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Regain and extend the easy sense of fluid motion that keeps you doing the things you love to do. In Power Yoga: Flexibility acclaimed instructor Rodney Yee shows you how to use his distinctive style of Power Yoga to restore and make the most of your body s fullest range of motion. Follow Rodney through a quick deep-stretching yoga workout you can do in less than half an hour a remarkable antidote anytime you feel stiff tight or limited in your agility. With this workout you ll release lengthen and noticeably improve suppleness in both large and small muscles throughout your body and stretch all of the major joints. Whether you re an athlete just like to stay active or want to feel less stiff and tight as you move through your day this practice will help you use your strength more efficiently and move more freely with less pain soreness and risk of injury. Rodney s signature style of flowing Power Yoga will fill you with a new sense of fluidity mobility and power to affect how you feel and how your body keeps up with you. Practice regularly and you ll find this flexibility workout a rewarding way to extend your possibilities. A complete 25-minute workout filmed in dramatic Joshua Tree National Park: move through flowing Sun Salutations to flex and warm up deeply stretch muscles and joints in fluid energetic sequences relax completely as you clear and calm your mind.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS Rating: NR UPC: 029956740204 Manufacturer No: 120-2280

Customer Reviews:

  • Not for beginners. Better that you know something about Yoga postures first!,
    I love this DVD! Rodney Yee DVD's from Gaiam have become some of my favorite practices. You really need to know a bit about yoga (like the warrior series) before you do this practice. There are no detailed instructions, so I think it would be disappointing for a beginner.

    I loved the flow of this practice. Yes, the sun salutations are a bit fast, but is okay since this warms you up for the floor stretches to follow. He holds you in downward facing dog to rest, but I think the pace is perfect to warm you up quickly. It is a short workout of only 30 min., but perfect for those days when I don't have a lot of time. You will definitely get the flexibility on the floor postures after the warm up.

    I use Rodney's "Power Yoga Total Body" which I love too, but it is 1 hour. This practice is very similar, but 1/2 the time. You really can't go wrong on this one for $7 on Amazon.

    It is beautifully filmed in Joshua Tree which brings back memories for me of rock climbing in the 70's...

