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With less drama and more slapstick than its predecessor, Disney's Mulan II continues the animated saga of the young Chinese heroine, Fa Mulan (voiced by Ming-Na Wen, sung by Lea Salonga). The story picks up one month after Mulan has saved her country through bravery and determination. Revered by all, she now returns to her village and becomes engaged to General Li Shang. Wedding plans must wait, however, when the Emperor assigns the couple to a secret mission to escort his three princess daughters across China where their arranged marriages to waiting princes will secure an alliance with a rival kingdom and save China from invasion. Meanwhile, Mulan's wise-cracking guardian dragon, Mushu (voiced by Mark Moseley), realizes that if Mulan's marriage takes place, he is out of a job and so he undertakes his "18-phase master plan" of relationship sabotage to breakup the happy couple. Most of the film's jokes come from Moseley's Mushu (as quick-witted as Eddie Murphy's earlier performance), while a trio of prankish soldiers provide additional comic relief. While the film's overall effort is not as sensational as the original, it offers solid family entertainment, healthy female role models, and a handful of catchy songs. (Ages 6 and older) --Lynn Gibson

Customer Reviews:

  • Great!
    For a disney sequel its awesome, it could of been better though, one they could of not rush it, even the songs are somewhat rush, and add more songs LOL well thats it, its a good movie, I recommend it....more info
  • ummm..definately a sequel
    Being a Mulan fan, I simply had to give my opinion on this sequel. Before I watched it, however, I took in consideration that it was a Disney sequel and therefore did not get my expectations too high. Let's just say, that what I did was the best thing to do. Mulan 2 just simply does not live up to the original at all. While there were some cute scenes and funny elements, the movie lacked depth,plot, and emotion. There were simply too many predictable elements and little situations which I feel I did not really care about. Instead of war, Mulan and Shang are now set on a mission to form an alliance by escorting princesses to marry princes in another kingdom which Mulan does not agree with. With this, the princesses fall in love with three soldiers creating conflict.
    This is I assume is supposed to be the main plot, but it does not seem that way. Instead, the main role of this movie switches from Mulan to Mushu who goes behind Mulan's back to break up her and Shang. Not only do we have to worry about this romance vs. Mushu but also, Yao,Ling, and Chien Po and what happens to their sweethearts. If you ask me, I am more concerned with Mulan and Shang's relationship than the Gang of Three. The theme of the movie is " Your duty is to your heart." but somehow it fails in this movie when it relies on one's feelings instead of saving a country from an horrific war. This movie would have much better had the characters proved to be more selfless and the story being more emotional and having action without the small unnessary dramas. If you have a strong need to see this movie, rent it cause I can garantee you if you are over ten years old, this movie will disapoint you. And while watching it, just take it with a grain of salt and know that the original movie is always there to watch and enjoy.
    ...more info
  • Another disappointing sequel
    Unfortunately Mulan 2 joins the long list of Disney sequels that can be called nothing other than a piece of crap. Just a few things wrong with this movie:
    *Plot: This one is easy. The plot is STUPID. Whiny princesses must marry strangers to keep another country from invading China and slaughtering thousands of innocent people. Of course ever sappy feminist Mulan comes along (who I might add is just as whiny) fills their heads with propaganda such as "Follow your heart" and "Who cares if your people are massacred,true love should always come first." and "Women are only housewives b/c of an oppressive, male-dominated society." (she didn't actually say it but I can imagine her thinking it) The princesses convienently fall in love with the gang of three. The rest is just a jumble of yelling, slapstick comedy and dripping with sap sentiments. The only good part of the movie was when Shang fell off the bridge, at least that gave me a laugh. What ever happened to the exciting and pull-on-your-heart-strings story of the original?
    *Characters: Who are these people? They can't be the same characters that were in the original movie.
    *Mulan: This movie makes me want to hate her. She is whiny, ignorant, and over all repugnant. She sounds like a broken record "Listen to your heart...Listen to your heart) and has enough vomit inducing one liners to open a Hallmark store.
    *Mushu: He was funny in the first movie, unbearably annoying in this one. I kept hoping he would die but unfortunately he lived on to fill the movie with humor only a 4 year old could appreciate.
    *Shang: He's only in the movie to serve the role of the bumbling idiot who yells all the time. Getting chased by a skunk, charred by the campfire, a fish crawling down the name it. Absolutely ridiculous.
    I'm done with ranting now...I really wanted to like this movie, and hoped against hope that Disney would create a sequel worthy of the original...but alas, it was not meant to be. However, if you ever eat anything poisonous and need help throwing up...just thing of Mulan saying "Listen to your heart...Listen to your heart..."...more info
  • Mocks the first movie COMPLETELY!!!
    Okay, I WILL say I didn't think this movie was going to be very good in the beginning, but it was much worse than I thought!! Mulan is nothing like the courageous, serious girl in the original movie--her personality is completely different, and I didn't like it. And the three soldiers falling in love with the princesses instantly? Give me a break!! I thought it would do a little better than that. "Your only duty is to your heart" Mulan says, and I agree with another reviewer on this page in that Mulan is not at all like that in the first movie. It's entirely selfish. If everybody thought that way there would be no sense of duty in this world whatsoever--what is this movie teaching children?

    The first "Mulan" movie is a favorite of mine, one that I've watched over and over. I never asked for a sequel; I was suprised that Disney would be foolhardy enough to make one!! It had a perfect ending as it was, and I don't think it should have been messed with.

    I've tried not to be entirely scornful in this review, but I must admit, I was completely disgusted with this movie. Disney has made better sequels--look at "Toy Story" and "The Lion King." But I really don't think this movie needed a sequel. And I can definitely see why this wasn't in theaters.

