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Kong's exclusive red natural rubber is puncture resistant, super bouncy, and chewer friendly. It is unmatched for resilience, durability, and bounce. Kong satisfies a dog's natural need to chew and also cleans teeth and conditions gums. The thick, flexible walls keep springing back for more! Kong rubber is non-toxic, nonabrasive, non-splintering, and does not get sharp when chewed. Kong toys are enthusiastically used and recommended by veterinarians, trainers, dog professionals and satisfied customers world wide. Made in the USA. For Maximum Safety: 1. Supervise use. 2. Inspect toy frequently. 3. Remove damaged toy. Important Safety Information: No dog toy is indestructible! All dogs have powerful jaw muscles and sharp teeth. Most dogs chew 40 to 60 times per minute with a force of 1,200 to 1,500 pounds per square inch. Kongs are safe, beneficial toys designed by people who know and love dogs, but ultimately, your dog's safety is your responsibility. Every dog is a unique individual and no one can predict how long a Kong will last with your dog. Note: If your dog destroys a Kong in a short period of time, it is probably too small. Regular use of a Kong by your dog will increase jaw strength, so you may eventually need to provide larger red or black Kongs. Supervise the use of toys. Frequently inspect the clean toy under a bright light. Look for damage (such as missing pieces, cracks, separations). Flex the toy and inspect it from different angles. Loose pieces larger than a f

This funny-shaped rubber chew packs a huge play value into a compact package. Legendary among dog lovers for their strength and durability, Kong toys are the answer to a busy pet owner's prayers. Dogs were made to hunt, chase, and gnaw, and denied a way to satisfy these natural urges, they can turn into barkers, diggers, problem chewers, or worse. Recommended by vets and trainers for dogs with separation anxiety, the Kong has a hollow interior that's ideal for stuffing with treats. Use peanut butter or soft cheese like glue to keep biscuits inside, and extracting the contents becomes a "hunt" to keep any pooch happy and busy all workday long. Dogs love the toys' goofy, unpredictable bounce and can chase, fetch, and play for hours. Chewing Kongs even helps promote strong jaws, clean teeth, and general oral health.

Often imitated but never equalled, Kongs are made in the USA from a thick, flexible rubber that's non-toxic, non-splintering, and puncture-resistant enough to stand up to even the strongest jaws. This red Tuffy is appropriate for typical medium- to large-sized dogs, from basset hounds on up to some standard poodles; size up (and/or switch to a super-durable black Kong) for aggressive chewers. Regularly inspect your Kong for cracks or missing chunks, and replace worn or damaged toys to avoid a choking hazard. Satisfaction is guaranteed; if either you or your dog aren't happy with your purchase, return within 30 days for a full refund. --Mary Park

  • Our super-bouncy, red, US made, natural rubber compound is perfect for typical chewers.
  • The original, stuffable treat dispensing toy.
  • Five sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and King.
  • Veterinarians and trainers recommend stuffing KONG toys with KONG treats and ZIGGIES to keep dogs busy and deter misbehaviors.
  • Please see chart for proper size and rubber formula.

Customer Reviews:

