Sennheiser EH-150 Evolution Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

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Product Description

The eH 150 closed dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones are the ideal partner for powerful modern music, providing a high sound pressure level and a vivid, crisp bass response. Due to their effective attenuation of ambient noise, these headphones are particularly suitable for listening on the move.

Both serious music fans and professional DJs--in fact, anyone who practically lives with a pair of headphones wrapped around his or her ears--will delight in the Sennheiser EH-150 hi-fi stereo phones. Suitable for professional monitoring applications but also appropriate for casual use, the phones' closed, supra-aural design delivers a superbly natural sound while blocking out ambient noise. The spatial sound reproduction lets listeners accurately hear even the subtlest tones in noisy environments--an ideal feature for clubs or studios. The noise-dampening function also makes the EH-150 a great choice for airplane, train, or bus travel, as the listener won't grow distracted by the roar of combustible engines. The phones owe their audio performance to the "turbine" embossed diaphragms, powerful neodymium magnets, and foam damping elements, which combine to ensure strong bass, well-defined mid ranges, and precise treble. In addition, the EH-150 phones are remarkably comfortable, with lightweight diaphragms and soft leatherette ear pads that feel snug whether you're entering the first or ninth hour of use. Additional features include a highly conductive OFC copper cable and a 1/4-inch adapter that fits atop the 3.5 mm stereo plug. The cable measures an impressive 10-feet long, giving listeners greater freedom of movement while still staying connected to the receiver.

What's in the Box
EH-150 headphones, 10-foot copper cable, 1/4-inch adapter, user's manual.

  • Supra-aural hi-fi stereo headphones for casual users and professional DJs
  • Dynamic, closed design enhances trebles and mid-range frequencies
  • Ultra-lightweight, rugged housing enables comfortable, extended listening
  • Powerful neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms create 18 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response
  • 10-foot highly conductive OFC copper cable; 2-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing quality for the price!
    I have owned these headphones for about 2 months. These phones have the best quality-to-price ratio I have ever heard. Great bass response and nice full dynamic range. A few people talk about how they are uncomfortable. If you have a larger head or large ears they would probably they would probably not fit well. If you have a normal to small head and ears, get these!...more info
  • A terrific pair of headphones from a respectable company for a respectable price
    These headphones gave me what no other product in its price range would offer: high sound quality. The audio on these 'phones is far superior to the sound quality of headphones like Skullcandy (which sell for twice the price). They produce very crisp (but not jarring) percussion and guitar sounds, and every instrument is very easily distinguishable. Seriously; compared to these snazzy headphones, Skullcandy Hesh is a bulky, heavy, mumbling piece of crap.

    They are lightweight, but they give no impression of weakness. These phones are certainly durable and you'll feel comfortable taking them everywhere with you without needing a case or bag.

    There are only two flaws with these headphones:
    1. The bass is clear, but it could definitely be more powerful
    2. If you wear these outside in a windy area, or while walking, expect to be vaguely annoyed by an amplified rushing sound as the wind tends to make friction against the side of the phones.

    As a side note, the way Sennheiser incorporated adjustability into these headphones is unique. Instead of the plastic band expanding and contracting, the speakers themselves slide up and down ALONG the band. Initially I expected this design to be inferior to the classic band-adjustable one, but Sennheiser's unusual design turned out to actually be slightly MORE convenient....more info
  • Great for the price
    I have a piano music studio and these earphones were for the students to use during their lab time. All the students like them. The adjustments work great to fit a young child of 5 to an adult. The sound is very good....more info
  • Sennheiser EH-150
    Seal off noise well. Probably good for recorded music, but not great for playing bass guitar and listening through the headphone out. Get distorted before getting very loud on bass only....more info
  • Better than expected!
    My son said that this was the best headphones he's tried - and that says a lot! Awesome! ...more info
  • OK for the price
    Comfortable, good sound, long cord that tends to get tangled. Doesn't block out or cancel sound in the room. Good for the price....more info
  • Sennheiser EH-150 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones Too Small
    After trying on the earphones, I return them since they didn't fit properly over my ears causing discomfort. Because of this, they didn't block out the ambient noise as stated in the product description. I recommend visiting local electronics stores to try on the headphones before ordering them from Amazon. ...more info
  • Good headphones
    I was skeptical taking them out of the package, the construction seemed weak, but everything holds up fine. The sound is nice, plenty of bass, which I like, it's about what you would expect for the price. They are pretty good at noise cancellation, but not great. The other thing I was concerned about was the comfort of them. Putting them on at first, they seemed to crush my head, but after a minute I forgot they were there.

