The Golden Girls - The Complete First Season

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Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 08/03/2007 Run time: 620 minutes

Launched during the neon-lit 1980s, The Golden Girls shed light on a side of Miami ignored by Miami Vice. In other words, no drugs, no murder--just four women of "a certain age," spending their golden years in the sun. Like the theme, "Thank You for Being a Friend," the long-running sitcom was about friendship (not crime). As for the "girls," they were tart-tongued Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur), former farm girl Rose (Betty White), Southern belle Blanche (Rue McClanahan), and Dorothy's salty Sicilian mother Sophia (Estelle Getty). All were widows, with the exception of the divorced Dorothy. Created by Emmy-winning producer Susan Harris (Soap), The Golden Girls re-ignited the careers of 1970s TV veterans Arthur (All in the Family, Maude) and White (The Mary Tyler Moore Show). At the same time, it made stars of McClanahan (who co-starred on Maude), by playing a comic version of A Streetcar Named Desire's Blanche Dubois, and the scene-stealing Getty, made to look older than her actual age (she and Arthur were born the same year).

Notable guests to lend their talents to the first season include Star Trek: Voyager's Robert Picardo ("The Operation"), Alice's Polly Holliday ("Blind Ambitions"), and WKRP in Cincinnati's Gordon Jump ("Big Daddy"). In addition, Harold Gould (Rhoda), who appears in "Rose the Prude," would return as a (different) recurring character five years later.

The Golden Girls ran for seven seasons and spawned spin-off The Golden Palace (without Arthur) and a British version called The Brighton Belles. By the end of its run in 1992, it had garnered numerous awards, including two Emmys for best comedy series. In addition, each of the four actresses received a well-deserved Emmy for her efforts. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • Thank you for being a friend .....
    When this show aired in the late 1980s it was on Friday night at 11p.m. over here in Germany. My mother used to watch it ( and she is very picky )and she would always tell me to sit-along but it took me awhile to follow her advice. I remember catching an odd episode here and there and I really appreciated it. But it took me to the reruns of the later years to "really" watch it. It is been on ever since but lately I can only watch in 1 am when I am on nightshift. So I decided to get me these DVDs after all and I do not regret it. I enjoy razor-sharpe Dorothy, vixen Blanche, dumbie Rose and, of course "Imagine, Sicily 1920..." Sophia. These are classics and TV would be a much sadder place without them. I am just out of my 20s and I LOVE them. Being older now then when I first watched it, I can appreciate the themes much better than as a teen.
    It is a special treat for me to listen to their original voices, although the German-dubbed version was alright, a lot of its bite was lost during translation, because you simply cannot translate American style jokes. Hilarious!!!!
    If you like sitcoms like "The Nanny", "Who's the Boss" or "The Cosby Show" you will love "GOLDEN GIRLS"

    5 stars for the show,
    4 stars because there are no extras worth mentioning...more info
  • Love the GG
    This is the only show I watch on Lifetime and one of the few show I watch @syndication. The humor the laughs and the great acting. I only wish the bonus section had some bloopers instead of the two yantes (The Rivers)...more info
  • You won't be disappointed!
    Fantastic! I haven't been disappointed by any Golden Girls DVD's I have ordered from I own every season and watch them all the time! Great when you need a laugh.
    The quality of the DVD's is excellent and the delivery was speedy and efficient. Which I have become accustom to when ordering from

    ...more info
  • The Beginning of An Amazing Show
    The first season of The Golden Girls is by far, the best of all the seasons. Lots of laughs and memories will be delivered to the long-time GG fans who have waited for this special DVD release. For the new fans, this is a wonderful place to start!
    Not only is this halarious and heartwarming, The Golden Girls has one of the best TV pilots that I have ever seen! The beginning wisecracks from Dorothy (Bea Arthur) and the great comebacks from mother Sophia (Estelle Getty) are as fresh as ever. We even get to see the character that never had a chance, the housekeeper known as Coco.
    The 4 stars, Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, and Betty White are amazing as the 4 roommates from Miami. This is a fantastic show.
    ***With this incredible first season, there is just 1 flaw- the special feature showcasing Joan and Melissa Rivers practically bashing the Golden Girls' costumes. It's as if they have never lived in the 80's before. Get with the program, ladies!!!...more info
  • "The Girls" Are HILARIOUS As Usual!
    Two thumbs way up!! I LOVE this DVD (well actually, I love ALL the DVD seasons!) It is a classic show that can't be missed! I highly recommend it to ANYONE who is a GG's fan!! :)...more info
  • Golden Girls The First Season
    As allways you never get tired of watching these shows they are priceless....more info
  • Item never arrived
    How am I supposed to review it when it never showed up? The seller was horrible. He never mailed the item. I am waiting for an A to Z Claim to be approved. The seller has a 100% negative rating. He was a new seller with no feedback at the time of purchase. I will never buy anything from him ever again....more info
  • just enjoyable
    some of these are weaker than other but... all considered this is a good dry humour in most of it. the 4 comedians are just terrific in their own styles...more info
  • oh, how I adore this show!
    I used to watch the Golden Girls when it first came on NBC, but I was very young. Then about 4 or 5 years ago I started watching the show on Lifetime, and I fell in love with the show.

