Soleus Air CFM-25E 25-Pint Dehumidifier with Humidistat

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Product Description

Soleus Dehumidifier CFM 25 - Soleus Air Dehumidifiers

  • Has rotary compressor efficiently removes moisture from the air
  • Adjustable humidistat for setting humidity level to suit individual preferences
  • Front-removable, 6-liter water tank; full-bucket indicator; auto shut-off prevents overflow
  • Quiet mode; automatic defrost function; washable air filter; casters for portability
  • Measures 15 by 21-1/2 by 10-2/7 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • great dehumidifier!
    this one is really really quiet! I have it in the basement and I cant hear it until I am about 7 feet away from it, and its on high.. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is the bucket for the water is awkward, no easy way to dump it without making a mess, no "spout" to funnel the water out.. I didnt hook up to contstant drainage because I want to be able to move it from room to room.. but all in all, it works and its very quiet!...more info
  • Works just great so far.
    I purchased this dehumidifier about three weeks ago and it's just great. It's not loud at all. It takes so much water out of the air in my basement. It even makes the basement smell cleaner. I love the auto cut off when the water tray is full. Not heavy at all and easy to move around. So far so good. I recommend this product to anyone needing to rid their house of moisture....more info
  • Quiet, Portable, Works Well, Decent Price--PERFECT!!!
    While everyone's acceptance threshold maybe different, this product gets a top-rating at this household. We wanted a unit that:

    1. is highly portable--so that we can attack each room one at a time;
    2. is quiet--so that we can turn it on and forget about it, even overnight in our bedroom;
    3. is affordable--so that we wouldn't regret it so much if it didn't live up to our expectations;
    4. works well (of course).

    Initial impression after about two months is that this unit delivers on all four requirements, and we are very happy with this purchase. Money well spent.

    Can't comment on longevity because we have only had it for a couple of months. Will update this review after this (2008) summer. ...more info
  • Quiet, simple, effective
    Removes a satisfying volume of water with a minimum of fuss. Although mine works mostly in the basement, where it pulls out about 40 pints a day, but it is easy enough to lug to where it is needed - for example, to help some new plaster dry on a humid day - and it is presentable for work in a living space.
    Researching this purchase it was hard to find what size dehumidifier I needed - some kind webizen persuaded me that, if more was needed, two smaller units would be more flexible than one large unit anyway, and more effective in an area with poor air circulation. I'm glad i went that route....more info
  • Very easy to use, effective, and quiet
    I'm writing a review of this because I bought one of these units for a downstairs small bedroom that has a lot of humidity due to adjoining our shed. The humidifier works great and does what it's supposed to do (I monitor the humidity with a little separate device). It lowers the humidity from 75% to 65% for us, and we need to empty the tank roughly once a day.

    Three weeks ago a tornado swept through our area and lightning hit a tree outside our house. Due to a power surge or something, a lot of our equipment got ruined, including this unit. We quickly ordered another and it is working fine....more info
  • Does everything promised but DEHUMIDIFY!!
    Yes, it is nicely designed, portable, runs quietly and doesn't throw off much heat. Now if it only functioned as a dehumidifier! In a damp bedroom, reducing the relative humidity by a mere 5% is unacceptable. Perhaps this new unit isn't even working properly. Back to my loud, hot but DRY Sears unit....more info
  • Know its limitations.
    This dehumidifier might work well for some, but it is not for everyone.

    First, it is an inexpensive brand that often does not last a long time. There are a lot of reviews that state how it doesn't last long, or only lasted a year before breaking down. On the other hand, it costs considerably less than what one that is clearly superior one might cost.

    There are a lot of people who write reviews that say theirs arrived & didn't work. In some cases, I don't doubt that happened, but because of the limitations of this particular unit, maybe in some cases, it was just not meeting their needs. The unit only works down to 50% humidity. This unit may not collect any water & appear not to work, while other dehumidifiers are collecting water, because humidity is under 50%.

    Other units usually go down much lower. The lowest setting other than continuous on this model is 50%. Even when the unit is set to continuous, it draws out very little water once it gets below 50% humidity. Mold doesn't grow nearly as well at 50% as at 80%, but often even at 50% there can be some growth. If you have mold allergies, you might need a machine that at least goes down to 45%. This unit is probably not for you.