    5 stars for the price though....more info
  • Senneiser headphones
    i could not be more pleased with this item great sound comfortable lightweight I looked for weeks and these are the best headphones for the price and amazon by far had the best price plus free shipping ebay could not even compare. people assume if you go to ebay because its an auction you'll get the best price that's such a misconception with all the people trying to make money on ebay anymore. [you cant go wrong with amazon]...more info
  • Confirmed: for micro-ears only!
    I read all of the reviews for these headphones before I went ahead and decided to buy them and try them out. Many reviews commented how small they for normal-sized ears. I thought maybe they were wrong.

    I've 100% confirmed this... I have normal sized adult male ears the headphones 'sat' on about half my ears. The sound quality is incredible, but not if after an hour or two your ear hurts from being smashed.

    I do not recommend this product. I've returned them to Amazon. 2 stars for sound only, not fit....more info
  • Excellent headphones for casual listeners
    This is my first pair of supra-aural headphones and I'm glad I bought them. While I'm not an audiophile, I listen to my share of music and movies and I've been more than satisfied with the sound quality. It's nice and clear. The ear cups are also pretty effective at blocking out ambient noise. My only complaint is that these ear cups were clearly designed for someone with smaller and less protruding ears than mine, so after a while they start to hurt a bit. My ears are significantly on the large side, though, so I can't denounce the headphones too severely for that. I definitely recommend them for people with more normal-sized ears....more info
  • Great Headphone!!!
    I just received my headphone today. overall, it is a great item for the price i paid. Sound quality is above average but not the best out there. Design is very nice. Good enough for casual user to listen to music or game. I gave it four stars because this head phone is NOT recommend for people who wear glasses.It is quite uncomfortable, however when i dont wear glasses and listen to this headphone, it is very good. IMO!...more info
  • Completely Satisfied
    I usually go through headphones like Kleenex, so the Sennheiser EH-150 Evolution was a very pleasant surprise for me. These headphones are a miracle: lighter than any pair I've had, and the sound quality is amazing. I've read other reviewers' complaints about the close fit of these headphones around the ears, but it doesn't hurt me or interfere with my listening enjoyment. Very effective for shutting out distracting noises. ...more info
  • Good product at a good price
    A colleague has been using Sony MDR-V150 phones. Yesterday, using "Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits" (Columbia, 1995), I did a direct comparison. It wasn't even a contest. The Sennheiser EH-150 completely blew away the Sony. Much, much clearer, and better all-around sound.

    I have been using the EH-150s for almost a year now. I can use them for several hours at a time before they start feeling a bit uncomfortable on my average-size head. However, I can you them for longer periods if I am willing to put up with a little tightness.

    These are the phones I use for listening at work. They do a very good good job of reducing ambient noise (mainly conversation). In fact, sometimes almost too good if I am listening at anything more than a very low level. I have them plugged in to a small Optimus SA-155 amp - all of 1.8 WPC according to the Radio Shack specs - and even so cannot turn up the volume very much on the amp because the phones then get way too loud.

    Sources listened to are CD and Minidisc, via the amp. I also use them to listen to music and other sound files from a PC, although not via the amp, but through a switch that allows me to toggle between the computer and the amp. Whatever, they sound very good no matter which source I am using.

    I bought them for some ridiculously low price - less than $10, I think - from DAKMART. Bargain. Probably closer to 4.5 stars....more info
  • Great headphones
    I read many of the other reviews before purchasing and was a little hesitant about the complaint about being uncomfortable on the ears. They fit great, no discomfort and the sound is really good. They sure shut out the rest of the world....more info
  • Great, if you like a form fitted headset.
    The sound is mediocore, I have had panasonic and sony pairs that I purchased from Target that had better speakers in them. Also I prefer the wire to be on one-side only. If I had my choice again I would have purchased, Sentry 2.1 Surround Sound Headphones with Subwoofers.
    ...more info
  • Good Deal
    This was a good deal for the money. Product arrived in excellent condition and it works well!...more info
  • Sennheiser EH-150 Evolution Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones
    Chelur Veeraraghavan
    May 16, 2009

    I bought the Sennheiser EH-150 Evolution Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones after reading about this product in I have been using the headphones to get a better sound from the videos while playing them on my Macintosh computer. The volume control is fine, but would have preferred seperate left and right ear controls. overall I am happy with the headphones, and would recommend. Thanks, Chelur....more info
  • canceling noise headphones
    Good overall and excellent for price paid (~20$). This headphones cancel the noise around you and you can fill completely alone in the room with people. The sound quality is very good....more info
  • Amazing! Worth the Money
    I am a college student who commutes everyday by train which means a lot of noise all the time. If I ever turned up the volume with normal headphones to hear the audio, I would go deaf. So I went to search for a new set of headphones for myself on amazon and found this and ordered it.

