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Product Description

Cosequin Is A Nutritional Supplement To Help Dogs Maintain Healthy Joints. As Dogs Age, It Is Common For Their Joints To Become Less Flexible Which Impacts Their Mobility And Quality Of Life. Cosequin Is An Exclusive Formula To Support And Maintain The Health Of Your Dog's Joints. Each Chewable Tablet Contains 500 Mg Glucosamine Hcl, 400 Mg Sodium 95% Chondroitin Sulfate 5% Mixed Glycosaminoglycans, 33 Mg Ascorbate And 5 Mg Manganese.

  • Cosequin DS double strength capsules are available in 90 and 120 count sizes.
  • Cosequin regular strength capsules for small dogs and cats are available in 90 and 180 count sizes.
  • Cosequin chewable tablets are available in 40, 120, and 250 count size
  • Cosequin Equine Powder is available in 1400, 700 and 280 gram bottles

Customer Reviews:

  • We were considering hip replacement surgery
    February 8, 2006: We were considering hip replacement surgery for our 90 lb lab who was diagnosed with hip dysplaysia. Our vet recommended we try Cosequin DS first. We had tried similar products with no improvement and didn't expect this to work either. We were wrong. There was a marked difference in our lab's activity level within the first two weeks. Currently, he plays runs, and jumps with no pain. This product worked wonders for our dog.

    UPDATE June 18, 2007: Cosequin did work wonders for our lab, but he also has Degenerative Myelopathy which was missed due to the hip dysplasia. We had never heard of this disease and didn't know the signs or symptoms to watch for. Please, if your dog is on a joint therapy product, search for Degenerative Myelopathy on the internet and familiarize yourself with the symptoms. As the disease progresses without treatment, your dog's chance for recovery and/or stabilization become less and less. The University of Florida has a lot of information on their website regarding this disease and a video depicting dogs in various stages of this disease....more info
  • Quick and GREAT price!
    I have a cairn terrier and a shar-pei who both take Cosequin, so I like to stock up. There is no question that they are more comfortable and active when taking this product. My vet sells it, but this price was MUCH better. I got my package in a couple of days!...more info
  • Woof Woof!!
    Have had our two 60 and 70 lb dogs on this now for about 6 months, marked improvment in our older dog. his left rear leg shaking has improved a great deal, much more like his old self. running and playing with the younder one. (and us) I recommend. as the other review says, does not hurt. and we think helps. ...more info
  • Good for my dog
    I have been using Cosequin for my dog for several years and it has made a remarkable difference in his quality of life....more info
  • Recommended by vet
    My vet recommended this for my labrador retriever who had hip problems. It is great. It is much cheaper buying on Amazon than from the vet!...more info
  • Helpful in slowing down arthritis
    My Golden seems to benefit from this product. It seems like it has helped slow down the arthritis on his hip and actually made his hips stronger. My vet recommended this product when my Golden started showing signs of arthritis related to aging. ...more info
  • No More Limping
    My dog does well on two a day. If he misses a dose, he's limping within hours.

    The downside: The tablets may be chewable, but he doesn't like the taste of them and swallows them whole. I wonder if that lesses the strength.