    Please see my other review on Amazon of yoga and meditation dvds....more info
  • Very good to start with
    This was my first YOGA dvd. As with any new dvd you have to be familiar with some basic yoga poses: mountain pose, downward dog, upward dog, plank, warrior, chair pose, foward bend, pigeon pose, triangle pose. so i didnt have a problem keeping up with this dvd. Rodney does alot of upward dog and downward dog poses in between wich i liked because it helped with warming up and developing upper body strengh.. so its a constant flow of moves. The only setback i have with this is he doesnt teach much breathing techniques, wich is vital to yoga. As a general rule, folding down you exhale, and coming back up you inhale. You will get very good stretching with his program. Also the setting and music are not distracting at all. I bought this dvd a year and a half ago , im more advance in my yoga so i dont use it much now, but occasionally i will pop it in to maitain good flexibilitly. I read a review that said this dvd was not for beginners??!! then maybe that person is not cut out for yoga because this dvd cant get any easier....more info
  • invigorating and relaxing
    I bought this a while back and kept it in my closet and only recently did I try it again. I was delighted! I try to do the" mandatory 30mn cardio"(fast walking) every day after I read this great book " YOU ON A DIET" by doctor Mehmet Oz and after that, I do "yoga for flexibity". It's an absolute great combination! I feel energised , focused and supple. I highly recommend this dvd for flexibility, relaxation and overall strenght....more info
  • Will Improve Flexibility Over Time
    I use this session as a staple once a week to improve and maintain my flexibility. Don't push yourself to stretch beyond what your body will allow. Over time you will get better. Rodney's DVDs have lessons that are not very short but not too long either so you can fit them in your schedule....more info
  • Highly recommended
    Rodney Yee obviously knows his body. You cant go wrong with flexibility Yoga. Now, I love yoga so Im biased. Hey, Yoga is the only form of "exercise"( i prefer opening of the body and mind) that makes me feel great. Release your hips, pelvis, thighs, ankles, calves, toes...you WILL sleep better after this DVD. If you're feeling tired, tight, and stiff...give this dvd a shot. The dvd may be a little challenging for beginners but the reward is fantastic! Go for it!...more info
  • Good but short
    I have another DVD from Gaiam that not only has the workout described but extra features such as more advanced workouts. I really liked that and it made me think I was really getting value from the DVD. The content on this DVD is high quality and workout is good enough but it's 25 minutes with no extra features. ...more info
  • Fantastic - Quick Practice
    I own several Rodney Yee DVDs and this is one of my favorites. You need basic knowledge of Yoga in order to follow this one. It moves quite quickly, but provides a great flexibility workout. Great DVD to use when you have a short amount of time. ...more info
  • Good by itself or with another dvd
    This is one of Rodney Yee's "shorter" routines. I like to do this one (or one of the other shorter routines - strength or flexibility) when I don't have time or don't want to spend an hour on a routine (usually the former). Also, another good thing to do is to do two of the routines one right after the other. This will give you a rest while changing out the dvd, and it will also give you a chance to change things up by doing the routines in different order....more info
  • Great exercise for a busy day
    This is the one and only Yoga DVD I have tried and use on a regular basis. I preffer to do yoga on a studio, focused and away from home, but found that in those days that I can't make it to a class (very often with work and family schedule) this is the perfect 'fix'. It is also a great way to get back into yoga shape, when I have been away from it for extended periods of time. ...more info
  • This is not for beginners, but perfect for continuing students
    If you are a beginner, skip this DVD and purchase it after you have acquired general knowledge of yoga poses. With that in mind, I found this DVD relaxing and helpful. I'm a returning ballet dancer who has lost a lot of her flexibility. I've taken yoga off and on in the past and find that this workout builds upon the basics (utilizing modified sun salutations) to help increase your flexibility. This yoga workout moves quickly and is only 25 mins, excellent for busy people (who has time to do an hour and a half yoga workout before work?). I would recommend most of Rodney Yee's workouts (including am and pm yoga)....more info
  • Pretty good for a home practice
    At first, I was disappointed that the session is only 25 minutes. But after following the practice a few times, I realize that 25 minutes is perfect for a quick home practice. Once you go through it a few times, you can practice listening to the audio alone - you no longer have to watch what he is doing. This session is not really for beginners but it is not very hard either. I supplement the video with my own backbends which I do not think there are enough of in this session. My only complaint is that I have fast foward through a Gaiam promotional video and Rodney's introduction. It is a nice yoga video to have in your collection. ...more info
  • One of my favorites
    I have several Rodney Yee DVDs and this is one of my favorites. I am 52 years old and, although I have always exercised and been active, I have never been very flexible. This one is perfect for warming up your body and challenging it just enough so that you safely increase your flexiblility. I have been doing yoga videos for over 4 years starting with Rodney's AM/PM. I have recommended Rodney's " Back Care Yoga" to my contemporaries as a good starting video and am now recommending this one as the next step. I love his calm voice, the serene locations and (with this one expecially) the relaxing meditative endings. ...more info
  • I recommend anything of Rodney's...
    A few years ago I had a sudden "tweak" in my back (no preexisting issues... "just happened") and the next thing I knew I couldn't twist, sit, bend, etc. I'm on the fence between Western and holistic medicine and have a great doctor who helps me navigate through treatment/prevention items as appropriate. She "prescribed" AM/PM Yoga (the first video I bought) to get my back "back in shape" and to move from there. There's a few good yoga videos out there by other instructors... but I've never had one of Rodney's that I didn't completely enjoy (and feel the benefits of) from beginning to end. Good "prevention" and good "treatment."...more info
  • Good Yoga for Stretch
    I got this one based on others recommendations. I did not like it at the beginning because I am beginner and I am not familiar with the yoga jargons. This workout is very fast pace. If I looked at the TV, I did not have enough time to follow him. I got frustrated and only did a couple poses then gave it up. I picked it up after a few month I read a post saying I had to preview this dvd and get familiar with the flows then do it. This time I really enjoy it. After I finished all the routine first time, I felt really nice stretch and relax in my body. I felt sore in the next few days. Now I try to do it every day. I can see my flexibility increase.