    If you're aching to see it, rent it. If you're not a huge fan of the first movie, you may think it's pretty cute; but you'd better check it out first before wasting your money. The original "Mulan" may be a much better investment in your time and savings....more info
  • Great sequel!
    Mulan is one of my very favorite Disney movies, so I bought Mulan 2 for my children to enjoy. Although it is not the same quality animation as the first, it is still an enjoyable movie. Overall, I would recommend this movie over other Disney sequels. ...more info
  • What a shame...
    How disappointing! As other reviewers have pointed out, this movie follows Disney's habit of releasing poor quality sequels directly to DVD, so I will not go there. What I will point out is that the "moral" of this story does not qualify as such. "Follow your heart", "trust your heart" and other such drivel. As a parent, I am disgusted by this push for following your own feelings and desires to the exclusion of all else. Since when is that a good moral lesson for children and teenagers? Let's look at the story shall we? Mulan and Shang take three teenage princesses on a trek through the dangerous countryside to their arrranged marriages (let's not even think about the idea that they are somehow going to manage it in 3 days); though the idea of arranged marriages is repugnant to me, it is made clear that this alliance is critical in keeping the "Middle Kingdom" safe for the millions of people who live there. About five minutes into the journey, the first princess "falls in love at first sight"; then within the next 3 days, each of the princesses manages to fall in love with one or another of the 3 guards. Excuse me-- if I had a teenage daughter who proclaimed to me that she had fallen in love, true love no less, in three days, I think I'd be just a little bit (okay, a whole lot!), skeptical. Along the way, Mulan encourages them to "follow their hearts", that "your heart tells you your duty". I think Disney has been creating a whole new tradition with their newer "Princess" movies-- teaching our girls that true love comes quickly and is easily recognizable. That fighting to stay with your "true love" is more important than listening to your parents and worth any cost. I think a friend put it best-- characters in movies like "Mulan II", "Disney's The Little Mermaid", and others where the teen girl falls madly in love with just about the first boy to pay attention to her and "love her for who she really is", then do everything she can to stay with him, regardless of parental disapproval are extremely UN- healthy role models. Sure, in the movies, every thing turns out happily ever after; in REAL life, those same girls would wind up pregnant, dropping out of high school, collecting food stamps while desparately trying to get their "one true love" to cough up child support payments. Girls can do with better role models-- ones who are more concerned with finishing school and heeding their parents advice. I mean, shouldn't we be concerned that lately, movies geared for children and teenagers portray parents as uncouth, uncool, unintelligent and worth ignoring? Uncool though I may be, when my children are teenagers I would like their "hearts" to tell them, "you know, Mom isn't hip, but she's been around a lot longer than me and maybe she's right"... the movie's big song is "I wanna be like other girls"-- gee, my Momma always said, "If other girls jumped off a cliff..."...more info
  • I was pleasantly surprised
    I don't think Disney has actually done a decent sequel except for the third Aladdin and Return to Neverland so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Mulan II. Sure it's not up to parr with the original but when direct to video sequels are concerned I don't think it's expected to be. The story of Mulan II focuses on whatever happened to the three soldiers. Mulan and Shang have to save China (yet again :) ) by taking the Emperor's three daughters to their future husbands. Along the way the princesses, predictably, fall in love with the three soldiers. Most of the voices are done by the same people which I found very nice. There are some quite touching scenes in the movie although I would have to agree with other reviewers in saying the songs weren't that memorable. Overall I thought Disney did well....more info
  • Lacks Charm of the First Movie
    Grade: C+

    Average, lacking the charm and feminism (the ONE Disney movie), this movie focuses on opposistes and love and partnerships. The first scene in the field is inexplainably uncomfortable to watch, the lyrics make me cringe. It does have an element of Chinese values in it, but I wouldn't know.

    As far as Disney sequels go, a winner. But that's not too much....more info
  • Definetely a Disney Sequal....
    As with most Disney sequals... the plots are pretty basic, and don't have much of anything to do with the first movie. And if you look at them from an adults point of view... seem very ridiculous compared to the first installment. However, for children, this movie is exciting, filled with true love, adventure, and many interesting character quirks. If you're a die hard Mulan fan, and you don't think any sequal could do it justice... Don't watch this. However, if you're open to meeting a few new characters, and seeing a few familiar faces in a slightly new light, by all means go for it. The music wasn't the best, like I said before... definetely a sequal, but there are songs that just happen to get stuck in your head... such as the continuation of "A Girl Worth Fighting For" and "I Wanna Be Like Other Girls". The animation was also not as well done, and it would have been better if Eddy Murphy had returned to do the voice of Mushu... but other then that, I enjoyed the movie and I do own it as well....more info
  • We love Mulan 2!!!!!!!
    I read a lot of reviews saying this movie is bad, but I loved it. I was laughing out loud the first few times I watched it. My daughter loves the songs and sings along and dances everytime she watches it. I just bought Mulan for my daughter a couple months before Mulan 2 came out and the characters all sounded the same to me! Sequels are never as good as the first because they're not the same movie. Once people realize that then they will be able to enjoy them the way I've enjoyed this movie! ...more info
  • Disgustingly repulsive
    When I watched this "Family Movie" with my younger sister and parents, I dicovered that it should be rated PG-13 for all the mushy love stuff, kissing, and whatnot. It had a bad plot, and was obnoxily sung by the three sisters over and over that they wanted to be like other girls. The songs were random (had nothing to do with the plot) and the bonus features were lame stuff like how Mulan was founded. All of the people in this movie are lacking character, Mushu has become nothing more than an anoying lizard. Mulan's voice has changed, and Shang is like a light switch (somtimes he is in love with Mulan, somtimes he isn't) Disney could have done much better....more info
  • Pale Shadow
    This film is not nerly as good as the first-in my opinion they should NOT have made this sequel. For one thing, the plot is ab
    surd, Mulan is shown in one of the first scenes teaching the village girls martial arts moves, which rings as modern feminist
    garbage, the reality of it would be that Mulan would be seen as
    a troublemaker, someone who threatened the "natural" order of village life.

    The idea that ordinary soldiers would be allowed to marry princesses again rings false, only via Imperial reward for ser-
    vices rendered to the State would this conceivable have happened
    and the idea of princesses marrying commoners for the same reason rings false. The cold reality would be that these char-
    acters would have incurred Imperial wrath for failing on their
    mission, and most likely would have been executed in a very pub-
    lic way as a n example.