    The first day the DVD came out, I bought it at the place I work. The DVD is a million times better than watching the episodes on Lifetime. There are many different reasons why I don't like the station:
    1. Their schedules are messed up. They'll often show movies and other TV shows instead of the Golden Girls when the show's supposed to be on.
    2. They put in too many commercials during the episodes, and the commercials are extremely long.
    3. As a consequence of #2, they deleted scenes from each episode.

    While I'll continue watching the episodes on Lifetime (until all 7 seasons come out on DVD), the DVD is so much better!

    All the episodes on this DVD are good, but my personal favorites are:
    "Break-In", "A Little Romance", and "In a Bed of Rose's"....more info
    The recent deaths of Estelle Getty and Beatrice Arthur makes watching "The Golden Girls" a more poignant, but certainly not a less funny, experience. The series began in 1985 and immediately defined the phrase "Must See TV." With my college friends and I, it was always, "What did you do on Saturday night?" The answer always was, "I stayed home and watched "The Golden Girls", of course."
    The basic series premise is familiar to all fans by now. Three women over the age of 50 (although Blanche would never admit to it) are all room-mates in Blanche's Florida house. Blanche (Rue McClanahan) is man-crazy and seemingly over-sexed, Rose (Betty White) is sweetly naive about life. Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur) is the sensible one. Arthur's perfect comic timing and dead-pan delivery ground the series in reality. The trio is soon joined by Dorothy's wise-cracking mother Sophia (Estelle Getty), who moves in after her retirement home burns down. The foursome remain best friends through thick and thin, despite many comic misadventures:
    1. The Engagement (Pilot): Blanche plans to marry boyfriend Harry, who is not what he seems to be. Note, in this episode, the Girls have a gay cook named Coco, who was immediately written out when it was decided Sophia would be the one to give uncensored remarks.
    2. Guess Who's Coming To The Wedding: Dorothy is delighted her daughter is getting married, until she learns her ex-husband Stan (Herbert Edelman) will also be at the wedding.
    3. Rose, The Prude: Rose ponders being intimate with a man for the first time since her beloved husband Charlie died. Guest star Harold Gould would portray Rose's boyfriend Miles Webber later in the series.
    4. Transplant: Blanche's sister Virginia (Sheri North) arrives in need of a kidney transplant.
    5. The Triangle: A man causes a misunderstanding between Dorothy and Blanche.
    6. On Golden Girls:
    Blanche's undisciplined grandson (Billy Jacoby) visits and gets a lesson in manners from the Girls. Billy Jacoby's brother, Scott Jacoby, would portray Dorothy's son Michael later in the series.
    7. The Competition: A bowling tournament brings out the worst in the Girls.
    8. The Break-In: After the Girls are robbed, a terrified Rose buys a gun. Sophia remarks, "one night I'll belch and stable Mable here will blow my head off."
    9. Blanche & The Younger Man: Blanche dates a much younger fitness instructor. Rose's mother visits, and soon resents Rose being so over-protective and "mothering" her.
    10. The Heart Attack: Sophia suffers a heart attack during a storm.
    11. Stan's Return: Stan returns again, much to the annoyance of Dorothy and Sophia.
    12. The Custody Battle: Dorothy's sister Gloria wants Sophia to live with her.
    13. A Little Romance: In this hilarious episode, Rose dates Dr. Jonathon Newman, a very short man, and has a wacky dream.
    14. That Was No Lady: Dorothy dates a married man and feels guilty.
    15. In A Bed Of Rose's: Rose is shocked when her date dies in her bed.
    16. The Truth Will Out: Rose is nervous about a visit from her daughter and grand-daughter.
    17. Nice And Easy: Blanche's niece is a bit too much like her.
    18. The Operation: Dorothy is scared to have an operation on her foot.
    19. Second Motherhood: Blanche dates a wealthy businessman.
    20. Adult Education: Blanche is propositioned by her nightschool teacher.
    21. Flu Attack: Just before the Friends Of Good Health Awards Banquet, the Girls, except Sophia, are struck by
    the flu.
    22. Job Hunting: When the Grief Center closes, Rose has trouble finding another job.
    23. Blind Ambition: Polly Holliday guest stars as Rose's sister Lily, who recently became blind. The Girls attempt to have a yard sale, but can not bear to part with any of their belongings.
