. The gel goes on clean, it stays "workable" for a little while (unlike liquid stain which dries fast), looks completely natural, it's very blendable, the tube lasts a looong time, and the best part, it stays put all day, no matter what the weather. No small feat too, since I live in a warm, humid climate.

    So, the quality is amazing and the colors are just beautiful. I have pale skin and have had wonderful results with "tickled" which is kinda red, kinda peach-y and just gorgeous. I'm planning to purchase another color soon, it's just that good. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great Multi-tasking Product
    I was introduced to this cheek stain over a year ago by an MA at my local Sephora. I love the "Flush" color. It is great for us dark haired, fair skinned ladies.

    The application is a breeze, very blendable, it does not dry too quickly like other stains. One caveat, do not blend too hard or you'll have uneven areas. The product can be sticky, but, I usually just lightly set it with a translucent powder.

    The color stays true all day long. It doesn't oxidize and get darker like powder blush and it doesn't slide off your face either, even in the summer.

    After I apply it to my cheeks I swipe it across my lips for a little bit of added color. Long after my lipstick has worn off, I still have a nice wash of color from the cheek stain.

    The price may seem steep but, the two colors I own, Flush and Doll Face, are both over a year old and I haven't even used half the product yet. I use one or the other every day.
    ...more info
  • Great product!
    I have been using Tarte Cheek stain for over a year now and love it! It's soooo easy to apply and blend and it looks incredibly natural. I no longer use powdered blush and cannot see myself ever going back to the powder version.
    I can wear this with or without foundation. I like to wear it alone in the summer season just to give me a hint of color. I use it sparingly over foundation in the winter season to give me a slight flushed look.
    I will definitely look into more colors soon as I only own one thus far....more info
  • Tarte Cheek Stain doesn't disappoint
    I had been looking for a creamy blush to replace a favorite that I used to purchase, (but which is no longer produced) by Ultima. I had read and heard alot about this product having moisturizing properties, plus a transparent, natural glowing color. It does not disappoint...I am very pleased with the look and application of the blush. I took off one star because I think it is a little pricey. On the other hand, it appears it will last quite awhile. We'll see! (Just purchased it in December.)...more info
  • Try it before you buy it.
    I bought this is Blushing Bride online, at 28 dollars it's not something you should buy on a whim. I would recomend it for someone with dry pale skin.I have to say it smells so good. Just like grape! But it left my skin sticky and oily and it looked like i had nothing on. Benetint works better but it can look fake on tan skin.I hope this review helps you....more info
  • Worth every penny
    I have been searching for a good gel blush since Beauticontrol stopped making their version of this stuff. I've tried powders and creams and just don't like them...I always found them to be heavy and fake looking once on my face. My skin is oily and I really need something that's not going to make my face break out. I came across this product and after reading the reviews decided to give it a try. I must say it lives up to it's wonderful reputation and is worth every penny. I don't find it sticky at all...maybe a tiny bit tacky when you first put it on, but this doesn't last long. It gives you an authentic, natural flush of color and a little goes a long way. I purchased the Blushing Bride and plan on purchasing Tickled Peach. I'm very picky about makeup and this definitely meets all of my expectations. ...more info
  • Wish we could give this ZERO stars!
    I bought this some time ago (at Sephora) because I had heard only good reviews. But it was a HUGE let down. I have normal skin and two of my close friends have dry and oily. We all tried it and hated it. It is tacky going on and it stays tacky - no matter what skin type you have. The only positive thing about it is that the color is very sheer. Also, the price is rediculous - I don't mind paying premium price for a blush that works, but $28 for this low quality product is rediculous. ...more info
  • Didn't work for me...
    This stuff didn't work for me. I ordered the pink which didn't suit my skin tone and actually made my lips looks thinner. The gloss is too sticky and didn't seem to plump my lips at all. I believe it's a gamble ordering makeup on-line unless you have already tried the product and are sure of the results you will be getting....more info
  • Beautiful blush..
    Tarte cheek stain really is a beautiful gel blush. the only qualms i have about it is that 1) tis a liiitle bit hard to apply [lil sticky] && 2) beware: it MELTS in the heat. i bought this at a sephora in Hawaii... and even though it was in the house [not left in a car to bake for hours on end] it still melted a bit;; when i opened it this red liquid spilled out i was like ohmigosh! O,O() but yeah.. that's the reason i gave it only 4stars. but other than that.. it's pretty cool....more info
  • The most beautiful cheek color I've ever used!
    I bought the Blushing Bride Tarte Cheek Stain last year and fell in love with it! It is the most beautiful light pink/red flush; not overpowering or clowny on my pale skin. It smells fantastic, like sweet plums.