    The one scene that even remotely had any action to it, the capture of one of the princesses by a bandit group was drasti-
    cally shortened in the film, which is too bad, if carried out, it would have provided some realistic action.

    Overall, I would say that this is a very pale shadow of Mulan I,
    and simply not at all very realistic, encrusted as it is with
    modern feminist sentiments. The action scenes are dull, dull,
    and dull.

    Save your money-buy Mulan I, and pass on this soggy, sorry sequel....more info
  • Couldn't stop laughing.
    I didn't know what to expect in Mulan II. I loved the first movie and waited to be impressed. I fell off the couch laughing! Mushu was just so baaaad! I felt sorry for Shang. I just wish Mushu could have learned humility at the end of the movie, after all he came so close to losing it all. I loved all the songs, especially Lesson #1 and I wanna be like other girls. It's a lighthearted movie that you'll watch over and over again...more info
  • This movie could've been so good . . . .
    Have you noticed that sequels, for the most part (Toy Story 2 is an exception) just don't feel the same as the original? The music is different, the animation is different, something. You just can't quite put your finger on it; the movie bothers you somehow.

    This movie does that. The story and characters were OK, but the plot could have been carried out so much better! Mushu was being selfish, although I admit the scenes when he tried to get Mulan and Shang apart made me laugh. And while the whole "duty to your heart" thing gets most people mad about this movie, I think it just wasn't done right. What I'm saying is, the movie has a decent plot but it was carried out weakly. Yeah, that's the word that describes this movie: weak.

    The beginning song is just bad. I agree with the person who said they felt the scene with Mulan teaching the girls to fight was uncomfortable. It was poorly done. As with most aspects of this film, it coul've been better. The song "lesson nuber one" or whatever is terrible; I was almost to the point of cringing. The "other" "Girl We're Fighting For" was OK. Not as good as the one in the original, but really, what can you expect? Not much. I don't think many people ahve high expectations foor sequels anymore. At least, I don't.

    The scenes between the princesses and warriors are funny, but too cute and quick. It could've been better. Wait, didn't I just say that?

    At the end how Mushu retends to be the golden dragon or whatever is funny, but it bothers me. I mean, that's how the problem was resolved? It would be okay if they had it once in the movie and the resolution was different, but Mulan, Shang, Mushu and the princesses got what they wanted by tricking a whole country. If the country were to find out the truth, all the protagonists would be in some serious trouble and that's an understatement. (If you're confused, you probably haven't seen the movie).

    I also agree with the person who said mixing modern stuff into the story was bad. It is OK for kids, but it's just too cheesy for adults.

    Like I said, the movie could have been better. It does NOT "capture the majic of the original" (as the back says); the tone is completely different.

    However, I must say that the scene when Shang falls into the river is done really well. It will either send chills down your spine or make you shed a few tears. I was not expecting that to be done well. The princesses' song was the best song in the whole movie. Oh, and the princesses themselves were all right characters. I like Ting-Ting the best; she seems serious but inside she's a joker. Her and Ling go great together. The other two couples go great together, too. And while Mushu's plans were practically evil, I have to admit they were funny.

    And speaking of Mushu, I personally didn't find Mushu that bad, just a little naughty. He was really selfish at first about his precious pedestal, but he eventually found out that if Mulan wasn't happy, then neither was he. However, I think that he shoudn't have gotten his pedestal back. I think it sends the wrong message; that you will eventually get what you want even if you do really evil things or something. Or maybe he shouldn't have gotten it back the way he did in the movie.Anyway, just like almost evryting else, it could've been done much better.

    To sum it up, the movie was poorly done. I don't even think Disney even tried to make it good. It could have been done better. I know I've said that a thousand times, but it's true.

    Kids will like this movie because I can grudgingly admit it's funny, but adults will probably find it poorly done. Some aspects send the wrong message to kids, like what I already said about Mushu and his epdestal. The "duty to your heart" is a great theme, but I think it was represented falsely.

    I own the movie. I suggest you rent it if you really want to see it. The back cover is wrong. It is not a "movie you want to see again and again"....more info
  • Looney Toons Mulan
    My daughter waited to see this DVD until the whole family could sit down and watch both Mulan and Mulan II in one sitting on our big screen TV. After watching the first few minutes, she was extremely disappointed and massively angry. The differences between these two movies is striking. The original Mulan was well done, great characters, great animation, great songs. In contrast, there is nothing about Mulan II which is even good. The animation is poor Saturday morning cartoon quality, the writing is poor without even an attempt at character consistency or a logical story line and the music and lyrics sound like something that was thrown together on the spur of the moment on a Whose Line is it Anyway show. After a few minutes of listening to the actor attempt to mimic Eddie Murphy and the ridiculous Looney Toon like scenes, she was ready to turn it off but kept watching hoping that it would get better.
    This sequel really has no association with the original except for the names of the characters. Enjoyable for younger children only, for whom most of this would not matter!...more info
  • Why must Disney destroy something good for the sake of money
    I am still asking myself why did I buy this horrible movie for my daughter. Could it be I loved the first one? Could it be that the first movie impowered women and made them positive images? Does the second one do that? NAWH!!! I had to walk out of the room when my daughter watched this garbage. It is just so petty and, in my opinion was only made to make more money for someone trying to cash in on the title. There is a reason Eddie Murphy did not return... I even found the music for this film repulisive. I don't even know if I would tell you to waste your money on a video rental.
    Sorry, I just don't have anything positive to say about it....more info
  • Incredibly cheesy
    This is the cheesiest sequel that I've ever seen. It was so cheesy that I was literally falling off my chair laughing. Every line is either so far out there that it makes no sense or feels completely out of place, and the characters are not developed well at all. It was a good laughing movie, but it isn't because it is funny. The movie is so ludacris that one can't help but laugh. Completely ridiculous. If you're in the mood to laugh at something stupid, I would highly recommend this film. It made my night....more info
  • A disappointing sequel
    I loved the first Mulan, as did my daughter. Which made it particularly heart breaking that the second Mulan lacked beleivable characterization, decent animation, and a coherent ending.