    24. Big Daddy: Blanche's father, Big Daddy (Murray Hamilton) wants to become a country-western singer.
    25. The Way We Met: The Girls recall how they became room-mates.
    The series was an instant success. Frequent reruns on numerous stations, such as Lifetime, WE, and The Hallmark Channel, have only increased the series' appeal. The Golden Girls are as enduring as they are humorously endearing. Needless to say, "The Golden Girls" on DVD is highly recommended....more info
  • Wonderful Series, DVDs really bad quality
    I love the Golden Girls, and the first season is laugh-'til-you-cry funny. However, the quality of the DVDs themselves is very poor. The image is terrible. It was so fuzzy on my LCD screen that it hurt my eyes. And when the characters moved rapidly, there was a bunch of horizontal lines, and sometimes columns and things that should be vertical, looked curved in the middle. While the source material is not done on the best quality tape, there is still no reason the images on this DVD should be so bad that vertical images are deformed. I know this has nothing to do with my player, as other things look just fine. Gettting on video (if it exists might be a better option) or waiting until they come out with a better edition....more info
  • Excellent!
    This was just what I was looking for. My favorite series, great price and quality, quick delivery on excellent condition. ...more info
  • Classic Golden Girls
    I bought this to take on a long cruise. I enjoyed watching the first season. It's wonderful to see all the scenes that the cable stations edit out....more info
  • Has there ever been a funnier show?
    I have loved the Golden Girls since they were originally aired many years ago and I have to doesn't matter how many times you see these episodes, they are funny EVERY TIME! I enjoy watching them so much I have purchased every season available thus far. I am waiting on the next season with baited breath. If you like to laugh and enjoy good, wholesome television...Golden Girls are it. Not only are they hilarious, but they have dealt with EVERY scenerio possible..interacial marriage, homosexuality, artificial insemination, age name it, they've done it! If you have never watched an episode, you don't know what you've been missing. Rent one TODAY!!! I would recommend any DVD in this series!...more info
  • Fun with Golden Girls
    This is another wonderful creation of comic genius Susan Harris, who also created sitcoms such as Soap, Benson, and Empty Nest. Golden Girls is a sitcom about four senior ladies living under one roof in Miami, Florida, and all the zany and fun things that goes in their lives. The show revolves around sex hungry Blanche (Rue McLanahan) with her southern charm, and Sophia (Estelle Getty) as a sharp talking Sicilian with wit, and her daughter Dorothy (Bea Arthur) as a wise member of the house hold, and then the sweet and innocent Rose (Betty White) make a wonderful team and an excellent recipe for a great comedy. There are 25 episodes (season 1) on this DVD; in the episode Transplant, we see how a delicate and serious issue such as a request for an organ donation from a family member is dealt with when Blanche's sister Virginia asks for her kidney which would save Virginia's life. In Bed of Rose's episode a date of Rose passes away in his sleep; this shows the problems of old people dating, and how the girls deal with the situation. Big Daddy, The Way we met, Adult Education are few very funny episodes that many viewers enjoyed. Golden girls not only offer entertainment to old but also young people. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes 1980s sitcoms....more info
  • Awesome
    My favorite golden girls season, but I love them all!!The girls make me laugh so much. I am so glad they put all of the seasons on discs. I will watch them until they break, then I will buy them again!!...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I love these ladies! They are hilarious! That she's awesome! All of them! The whole show is worth buying and watching! ...more info
  • Good Condition,
    Awesome conditon, box was a tad warn, but who cares!
    These Season DVD sets are awesome, you won't be able to stop laughing!...more info
  • Golden girls season one
    I dont know why the price of this is so high on because i bought seasons 1-4 at walmart and they sell them for 29.99 for each of the seasons 1-4...more info
  • Four friends, and lots of laughs
    Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Betty White and Rue McClanaghan star as four older women, sharing a house -- and all sorts of adventures -- in 1980's Miami.

