Chappelle's Show - Season 2
Chappelle's Show - Season 2

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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/20/2008 Run time: 275 minutes

Dave Chappelle's shrewd parodies, stinging satires, and boldly imaginative fantasias simply pour from the second season of his Comedy Central show, in every respect as funny as his well-received debut year. The structure is the same: a relaxed Chappelle introduces each sketch to an enthusiastic, studio audience (some of these introductions amount to stand-up routines), and then the madness begins. Among the many highlights from the 13 episodes on this boxed set's three discs is a mock ad for Samuel L. Jackson beer, featuring Chappelle's hilarious impression of Jackson's stern, overbearing persona from Pulp Fiction, and a dozen other features. Chappelle, considering a career in politics, floats a couple of trial campaign commercials, including one that promises to solve America's health care crisis by giving every citizen a fake Canadian I.D. Chappelle also suggests an effective program for teaching sexual abstinence to high school students: Forcing them to watch their principals have sex with the oldest female teachers on staff.

There's a good bit, too, about black soothsayer Negrodamus, whose ability to foresee events is limited to the fortunes of celebrities. Coming under fire (amusingly) are those McDonald's commercials suggesting that burger-flipping employment for African Americans can overhaul inner city communities. But, as with season 1, there are several masterpieces in this collection as well, such as Chappelle's vision of what the Internet would look like if it was a place you could actually, physically visit (with the equivalents of pop-up ads, porn sites, etc.). Equally inspired is a sketch in which a freeloading Chappelle, having impregnated the ultra-rich Oprah Winfrey, indulges his every whim. Best of all is Chappelle's take on what President Bush's administration would look like if the Chief Executive were, in fact, a black man. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Dave Chappelle: Comedic GENIUS
    After Season 1, did we have any idea that he'd be able to top it with season 2 and in such a huge way? Chappelle's Show, Season 2 on DVD is the 2nd collection of the most hilarious skits ever aired on TV, from the mind of a true comedic genius: Dave Chappelle. Classic skits like Samuel Jackson Beer, The Racial Draft and his exploration into the "white people can't dance" myth in the 1st 3 episodes just barely scratched the surface...who knew that Prince, Lil Jon (YEAH!), P Diddy and of course Rick James would be his next vehicles to have us crying with laughter! These skits are ground breaking, all done with seemingly no fear. The "racial humor" he's created is not just the usual brand of comedy that's been done a million times before...he makes all stereotypes and the ignorance from all races, sexes, creeds and ages seem as ridiculously hilarious as they truly are. Dave Chappelle speaks directly to his generation and is absolutely understood because of the total truth behind his every word. It just doesn't get any better than this! With hopes of a 3rd season gone for good (A celebrity with priciples more important that the almighty $$$...Who knew?), it is a definite must have DVD loaded with extras and is uncensored! You'll have it to hold you over until he's back again...and he will be back! You can't keep a man this good down! ...more info
  • What else can I say.......?
    Dave Chappelle had one of the funniest shows in the history of tv. Show after show pushed the political correctness lines with racy, sexual, and in-your-face social satire. Make sure you add this baby to your collection. You may never see anything like it again. ...more info
  • dave strikes back!!!
    this second season of the chappelle show is another laugh out loud skit fest that really makes your sides hurt from laughing. the rick james skit is priceless and the whole second season is better than the first. not for all taste(and not for young kids at all!!!!),this is one you'll love if dave's your cup of tea!!!!...more info
  • Even Funnier than the First Season
    Dave Chapelle's Season 2 contains even funnier characters than Season 1. A great follow up to Season 1. Hugely recommended....more info
  • All the goodies
    Kick ass compilation involving all the best from the second season of the Chapelle Show. It'll get you drunk! You'll be f***ing fat bitches in no time! You might even fight a nigger or two!...more info
  • Dave is Hilarious. But he's also up to something else...
    This guy is so freakin hilarious -- he knows just how to cut something down to size -- never pandering, never cloying, never trying too hard to get a laugh.