    The characters and settings were not as expressive or richly drawn as in the original. The characters lost a great deal of the depth that we saw in the first movie. And the songs did not live up to the Disney name.

    On the plus side, my 2.5 year old daughter liked it fine, but it lacks the crossover appeal to adults that makes for good kids movies. I was quite happy I didn't buy this, and would only suggest renting this if you have a child that isn't looking for depth of animation or characters....more info
  • Love (and Women) Defeat All Odds!!
    This movie is a fantastic example of what the powers of both love and the femminist spirit can do! I thought it was fantastic!...more info
  • Great sequel!
    Mulan is one of my very favorite Disney movies, so I bought Mulan 2 for my children to enjoy. Although it is not the same quality animation as the first, it is still an enjoyable movie. Overall, I would recommend this movie over other Disney sequels. ...more info
  • Not as good as the Original
    Warning: This review contains spoilers of the movie. You have been warned.

    I saw this on Disney Channel last night (November 20,2005) and was not as impressed as the original. Mulan get's engaged to Shang (Who is now General Shang). After this happy beginning, Shang and Mulan (Who is now considered a warrior and is called on missions to fight for China.)are called to saftly bring the emporers daughters (Where were they in the first movie when the emporer was getting kidnapped?)to marry Mongol princes to make a peace treaty between Mongolia and China. Shang and Mulan choose the three main warrior characters from Mulan One to help gurard the princesses. These are of course Yao, Ling and Chien Po. Apparently they can't find girls to marry and are looking. Now, where is Mushu during all this? Off sulking. He is getting replaced by Shang's ancestors (Which apparently happens when you marry), so he vows to break Shang and Mulan up. This doesn't seem like the old Mushu. This is one of the parts in the movie where you go "Huh?". Mushu doesn't seem the same joking lizard-dragon he was in the original movie. Anyways, back to the movie. The girls fall for Yao, Chien Po and Ling. Another "Huh?" moment is here. Ling has suddenly become some big jokester who nobody finds funny. Did he make this many jokes in the original movie? Now as I can remember. In the end, Mushu gets to stay (Shang finds some way to let him stay) and the princesses become the girlfriends of Yao, Chien Po and Ling. Mulan gets married to Shang.

    Now, I am missing some main parts of the movie here, but there is a good summary. Basically, I say this movie is good, but there are too many "Huh?" moments and not as good of a plot....more info
  • Mulan II
    We bought Mulan II for our children (7 & 4) and it's great. It's definately not a cheap sequel with the voices of different actors. It's very true to the original story as a good sequel should be, using the same themes, actors and graphic artists. Excellent - and highly recommended....more info
  • I liked it
    I probably like this one about the same as the first. If you like Cri-Kee, he is probably in this one more than the first. My only complaint would be that it is kind of short. I definitely see how they could have made it longer......more info
  • Horrible....
    This sequel to 'Mulan' was poorly done. The songs became random and didn't really help the plot. The whole follow your heart stuff was not what Mulan did in the first movie, maybe just a little bit, but it didn't exactly help her.
    Mushu became selfish and they completely ruined him. I suggest that if you liked Mushu in the first movie you stay away from this one.
    Everything in this movie was completely predictable and expected. It had little suspense, if any. This sequel wasn't very funny and as mentioned in the beginning, the songs were horrible.
    I wish Disney could make sequels that don't ruin the first movies, oh well, I guess they're running out of ideas....more info
  • Great for the kids.
    A very intriguing movie and just as good as the first so I actually enjoyed myself and so did my niece. The charaters were well-formed and the plot was engaging anough to hold her interest for the entire movie....more info
  • Must evrything be ruined with lackluster sequels?
    It lives up to the low expectations that Disney viewers have come to expect from sequels, and little more. The Yin-Yang plot could have been carried out much more effectively, but instead just seemed to be a weakened plot device that drags on with no energy. The princesses are too flat, with an exception of Ting-Ting. But since when is Ling so bent on telling cheesy jokes? In the first movie, his main interests were purely of beauty. Mushy was simply selfish and cruel - not the fun, helpful sidekick he used to be. He was unbearable from his very first scene. And the princesses found the love of their lives within the first day-and-a-half of their journey? A little too cheesey..... And fireflies landing on the wicks of firecrackers and setting them off is endlessly annoying. Any true Mulan Fan would be disappointed.
    Young children would enjoy it for the endless cheap comedy scenes and cutesy little romances, but for older entertainment, it's best left as a rental. ...more info
  • don't waste your money
    This movie was just no good. Mushu is being totally sneaky & trying to wreck Mulan's marriage, the acting/voiceovers are terrible & I'm not even sure that all of them are from the first movie, and the theme is really very adult...the differing roles in society of men and women. That aside, it's just boring. If you were expecting the humor, drama, and excitement of the first one, forget it. Skip this one & watch the first one again....more info
  • Mulan 2 ended up being a Fair Sequel
    I think this movie was okay and my daughter enjoyed it but not my son. I really like the first one more. I suppose its because the first had more action, humor and better songs. Mulan 2 had shown some heart and less humor. I think the directing and the wonderful script go a long way to make up for some of the animation quality and actually it's really only one scene in particular where the animation is only so-so. There are scenes that are breathtakingly beautiful like the images of rice paddies which look like beautiful pastel paintings. Mulan had grown from the first movie to this one. She seems to have learned life lessons and made choices in this film that show this growth. Yet she still remains the Mulan that we love who follows her heart. Sure, historically this movie is good but not the best.

    On the other side(or downer side), mixing all the present-day attitudes with Ancient China just can't work out well and besides, that entire ruckus about finding your Prince Charming is getting a little bit old. After Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast etc etc etc, the first Mulan was a nice change; it was different and something new. And now they just had to make a sequel that tells the same old story over again. Nice going. Like I mention earlier the music wasn't as good as the first Mulan, even though I liked the princesses' song: 3.... it was catchy.