    Naive Rose (White) and sarcastic Dorothy (Arthur) first came together with Blanche (McClanaghan) upon answering her ad for roommates. Soon after, tiny octogenarian Sophia (Getty) -- Dorothy's mother -- joins them after a fire breaks out at her nursing home.

    Together, the quartet deal with trouble from visiting relatives -- most notably, Blanche's promiscuous niece Lucy and Rose's daughter Kiersten -- more men than they know how to handle, and any number of domestic mishaps.

    Amidst the ever-present laughs, there are also a few poignant moments, such as the aftermath of a break-in at the girls' house; medical crises for Dorothy and Sophia respectively; and Dorothy's heartache over the sudden return of the ex-husband who abandoned her after 38 years of marriage.

    If you haven't ever watched this show, give it a try -- it's guaranteed to become a favorite!...more info
  • Golden Girls Junkie Gets Her Fix
    Admittedly, I jones for the girls. I watch it every chance I get, and I use much of its wisdom for life. Thank goodness it was released on DVD, though I will still catch it on Lifetime whenever it's on.

    Those of you out there 30 and under may just remember the show as appealing to your senses as a youngster and can't possibly understand the draw as someone older. Well, take my word for it: it works on many levels and will be a completely different experience as an adult (but still just as enjoyable). Many kids missed the sexual innuendos the first time around, but most people I force to watch it now are pleasantly surprised that it is thoroughly entertaining. The first episode definitely sets the stage for the major themes of the show, but if you are new to the girls you may want to start with season three or four, where the characters have been fleshed out. These first episodes are a delight for any fan, though the outfits may leave something to be desired. Also, the extras of Joan and Melissa commentating is a bit banal and can be skipped. Still, if you watch the show as much as I do, you will notice the three or four lines an episode that were cut from each Lifetime episode (I assume for time's sake). I told you I had a sickness.......more info
  • The Golden Girls - The Complete First Season
    Received in good condition and good time...more info
  • I love the Golden Girls! But DVD lacks...
    I absolutely LOVE the golden girls, especially the first season, which is one of my favorites. Receiving this DVD package as a birthday gift was one of the best gifts I have ever gotten (not to mention it was released on my birthday!). The quality of the DVD is great (visuals/sound). All sorts of uncut scenes, which I didn't know existed, are back! The packaging is kind of cute, although I think they could have poured a little bit more money into it, but if it keeps the DVDs intact, who cares? Also, the really old Golden Girls opening is on the first episode!

    The ONLY disappointment was the LACK of quality and quantity in the "extra" parts. Joan and Melissa Rivers? WHAT?! All they talked about was the fashion of the Golden Girls, and half the time they just made punch lines about the styles of the 80's. Moreover, those two don't even bother trying to talk to the audience, they're just babbling on. I was hoping for bloopers or cast outtakes or maybe even producer/writer interviews. I can't BELIEVE the studio couldn't put together something better.

    Of course I don't watch the DVD to watch the "extras" but I was so stunned at what the studio chose for its bonus materials. I love that I can finally watch these lovely ladies whenever I want, and without annoying commercials or a million VHS tapes.

    All in All, I love the DVD; it is one of my treasures. And if you're a GG fan, it will be one of your treasures too. ...more info

  • R.I.P. Ms. Estelle Getty
    "The Golden Girls" was one of the funniest television sitcoms of all-time. Who knew four middle-aged grandmothers were so funny, witty, and thought provoking? Sure this sitcom had great writing and production, but the majority of its success is owed to the talented, legendary actresses who portrayed these iconic characters. Beatrice Arthur took being sarcastic to another level with her portrayal of divorced school teacher Dorothy Z'Bornak. Betty White was brilliant in her portrayal of naive farm girl Rose Nylund. Rue McClanahan was hilarious in her portrayal of man-hungry Southern Belle Blanche Devereaux. But Estelle Getty, whom at the beginning of the series was a relative unknown in show business, stole the show as the outspoken Sicilian immigrant grandmother Sophia Spirelli-Potrillo. Getty was just genius in her role. She said and did things as Sophia that was just outrageous and brilliant. I was saddened to hear about her passing today at age 84 from natural causes and complications from Lewy's Body Dementia, which she suffered from for years. I was watching Rue, Betty, and Bea on the Red Carpet of this year's TV Land Awards where they spoke about their "Golden" friend. They said it was difficult to watch their friend suffer through her disease, but spoke nothing but beautiful things about her. Estelle's Emmy-winning role is now an iconic television treasure. Future generations will now laugh with the short old lady who told it like it was because all 7 seasons are avaliable on DVD. If you've never had the pleasure of watching "The Golden Girls," please do. It's comedy television at it's finest. I wanna thank Ms. Getty for always bringing her finest each Saturday night as Sophia. Now she can finally rest and enjoy the show!...more info
  • Finally
    Finally they here, in MY home, just love to watch those funny Granny`s!