    Chapelle is totally gutsy and that's what makes him great. My only bone to pick is that his racially charged sketches frequently walk the line between pointing out hypocrisy and bull**** and become genuinely offensive. He uses the "N" word SO MUCH, and it is the basis of too many of his punchlines. Eventually, it seems like kind of a cheap excuse for comedy. He just doesn't have to do it -- the Rick James sketches are some of the best of the entire season, and they have virtually nothing to do with racial undertones. I think you are treading on pretty thin ice when you start dressing up as a slave, pretend to be whipped, etc. And using the "N" word SO MUCH really does become something pretty twisted. I mean, if a caucasian accidentally says this EVER, much less in's all over. And if that's Chapelle's way of being patronizing, I suppose it's his perogative but seems beneath his enormous talents.

    Another thing Dave does repeatedly is come up with a clever framing device that thinly veils some seriously offensive material. In the first season, it was the blind African-American racist -- which was obviously a character concocted out of necessity for Chapelle's own riffs on white supremacists. Now he gets away using the "N" racial slur about 100 times by saying against white people. That supposedly makes it less offensive, see. Oh, and violently urinating in a females prosecutor's face gets swept under the carpet as "video technology." Dave is very clever at sliding his racial slurs under the near-impenetrable shield of comedic liscense. And don't get me started on the MTV Real World episode with the African American stealing the white dud'e girl and then fornicating with her while fat white boy watches. Can you IMAGINE what the reaction would be if the races were reversed in that situation?...more info
  • Heir to Richard Pryor's genius? Please....
    I gave the guy a chance. I saw his stand up and some of his skits. Recently, I saw him on that pompous show, "Inside the Actor's Studio." They showed some of his "classic" bits. Throughout it all, not one laugh shook my tummy.

    The racist, sexual, and political material he lambastes is more easily and hilariously skewered on MAD TV. Just because a black man screams the "N" word a bunch of times, it does not make him a brilliant comedian.

    The most annoying thing about Chappelle is his willingness to don the mantle of "suffering artist." For a while, he was avoiding Comedy Central's offer to renew his contract by supposedly hiding out in a mental ward. False modesty aside, he clearly enjoys his own hype.

    Chappelle should change his name to Chapeux and sell hats....more info
  • funiiest dude !!!!! ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!
    man chappele is skiiny ,black and funny
    his talent is to make you laugh and dat.

    dat's funny!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahyahyahahahhahahjahahahahhahah...more info
  • Musical Performances featured in original broadcast have been removed
    As a show I give it 5 stars. The fact that the DVD is missing essentially ALL of the musical performances sucks though, and the show has a "chopped up" feeling to it when you watch it.

    Maybe this is why Dave decided not to finish the 3rd season...

    [this applies to season 1 & 2 of the show]...more info
  • Chapelle is a brilliant , if often misunderstood, satirist
    Season 1 and 2 of Chapelle's Show are amazing, and it is a shame that we no longer have his very witty, very intelligent truth-telling regularly on air. Dave Chapelle is a brilliant satirist, who isn't continuing his show mostly because so many people can't -- or don't want to -- understand what he is saying. His skits explore the hypocrisy inherent in American society, especially concerning race. However, he is equally critical of both black and white. More than anything, he is usually commenting on people who say one thing when they mean another, people who insist on being oblivious to the wrongs around them, and likewise, the people who blame their misfortune on racism when it is usually the result of their own shortcomings. He also mocks the attention given to many of our celebrities and mocks celebrity culture in general, often bringing on the celebrities themselves to participate in his commentary (Skits with Rick James and Wayne Brady are but a few). He is brilliant. These DVDs are terrific, and he will be missed!...more info
  • got this a while ago
    i got this a while ago but forgot to review it..of course its hilarious but i liked the first one more...but still good stillll super funny with great skits.....more info
  • What can one say
    Rick James and Charlie Murphy make this season the funniest. Chapelle is so charismatic and full of life. One of the funniest comedians for this generation....more info
  • I adored it
    The first comedic skit on cd rattled my bones with uncontrollable laughter and now the second althought I didn't think it was going to be on my hit list of purchases but it got good reviews from my friends and hence I made the purchase only not to be dissappointed. Dave Chappelle and crew kept the gut busting playfullness a bit sinful and humerous....more info
  • Incredibly hilarious
    The second season of Comedy Central's Chappelle's Show not only shined light years beyond the first season, it outdid it in every way. Comedian/host Dave Chappelle took his penchant for satiring race relations and pop culture to new heights, with memorable skits that will leave the viewer laughing hysterically, no matter who they are. Skits include Dave portraying the black president if Bush were black, various moments in the life of rapper Lil' Jon, Paul Mooney assuming the guise of Negrodamus, and of course, the infamous episode where Chappelle's Show cast member Charlie Murphy (brother of Eddie) recalls an incident with the late Rick James. What will have you laughing even more are Dave and rappers Q-Tip and Snoop Dogg, with the assist of some puppets, enlightening the children of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, and a guest spot by Wayne Brady that will change the way you look at the former daytime TV host. With guest stars like Brady, Jamie Foxx, Lil' Jon, Nick Cannon, and so on, Chappelle's Show came into it's own in it's second season. The DVD release is mostly uncensored (most of the nudity is still blurred) and the special features are mostly better than those featured on the scant first season release, including unaired Charlie Murphy stories, an extended interview with Rick James, and a hilarious blooper reel/deleted scenes that features a commentary from Dave himself. ...more info
  • What did the five fingers say to the face?
    Dave Chappelle is funny. Ever since I witnessed his comedy in the form of his stand-up performances and on the infamous Dr. Katz, I thought Dave Chappelle was funny. His blend of social issues coupled with pop culture references continually made me laugh. One of his funniest routines involved Aquaman and the Justice League. I even laughed further when he came out with Half Baked. While most awarded it just another moment in Hollywood history filled with clichs and bathroom humor, I saw it as a possible cult classic. I want to repeat that I think Dave Chappelle is funny. That is why it pains me so to say that his program on Comedy Central was not the best I have witnessed.