    A couple weeks ago, when Cloud 9 came out, I bought it. I am in LOVE with this one! It looks like it would be too purple in the package, but it actually gives me the prettiest "post-workout" type color. It is not purple at all on my cheeks; just a beautiful light lavender-pink, and not too strong for fain skin. Also, it smells SOO good, just like grape bubblegum!

    This stuff stays on for HOURS and goes on very nicely, not setting too quickly so I am able to blend it very well. I keep make sure to keep one at home and in my purse so I am never without one!

    I will be trying Dollface next, then Tipsy. These are SO worth the money because they last forever and they are foolproof!...more info
  • beautiful!
    I was SO tired of powder blush, I quit. I've pretty much stopped wearing foundation since my skin is great from using Philosophy products, and I wanted something that would look more natural but give my bare skin some extra pow. So I tried Tarte Cheek Stain, and it did exactly what I hoped! It looks so natural, but gives me additional color, which I missed from not wearing blush. I can't tell you how much I love it, and as for the price, a little goes a long way....more info
  • New Tarte devotee
    A quick digression: I purchased rival product Benetint after reading wonderful reviews about it for YEARS. And I was dismayed when it just didn't cut it for me, although its overall delivery made me realize that cheek stains are the only way to go. I was drawn to Tarte because, unlike Benetint, it came in a myriad of colors. I have also read its rave reviews over the years -- but like Benetint, the hefty price tag left me sputtering. I am a drugstore cosmetics kinda gal! But have never been able to find the right blush.

    So it is with delight that I can say that Tarte ROCKS. The consistency is gel-like (even better than Benetint, which is like water going on). It comes in a "stick" of sorts, which I anticipate will last a LONG time. This consistency is also great for my combination skin -- my skin looks dewy but not oily. The smell of Tarte's stain is WONDERFUL. Benetint smells like rose water (which is nice), but this is a more grown-up scent that does not linger -- I only smell it for a moment and then it's gone.

    If you're deciding between Benetint and Tarte's stain, I definitely recommend Tarte -- the color selection is wonderful (alas, Benetint's single color made my uber fair skin look feverish not flushed), and its feel and appearance are superior. I'll definitely be buying this cheek stain again.

    ...more info
  • worth the high price---and I'm cheap!
    I had an instantly bad reaction when I heard people fawning over this product--this much money for blush?? I just felt WRONG somehow. But I'd heard such good things about it, and I have, like, NO color on my cheeks at all unless I impart it myself. So blush is an important product to me so I thought I'd see what the fuss was about, and oh my gosh--it really is a fabulous product. The smell, first of all, makes me want to eat it! And the colors are just delicious. I finally decided on Tickled and the flushed peachy-red is perfect for my golden-when-I'm-tanned, sallow-yellow-when-I'm-not skin. And I love the gel formula. It gives a not quite shiny, but just glow-y look to your skin. And it gives you enough time to work with it, doesn't set practically immediately like liquid blush does. And I know people always say this about expensive products, but it really does last you forever. I've had it for months and wear it every day (and not a little dab either) and I haven't even had to push-up the product yet. Highly recommended!...more info
  • My little, tarty secret.