    They make me laugh, even when I watch that episode for the 20th time!

    Love you Girls, just go on...more info
  • Picture it, Maimi 1985...
    The Golden Girls is a timeless treasure, every line these gals say is funny. Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, Rue McChanlan, and Betty White are the best cast ever esembled in t.v. history. I would recommend buying every season that is out so far. If you want good, solid writing, great chemistry between actors, and funny storylines, then The Golden Girls are waiting for you. Thank you for "being a friend."...more info
  • Only The Beginning...
    The Complete First Season of The Golden Girls is where it all began...the first of seven years of comedic bliss. The only drawback on this 3 disc-set is the incredibly unnecessary Joan & Melissa Rivers "fashion commentary"...thank God you can skip it (and, by all means, please do). I'm giving the season itself 5 stars...absolute hilarity...the episodes are clearly out of production order, but, as I understand, are in their original "airdate" order, which is how I remember them (the kitchen wallpaper-change is a dead giveaway, but, I'm not that persnickety)...Point: This Season set is worth every penny!
    PS: If you are from another planet and have never seen GG, pick up this set and start with "Break-In", "In A Bed Of Rose's" & "Transplant".
    ...more info
  • golden girls TV show - first season
    The discs were all in good shape. The show was as expected....more info
  • This shows is are so funny!!!
    I love golden girls. I watch it many many times. Iam so glad the 1st seasons is here. there is only 25 episode? I though it gonna be more then 25. Well I'll pick it up some day. This seasons is gonna be great now. I wounder what kind episode is. ...more info
  • The Golden Girls, First Season
    We need laughter in our lives these days and this video will give you plenty of laughs. This was an excellent TV program that we don't get much of these days. Total entertainment....more info
  • A favorite!
    Just what I needed! I'm a "Golden Girl" too! this arrived just before I had planned surgery so the timeing was perfect to lift my spirits during recovery. Laughter is the best medicine & this was better than anything the doctor ordered. (Although it did keep me in stitches. lol)

    These shows are timeless. As good today as when they aired. I know they are on cable, but I like to watch something funny before bed each night - & if I'm in the mood or can't sleep, I can watch as many as I please. The quality is great, & no commercials.

    Can't wait to get all the other seasons. I think I will put these in my Wish List -- Christmas is coming up!...more info
  • Golden
    The Golden Girls, an 80's sitcom about four middle-aged/elderly women, broke the stereotype about how old people should be perceived. Spunky octogenarian Sofia (Estelle Getty), never said anything without a witty insult attached. Her daughter Dorothy (Bea Arthur) was equally witty, but more cynical and world weary, and no less funny. Southern hellcat in heat, Blanche (Rue McClanahan) can't live without men and simpleminded Rose (Betty White) would never pass up a stroll down St. Olaf lane, her stories always foray into the absurd and bizarrely hysterical. The Golden Girls always had a bit of a social/political slant but never at the cost of laughs. This show was scathingly funny and ribald first with a message second.

    The first season is here in all its glory, unedited and beautifully transferred. There could have been a few additional extras besides a gratuitous voiceover of Melissa and Joan Rivers' commentary on the 80's fashions. But all in all, for the Golden Girl purist, this only makes us salivate for the forthcoming seasons to become available on DVD....more info
  • Love the Golden Girls
    I love the Golden Girls. Even though I watch it all the time on Lifetime, when I found out it was coming out on DVD, I had to get it. Those women were so funny. I love watching Bea Arthur's facial expression whenever Betty White says something stupid. It's the funniest. My niece used to think I was crazy for watching the show all the time, and now she takes my DVD and watches the episodes. She can't get enough. Please, if you ever want to see classic TV at it's best you must get the Golden Girls first season....more info
  • The Golden Girls is a masterpiece!
    I LOVE The Golden Girls it is a wonderful television show I like to write reviews on the show because it is my all-time favorite. The episode I liked best on season 1 was "Break-In" that has always been the one I liked. It sort of reminds me of the burglary at my Grandma's house in 1998. So please Buena Vista release the Golden Girls soon so hopefully I can add them to my collection!...more info
  • one of the best shows ever
    i love golden girls - it reminds me of watching it with my grandma back in the late 80s and early 90s. in fact, i just finished watching the first season again today. i think this show did a lot to break down the stereotypes about middle age and elderly people. i know i always wanted to grow up and be like the golden girls - live with my best girlfriends and stay up all night eating cheesecake whilst reminiscing.