    The title for Beginner might sound misleading. But even you are a beginner, if you preview it you will be able to follow it and get a very nice workout from it.

    I would give this dvd a A...more info
  • disappointed
    I use the Gaim yoga series on a regular basis. I enjoy yoga and need to improve my flexibility and thought this would be the perfect dvd. The positions move to quickly from one to the next to be beneficial for flexibility and is very quick moving for the true beginner. I would recommend a.m. p.m. yoga for beginners and power yoga for total body. ...more info
  • slow down
    I bought this dvd because Rodney Yee is so highly recommended by others...even this dvd comes with praise by most viewers. However, this dvd is for "beginners" and doesn't come with any instruction about the poses or any "teaching" section. Rodney begins quickly and the dvd is very fast-paced---as if the viewer is a yoga expert and the routine a basic one. I would appreciate the workout if there was a preview section of the poses...or if Rodney would simply tell us what is coming up next. Not good for beginners....more info
  • Rodney's yoga is relaxing and invigorating
    This is the perfect program for a beginner or long-time practitioner looking to increase flexibility. Rodney introduced me to yoga in an easy-to-follow but challenging workout that I still enjoy. His voice is calming and easy to listen to and instructions are clear and easy to understand. Highly recommended....more info
  • Great quick workout
    This DVD is perfect for when you only have a half hour to work out. It will get your blood pumping and you'll gain strength & flexibility. Good for in between days when you can't make it to the gym....more info
  • Extreme Beginners Video, Moves transition to quickly
    No doubt that Yee is a master at yoga with his grace!

    But this DVD is best for someone who has never taken yoga. I have been in yoga classes in the gym for the past 2 years, on and off, non consistent but found his beginners set extremely easy. My first classes at the gym was a lot more advance that this. You'll feel minimal workout with these. I would recommend going for the intermediate if you're starting out and work slowly into the poses rather than purchasing these series. Also, he does not stay in one pose long enough to feel the effect..by the time you master the pose he's move on back to downward dog, etc....more info
  • So not for beginners!
    I've never done yoga before and this is defintely NOT for beginners. He jumps right into the routine and does really difficult poses immediately with no explanations. Fortunately I ordered Yoga Zone - Stretching for Flexibility at the same time. If you really are a beginner, like me, that is a better choice, without a doubt....more info
  • fantastic
    I really enjoy this workout. Rodney gives great instruction as usual and this quick 25 minute workout is complete but fast. If you like Rodney, add this to your collection!...more info
  • Pretty good
    I am a beginner and only been doing yoga for about 3 months. But I do run a lot and this work out helps me keep my muscles from tightening up. If you are new to yoga, I suggest you get this DVD. But if you've been doing yoga for a while, this will not do anything for you....more info
  • Rodney Yee Does Everything Well!
    His Back Care Yoga has helped to strengthen and give me greater flexibility and only takes a few minutes a day. Power Yoga - Flexibility gently wakes up the entire body and I see the difference in my flexibility and the CD only takes 30 minutes to do. Excellent....more info
  • Great for beginners
    Not being familiar with yoga, I chose this DVD because of Rodney Yee's reputation and the low cost. What I found was an easy to follow workout that makes you feel relaxed, and yet energized, after the first session. There are no bells or whistles, just a great workout. I've purchases two other titles in the series, Power Yoga - Strength and Power Yoga - Stamina, and I switch off each workout. Some of the moves are more difficult than others, but it gives you something to work up to. If I couldn't do a stretch, I would go as far as I could and hold it. It was a great feeling when I was finally able to stand in a pose or do a stretch that initailly I was unable to do. Aside from these video's, the only equipment that you need is a mat which is extremely important to prevent slipping and back pain... I DO know this for a fact. ...more info


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