    Shipping was extremely fast and FREE! I thought that it would take at least 5 days but it came in a day and a half with standard shipping!

    Even though it does not clearly say it has noise cancellation on the box, the feature is built in allowing me to listen to my iPod on the lowest volume setting in many busy train stations.

    One thing to note, the noise canceling is automatically turned on as you plug the headphones in which means NO OFF BUTTON for the noise canceling which means it drains extra battery life. This is of no concern as I hear almost every little sound from the music and is definitely worth it.

    To address the whole "Too small for the head" complaints, yes it is a little tight, cannot be really adjusted well, and for some people might be uncomfortably tight but really does not give any kind of headaches for me as I use it for hours at a time and do not have a small head.

    In the end, it is an AMAZING PRODUCT. Great quality parts, great features, amazing price. The true value, I estimate could go up to at least $150-$190....more info
  • Best Headphones I ever bought
    I purchased a set of these headphones to use for gaming about 5 months ago, and they are holding out great. I always had bad luck with headsets, so I bought the Sennheiser EH-150's and a desktop USB microphone, and it was the best thing i could have ever done. The sound quality is phenomenal; you can hear the subtlest of tones. when you play games and watch DVDs, it feels like you are there.

    They also cancel a good amount of sound from your environment. I cannot even hear my computer's fans while I am wearing these. If you are looking for headphones, or just like to listen to music without any quality loss, buy these headphones.

    I only need to warn you of two things: If you wear glasses, these headphones will pressure your ears and will (over the course of a few hours) get uncomfortable. Also,the foam head pad will flatten your hair and cause others to laugh at your silliness :-P.

    I suggest that anyone using headphones for their computer should dump their old ones and get a set of these, because they are the best headphones I have ever owned....more info
  • Great sound quality -- but the cord is way too long
    The Sennheiser EH-150s produce great sound quality for the price, making them the perfect choice for a money-conscious audiophile listening to grooves while sitting at a desk or across the room from their stereo. While they minimize outside sound, they don't block it out. But then again... they don't claim to. They're also very comfortable and don't squeeze too tight or slip out of place.

    But I do have three complaints:

    1: Unless you wear your headphones several feet away from your music source -- and tripping passersby isn't a concern -- you don't need a cord this long. I had actually hoped to wear these while working out on my home elliptical, but I have to wind up the cord to make that work, in which case it usually becomes tangled or -- worse -- unravels and risks getting caught in the machine.

    2: Earbuds tends to pop out of my ears -- particularly during exercise -- so I was really hoping to wear these while working out. They definitely stay put, but there's no place for the sweat to go, and the skin on my ears was suffering as a result.

    3: These are big/bulky and don't fold down, so if you travel and want to take these with you, they'll take up a lot of space. This is obvious enough from the picture, but is still something to take into consideration if you're an everyday user looking for an "all purpose" headphone.
    ...more info
  • Great Value
    Best cans I've ever had for the price. Ear pieces could be just a bit larger. Super long cord. I am very pleased with the sound quality....more info
  • Comfortable, affordable headphones with amazing sound.
    For over five years, I have used the stock headphones that come with any iPod. I've grown used to them, and I even think my ears have changed shape as a result.

    These headphones have changed my life. When they arrived, I unboxed them, put them on my head, and played a song I thought I knew well. The music sounded totally different - I even picked up on a bassline that I didn't know existed prior to owning these.

    The headphones are very silver, and have a decent bit of bulk to them. Wearing them looks a little nerdy, though the Sennheiser logo adds a bit of cred. The closed design, though, blocks out more external sound than I believed possible - I can listen to my iPod in a school bus at a reasonable volume and hear every nuance.