    The dehumidifier is rated at 25 pints a day when the room temperature is 86 F & humidity is 80%. As the temperature drops the unit becomes incredibly less efficient. This is common with dehumidifiers. In my basement at 65 degrees F, even when the humidity is high, it might, if I'm lucky get out 4 pints a day. As bad as this sounds, this sort of reduction in capability is common with dehumidifiers, but since this one is one of the smaller ones on the market, you are likely to really notice the reduction with one this size.

    This unit does have auto defrost. It is the reason I bought it. Well, the auto defrost & that is was on a very good sale. I have a dehumidifier 3 times more powerful that is supposedly for low temperature use, but does not have auto defrost. When it is cool, below 75 F, it doesn't freeze up, but spends almost all its time idling waiting to thaw out, since it doesn't auto defrost. This unit actually occasionally heats up the coils to defrost & then quickly goes back to dehumidifying.

    While its size can be a disadvantage, it is the quietest dehumidifier I've ever owned & is extremely easy to move. One other thing that I like is that you can put a hose on it to have it drain into a floor drain. It doesn't come with a hose or garden hose attachment. You'll probably need to make a special trip to the hardware store to get the right size hose.

    If you have a small room that will always be above 75 or 80 degrees F & you don't want to spend a lot, then this might be perfect for you, assuming you get shipped one that works. If you have a larger unit to use during the summer, but need something that can deal with lower temperatures & only a little humidity during the early Spring, this one might work, but might still be too small to do the job.

    Reading the different reviews of this product, maybe the unit I have will only last a year or so. We will see. When it dies, I'll buy something more powerful, but so far it does work as advertised, although, how quickly the effectiveness of a dehumidifier drops when used in cooler temperatures is usually lost in the fine print.
    ...more info
  • Quiet, Small, & Efficient
    Initially I was surprised at how quiet this unit reportedly is, but after having it for a few months, I can confirm that it's both quiet and efficient. It's perfect for the times when it's too humid to be comfortable, but not hot enough to have the air conditioner on. It's so quiet you'll hardly notice it....more info
  • niflty machine
    Operated without a glitch right out of the box. Nifty machine. Great sale price of $139.00. Thanks Amazon. ...more info
  • Does the job very well
    I use the dehumidifier in my (very wet) basement. It's a little small for the size of my basement, but the product works well. I have to empty it about once a day. As others have written, the bucket is difficult to carry. I solve this by keeping a larger bucket nearby and dumping the water right into that. It's easier to carry. (And I use the water for my flowerbed to help conserve!)...more info
  • Ultra quiet!!!!
    This is the quietest unit i have ever owned. Even on the high setting, this unit is quieter than the frigidaire and LG. Money well spent, especially if you need one for the bedroom where i keep mine. It worked great right out of the box. Keep in mind that this unit has a compressor. If it is shipped on its side it must be upright for 8 hours before it can be turned on to allow the refrigerant oil to setle back into the compressor....more info
  • Horrible customer service
    This product will not restart automatically upon a power outage. The serious problem is customer service. When mine failed to work properly after a little less than 1 year, it took several phone calls, and about an hour on hold to be told that my only alternative was to mail it to California at my expense for shipping both ways and I would be charged $45 per hour plus parts. The person on the phone could not even give a rough estimate of the time for repair. When I explained that I first called Soleus about the problem while the product was still under warrantee, and that I had a case number, it made no difference. I was told that I would have to pay for the repair, which I declined. Unfortunately, I will need to put this piece of junk in the trash as there does not seem to be any local repair options....more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!
    I purchased 2 units outside of amazon since it was cheaper. They did not work in a humid basement at ~65F. It is supposed to work down to about 38F. I called soleus support and they suggested keeping it on the constant/low setting for a couple of days. Did not draw a drop of water. On one unit the coils in the back were not even cold. I was able to ship them back for replacements, however one unit they just sent right back to me since I checked the serial number!!!

    Same results, no water. So I sent these back for replacements. The replacements arrived, same results, no water. So I finally got in touch with the retailer and was able to send the units back to soleus for a refund. I'm still waiting on the refund but its supposed to be approved.

    I've noticed that there are some other brands that look very similar to soleus so I think these are just a generic made-in-china dehumidifier with different branding on the outside.

    DO NOT BUY!!! ...more info
  • Big difference
    We have been using this for a little over a month now and our house has never felt better. We live in a double wide mobile the windows have not been moist at all. Mainly it is run in the living room but once a week we put it in a different room. Fairly quiet, low power consumption. Space heaters blow our breaker but this thing doesn't at all.