    My dog loves this thing though he doesn't play/chew with other toys- this he adores so I'm buying another because he sometimes loses this for a couple days then brings it back out to my attention. The peanut butter spray makes him completely in a frenzy to get every bit OUT of this toy- and, btw I've not found grease spots on my rug at all- he even takes it to bed. BUT - Jocko semi-buried this toy under some bedding and ended up chewing his way to it through a SHEET so LOL if you have a dog that gets this excited keep an eye out! DO use the sprays with this and your dog will love you for it! So far, this has held up very well and 7lb half weenie dog Jocko is quite a voracious chewer. I'm surprised and pleased that such a simple durable design works well to keep my dog happy and calm - with healthier teeth and gums too. The spray provides vitamins and keeps his coat beautiful and shiny as well....more info
  • The Kong and It's Uses
    I have a 7 lb pug who loves to chew on her kong. She also loves to have frozen peanut butter with her leftover kibble inside of it. When we give her the kong she will just chow down on it for hours. If you don't have a kong yet i highly reccomend it for your dog of any size and any age. Also there are tons of websites with recipes to put inside your kong. Our pug will eat the kong stuffn and the kong puppy stuffers which wil be good for your dogs teethe . So if you are looking for a great chew toy for your dog,PICK THE KONG!!!!!...more info
  • Excellent for Small Doggies
    We have two small Poms who like to get their teeth into everything.
    They will stay busy trying to get the treat out for a long time, after awhile they will get the treat and want some more.
    The doggie toy is made up of very tuff rubber and you will not have to worry about the dog tearing it up and perhaps getting the pieces into their stomachas and may not be able to pass it, then off to the vet you go.
    Very safe for your dog or dogs....more info
  • great product
    my dog loves this. She knows she will get peanut butter and dog treats before I leave the house when she sees it. Helpful hint: put it in the freezer for an hour before you give it to your dog. makes the prize more difficult to get to (if you use peanut butter or cream cheese) and more challenging for fido....more info
  • The dogs love these!
    I got three of these for a friend's 3 dogs. All three dogs LOVE the kongs...they will spend hours chewing and chasing these toys. They also last a long time. My friend has a very large breed dog that likes to chew. They go thru most toys very quickly, but these toys stay around a long time. Great product!...more info
  • Super Durable and Bouncy
    This is my dog's favorite, not only becuase it usually contain food in it but it is bouncy and you can chew on it for a long time. I also play fetch with this toy which is easy for dog to grab and if they decided to keep the toy for a little chew time - it tires them out quickly because Kong is indestructible. It also bounce alot so it catches the dogs attention and want to go after it. Overall, great buy - I think every dog should have a Kong....more info
  • Kong Classic Small Dog Toy, Red
    Toys came in perfect condition. They were exactly what I ordered.
    We are very happy with the toys and would order from this seller again.
    ...more info
  • Kongs are the best
    Greatest dog toy ever made! All my dogs have loved the kong. Our new puppy is enjoying it tremendously. I just have to make sure out full grown lab doesn't get it and choke on this small one....more info
  • Tiny Kong
    Small Kong is not what this is. It is tiny, finger (pinky finger) puppet size. ...more info
  • small dogs only
    This toy is not sturdy enough for a dog over 10lbs - learned the hard way. My 50lb dog bit the top off in les than 5 minutes...more info
  • Undestroyable Toy!!
    This is an undestuctable toy! I have a 120 lb English Mastiff puppy. He is 11 months old who enjoys chewing on anything he can get his paws on. We have bought so many toys I couldn't tell you how much we have spent. This is the one toy that has made it through without getting destroyed. You must make sure when buying the toy you get the right size for your dog. We also had a smaller kong when he was a small (LOL) puppy. That one he recently has started to chew and rip up. So... If it is the right size for your dog, this is the PERFECT toy!!
    One other thing I will mention is we have put peanut butter on the inside of the toy (but only when he goes outside, it's rather messy!!). They have so much fun trying to lick the peanut butter out. It is a great buy!!...more info
  • Keeps my dog out of trouble!
    I find this dog toy to be excellent at keeping my dog occupied when I fill the cavity with treats....more info
  • Great for my dog
    This is a wonderful product that I can safetly leave with my puppy when I've away. It gives her something to do & keeps her busy. I wish I had gotten a size bigger for my dog, not thinking of how small a medium is....more info
  • Lizzie Loves her Kong
    This Kong was a gift from my puppy, Velcro, to per pawpal puppy, Lizzie.

    Lizzie loves her kong. Her human mom, Anna, and her human sister break up the treats in various sizes before putting them into the Kong. That way some pieces come out easily while Lizzie has to work for others.

    Lizzie and Velcro could be poster children for Kongs....more info
  • review by webDogTrainer.com
    Excellent toy for dogs. It's fun to play with and chew on. You can even stuff food inside to give your dog something to do while you are away. If your dog is chewing things you don't want them to and you'd like more guidance on this or any other dog training information, check out www.webdogtrainer.com for more info! ...more info
  • Great for dogs who need jobs!
    Our border collie mix needs lots of mental stimulation, and Kong provides a great way to turn her mealtimes into games. We put her kibble ("small bites") into the Kong and seal off the end with peanut butter. She loves the challenge of getting the kibble out.

    As a bonus, it extends the time it takes her to consume a meal from five seconds to five minutes, which can only be good for her digestive system.

    Kong is also very durable. Our Maggie is a power chewer, disemboweling every toy in her path, but the Kong still looks like new.