    The upside: However, it's easier for him to take these than the capsules. The capsules are sticky when wet and get stuck on his tongue....more info
  • Truly a wonder!
    Kyra, our Siberian Husky, came to us as a stray and limping very badly. Thinking she had been maybe hit by a car before we rescued her, we took her to the vet for x-rays and discovered severe hip dysplasia - one joint was barely in its socket. We consulted with a specialty vet hospital about hip replacement, and then put off the decision. In the meantime, for the last 1 1/2 years, we've been giving her Cosequin. It was only a few months before the limp was not only completely gone, but she was tearing around the house playing chase with our Golden Retriever. We had to put rugs down on our bare floors to help prevent her slipping and sliding, but she does it anyway, and it never slows her down. At the lake, she out-swims Jake and she just never tires out. (Jake doesn't have joint problems but he gets Cosequin too!) I suppose as Kyra gets older we will have to again consider the hip replacement, but I feel that is years away now. And by the way, I take the people version of this same brand!...more info
  • It Works!
    We have both of our dogs on this product. Our male, prior to taking this supplement, was on another brand of joint supplement and couldn't make it through our evening walks without slowing to a snail's pace. After having been on Cosequin for about 6 months, he now jogs through our walks and never has any problem keeping up. We now have our female on it as well, simply as a pre-emptive strike since our breed is prone to hip problems. We will never use another joint supplement as long as this is helping. We had been told by our vet that this product is the ONLY supplement with proven clinical results and that's why we switched from our previous supplement. It's sure working for our dogs!...more info
  • Cosequin Arthritis Pet Chewables
    Vet recommended this product not only for dog skin and coat but also stated that combined with Cosequin is very effective for pet arthritis. Price and fast shipping along with pet safety is why I ordered this product. ...more info
  • Good product but I prefer Joint MAX DS
    I used this product for 2 years for my big boy Terrence, an 80 lb Boxer who was diagnosed with hip dysplasia about 3 years ago. It worked well but then I put him on Joint MAX DS when one of my friends told me about it. I've been using Joint MAX for a year now and it's really made a big difference. Terrence's mobility has improved a lot more than when he was on Cosequin. Plus Joint Max is less expensive....more info
  • Good value.
    This is the identical product which my vet prescribed and sold to me -- only a LOT cheaper....more info
  • Excellent product
    All of my performance dog have been on Cosequin DS.
    Nutramax claims actual testing behind
    this product and it was recommended by my veterinarian....more info
  • Great Product!
    I have used this product for years and it is the only glucosamine product currently on the market that is safe to use for extended periods of time. And has the FDA seal of approval. My dog thinks of them as treats and gobbles them right down so for anyone else if giving your dog a pill is a problem these should go right down! In no time you will notice a difference in your dog's mobility. Just make sure that you follow for vet's directions before giving these to your pet to make sure that this will help to correct the joint/mobility issues that they may be having. ...more info
  • Cosequin DS Double Strength Chewable Tablets
    This supplement is great and I saw a difference in my both of my older dogs within 2 weeks. I have recommended this product to family and friends, who have commented on the marked improvement with their dogs as well....more info
  • Always Good service
    I have ordered this product multiple times, and always get good service and a good price....more info
  • Great product
    My vet originally recommended this to me for general stiffness and limping when my kids were playing too hard. They like the chewables and think it's a treat. I recommend this product to all four legged friends for good joint health. And the amazon price is awesome, most vets or pet supply retailers, both local and online, are much higher....more info
  • Good product at a good price!
    We wanted to make sure that our dog had access to the canine formulation but the price at the vet's was prohibitive. Our pooch wolfs the tablet down with her food so they must be at least somewhat tasty. ...more info
  • Excellent product
    Pricier than many other brands, but you get what you pay for. This is a high quality product and worth it if you want to make sure your pet is getting the best. ...more info
  • Good, but not a miracle.
    This Cosequin product helps, I'm convinced. But, don't expect miracles. I'm pleased with the results, but I'm not seeing a new dog....more info
  • Great product
    I've been giving my Vizsla these supplements since he was 9 or 10 years old. We used to run together every other day from the time he was 2 yrs until about 10 years old. He is currently 14 years old and still hanging tough. Cosaquin DS is much more effective on relieving his joint pain than regular glucosamine....more info
  • Essential support for your dog
    This product was first introduced to me by my Vet more than a year ago. Within four days from administering it, I noticed a significant improvement in my dog's overall well-being. She was less stiff and had less pain. Conseqently she showed more spunk, energy, and activity. It felt like I got my dog back and I've kept her on it every day since then. She loves the taste and enjoys receiving her pills as treats every day.

    I believe this product or something very similar is essential support for a geriatric dog. It's as important as anything else in your dog's diet. Don't go home without it!...more info


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