    We love it.
    ...more info
  • Work fine!
    El producto es muy bueno y extrae toda el agua del ambiente. Es increible la cantidad de agua que saca en un dia. Solo es un poco pesado y mas grande de lo que aparenta ser en la foto....more info
  • Soleus CFM-25E is quiet, convenient and easy on the eyes
    After using 2 dehumidifiers (from another maker) each that died within 1 year of operation, this model by Soleus was a welcome change. It is simple to operate and its Quiet power level mode allows it to be placed within a busy room without intruding on the ambient noise level. Unlike many other dehumidifiers, its slim yet rounded shape allows it to blend in with a room's decor without announcing its intended purpose. The built-in folding carry handle allows the CFM-25E to live up to its name as a "portable" - a factor also missing from its competitors....more info
  • The very best dehumidifier
    Have endured several other brands that all seemed to either fail after the warranty expired or were loud enough to mimic a super sonic jet taking off.

    I purchased this Soleus dehumidifier two years ago and it has performed flawlessly. I was concerned about the constantly running fan at first but this is not noticeable on my power bill. I am so impressed I purchased a second unit when on sale recently on Amazon.

    Thank you Soleus....more info
  • doesnot last long
    Soleus Air CFM-25E 25-Pint Dehumidifier with Humidistat
    I purchased this item August 10 2007 from you and it lasted less then 13 months. I do not reccommend that you buy it....more info
  • Broken after two summers
    Product worked well but does not last. I only used it for about four months in the summer. This is my third summer and it quit working....more info
  • humidifier
    Low and High settings do an excellenct job dehumidifing my 1 bedroom apartment. I live in a humid/swampy area and this was wonderful for my sinuses....more info
  • Very good
    This thing really is quiet. I've found that when our power goes out, I need to unplug this for about 10 seconds before restarting it; after that, everything works great. My only con is that the fan runs continuously. Eventhough it's pretty quiet, I would prefer the fan not run when not dehumidifying. However, that aside I'm pretty darn happy!...more info
  • Great Help
    Love this dehumidifier. quiet, efficient, great in keeping my study in the basement a enjoyable space to hang out for as long as I like. The product was delivered in three days time. It was well packaged. Although the exterior of the original packing of the product was dirty and dusty. But I am glad the dirty cover does not affect the performance of the dehumidifier....more info
  • No more humid, musty order
    I read the pro and con reviews and decided to buy the item. Glad I did.

    Why? Immediate fast free delivery - worked first time out of the box. Basement orde4r gone within five hours. Have not turned it off since delivery and pulls water out of the air like we cannot believe. Removing the water container and emptying it is no problem. ...more info
  • Love it, Very Quiet
    I really like it. at first it wasn't collecting any water and I called the company. They told me to put in on the lowest setting - quiet and continuous. I tried it and it works. I put it on too high of a setting before. I haven't tried the other settings because this one seems to work great....more info
  • Broken when received. Customer service the worst.
    Product would not start. Discovered guard piece missing and tank broken. Customer service reps are terrible and they did not care. Spent weeks attempting to resolve. Gave up and sent back. ...more info
  • 4 years and still running fine
    I'm sorry for the people who've had bad luck with theirs, but my experience couldn't be more different. I bought mine in March 2005 here on Amazon, and it's still running like a champ. Just pop out the plastic filter on the back and rinse it out (occasionally give it a good vacuuming with a wand hose too) and it's happy to go again.

    And it's quiet, quiet, QUIET. I can sleep with this in my bedroom on the soggy spring days it's too humid to breathe easily but still too cold for the air conditioner. Its regular home is in the basement TV room, where it's quiet enough to leave running even when watching things.

    The one thing that caught me off guard was that power blips will turn it "off" -- if you have a power outage and then the power comes back on, you'll find its little green light is on but it's not dehumidifying water until you press the Power button again.

    My parents liked mine so much they had me order two of the 40 pint CFM units (the big brother of this one) for them. This spring I ordered a 40 pint Energy Star unit for myself -- that one is definitely noisier, but has a digital humidistat. And according to a CFM-line reviewer, this line isn't too far off Energy Star certification itself; the non-Energy Star part of this one is that it doesn't shut off, it keeps its fan running even when not in dehumidifying mode. But its fan is much MUCH quieter than the Energy Star model. There's no way I could sleep with the Energy Star model.