    We have several of Kong's competitor toys as well, but none works as well as Kong. The ball-shaped feeder toys tend to roll under furniture and disappear for weeks at a time. Others dispense the food too quickly. Kong has it just right. ...more info
  • He loves it.
    He loves this toy. He prefers this one to throw and bounce around but a smaller size we have bought for our other dog for actually chewing. They are his favorites for sure, with or without treats....more info
  • THE Perfect Toy
    Dog: Boykin Spaniel (huntin breed)
    Size: 30-35 pound lap dog
    Favorite Pastimes: napping on the couch, watching Animal Planet, long walks, playing fetch with her daddy and her kong.

    This is THE perfect toy. My dog is not a chewer by any stretch of the imagination, but she is obsessed with this thing. I mean, obsessed.

    Recommendation: Get several. They bounce in a strange way, and like to get caught under the furniture. We have lost 1 of 3 so far....more info
  • Great toy
    My dogs really love this toy. It is durable, bounces well, and I like that you can stuff it with treats....more info
  • best dog toy ever
    The kong toy is the best dog toy I have ever purchased. I bought one for my golden retreiver when he was a puppy and five years later, the kong is still his favorite toy. Even better, the kong is still in great condition. There is no visible wear to the toy, even though Tucker chews and gnaws on his kong on a regular basis. ...more info
  • Great Dog Toy
    My dogs love their Kongs, especially filled with their favorite treats. Can't wait to try the Ziggies as they are supposed to fit inside the Kongs to create a wonderful "project" for times when I want to distract or amuse my Springers. I even use these in the KongTime machine. ...more info
  • Good chewing or for bouncing
    She'll sit there and chew this for hours. She really enjoys the game of chasing as it bounces random directions - usually 3 bounces off my hardwood. The 'small' is about the size of a computer mouse....more info
  • Bad choice for big dog.
    We have black kongs and love them but constantly step on them and roll our ankles. So we thought the red ones would be easier to see. We just assumed they were all indistructible. They are not. Our pit bull had chewed the red ones completely up in a matter of hours. Our bad. But we really didn't know there was a difference....more info
  • I can hardly believe it!
    I was soooo sure that my dog, a GSD/Husky mix, would love his new Kong toy like every other normal dog in the universe (or so it seems). Knowing the owner of Kong Company, I'm also mortified at my dog's reaction. However, the fact is...my dog hates the Kong toy. There, I said it. He refuses to chew on it. I've put various dog treats inside to prompt him to play with it and he still turns away. He prefers the mint-scented balls (and in respect to the Kong folks, I won't say the Company name), and Tug-a-Jug (or whatever the name is for the purple jug and rope dispensing dog treats), and just about anything and everything else on the market. I even tried squirting his Kong toy with a spray that Cesar Milan includes with his (dog) balls and that my Jake absolutely loves..still not a Kong convert. I'm dismayed and ashamed. Let's hope he takes to the Chuck-It....more info
  • He loves it but.....
    "Junior" my pit boxer mix loves this thing. But its very noisy when chewed. And when I take it away from him he jumps on me! I guess that means he really likes it.

    Good buy to keep your dog entertained but I recommend taking it away after a while and giving it back later....more info
  • Kongs Saved my LIfe!
    My dogs are home alone while I'm at work. We fill Kongs with peanut butter and/or dog treats. It gives them hours of something to do while we're away. They can be washed over and over. Great quality. We even use them at the animal shelter b/c they can be bleached....more info
  • Wow!
    My Samoyed loves this toy and so far hasn't managed to trash it. Yay! It's sturdy and VERY chewable....more info
  • Dog loved it, but not indestructable...
    Dog loved it, but not indestructible. He goes at this forlong periods of time when there's a treat in it. Would recommend for a puppy of appropriate size. We'll be moving onto the medium one soon....more info
  • A great puppy toy!
    This Kong is terrific. I put a tiny bit of peanut butter inside and my puppy is happy for a long time. He loves the way it bounces in a haphazard way and I'm hysterical watching him play with it! The Kong is worth ever penny plus it appears to be virtually indestructible. We're both happy!!!!...more info
  • Works exactly as advertised.
    I purchased this for my Jack Russel after seeing how well it held up with my friend's Pitt bull. Her Pitt bull has had her Kong for over 4 years now, and hasn't even dislodged a single PIECE off of her Kong, this thing is INDESTRUCTIBLE.