    As I know many of you are already hitting the "disagree" button on your screen, I would like to explain this statement further. I do not have cable, so when the opportunity presents itself, I find renting full seasons of programs the better option. Recently, I had the opportunity to see the second season of Dave Chappelle's show, and, much like the first season, wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be. Sure, the first season had quite a bit of cutting edge humor coupled with shocking racial stereotypes, but it wasn't something I could watch over and over again. There were some great skits, but as a whole, the first season lacked the intelligence to reach a huge audience as I witnessed in his stand-up comics. Dave Chappelle was looking to make a name for himself, utterly change his image, and use his heritage as a joke. For the first season that may have worked, but now for season two, it just feels cheap and most times, unoriginal.

    I like Dave Chappelle because he is original and not afraid to go one step further to either shock us or make us feel uncomfortable. He is giving us a slice of American life that we are not accustomed to, but at times with the second season, it felt like he was forcing it upon us. I found his humor to be lacking the original pizzazz that he brought with the first season. Sure, there were skits that stood out (like the "Rick James" interview, Wayne Brady episode, and the Black President skit), but overall it didn't feel like the same Dave Chappelle that I first was introduced to. It felt like he was attempting to outdo what he did originally without just trying to improve upon it. For several episodes I felt like he created scenarios/skits that would shock instead of actually make you laugh. I don't think that I would ever use the word "offensive" to describe his show, but there were some scenes (like the entire "teaching children about sexual diseases" skit) that just were not funny or not attempting to make a point, but rather see how gross one could be. It felt as if several of these episodes he was teetering between attempting to appeal to an intellectual audience and that of a pre-teen audience. Did Chappelle make a conscious decision to slow down on the smart humor and recreate the American Pie dream? For this viewer, it felt like it.

    Again, there were several skits that reminded me of why I initially enjoyed the humor of Dave Chappelle. I even liked the skit where the drug addicts goes on Fear Factor, but there were others that just felt cheap. He overused the stereotypes to attempt to gain a laugh and make his image seem radical, when in fact the humor he was trying to create wasn't even funny. The skit that initially comes to mind was the one with the white family with the racial last name. That could have been hysterical, but instead it just felt bland and cheap. Audience members were laughing, but I couldn't tell if it was an uncomfortable laugh or a pity laugh. Maybe it is my choice of humor, but I love Dave Chappelle. I think Comedy Central, in all of its glory, found that if Dave continued to use racial stereotypes to make humor (nearly at the wrong expense) than they had a hit show. After the first season I believe that Comedy Central's influence on the show began making a bigger appearance, thus the quality went behind quantity. Did anyone else notice the one 16-minute long episode?