    If you're wondering whether to get the 25 pint or the 40 pint, though, I'd recommend the 40 pint simply because of a misunderstanding I had. An online calculator told me I'd need 25 to 40 pints of dehumidification in an 800 s.f. space. That wasn't nearly enough dehumidification for an 800 s.f. basement space built on former swamp land in the middle of what used to be a creek bed. And the 40 pint model is very close in size to the 25 pint model -- the pint rating isn't based on the bucket size, but on how much it handles in a given amount of time.

    So the 40 pint models will dehumidify almost twice as fast as the 25 pint models, without costing almost twice as much or taking up almost twice as much space. I wish I'd known that when I was originally picking mine out.

    Still, I've been very happy with this one for 4+ years now, and if I ever retire it from the basement I'll replace it with another Soleus model. (I'll replace it with a Soleus CFM 40 pint, to be specific, because I do want something quiet in the basement TV room, and that would let me keep this nice quiet one upstairs in my bedroom for lowering humidity without having to air condition the whole house.)...more info
  • Efficient and Quiet
    This dehumidifier works great. It is very quiet, sounds like a typical oscillating 13inch fan. I was very surprised on how little noise it makes. It is also pulls quite a lot of moisture from the air. I have a moist basement and I empty the storage tank once a day. I run the machine literally 24 hours a day and have had no problems at all. I cannot think of anything that would make this product better!...more info
  • Started out nicely
    It worked ok for the first year. Like others have said its quiet and the bucket is a bit kludgy to remove. We only use it in the spring/summer in a 600sf basement. Worked ok and even got through to customer service when we have a question one time.
    but... This year it does not work. Have tried to contact customer service and it appears they don't answer any more. We have cleaned (wasn't dirty) reset and primed the unit but no water is collected.
    Not a good investment. Time to look for another brand type. Being that it was only used about 12 months total = FAIL....more info
  • Works great
    Never owned a dehumidifier before and ended up choosing Soleus Air based on a number of positive Amazon reviews vs competing brands. I have been using the Soleus Air CFM-25E for over a month now and must agree with all the good reviews. Runs quiet, easy to use, easy to empty...all around good job w/ no issues so far. FYI, the 25-pint is a good fit for my room which is about 20x20. ...more info
  • quiet
    Fabulous unit - works well and so quiet I've used it in the bedroom while sleeping - and I'm a light sleeper.
    Does a great job too.
    Anyone who's had to use a dehum. knows if it's running you can hear it nearly anywhere in the house, but not this one.
    Only drawback is that it doesn't hold as much water as conventional dehumidifiers and the bucket is hard to pull out without spilling.
    ...more info
  • soleus cfm 25e
    only had it for a couple of weeks, so issue of will it last a long time
    is too soon to say. Pluses... very quiet, air comes out cool.
    Negatives... Tricky to remove collected water without spilling a bit.
    The receptacle that the water goes into is shaped like a "u" and when full
    there is very little room for error when carrying it to wherever you empty it....more info
  • About a month and works great...
    Bought the Soleus a month ago and my basement is dry. Went with the smaller one and it works great. It is quiet to me, but I can't hear much in the basement anyway. My wife can't hear it and she has the hearing of a cat.

    Extremely happy so far. I did hook up the constant drain, it was too much work emptying the bucket and a little messy. Drain is easy to hook up....more info
  • owned 1 week
    I bought this product after finding my brand new thermopaned windows sweating so bad they had ice build up on the inside. We had the maker of the windows come out and he told us that it was humidity in the house. Not buying that, I purchased this item and man what a difference! Within 2 days I had to empty it. We now find ourselves having to empty every 2 days. It definitly does what it is supposed to do and is very quiet. I am a light sleeper and it doesnt bother me at all. I am purchasing another one to put at the other end of my house....more info
  • Quiet is the key feature.
    I bought this because the reviews all said how quiet it was and it's true. I can use it in my bedroom at night and all I can really hear is the soft sound of the fan. I've used it almost everyday for about two years with no problems yet. The only cons about it is I wish it had a digital setting so I could keep it on longer. The lowest humidity setting I can get out it on "Dry" is about 60%, but it does have an always on button so if I leave the compressor on all the time it keeps my room at a nice 45% humidity. I turn it off if it gets below that. I highly recommend buying a digital humidity gage to know what the humidity is in your room if you buy this product. It would also be nice if it had an automatic restart if the power goes out. But overall I'm happy with this product. ...more info
  • Soleus Air CFM-25E
    I bought this dehumidifier based on customer reviews at Amazon and elsewhere. It's quiet and simple and I'm very happy with it. I only wish the capacity was higher (in the summer in DC it has to be emptied every couple of days)....more info
  • POS
  • Short life
    This dehumidifier is the best as far as light weight, low temp operation, and quiet mode, but runs far short in the reliability department. It quit after a 2 1/2 years of operation which is way too short of a lifespan for any appliance.
    The compression still comes on but doesn't cool the coils. That indicates a faulty compressor or the refrigerant leaked out. It would cost more to get the unit repaired that to replace with a different dehumidifier.
    After reading all the horrible reviews on customer service I felt that it would be a waste of time to call them....more info
  • Zero pints per 24 hours!
    I ordered two of these units in order to have more flexibility, and also on the off chance that one of them might be defective. Unfortunately, neither of them worked properly. I read and followed all the instructions, and set them to run continuously on high so I could check out how much water they would collect in 24 hours, to test them. Neither one collected even a drop of water! I "rebooted" them by turning them off and unplugging and plugging them back in and turning them back on. I will say the fans worked fine; too bad the compressors didn't.