    the only complaint about the first season DVD set i have is that there's only one special feature and its melissa and joan rivers. i would have loved to have more behind the scenes stuff or even a gag reel, if they kept that kind of stuff back then....more info
  • First Season is Golden!
    The Golden Girls was very funny in this season, and this is what made them stay on for seven years! Each one is very funny and the show itself makes you want to watch it again and again!...more info
  • The Golden Girls - The Complete First Season
    I have always enjoyed the Golden Girls since they were first televised and happy to know I can continue to enjoy them....more info
  • Fun to watch!
    The comedy of the Golden Girls is always a classic. Always fun to watch. And it proves that the older ladies are classy gals....more info
  • Golden Girls Season 1
    Who doesn't love the Golden Girls? I have loved this show from the first time my Mom and I watched it together. This show is definitely a classic. I have purchased all seven seasons plus the Lifetime Intimate Portrait on all four ladies, and I just can't pick a favorite. From the first episode to the last, I lived, loved, and laughed with these Golden ladies. ...more info
  • Golden Girls Season One - The Best One.
    Well if you're a GG Fan, you love all of the seasons and all of the shows.
    But I particularly enjoyed the Season One DVD. The Bonus Feature is a little silly, but the content of the shows is the value of the DVD.
    The other seasons look boring compared to this one, I mean there are so many different topics that were coverd this season.
    Some of my favorite shows on this DVD were:
    1. The Flu - Rose gets the girls sick and they are stuck at home in misery. One of my favorites for sure.
    2. Big Daddy - Big Daddy's first appearance. Of the 2 Big Daddy's I think he was the more beilevable one.
    3. The Pilot Show - what a treasure! They took out the gay cook - which to me, he just put the show slightly over the top. But boy this episode really set the tone for the show and you will notice that a lot of the camera shots in this episode were used in the making of the show's introduction.
    This DVD is an ESSENTIAL for any true GG Fan.
    ...more info
    With the rage of DVD's and a swarm of the old TV shows that we all loved growing up we are getting a new way to enjoy them all over again. Marketing geniuses have come up with a new way to sell DVD's. They take old TV shows and put a whole season on 3 or 4 disks. All episodes from one season are uncut with no dialogue or scenes missing. It is shown the way it ought to be shown with everything intact.
    Most TV shows I watched were re-runs except for shows that came on in the seventies and eighties as I was growing up in a first- run basis. Those of course would be complete unedited shows. But my very first show I can say that I saw from day one until its final episode was The Golden Girls. I just loved them passionately. They are my girls and my speed, despite the fact that I am only thirty-eight years old. I would watch this show and laugh like there was and is no tomorrow. My mother and sister would also get involved and laugh at the show. The combination of all these incredible funny women along with the shows phenomenal writing talents was a match made in heaven.
    Finally they took The Golden Girls and put out the first season on DVD. I was excited to watch the first season which is crisp and clean to see and hear; unlike the old videos I taped twenty years earlier where the sound was poor and the visual quality just as bad. Now I can truly enjoy those classic gems.
    The DVD had a segment with Joan and Melissa Rivers about the wardrobe of The Golden Girls and how horrible it was. It was fun to see Joan and Melissa Rivers do what they do best to make us laugh but where was commentary from The Golden Girls themselves. Estelle Getty has been sick so it is understandable, but how about the other three women who are still vital: Beatrice Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Betty White. Despite this, I still say the first season of The Golden Girls on DVD is great and I pray they come out with the other seasons of this incredible funny show and maybe eventually the first and only season of the Golden Palace sans Beatrice Arthur.
    ...more info
  • Goodbye Bea
    Bea Arthur died on Saturday because of her private battle with lung cancer. I am a 32 year old male and I grew up on the Golden Girls. I used to watch it with my mom, dad, & sisters when I was just a young child. Blanche used to be my favorite when I was younger. But as I got older I learned to appreciate Bea Arthur's wonderful comic ability and her reactions to the other three ladies. I was shaken by Estelle Getty's passing last year, but I cried over Bea's death this year. She was my favorite Golden Girl and from what I hear a wonderful, strong lady in real life. The Golden Girls has stood the test of time but now we are suddenly losing the Golden Girls one by one. I just hope that Betty and Rue can live on forever. But I know that is a dream that will never come true. Goodbye Bea and thanks. ...more info
  • like your favorite comfy sweatshirt
    Put this on my Christmas Wishlist and was very happy when i received it.
    I grew up watching Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose. They were like family to me I felt like i almost knew them at times.
    Ok i know i'm getting sappy but i just have to say that this show is very comforting to me.
    Every episode is peppered with funny one liners from every one, You always know when Dorothy is going to give Rose a zinger. All Rose has to do is say something really stupid and away Dorothy goes. Gotta love that Sophia too.
    The only reason why i gave this dvd 4 instead of 5 is because the extra's weren't that great. Joan and Melissa talking about what the actresses wore back in the 80's? I was actually glad not to see them anymore on the E channel and there they were on my new dvd!
    Oh well i still love it anyway
    :)...more info
  • Simply Golden!
    The original, the best. The Golden Girls best season (in my opinion) is season one. You will laugh till you cry! In this season, you will fall in love with each character. Sophia will have you laughing with her sarcastic, over bearing wise-cracks. Dorothy will crack you up with her dry humor comebacks. Rose will tickle you will her dim-wittedness. Blanche will humor you will her one track mind (men, men, men!).