    Overall, this second season did not impress me. Again, he had some great skits that will remain a part of pop culture (aka the "Rick James" episode), but overall, his humor has changed. I would even go so far as to say that Dave himself has changed. His social/ethnic references and over-abuse of the series The Jeffersons started fun, but by the end just felt tired and old. Even Dave didn't seem like he had that spunk when he first ran out on stage. I will end with this thought. Dave is a comedian, I do not believe that his shows warranted a musical guest appearance at the end. I didn't have it much in the first season, so why build further upon it for the second. I realize Dave has "celebrity" friends, but this is his show. I want to see Dave; not some famed hip-hop group. I love Dave's humor, I always will, but I do not think this show can keep the balance that it once was awarded. His shock value is slowly turning annoying and is weaning down his range of comedy. I realize that he can make a joke about his race, but there is so much more than he could laugh about ... I would like to see that side. I miss you Dave Chappelle.

    Grade: ** out of ***** ...more info
  • Chappelle does it again!!!
    My husband is a BIG fan of Dave Chappelle, so I had to get him "Season 2". He never stopped laughing, he takes it won't be disappointed!!!...more info
  • to hilarious for words
    i love dave chappelle the guy is as funny as funny gets his show is amazingly funny and i only hope he will decide to come back and continue it....more info
  • Round 2
    I believe that Dave Chappelle's creativity and humor for the second season DVD surpassed the first season. The "Wayne Brady" skit was a true testiment to comedy. ...more info
  • Mansur's Chappelle Show Season 2 Review
    This season was off the hook! I couldn't believe how hilarious it was. I was laughing like crazy on almost every sketch. The bonus disc with unedited interviews with Charley Murphy and Rick James were by far, to me, the funniest! Definately worth your while!...more info
  • WHAT'S MY PROBLEM?? I know, I know....
    Okay, leave it to me to be a negative in a slew of praises, but something happened with this show in the second season and maybe it explains why Dave Chappelle walked away from it all. JUST A THEORY.

    Wow, the skits are hilarious. I never thought I would see this type of comedy on T.V. again or ever again, but we did and they're funny. But, it seemed, (to me at least) that the skits were fewer and far between in the second season. Instead in their place, there were more musical acts, more rapping and more TALKING about stuff. Weird things... that weren't funny, but talking about how the world puts the blacks down. Meanwhile, blacks, whites, yellows, reds and every other race was pouring money toward the show and its DVDs.

    Was Dave Chappelle's show hijacked by a bunch of people who saw an opportunity to voice their oppression? That's what I think. The comedy was less and the complaining was increased.

    That, to me, ain't funny.

    Either way, season 2 was less comedy, less funny and I couldn't help while I was watching it, to think that I wish I had my own editor and could have edited all those weird moments where Dave Chappelle was pushed to the background and the comedy was replaced with uncomfortable negativity.

    Or maybe Dave Chappelle wanted all that stuff to be in it to use his show as a forum to voice his oppression and the network and companies producing the show told him to change it and he didn't like it, so he left.

    I guess that could have happened too.

    And if that's what happened, the Chappelle needed only to look at his overflowing pockets and quit complaining.

    Whether Chappelle or the people who hijacked his show are feeling oppressed or not, or if they are, doesn't matter... it's a comedy show... and people don't tune into a comedy show to hear that junk and feel all negative. They want to laugh.

    So, if you wanna use your show to stress your feelings about oppression... then do it in the realm of comedy.

    I'm sorry, but being a huge fan of season 1, and buying season 2 as soon as it came out, I was shocked at how the show had changed and how unimpressed I was. I promptly sold them both on Amazon, and my love for the shows disappeared when I mailed them....more info
  • Chappelle's Show- Season 2
    The only thing that could top Season 1 is this DVD. His humor comes out of left field sometimes, but you'll watch it over and over. "Samuel Jackson , It's my beer, it'll get ya drunk, mmmm mmmmm beyutch!"...more info
  • Without Question The Strongest Season
    Of the three seasons of The Chappelle Show that is out there, this one is HIGHLY recommended for those that like adult-themed comedy. To be honest, I don't think Dave could've outdid what he, Charlie Murphy, the late Rick James and others did on this season.