    As for documentation and customer service: When I first received them and read the instruction booklet, in the safety warning area (pg 5?) the text warned not to use the unit near fine art or edible items. Huh? I thought that seemed strange, so I called customer service to find out why. I did get through on the first try, but the young man who answered wasn't familiar with the instructions and warnings and had no idea why, so he put me on hold while he consulted with his supervisor. He then told me the reason I shouldn't use the unit near edible items is because it would remove the moisture from the food which would make it go bad, and they don't want anyone to get sick. WTF?

    They did remove moisture from me (in the form of perspiration) while I struggled to get them back in their boxes and ready for UPS to pick up, as I had requested a refund from Although they were on the same order they arrived in their original separate boxes, however Amazon issued only one UPS call tag, and the driver could only pick up one of the boxes. So one of them did remove additional moisture from me (and my gas tank) when I drove it to a UPS pick up location in a nearby town and struggled to get the box out of my car and into the store. I am soooo glad there wasn't a turnstyle to go through! I'd probably still be stuck there, laughing like a loon.

    So, I think these are for people with a dry sense of humor. Back in the day, if Lucille Ball needed a dehumidifier, I bet she would have chosen one of these if they were available.

    Actually, I've had a good laugh because of the irony of the situation, and I am very grateful I was able to return both to After reading what some reviewers went through with Soleus customer service I didn't bother contacting them for a return or replacement. They would have expected me to return it at my expense, from what I understand. From what I read by other reviewers, they work great if you happen to receive one that isn't defective. Based on that, I thought I would give the item a shot, but I made a poor choice. Based on the time and effort I wasted by ordering this item, I can only warn other would-be buyers to avoid this product.

    ...more info
  • Soleus Air CFM-25E 25Pint Dehumidifier
    Initially happy with the performance of the product. Plenty of optional settings. Very quiet compared to my 20 plus year old Kenmore model. I have decided to operate it in a lower level room that does not have access to a continuous drain. Removing the tank is cumbersome and its awkward shape makes it difficult to hold and empty without spilling. Operating on med to high, I need to dump ever day. Rethink this model if you have no access to continuous drain....more info
  • Started well ... 1.5 yrs later stopped working
    Bought this unit and it worked great for the first 1.5 yrs then ice started forming on the back of the unit, and thawing simultaneously leaving a pool of water on the floor behind the unit. I contacted customer service and they suggested cleaning the filter, which I did, and then allowing the unit to thaw. I did this but ice continued to re-form. I contacted customer service again and they were extremely unhelpful suggesting that there's nothing they can do since it was beyond the one-year warranty period and that I should seek repair from somewhere. I asked if they could recommend a repair specialist and they gave me a simple one word answer, "No". No other help was given despite repeated attempts. As result, I shall NEVER purchase another product from this company again....more info
  • Most quiet dehumidifier!
    My Soleus does a great job taking moisture out of my basement air. It is the most quiet dehumidifier I've ever owned, especially in "quiet mode". The manual is very user friendly and I like the controls on the unit. I recommend this product....more info
  • broken after a year
    it broke after a year of use, no single drop of water is collected anymore. And I cannot find a local dealer to repair it. My other humidifier, although much louder, works perfectly after 5 years in my basement. ...more info


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