    The only downside I've experienced so far is the ten foot cable. It's just so much that I find myself keeping the middle 5 feet bunched up and looped through a belt loop. The comfort and sound quality, however, far outweigh the cable length, however....more info
  • Solid Choice
    You won't find a better deal on headphones anywhere. I used to just buy cheap headphones because I tend to break them, but I have also had a couple of pairs more expensive than this and none of them were as good. They also seem to be very durable, so I think it is safe to say that this is the best headphones purchase I've ever made. The sound is excellent....more info
  • Best Headphone ever!
    These are the first headphone I've had that really cut out background noise ... making all my other headsets obsolete....more info
  • audifonos
    muy buena calidad de audio,cable de 3 m, livianos, y ajustables dependiendo de la persona quien lo use. El bloqueo exterior es bastante bueno tambien....more info
  • Very mediocre
    I can honestly say by the amount of stellar reviews for these i thought they would sound a lot better. These headphones replaced a pair of koss ksc75 that sounded realy good but after over a year of daily use fell apart. That being said i paid fifteen dollars shipped for a refurb pair of these and i feel that they are worth about that much. In my opinion they're they are comfortable and isolate sound well. And aren't as fatiguing as the ksc75 and have better bass extension due to larger drivers, but the detail isn't very good. I would rate these 3 stars for the price i paid but i rated them 1 star to balance out all of the great reviews. don't pay anything over 15 for these. if you want better detail in the same price range get the Koss ksc75 igrado or koss portapro. if you don't care as much about detail and want decent bass and isolation these would be an good selection for the price mentioned....more info
  • If money is a factor these work
    I ordered this hoping it would block out the sound of my husbands snoring, It didn't. The fit is tight. I like the 10 ft. cable. Very convenient. When I can I'm going to spring for those expensive noise suppressing headphones, but for now, the sound quality is good for tv watching. I have yet to use these for music. They are a snug fit after 4 hours my ears hurt. For the price they are worth it. ...more info
  • Sennheiser Roules!
    this headphones are awesome!It's a german company of electronics which was founded in 1945.In 1980, the company entered the aviation market, suppling Lufthansa with headsets..impresive,aaaaaa?...more info
  • Sennheiser EX- 15o Evolution Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones
    I own bose headphones that retail for $300 and my boyfriend often borowed them. So, for christmas i bought him these headphones. They only cost me approximately $30, and he says he likes them better than the bose. I'm happy; he's happy. Buy these headphones.

    ((Extremely long cord for dancing or pacing. Earphones surround ears. Comfortable padding. Sound quality is amazing.)) ...more info
  • Great Sounds Quality
    I purchased these headphones with high expectations, as they have really high reviews. After getting these I was very surprised that headphones this cheap could sound so amazing. I let people use them, and they don't want to give them back. My father ended up buying some, because of how great they sound. They adjust to any head size, and are very comfortable and light. They seem as good or better than almost all in-store demos that I have ever tried. I had high expectations and was blown away, so don't hesitate to order these if you are looking for amazing headphones....more info
  • Sennheiser EH-150 Evolution Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones
    Chelur Veeraraghavan
    May 16, 2009

    I bought the Sennheiser EH-150 Evolution Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones after reading about this product in I have been using the headphones to get a better sound from the videos while playing them on my Macintosh computer. The volume control is fine, but would have preferred seperate left and right ear controls. overall I am happy with the headphones, and would recommend. Thanks, Chelur....more info
  • Great budget headphones
    These are a set of good headphones if you don't care to bang them up a bit. They are also a good set if you are a beginning studio junkie. Take these as a stepping stone to better headphones if you are starting studio recording or mixing. Also if you do with out this color you can go for the Sennheiser HD 202's which are practically the same thing. The only thing different with these two is that the HD 202's are black and has a manual wire wind-up clip. Other than that the sound, size, headband, and ear cup foam are exactly the same. Plus why pay more for the same thing? Another thing is that these headphones are known to get tight if your head width is 7 inches or bigger. But if your there or below then everything is a-okay....more info
  • Rubbish
    I bought these headphones to replace a pair of Koss UR-20s that I had for about five years. After reading the reviews of the Sennheisers, I figured they would be a good step up from the Koss headphones. Not so. The fit is terrible, the cushioning does not fit around your ear, but rather presses directly on it. I found that the headphones fit so tightly that I would end up with an imprint of the plastic grill inside the headphone cup on the middle of my ear. I can only wear the headphones for about twenty minutes until I have to take them off because the pain is too distracting.

    The second point, where I thought the Sennheisers would definitely be better than my old headphones, is sound quality. These headphones have a much more pronounced bass response than my old headphones, which I considered to be quite bassy. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I find that it colors the music too much. They also distort badly even at low volumes. They are worthless....more info
  • Too small
    Sound is OK for the price, but they are very uncomfortable for an adult. They don't fit over the ears and are too tight. Cord is just the right length. Would be 4 stars if they were a little larger....more info
  • Still Lovin' them
    They are my lifesaver for work. I sit in the cubical environment and they allow me to tune out the rest of the world well enough to stay in my own world when I need to. I had a pair of the HD 202 for several years and loved them. Unfortunately the wire became damaged at the left earphone and I had to replace. The only reason I went to the EH 150 was to see if there may be a difference. I don't believe there is. When the time comes and I need to replace them again I will probably stick with the same ones. You can't beet the price and comfort....more info
  • Impressive.
    A while back, I decided I wanted to actually get a pair of decent headphones for once. Being my first pair, I did a fair bit of research before settling on this Sennheiser rather than a pair of in-ear buds. The sound is decent out of the box, but as I begin to listen to a wider range of my music with these, and the phones are broken in, they are starting to sound very good indeed. Subtleties in songs are popping out like never before, and the vocals sound rich. For more upbeat songs the bass is quite good. Granted, I don't have much to compare to(aside from the standard iPod fare) but for anyone like me I assure you this is a HUGE step up from standard buds. Also, sound isolation is decent but its not like it blocks out all sound completely.

