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Start sifting, stop scooping! Extend the life of your litter by over 50% when you use these sifting liners. Simply put one regular liner down in the litter box (one included) and place the sifting liner on top. Fill box with your preferred brand of litter. When it's time to clean the box, simply pull-up on the sifting liner and the waste is removed, leaving clean litter behind. Works excellently with most clay litters. 36'' x 40'' liners fit most regular and hooded litter pans.

  • 28 sifting liners

Customer Reviews:

  • sifting litter liners
    I bought Fantasy Pet Products sift clean disposable litter sifting liners. I love them.I am so glad that I could find them . None of the stores around here carry them any more. I think that they make cleaning the litter so much easier, neater and far less dirty. than the old fashioned way of scooping. which to me seems so unhealthy.It is the more civilized way to clean the litter. I clean the litter every day now because I no longer dread doing it. The liners also keep the pan spotless, which means that i do not have to ever wash out the pan.what could be better than that?...more info
  • Great Idea
    Fantasy Pet Products Sift Clean Disposable Litter Sifting Liners (28 sifting liners)This is a wonderful idea... no more "scooping" cat poop. Wish it was around a long time ago....more info
  • Beware
    Once I discovered sifting liners I decided the cat could stay...kidding. HOWEVER, the brands I've used keep disappearing, so now I've ordered these. BUT, be advised, the set of 3 for $14.97 which seems like a great deal, actually comes in 2 shipments from 2 separate companies so you're charged for shipping 2 items and the grand total is over $28.00. There goes your bargain. Just order the two that come together. ...more info
  • Works as expected...
    This is a great product. I was really disappointed when our local Walmarts quit carrying a similar product. However, this one includes 28 filters compared to 10, and at a very similar price. They work just as well. They also include a couple solid sheets that you can place anywhere in the 28 filters to help facilitate with litter changes... brilliant idea. I plan to purchase this again in the near future....more info
  • Different Needs, Same Benefits
    Unlike most people who reviewed this product, I don't have chronic back pain or difficulty bending down to scoop litter. In fact, I'm in my mid-twenties and perfectly healthy. I just want to be lazy. And after coming home after a 12 hour day of driving to and from meetings across a 50 mile radius, these liners help afford me that luxury. I have two litter boxes for two cats, and now they're both clean in half the time and effort it used to take for one. The setup can be a little annoying, but the execution is swift and painless....more info
  • Easy litter box cleaning
    This is a great product, makes cleaning the litter box much easier....more info
  • Sifting litter liners
    These work great; are easy to use, and it doesn't take long to remove all the clumps and solids. We have 2 cats, and I was a little concerned that they might scratch through the liners, as they are rather thin; however, this has only happened a few times. The liners are a little snug if you have a jumbo litter pan-the type with a hood. The liners do save lots of time versus scooping, and litter can be used for almost a month. I found that using a scoopable litter with crystals stayed fresher than the regular scooping litters....more info
  • Works for me!
    2 cats:
    Being that I'm disabled w/chronic pain, I can't always scoop the cats' pan on a daily basis. And then when I do scoop, it's usually several scoops & then I'm exhausted.
    This item has helped me a great deal. I sit on a chair & grab the ends of the sheets, lift just a bit & start sifting. I find this is much easier for "me", but would recommend it to other cat owners.
    I definitely would order again when I run out!
    ...more info
  • Great product to save time and money on litter
    These litter sifting sheets are very easy to use and it's like getting a clean cat box every time you use them. I also went from scooping every day to sifting every other day so they have been a big time saver.

    A word of advice; make sure your box is fairly full of litter otherwise your cat(s) may scratch through and tear the sifting sheets.

    ...more info
  • Jan R
    I was very disappointed with this product. After not being able to locate the brand of stiffing cat pan liners that I normally use, I tried this brand. I found that my cats would tear through 4 to 5 sheets of this product between cleanings which means the whole pack would only last for 1 week. The liner sheets are too thin and messy. A pack of higher quality liners will last for at least 1 month....more info
  • Great Product
    I purchased this product to try. I was skeptical, but I thought I would give it a try. I am not able to bend down easily to scoop out my cat's litter boxes. With this product, I only have to pick up the edges of the top sheet and stand while the non-clumped litter sifts quickly through the holes. I then place the entire plastic sheet along with the solids right into a trash bag. It is fast, clean and effective....more info


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