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Small, Puppy Dog Toy, Designed Specifically For The Needs Of Growing Puppies, Made Of Our Exclusive Soft Teething Rubber Formula Yet Retains The Strength & Durability Of Our Original Toys.

Everybody loves puppies-until they chew up your shoes. It's not completely their fault: the little scamps are driven to ease sore gums and try out developing teeth. Made from a special rubber formulation that's more flexible than regular Kongs, these puppy toys make an excellent substitute for your favorite pair of Manolos, soothing teething pains and encouraging healthy mouth and jaw development. They also help puppies learn the appropriate way to channel chewing urges--an investment that will pay off over the entire lifetime of the dog. Just like big-dog Kongs, these beehive-shaped puppy chews have a goofy, unpredictable bounce for hours of chasing and fetching fun, and the hollow construction is ideal for stuffing with treats to keep puppies busy and happy while their owners are away. For a cool (though messy) treat to soothe painful gums, seal one end with peanut butter, fill with water or broth, and freeze.

This toy is appropriate for small breeds like Yorkies, toy poodles, and Chihuahuas. Puppy Kongs shouldn't be used until a puppy is weaned; when his adult teeth come in at around 6 to 9 months, size up to a red or black adult Kong suitable for your dog's size and chewing habits. Regularly inspect the Kong for cracks or missing chunks, and replace worn or damaged toys to avoid a choking hazard. Satisfaction is guaranteed; if either you or your dog aren't happy with your purchase, return within 30 days for a full refund. --Mary Park

  • Sturdy, durable plaything for teething puppies
  • Made in the USA from a special flexible rubber formulation
  • Intended for small breeds like Yorkies, toy poodles, and Chihuahuas
  • Eases sore gums, promotes healthy jaw development, and teaches appropriate chewing habits
  • Measures 3 inches long; satisfaction guaranteed

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect Chew Toy!
    We recently adopted 3 wonderful, adorable pups - 2 of whom are still in their "chewing stage". Based on the recommendation of friends, we decided to give the "Kong" a try - and it's awesome!

    "Kongs" are made to be extremely strong, so they don't fall apart when the little ones chew on them for hours (or even when our big guy decides to have a little chewing action on it himself). We've found that our dogs love them as is, but they REALLY get into it when we insert a treat or some of the "Kong" vitamin-enriched tasty paste into the open cavity. They'll spend lots of time and energy attempting to get the treat out (which is unlikely) &/or enjoying the "tasty paste".

    Overall, we found this to be a great toy for our "little ones" - it provides them with something that they're allowed to chew & that I as a "puppy parent" don't have to worry about falling apart due to long bouts of gnawing. Our dogs give the "Kong" a "2 paws up"!!!...more info
  • Great Longlasting Chew Toy
    We picked this up and filled it up with peanut butter and biljac liver treats. It is a great product. She chews on it a lot and really gets excited when she sees us filling it up. I was going to give it a four stars, because we put some peanut butter in it and couldn't get it clean even after the dishwasher. But while shopping at target, we found a brush specially designed to clean out kongs. It's called the bamboo kong cleaning brush. If you get a kong and intend to use it with some messy products. You should also pick up a cleaning brush....more info
  • Buy it! You won't regret it.
    My pom loves the puppy kong. I have also got the regular (red) one and they are the same, but the red one is stronger rubber. It doesn't matter as she doesn't really chew the rubber, but rather works for treats.

    She feels like a little hunter. I insert treats alone, or with peanut butter, or just her food and she goes crazy. This is a great toy to help with separation anxiety, but should also be given just for fun.

    I am so glad we got this toy, what a wonderful product. Thank you to the makers of the Kong!

    (note, I tried the toothfloss Kong as well, but not getting nearly the same response as the original.)...more info
  • Dexter LOVES it!
    My 4 month old Cockapoo LOVES his puppy kong! It is probably one of the best toys we have ever bought him. He will spend hours trying to pry out treats after he finishes licking off the peanut butter covering the hole.

    I highly recommend using this to aid in crate training, as well. Fill the kong with something your pup REALLY likes (peanut butter, good treats, etc.), put it in the crate, and shut the door with your pup outside it. I'll bet your pup will want inside! Worked like a charm for us and now Dex enjoys crate time (well...most the time).

    Also try freezing the kong with wet kibble, yogurt, peanut butter inside. It will take longer for your pup to get it out!...more info
  • Great Puppy Toy
    I have purchased this toy for two puppies in the past three years. It is excellent to use with crate training. I put the treats in only when they are to go into their crate and they are happy to be in there. It has been the favorite toy for both my Yorkie and my new puppy, a Cairn Terrier. They love time in the crate with this and will grab it out of their crate to play with it around the house....more info
  • Great chew toy!
    This chew toy is wonderful! My dog loves chomping into it and there are absolutely no signs of it breaking down ever! I can tell that this is a long-lasting toy! Too bad she's gonna grow out of it soon and I will have to get a bigger one soon! Oh well, Kong brand is wonderful and I do not regret my decision to buy one!...more info
  • Puppy Kong
    The Kong was recommended by our Westie's trainer. I bought 5 and he loves them! We fill three with his dry food and leave them for him while we're away at work. Keeps him busy! ...more info


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