    There are problems, though. The cord is 10 feet long, which is a bit much for a user like me. I would have preferred larger cups that cover the whole ear, but the emphasis how uncomfortable these phones are is lost on me. They feel fine.

    Bottom line, these are a great pair of headphones for the casual listener, as long as you're willing to take the risk that your head won't be the right shape for it....more info
  • Sennheiser EH-150 Headphones at the Gym
    I am enjoying this headphone set. It's comfortable to wear, and blocks all other noise when I'm working out. A great thing when there are 10 other TV's going, all at full volume....more info
  • Sound great, could use as a noose.
    I think these sound great and for fairly cheap headphones i cant complain. with that being said i would not have bought these had i known the cord was so long. my fault, should checked the details. DUH DUMBASS. a shorter or retractable cord woulda been nice. if i go running or walking i have too much slack and tying it up is downright ugly and adds weight. ...more info
  • Sennheiser always good
    I have had Sennheiser microphones for over 30 years that are still unmatched in quality...nice to find that, though the prices have come down, the products are still pleasing. I'm using these presently in combination with a Zoom H-2....more info
  • Quality headphones, low price.
    I am happy with this item. It works well, was fairly priced, and was quickly delivered around Christmas....more info
  • Good value
    The phones are a very good value for the cost. I only use them for watching TV. My husband has a larger size head and says they are tight and do get a little uncomfortable after an hour. ...more info
  • HOT Ears
    The only problem I have with these is fit. There is no adjustment except for up or down on ear phone. They are tight and therefore ny ears sweat!...more info
  • Sennheiser EH-150 stereo headphones
    If you're looking for affordable headphones with awesome sound quality, the Sennheiser EH-150's are the perfect headphones for you. I love the extra long cord and the snug fit. They can get a tiny bit uncomfortable after long wear, but then again I shouldn't be listening to my IPod for long periods of time anyway, so that doesn't bother me. I love how they sound, just the right amount of bass, not tinny, just perfect. I bought a pair last Christmas for my daughter for $20, and when I needed a pair for myself, I considered a more expensive pair, but decided to go with the EH-150's because I couldn't imagine getting better sound, so why spend the extra money? You won't regret buying these headphones, I know I didn't....more info
  • Not necessary to buy anything better in terms of quality or price
    I've known the Sennheiser brand since college days in the late 1970s. It is most famous for excellent headphones. I was not able to afford one then, but now for just $30, you can get an excellent headphone from Sennheiser! I am not an audiophile and do not think it is necessary to spend more....more info
  • a bit of a revelation ...
    These are the first headphones I've bought, and they're great. I got them so I could listen to instructional material while playing the accordion. It's amazing how well they work for this purpose: I can so easily separate the base from the melody, even while playing my loud instrument. I don't have great hearing, so this is a bit of a revelation. The only thing I'd say is they are a little tight-fitting. Don't get them if you have big head!...more info
  • Great headphones.
    These headphones are very comfortable and they sound great. For the low price we paid, I can't imagine much better. The cord is very long....more info
  • Excellent headphones - great value
    I've tried quite a few different headphones and these are my favorites. You certainly can't beat the price and the sound quality is terrific. I can wear these all night long playing music and games on my computer without any discomfort at all. This is my second set, I stepped on the cord and broke the wire inside, resoldered it, used it for another year and stepped on it again (that was the end). Bought different brands, but came back to these and wished I hadn't wasted the money on the others. Buy em....more info
  • Must buy
    This is probably the best headphone I have used in a long time. The sound clarity and quality is awesome. Also its ear pads are comfortable even when if one is using the headphones for a long period of time. The only addition which could have been made was to include a volume controller....more info
  • My daughter calls the "eargasms"
    These headphones sound great. I've heard things I've never heard before in songs I've listened to for years. Especially considering the price, these are a great buy....more info
  • Sennheiser EH-150
    I wasn't sure about trusting the other reviews that I read about this product, but I did. The reviews were absolutely correct! I gave the Sennheiser EH-150 five stars based on its excellent sound quality. The ear comfort is not horrible, but it could be better. ...more info


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