    However, Mulan 2 did shows us the personality of the characters and it was such a sweet movie. I especially loved the part where Mulan was holding on to Shang and he falls down the mountain. Ming-Na did such an excellent job. If you're looking for something new and special like the first Mulan, don't watch Mulan II, it will disappoint you. But if you just want to see another one of those Disney movies we all love, give it a go.
    ...more info
  • awesome!
    I practically worship Mulan. Ignore all of the dumb reviews
    that say it's stupid, dumb, or a waste of money. I want
    to answer the review that said, " Hope it will be good ".
    Shang doesn't die.
    I can memorize the songs and I even have a Mulan dress from
    Build-A-Bear Workshop. It's awesome! I got it the day
    it came out I was so excited!
    In the movie, Mulan becomes a rolemodel for little girls
    around China and teaches a Karate class. After a class,
    Shang proposes to Mulan and she says yes! After a party
    they get called to the emperor. He wants them to bring
    Ting-Ting, Mei, and Su. They are his daughters and also
    princesses. They take Ling, Chien Po, and Yao with them.
    I won't ruin the rest!...more info
  • I Love Mulan, But Not This One: Another Sequel We Don't Need, Again from Disney
    You may not like what I say, but please listen. Please, anyone at Disney, tell me. I'd welcome any new films from you, everything I say, even `Home on the Range.' But why are you keeping this business of producing films with `2' or something like that at the end of their titles? Now I'm begging of you, please no more these cheap sequels, which only help accelerate the downfall of the company.

    Yes, `Mulan II' is better than most of the numerous animations on DVD from other companies, but that does not mean that Disney can degrade the fantastic world of the original `Mulan,' which with the colorful Oriental world and a well-told story, gave us a unique heroine and a precious message. If you see the opening of the `Mulan II,' in which this annoyingly gabby dragon is bathing in a bath and put on a pedestal (literally), you immediately sense something is wrong with it. What is missing is simple and essential -- imagination and story. For all its short running time of 79 minutes, the sequel falls apart at the earlier stage because the film itself severely suffers from the serious defects in these two basic elements.

    For all decent character/background designs, what you see the carbon-copied world of the original. This time, Mulan (voiced by Ming-Na again) is sent on a mission to escort three princesses who are to be married to the princes of another country for the peace of China. The story is weak, but would be acceptable if the accompanied music was better than the present songs, all of which are nothing but forgettable. The first musical scene clearly tries to emulate the funny training scene in the original, but results are barely OK imitations.

    [BUT THE WORST IS] easily the dragon Mushu (voiced by Mark Moseley, who replaced Eddie Murphy), who tries to frustrate not only the mission of Mulan and her love, General Shang (B.D.Wong), but also, most unbelievably, their wedding plan. And you know why? Because if they marry, the dragon loses his job! And what does he do for that purpose? Slapstick jokes that are not funny. But if your best idea is `chopsticks in your nose,' what can we expect?

    Still, the actors are doing good jobs. Thanks to Ming-Na, likable heroine Mulan is the same Mulan as in the first though she is given less memorable personalities. The names of actors are certainly impressive such as Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, Harvey Fierstein, George Takei, and Pat Morita. The absence of Eddie Murphy does not affect the film at all, for Mark Moseley successfully catches the intonation of fast-talking Murphy without making his performance mere mimicry. In a sense it is amazing, but he is very good.

    But the story is unimaginative, and characters are less than satisfactory. Perhaps the film could be better if three princesses are more interesting with distinct traits, but the short film ends before that happens. But ultimately, I think, the real question should be this; which do you expect from Disney? Just another OK sequels, or ground-breaking, trend-setting originals? You have your own idea, and I respect that, but if you remember the glorious days that started with 'The Little Mermaid' and 'Beauty and the Beast,' I think the answer is clear....more info
  • Cute, but in no way lives up to the original
    After the Great War, Mulan is now the Heroine of China. Her family is taking bets on just when General Shang will propose. he does--and their happiness is interrupted when the Emperor summons them for a special mission. Li Shang and Fa Mulan must take his three daughters to neighboring Ki Gong to wed their princes for peace between the two countries. Meanwhile, Mushu (Mulan's Guardian dragon) realizes that he's going to have to go back to the Ancestors if Mulan weds. Mushu actively works to break Mulan and Shang up just as the princesses start falling in love with their three guards.

    True Mulan fans may want to see this show, but I would recommend renting it instead of buying. Mulan II is just not worth a second viewing or taking up valuable space in a DVD collection. To start, the animation in no way lives up to the original, while Mark Moseley is near as funny as Eddie Murphy, Mushu is the only character in the whole film with any life in him. The action films are boring and the whole precept is entirely ridiculous. ...more info
  • What happened?
    Between the first Mulan film and this one there seems to be some serious disconnects. Much of what made the original Mulan so charming is in this one too... but somehow the film just never seems to "click." Instead it just seems to plod along.

    Pity... the whole Yin and Yang thing had the potential to pull the whole thing together as a plot device but instead it was never allowed to be the central part of the story....more info
  • Fun
    I am a huge fan of Disney's MULAN Special Edition DVD. The only thing that disappoined me was the DVD for MULAN II did NOT provide a "Mandarin/Chinese" audio track. Mulan did....more info
  • Mulan 11 is a hit!
    The movie was delivered promptly and in great condition and my grand daughters and I have enjoyed it very much....more info
  • disappointment. bad message.
    absolutely loved the original Mulan, memorized all the lines, being the only Disney movie in my house.
    Of course I was happy when the sequel came out, only to watch it and be utterly disgusted.

    First off, the characters are extremely out of character. Mulan is not herself at all, Shang is more mean, the Dad and the Mom really do not resemble chinese parents. Disney should've done some more research on chinese culture before throwing this sequel out. When I watched the movie I felt as if the characters were completely new. Not only that, but they really did not seem to have much character, they were stereotypicial. Mulan was all, follow my heart, blahblahblahish, when in the first movie she did her actions to save her father. The sequel has her depicted much more superficially. I also could not stand how much giggling there was between her and Shang, and they only got married after a month? O_o Way too much emphasis on infatuation. Mushu is extremely annoying in the sequel, and is really the only villian. there are no bad guys, which makes the plot boring and blah. The three princesses haven't much character, and annoyingly wish to "be like other girls".. what kind of morals are these?! They all succumb to their temptation to romantic relationships with the three guards (conveniently the three friends of mulan from the first movie). They also sound really seductive. Gross. I'm 16, and knowing that the intended audience is children made me very uncomfortable.