    I am in love with Tarte Cheek Stain. Believe it or not, I own four of them. Flush and Blushing Bride work the best with my pale skin.

    It is a girl's best friend. Goes on smooth and lasts the whole day. I love to apply it with a sponge or MAC fondation brush. And it smells super yummy.

    Just don't let your boyfriend mistake it for his deodorant. : )

    Perfect product.

    -- Thalia....more info
  • Great blush
    If you want a great flushed look.... this is the perfect cheek stain for it. Thank God for Tarte Cheek stain. I recommend Flush for those with fair skin, it looks perfect now all my sisters want it too. ...more info
  • Love this stuff!!!!
    I have not worn blush for years. I used to wear powder blush when I was in high school, but quit because it took too much time. I have high cheekbones, however they are not even so it takes some time to get powder blush to look good. I wear minimal make-up, concealer, powder, mascara, and lip-gloss. I like my make-up to look natural. I finally broke down and ordered the Tarte cheek-stain in flush. It arrived and I tried it right away, and I am SOLD!!! It blends wonderfully, and you have much better control than with powder blush. A little bit goes a long way, and I have worn it everyday since it arrived a month ago. It gives me just a hint of color, without looking harsh. I wear it on my cheek-bones and down the bridge of my nose where natural sunlight would normally hit. It is great stuff. For those of you who don't normally wear blush and would like to start this stuff is for you. I am going to order the sun-kissed for the summer months. It is pricey in my opinion for blush, but very worth it. Buy this product ASAP!!...more info
  • My go-to product for sweet, pink "angel cheeks".,

    I first purchased this in June, around the summer solstice, when my tan (I know, I shouldn't have.) was at its peak. The color I bought was Flush and I thought I didn't like it. With my tan, it was a little too fuschia and unnatural on me. To make matters worse, I wasn't even applying it correctly. Now that it is October and I have my medium, Caucasian, slightly-ruddy-yet-sallow skintone back, I decided to give it another try. I am oh-so-glad I did!

    First, I applied the product right from the push-up stick. When I did so, it came out a lighter version of the fuschia tone I didn't like before. When I put it on my lips in this manner, I found that none of the color was deposited, but the stickiness sure was. I thought I would give up using it as a lipstain and just focus on the cheeks instead, even though I wasn't truly happy with the color.

    Finally, I got an idea to put it on my fingers and use them to apply the stain. I was rewarded with a lovely pink glow on my cheeks. Unlike Benetint, it didn't make me look feverish. It was just the shade that I wanted...not too fuschia, not too red, not too light. I also used my finger to put some on my lips. I didn't get a huge color payoff, but I did get a hint of tint without the stickiness. The lipcolor complimented the cheeks very well although it only lasted until I ate. The cheek color, however, lasted all day, even through sun and perspiration, and was not sticky feeling at all when applied with my finger (unlike applied straight from the stick). It's not my natural blushing hue, but it is so lovely that I wish it were and I would not mind one bit if someone asked me if I were wearing blush.

    Although it's true that this does not contour as well as powder blush, no other product is better at providing the delicate glow from within that children's cheeks have. $28 may seem a little steep, but you do get a lot of product for the money and I would definitely repurchase. In fact, I would love to buy other shades, especially Tickled Peach and Blushing Bride. Maybe Santa will put one of them in my stocking next year!

    ...more info
  • No complaints here!!!
    I have the cheek stain in Blushing Bride and the color is just beautiful!! The color is a natural flush and it is long lasting! I like putting it under my brow,my lips, the apples of my cheeks, my chin, the bridge of my nose, and even a bit on my forehead!! This product is versatile and great. I too have oily skin and don't have any problems with this product. I highly recommend this product and urge anyone to try it!!:)...more info
  • tarte cheek stain
    i have been wanting this product for a while and just received it yesterday, it is amazing...it goes on smoothly and blends well...more info


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