    If you are looking for an original humorous series, look mo further. This season proves why The Golden Girls were so popular in the 80's, 90's, and today. Nothing gets better :)...more info
  • The Golden Girls Season 1
    I just recieved this in the mail the other day and got around to watch it today. It was very funny. My personal favorite episode was the one where the golden girls watch "Psycho" and remember the way they met. I would easily rate this ate five stars. Today while out Christmas shopping, I bought the Golden Girls Season 7. I plan to collect the entire collection. I definately reccomend this to someone who enjoys television sitcoms....more info
  • Golden Girls
    I love the Golden Girls. The 1st season is excellent. I was very pleased with the speediness in delivering the DVD to my home. I have seen the re-runs for many years and was surprised in a few episodes there was footage I hadn't seen before....more info
  • A "Golden" CD
    I always looked forward to and enjoyed watching, "The Golden Girls," every week, way back when. Today, this series is as fresh as ever - even the second time around! ...more info
  • Fantastic, Emmy Award Winning Sitcom With Charming, Loveable Performances From The Four Stars
    Oh how I really love this show! I was devastated when this programme finished (its sequel, The Golden Palace failed to live up to the dynamics of The Golden Girls and was scapped after just one season of 24 episodes)! Though it wound up production well over ten years ago, The Golden Girls (1985 - 1992) still firmly ranks as one of my all-time favourite sitcoms. The Golden Girls was a huge success throughout the duration of its run, collecting ten emmy awards including one for this first season for outstanding comedy series. In all, an impressive total of 180 fun-filled episodes were produced of The Golden Girls.

    In 2005 Buena Vista Home Entertainment began releasing the early seasons of The Golden Girls (and not before time!). This 4-disc set of the first season is attractively packaged , containing all 25 episodes and also boasts a bonus feature which sees Joan and Melissa Rivers offering their own witty fashion critique to the now laughably dated and kitschy wardrobe of The Golden Girls.

    The Golden Girls is set in the heart of Miami where four middle-aged to elderly women share a house and touchingly support one another, trade insults, eat a whole lot of cheese cake together and almost incessantly talk about sex.

    Buxom, Southern-belle Blance Deveraux, a promiscuous widow (she even tried to date a man on the day of her husbands funeral) advertises for two room mates in her Miami Beach home, for companionship and above all else at the time, to apportion costs of the running of her home. A fiesty but well-meaning and very likeable character, Blanche thinks of little else but sex, sex, sex and is forever on the look-out for a man. She is also (slightly unhealthily) obsessed with her looks and age often fearing her beauty is fading as old age looms closer. Southern-belle Blance Deveraux is marvelously played by the charismatic Rue McClanahan who really excells in the role.