    I enjoyed poking fun of all the cheesy meant-to-be-lovey-dovey lines, and watching shang fall. that's about it.

    the sequel is basically this-- flirtation, flirtation, flirtation, cliche, cliche, a bad random plot, and cheesy lines. ...more info
  • A Dull Insipid Low-budget film
    Mulan II tries to cash in on the hype and excellence of the first film- but instead falls flat on its face. The story of the three princesses conveniently falling for the three-stooge-eseque guards was insipid. The fairy-tale ending for Mulan and the general was unbelievable. Telling small children that its okay to get married when you don't have the least thing in common and hardly know the other person is a recipe for divorce. Sorry Disney. =-(

    The animation was okay. The music numbers... Terrible. 1 star. Thank God it was a rental....more info
  • The ending was cute, but left much to be desired.
    The reviews provided by other users pretty much sums up my feeling about this movie - good and bad. It's decent enough.

    My only problem with the film content is the flawed ending. No solution was implemented that would form the desired alliance between the two kingdoms, and without that, military force was said to have been predicted. Since the two kingdoms aren't united, we never know how the Emperor of the Middle Kingdom deals with this issue. Instead, the ending is quite Disney-esque, as would be expected. It just leaves that one mystery unsolved.

    The songs were not memorable, but at least they brought back the "A Girl Worth Fighting For" to tie the first movie and its sequel together. Oh, and Mushu is nothing without Eddie Murphy....more info
  • For direct-to-video, pretty good.
    Okay, you don't have to watch much before realizing that this is the latest in Disney's quickie straight-to-video sequels, but it's still a worthwhile family flick. It's a kindler, gentler version than the first Mulan - with less of the epic scope that Disney uses for its theatrical versions, but it has its fun moments, some snappy songs and better-than-expected (by the "Rotten Review" anyway) animation. In this sequel, Mulan and General Li-Shang are interrupted on the verge of their wedding. It's scarcely a month since young Mulan saved China from the Huns, and she hasn't a thing in common with her valiant, if duty bound betrothed - but true love is the only constant, and it takes an imperial order to bring them to the Celestial Court of the Middle Kingdom. There, the Emperor warns of them that China faces invasion. Though Li-Shang suggests a preemptive strike, the Emperor has other plams that match the slimmer story: he's proposed an alliance with the neighboring kingdom of Qigon - with the pact to be sealed by the marriage of the Chinese Emperor's three daughters to the crown prince of Qigon. Together, the two kingdoms will be more than able to hold their own against the Mongols. Rather than invite an attack by sending his daughters with a large armed contingent, the Emperor opts to have them covertly escorted to their new home by Mulan and Li-Shang, and three soldiers of their choosing.

    Three daughters, three escorts - even kids who missed "Matrix: Revolutions" will spot obvious providence. Also along for the ride is Mu-Shu, the pesky mini-dragon originally voiced by Eddie Murphy. (Murphy doesn't grace us here, though any dissatisfaction can be traced to the flick's script.) Mu-Shu has his reasons for wanting to prevent Mulan's wedding - since it will put him out of a job as her guardian dragon. Some comic misadventures, songs and musings about true love against a sense of duty fluff out the plot enough to keep your kids happy. At the same time, you wonder silently just how Mulan will save the alliance that means the survival of China without destroying the Princess' chance for true love. The flick, like most Disney efforts, rises on the strength of the sidekicks - notably the bumbling/heroic trio of Poe, Ling & Yao (they get the best song, and the Princesses). There's some minor violence, one apparent (though deceptive) death scene, and some of the animation may prove ethnic enough to be wince-worthy for PC purposes - but I thin are redeemed by the overall earnestness of the project. My kids (6 & 8) sat through and enjoyed about every minute, and I managed to stick around long enough to verify that. ...more info
  • This is not supposed to be happened
    First of all, i'm a Chinese, i studdied about Mulan's history when i was in high school. To be honest, Mulan's story should be ended at the end of Mulan1, there should be NO mulan2, it's just toally horrible! It's not even supposed to be happend. This cartoon is an unsuccessful cartoon. If you're just thinking of buying it, don't do it, u'll regret after you do it! It's complet waste of money! It's sucks!...more info
  • CONSIDERING that this is a Disney SEQUEL
    as we all know, Disney sequels are known to suck...yes...i mean that they are not that great....however, considering that this is a sequel, i think this is one of the better sequels that Disney has made...i think the general choreography of musicals is quite weak but the songs are okay...the first one was kinda cute but i didn't like the "like other girls" song.....and well, the story is very...weak as well connected structure....can't really see the art in it....

    HOWEVER...the voice acting is pretty good, especially by scene was just so dramatic....i ended up in tears as well....very well done.......

    what i dislike most is the absurdity of this whole movie...quite a ludicrous idea with the king sending these princesses to be married like that and then falling in love with lowly soldiers...u can obviously tell this is very untrue to what China was like....

    the overall concept of the movie was quite weak...BUT....i have a lot of attachment to Mulan and i think this sequel makes my feelings even stronger...and...there are some sweet scenes between Mulan and Shang, which makes it all good~=D~just think this project was a bit rushed, especially the ending....if you're someone who hates weak endings, u might not like this ending cuz it's wrapped up too fast...WAY WAY WAY too fast

    CONSIDERING that this is a sequel....i have to say that this one is pretty decent!!!
    ...more info
  • the magic is missing
    I absolutely loved the first Mulan and I still watch it over and over. I waited for this movie with high hopes but I was disappointed because I was hoping for something as awesome as the original. This movie hints at greatness but never gets there.

    In this movie, Shang and Mulan become engaged and the emperor asks them to escort his daughters to their arranged marriages. The girls fall in love with the three warriros from the first movie and do not want to complete their mission. Mulan encourages them to follow their heart and this causes her problems with Shang.

