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Stretch Marks Double Action is specially formulated to help prevent and minimize new and recent stretch marks due to pregnancy in all vulnerable body areas such as abdomen, breast, hips and upper thighs. The elastoregulator Lupeol, combined with AHA moisturizers and softening oils, help preserve elasticity, therefore increasing the skin's resistance to stretching and preventing the occurrence of new stretch marks. A Chlorophycea extract also helps decrease the heightened sensitivity of the skin.

Customer Reviews:

  • Loved it until..
    I loved this product but after awhile its like my skin got used to this and did not react....I switched to pure shea butter...that was the best thing that ever happened to me! I survived the stretch marks!...more info
  • My mom had a lot of stretchmarks and I DIDN'T! That's proof 4 me!
    I started using this cream during my 2nd month of pregnancy. I think it's important to start building the elasticity of your skin early on, which could be the reason I had success with it. While the cream is kindof expensive-- when you think about avoiding stretchmarks, no price is too high. I used about 4 tubes for the duration. I expected to get stretchmarks because my mom had them with me, so I was happy to get anything less than hers. Anyway, I didn't get any at all on my stomach until the last two weeks (my baby was 8lbs. 8oz.) and they are really small. I put the cream on my breasts and abdomen every day after a shower, but because it was expensive I skipped my sides (love handle area) and did get stretchmarks there which were darker than the ones on my stomach. Since my stomach has gone down, the ones on my stomach are very light and will probably go away enough to satisfy my ego. I highly recommend giving the Mustela cream a chance....more info
  • It works for prevention of new and elimination of old stretch marks
    I bought this for my pregnancy but also applied it to pre-existing stretch marks. After 3+ months (I started in my 6th month and am nearing the end of my 1st tube) the pre-existing stuff is pretty hard to find now and unfortunately, the only new stretch marks appeared in two small spots on my upper thighs that I never covered because I couldn't imagine stretch marks appearing there. I assume your own mileage will vary depending on how susceptible you are (genetically speaking, and severity speaking) to stretch marks. It is also impossible to tell whether or not a cheaper cream would also work. However, this stuff smells nice, applies evenly, and I think my skin is worth the price tag. I know that the official medical answer is that there's nothing one can do about stretch marks but this cream (and possibly others) can make an appreciable difference! Incidently, I only apply it once every other day....more info
  • Only time will tell
    First off, I ordered one and recieved two, both of which I was charged for. I've decided to keep the second bottle for now until I can determine whether it's worthwhile or not. I've been using this stuff for about a month now, and honestly I haven't noticed much of a difference. But, I haven't given up on it yet. In another month I should be able to tell whether it's working. It's more reasonably priced than other products that are available, but if it doesn't work then it doesn't really matter how much it costs. ...more info
  • REALLY works!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow, this REALLY works!! I was skeptic but gave it a try because I read that some celebrities use this. I'll give information that I would have found useful when reading reviews (although the reviews I read were already convincing):

    I am 5ft, 2in; 95lbs pre-pregnancy and 25 years old. I gained 35lbs with the pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy (thank you Lord) measuring 20 inches and weighing 7lbs, 3ounces.

    I put this cream one once a day during the first and second trimesters and then twice a day during the final trimester. It is a bit sticky on your skin, so I tried to let it air-dry when I had the time. I used a total of 7 of these tubes in the entire pregnancy.

    My baby is now one month and I have NOOO stretch marks. I know people say that stretch marks are hereditary but my mom and sister have some and I don't!! Thank God my body is back (well, still have 10 lbs to get rid of) but I'll be able to wear a bikini and not feel self-conscious about stretch marks. Thank you Lord!
    ...more info


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