    Dorothy Zbomak is a tall, elegant though earthy and gruff-voiced (which becomes the [...] of many a joke in the series) supply teacher. She had recently divorced from the adulterous Stan Zbomak after he had run off with an air hostess. This is how Dorothy came to be living with sultry, man eater Blance Deveraux after answering her advertisment for two room mates to share her Miami Beach home. Dorothy is beautifully played by the inimitable Bea Arthur. Bea Arthur's impeccable timing and witty delivery is one of the many reasons why The Golden Girls was such a unique and special comedy series.

    The dizzy, scatter-brained Rose Nylund was the illegitimate daughter of a monk, was sadly orphaned at birth and is of Scandinavian lineage. Rose had married a man named Charlie Nylund but he died one night whilst making mad, passionate love to Rose. Rose had met Blanche Deveraux in the local supermarket when Blanche was about to pin up her advert for two room mates. Blanche was instantly taken with Rose's sweet though rather niaeve character and invited Rose to move in with her, an offer which Rose swiftly accepted. Despite not being quite all there, Rose worked as a grief councellor. Betty White's beautiful portrayal of Rose Nylund is a joy to watch. Though Rose often provides a foil for the other characters to make the focus of a joke, Betty White's sparkling performance ensures that she remains just as inadvertently witty and amusing as the other players.

    Last but certainly not least is Sophia Petrillo. Sophia is Dorothy's widowed, 80 year old and loveably eccentric mother. Sophia is of Sicillian descent and possesses a notably razor-sharp tongue. After a fire at the retirement home she was living in, Sophia moves in with Dorothy, Rose and Blanche. The then little known Estelle Getty, who put in a charming performance as acid-tongued Sophia Petrillo, was in actual fact, two months younger than her screen daughter, Bea Arthur. This was down to a fantastic, top-notch make up job which effectively "aged her up". The oldest member of the cast was infact the lovely Betty White, who played loveable dumb-blonde, Rose Nylund.

    Created by Susan Harris (previously famous for the late 70's/early 80's sitcom, Soap), The Golden Girls boasts fast, furious scripts that crackles with sharp, intelligent wit and four dynamic characters that spark off one another highly effectively. The chemistry of Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White and Estelle Getty is magical, really shining through and becoming one of the sole ingredients to its knockout, phenemenal success.

    I'd be here forever if I did a detailed break down of each episode on this first season collection but some of my personal favourites include the series pilot when Blanche is about to wed a two-timing cheat, the one where they all compete in a bowling pin championshp - Betty White in particular causes the most significant amusement in that episode , another one where they arrive home one night after seeing Madonna in concert (who 80 year old Sophia laughably describes as "a [...]" - tact is not one of Sophias strong points!) and find their home has been ramsacked and an episode which flashes back to how Dorothy, Rose and Blanche very first met. Throughout the other episodes it touches on their family relationships, their often complex affairs with men, shared stories and reminisces bewteen the four characters. At times the comedy can turn poignantly into drama, other times merely depicting their fondness for each other (without shrinking to being saccharine or schmaltzy).

    I don't know why but when I think of The Golden Girls, I always picture Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia seated around the kitchen dining table, delicately tucking into cheese cake (Bea Arthur actually detested cheese cake in real life), indulging in what seems like a verbal tennis match, exchanging stories about love, life and men whilst in Rose's case she'd usually come out with some pointless story "back in St Olaph" or Sophia prattling on about Siccerly usually beginning with "picture it...Siccerly, 1953" etc.

    The contrast of these four loveable characters from the sharp, witty Dorothy to fiery, vein Blanche, to dizzy, niaeve Rose to the sharp-tongued Sophia is what made The Golden Girls such a huge International success story. It is an important landmark in American television history. ESSENTIAL to any serious comedy collection! Wonderful!

    (Incidentally i'd LOVE to see a reunion special of the Golden Girls!)

    Ian Phillips

    August 2006
    ...more info
  • Outstanding Service!
    I order from Amazon all the time, and I have always recieved outstanding service every time. My orders are always efficient and sent in a very timely manner. It is a pleasure to order from Amazon....more info
    They always said that women over 40 will not make it in prime-time TV. Well, those that said it, may not have watched this series. Truly magnificent, touchingly funny, and very much commanding. This series shows how funny and real, "over the hill" women can be.

    The writing is good. The production values are good. But the actresses are splendid. ...more info


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