    I loves the animation of this movie and the story premise was good but I was disappointed in this movie overall. Clearly, Disney never even attempted to make this movie of the quality needed to be in the theatres. The songs were weak and Mushi was not as funny here as he was in the original. Even the battle sces are no where near as detailed or awesome as those in the original movie.

    Mulan and Shang spent too much of the movie in conflict and I can't really put my finger on exactly why, but the movie did not draw me in as much as the first one did and I have not had an urge to sit down and watch this one again.

    Usually the second Disney movie is not as good as the original- with the major exception of Toy Story 2-and this movie lives up to this "curse".

    I would put this movie in the same category as Little Mermaid 2 or even Lion King 2. These were good movies that followed great movies and all three are slight let downs in the same way. You just can't say exactly why but the magic is missing....more info
  • Average second film fare, with a bit of fun
    While not as good as the first Mulan, this new release adds to the story of the "rebellious" woman who saved a nation. In this episode, Mulan is tasked, along with General Shang, to deliver three princesses to be married to the son of a king of a rival kingdom. Of course, they need help, so the three warriors from the first film come along for the ride. The dragon Mushu is also along for the ride and up to some tricks to avoid losing his pedestal amongst Mulan's ancestors (will not go into more detail, lest I ruin part of the film).]

    Story line: Fairly standard story, with a lot of politically correct undertones. Mulan also, as expected, offers herself up as sacrifice at the proper moment (ala other Disney Princesses). This is Disney, so a happy ending is mandatory, with all major good characters redeeming themselves by the end of the film.

    Animation: The animation in this film is much better than some of the other Disney 2s, which are often so rushed that the animation suffers.

    Music: The music is fairly standard; it is not up to the level of songs created by composers like Elton John (Lion King), Phil Collins (Tarzan and Jane) or Menken (Beauty and the Beast). And, the song "Girl Worth Fighting For" is rehashed from Mulan.

    My kids love the film, so I am perfectly happy with it. I feel it is fairly average fare, but it is a harmless, fun picture. Don't expect awards, but don't let that stop you from having a little fun....more info
  • Entertaining, lukewarm movie
    Mulan II was mildly entertaining but it wasn't as artful, well-written, or authentic as the original. I was disappointed b/c the original Mulan is my all-time favorite Disney movie. The plot wasn't really suspensful--there was no major villain, so the story line had no real focus or direction.

    The movie focused around the theme "your duty is to your heart", which is great. But I wish that theme was balanced with the importance of responsibility to others and honoring your commitments. I also wish that the writers paid attention to the cultural context in which the movie takes place. Because of the lack of balance & lack of cultural awareness,the movie seemed baised against arrannged marriages. In this politically correct era, this movie was dangerously close to offending cultures in which arranged marriage is widely accepted.

    Some of the characters did not seem like themselves & weren't as realistic. I admit that it's refreshing to see a favorite character reveal their inner feelings or a side of their personality you've never seen before. But, it can't be over the top. For instance, in the original, Shang was the strong, capable, silent type. He was stoic but showed just a hint of vulnerability & caring. Soo... why was he such a SPASTIC, INSECURE CORNBALL in the sequel???

    I always like to see romantic tension, courtship, & the gradual development of a relationship in a movie. I wish I could've seen the romance between Mulan & Shang build up in this sequel, since it couldn't be the focus in the original. Instead, Mulan II BEGINS w/ their engagement, which I think is anti-climatic. But that's only MY preference.

    Despite the big let-downs, I did get a couple of laughs & some entertainment from the movie. I liked the attempt at teaching the importance of opposites working together, & there were some new characters that I thought were endearing. The movie was OK for what it was, but I'm not compelled to watch it like the original. Little kids would probably love this movie, since they probably won't be looking at all of these technical details....more info
  • Great movie!
    It is really an excellent movie for all in the family. Mulan is the archetype of contrasting features such as tough but gentle, strong but terse. In this second movie, Mulan not only shows these characteristics but actually teaches them to little girls. The ending is the usual Hollywood ending, though....more info
  • mulan ii
    i enjoyed both mulans, this one is good but not as exciting as the first...more info
  • Not worth fighting for...
    This was AWFUL!!! I loved the first Mulan and was looking forward to seeing the sequel. Now I feel totally ripped off.
    The first Mulan was wonderful; Mulan is a strong role model who joins the army for her aging father's sake. Mulan I had great, or at least memorable, songs and good animation. It was actually FUNNY.
    Mulan II has none of this. The whole message, "Follow your heart," no matter the consequences to your family or country, is dangerous and misleading. Near the beginning of the movie, the scenes where Mulan teaches the children to fight is pure feminist propaganda; as a young girl with plenty of Chinese blood in me, I was disgusted by the unrealistic scenes with Mulan teaching the young village girls how to fight, something real Chinese girls of that period would never dream of doing. Nor were her parents realistic Chinese parents. And the romance between the princesses and the soldiers was utterly ridiculous.
    In the sequel, Mulan is self-centered, Shang is aggressive and domineering, and Mushu is a selfish jerk. In fact, all the characters from the first movie have undergone personality changes, with the possible exception of Cri-Kee. In addition, the animation is noticeably worse, the songs not nearly as memorable, and the voices are totally different. Plus it's just not FUNNY. And unlike Mulan I, nobody dies, not even a minor character.
    In short, extremely disappointing compared to the first one. Don't see this if you loved the original Mulan. ...more info
  • Incredibly cheesy
    This is the cheesiest sequel that I've ever seen. It was so cheesy that I was literally falling off my chair laughing. Every line is either so far out there that it makes no sense or feels completely out of place, and the characters are not developed well at all. It was a good laughing movie, but it isn't because it is funny. The movie is so ludacris that one can't help but laugh. Completely ridiculous. If you're in the mood to laugh at something stupid, I would highly recommend this film. It made my night....more info
  • Honest review from a male perspective
    For those of you who liked the first Mulan and are considering buying this, just do it. Even though it's straight to video, it's still just as good as the original. It follows the traditional Disney formula with fun characters and themes of love and caring. Even though this is obviously a girlie disney movie, there was plenty of fun stuff to keep myself, a 23 year old male interested. I saw it at work. Don't ask.