    Be sure that you purchase the right size for your particular breed. Too small and your dog may choke! Too large and it won't be very manageable by your pooch, and they'll likely lose interest.

    A must have for the dog with a penchant for chewing! (all of them)...more info
  • One of the few dog toys that's as tough as they say on the packaging
    I think my dog may be more interested in the things I stuff inside the kong, rather than the Kong itself. But she gnaws on it constantly and it has shown no wear whatsoever after several weeks. I think what's fantastic about this toy is its shape. Once she's cleaned out all the stuffing she'll start tossing it around to herself. And because of its shape it bounces everywhere, keeping her entertained for another 15 minutes or so after the food is gone. Anyway, I think Kong is one of the few dog toy companies (if not the only one) that knows how to cater toward chewers, great products!...more info
  • Built Tough!!!!!
    Kongs can take a beating. This has lasted so long with our 2 dogs. Great buy....more info
  • Legendary For A Reason
    I'm quite sure that my dog - a large Border Collie mix - loves his Kong more than he loves me. I fill it with peanut butter and let him spend a happy hour slurping it out; I stuff a large treat inside and watch him puzzle over how to free it; I simply throw and bounce it around for him to chase. It's funny looking and a little hard to clean (though it does go in the dishwasher!), but it's pure doggie joy, and at a great price. If my dog ever manages to chew this one up, he'll get another....more info
  • Keep 'em busy.
    I bought this for my dog last Christmas and she loves it. It keeps her busy for quite a long time....more info
  • My Dog LOVES this
    This is truly one of my dogs (and several other dogs I know) favorite toy. Just stuff a treat inside and it will keep them busy for hours at a time! ...more info
  • great toy
    My dogs both love these kongs and they keep them occupied. Great and long lasting!...more info
  • For those times you wish your dog would leave you alone....
    Our dog loves his Kong. Actually, that is a bit of an understatement our dog, Waddles, will grab his Kong even when it is empty and start throwing up in the air just for fun.

    What is a Kong? Is a semi-soft rubber toy that you can place a treat or two into. The dog then has to figure a way to get the treats back out of the Kong. It wouldn't be too big of a deal if the dog had thumbs... but our dog (Waddles) and most other dogs are still thumbless. This means the dog must either chew the treat out or he flip it into the air in the hopes that the treat will fall out. Our dog (waddles) tries both methods, but the great thing is that once he spies the treats in the Kong he is one focused animal! The treats must come out!

    The Kong is so well built That despite 2 months of continuous use there isn't a single tooth mark to be seen on the exterior. Once our dog (Waddles) realized that the Kong *may* contain treats it became his favorite toy.

    We love the Kong since we know that if we stick a treat in it we will have a good 30 minutes of quiet while our dog (Waddles) is focused on his treat retrieval. Now with a little help of the Kong we can watch a movie or play card in piece.

    Final tally 5 stars...more info
  • Great toy
    My boxer pup just loves his Kong. Filled with treats it keeps him busy for hours. And due to its shape, it bounces differently each time. Like all the Kongs, it's nearly indestructable. This one is sized just right for a 50 - 60 pound dog....more info
  • Our dogs recognize that Kong means Peanut Butter
    Both of our labs love their Kongs and have been unable to destroy it (Yet!). I love the many different recipies and options that Kong offers to keep your pet entertained w/ it. Great item!...more info
  • King Kong!
    My dogs LOVE their new Kongs! It's a real treat for them to get their treat-filled Kong when I let them out in the morning. I have two Labrador sized dogs and the large Kong Classic is just right for them. I stick some peanut butter in, add two of the Joint Treats, more PB, and bits of dog biscuits. I always leave a smear of PB at the edge to get them excited about it right from the start. The Kong Classic is a great reward for your dog and also THE BEST boredom buster there is....more info
  • our dog enjoys it!
    The large KONG is a good size for our 60 lb dog. I've stuffed it with treats and also use it as a fetch toy. Good times are had by all!...more info
  • Great fun for the dog that loves fetch...
    My 10 month old papillion loves the small kong I gave her. She is 11 lbs and its the perfect size for her to chase and carry around. She thinks its great even without treats. She loves the way it bounces in all directions....more info


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