    With the water color intro and Tan Dun like music, I couldn't help but think I was watching Disney's House of Crouching Tigers, Hidden Hero. Mulan and Shang on an escort mission? Fighting Bandits? Falling love? If it weren't for the animation and talking animals, it'd be like one of those Taiwanese serials. Speaking of which, maybe it's just me, but I was totally convinced that Mulan and her boyfriend Shang were really Chinese American. They talk and argue as if they were straight out of an Amy Tan book.

    As a parent, you might be concerned with the educational value of the film. I read one review about how the moral of the story was to follow your heart and not follow duty. Yeah, that could send mixed messages to children, but there was actually a lot more to it than just that. First of all, the reviewer is right. Mulan obviously follows her heart instead of simply following the rules like her boyfriend. This gets them into conflicts because they realize they are almost complete opposites. He always follows duty. However, by the end of the story, they both do the exact opposite to reach the happy ending. This relates back to the balancing of opposites theme presented by the cute song in the beginning. Also, the "follow the heart, follow duty" conflict takes place again within the red dragon character. He doesn't want Mulan to get married because he loses the perks of being her guardian. So what does he do as her guardian? He does everything he can to break them up. However, by the end of the movie, he goes from following his selfish heart to doing his duty. Anyway, Mulan 2 is just as good as the original in nearly everyway....more info
  • Come on folks, this is a CHILDRENS movie
    Ok, I've read the other reviews and what I want to say is this.... ' Come on people, this is for a children's movie!" If you think about it and have seen most of Disney's movies based on other people's books you have to know that Disney does their own unique version of the book. So if you are looking for a real authenic Mulan movie, give it up, Disney doesn't do it that way. Same goes for the people who are picking apart "quality of the animation", again let me say this is a child's film and I personally it looked just as good as the 1st movie. I loved that 99% of the cast came back, except for Eddie Murphy. But I think they found someone who did a stand up job as far as matching Eddie's or shall I say Mushu's voice.

    For those of us who grew up in the late 60's and 70's we've seen a lot of changes movie wise and can now see how movies where made for the children and not so much for the parents who where taking their children. Since Shrek and Finding Nemo just to name two movies that have multi-level jokes that the children don't get but the adults do and when the child wants to see the movie again, the parents don't mind, this is a new generation. With time comes newer technology and Disney not so wise decision not to stay with Pixar, as well some of the smaller details like hand drawn single cells are not even thought of as the norm any more. Time marches on and so does everything else around it.

    I personally like the story and that Mulan is a strong female character. I like that she sticks by her man while Mushu is doing everything in his power to make Shang look clumsy, not such good luck around a fire, or on his horse. I do like that Mulan tells the girls to "Follow Your Heart". I think this is advice we all need to give and be given to in life. You have to follow your heart to be happy in your job, what you stand for & in your personal life, just to name a few of the places to really be happy in life you must follow your heart.

    Is Mulan 2 predictable, yes BUT it's Disney and there is always a happy ending. If your child loved Mulan, I bet your child will love Mulan #2. I am not disappointed in this movie at all! ...more info
  • Not Quite
    If I could sum up my opinion of Mulan II in a few words, it would be, "Not quite Mulan." Examples: Mushu is a mere caricature of his former self. Yes, I know it's a cartoon, but he was a fully-realized character (complete with character flaws) in the original, and in the sequel he's a one-dimensional, selfish source of comic relief. Shang seems less competent. Mulan herself is not quite as clever or sensitive as originally. As a matter of fact, she seemed more a side story than the focus, which was usually either on Mushu's attempts to break up the happy couple, or the budding romance between the princesses and the soldiers. I could go on -- but I won't.

    On the positive side, the voices were well done. The songs (which are mediocre) are pretty much all at the beginning, so they're out of the way fairly quickly. I actually liked the princesses, especially the cute giggly one. And Mushu's redemption recalls the -- oh, I'd hate to spoil you now; let's just say it recalls a mishap from the original. I gave it three stars because I was entertained by it. I think people who really enjoyed the first film would enjoy this one, but it's more for the kiddies as there are no humorously adult scenes (Yao, King of the Rock). I strongly, strongly recommend renting this one before making a decision....more info
  • Good, but not great.
    As with most Disney sequels, the story is disconnected and carefree, the characters aren't as appealing as they were in the original movie, and the animation is degraded to a somewhat lesser degree. This leaves the film in pieces, making it a jigsaw puzzle for the viewer to put together. As is the case for "Mulan 2".

    After saving China, Mulan is overjoyed when Shang asks for her hand in marriage. But before they marry, however, they must escort three princesses to another city/villiage in China....where they (the princesses) will be married to three princes chosen for them ( arranged marriage). The only problem with this whole "Mulan and Shang getting hitched" thing is that, if they do get married, Mushu will lose his new job. I'm sure you can figure out what the rest of the story is about.

    The animation is good, but you can tell that it's lost some of it's original "flare" from the first film ("Mulan").

    The (voice) cast is so-so. Although I have to admit, Mark Moseley does a fantastic Mushu, in place of Eddie Murphy.

    In a nutshell, this movie will probably entertain younger kids, but will leave adults sitting in the back of the theater. It's got enough humor in it to make your little ones laugh, but corny enough to make it all seem quite..."unreal".
    There's also a couple of "in-jokes" that they "stole". As usual, Disney has to put at least one "Finding Nemo" phrase into their trashy sequels, and it seems like they're also "stealing" from the "big cash" movies, too: a pin-point observer will be able to point out the "Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers" joke they put in.
    I only watched this movie because my dad worked on it. Thankfully, he got credit for it, and I'm proud of my daddy. ...more info
  • excelent
    I was so pleased with this product as was my Son,we can't believe how quickly it arrived.Living in England it is a good way to send treatts to my Grandchildren,I will most definately be using your services again and again,well done and thank you....more info


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