    I can't really recommend one highlight over the other because people have different tastes. Just get it and judge for yourself. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT FOR KIDS THOUGH SO PUT THEM AND ANYONE THAT'S OFFENDED EASILY OUT OF THE ROOM FOR THIS ONE!...more info
  • Chappelle Is The King of Comedy
    Chappelle's humor is based on the fact that he is very observant and although most if not all comedians rely on this also, none do it better than him. If you want to laugh you cannot go wrong with this. ...more info
  • I'm Rich Biotch
    Dave Chappelle in my opinion is one of the best comedians out their so far. Some people compare him to Chris Rock but I think thats a joke. Dave Chappelle is way funnier then Chris Rock well ever be. Dave Chappelle is very brilliant in the skits he does. The Best skits are Oprah's Baby Daddy, Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories, Black Bush, When Keeping it Real goes wrong, and Making The Band....more info
  • One of the greatest sketch comedy shows ever produced....
    There are several sketch comedy shows that really stand out and are still funny, no matter how often you see them. Monty Python is my favorite, and still unsurpassed in sketch comedy. Another one is the early years of SNL. I also love The Two Ronnies. The other brilliant sketch show is this one, Chappelle's Show. Even though there were only 2 seasons (the "lost episodes" don't really count, as Dave didn't want them released), they were some of the funniest sketch stuff that I've ever seen, where I was literally rolling in the aisles and had to pause for a few minutes because I was dying of laughter. Chappelle has that unspoken quality, that aura if you will, that many artists/performers have. You're just born with that. And his stuff is absolutely hilarious. I love many sketches here, like the "when keepin' it real goes wrong" sketch, the "three Daves" sketch, the white supremacist sketch, Tyrone the crack guy, Little Jim, and, of course, the Rick James sketch. There's a few clunkers here and there (mostly black Gallagher and Samuel Jackson's beer), but there are incredibly minor complaints when you look at how brilliant the rest of the material is. Perhaps Dave was right to cut off the series before he started repeating himself. Who knows? We still have these 2 hilarious seasons, and I really miss the Chappelle Show. ...more info
  • simply hilarious
    there's a reason they offered him $50 million to do another season. this stuff is funny, real funny...more info
  • Totally outrageous
    It's hard to find original material but DC does a tremendous job of creating original funny material and performing it well. The closest program I can think of with his humor is the old In Living Color program. DC pokes fun at everyone with no exceptions. Every sketch takes a big chance and doesn't worry about offending people. The result is shocking, laugh at loud entertainment....more info
  • Hella Funny
    The best sketch is everyone favorite "Charlie Murphys True Hollywood Stories", I damn near dookied in my draws,lol! Nuff said......more info
  • Not exactly me idea of comedy
    Maybe you have to be really drunk to like Dave Chappelle's comedy type, but it really didnt strike me as funny in anyway. I am the kind who enjoys intelligent gigs and satire more than swear words recycled again and again.
    I got this as a gift and infact have listed this on Amazon to sell. Its unbearable.
    If you really like comedy, buy Carlos Mencia, or even Dane Cook....more info
  • How's it taste, Muthaf***er??!!!!
    Chappelle Season 2! Made painstakingly by Dave Chappelle! It'll make ya laugh! You'll be talkin like Lil' John in no time! You might even fight a ni**a' or 2 (if they try to take your DVD)! MMMmm b***h!! Yeaaaaaaaaah! what? What?! What?? What??...What?!?

    OOOOOOkaaaaaaaaaaaay!...more info
  • Awesome!!!!
    I thought this season of Chappelle's Show was even better than the first season. Dave Chappelle is not afraid to talk about the things that others only think about. He is truly a comic genius and it shows with this season. Get it now!!!!...more info
  • Funniest Man Alive!
    Some people may dissagree with me but Dave Chappelle is the funniest man that has ever been on stand-up. Yeah he has been in a couple of law suits because of this show, because he was accused of bein a racist and many things which made him so controversal. But if u think about all of the things he says and does is all based on what he has heard of from other people. For an example black people like fried chicken, that may or may not be true but he was not the one who created that. The thing that makes him so damn funny is the way he tells his jokes, he is so outragous and goes so far that other people hasn't done yet which makes him an original. But enough with that s*** I would Like to tell you the good and the bad about this DVD.

    First the bad, I really had nothing wrong with the show itself but the fact there is only 13 episodes really pissed me off. I mean u could finish this dvd less then 6 hours and I was expecting at least 20 episodes, but other then the size of the dvd thats about all thats wrong with it. NOW the good, everything he did during the second season is extremly funny and I meanlaugh until it hurts funny. The things I like the most I will list.
    1)The Racial Draft episode- It was hella funny when Colin Powell and Condeleazer Rice was picked by the white delegation and the funniest sh** when Wu-Tang turned chinese.
    2)Wayne Brady take over- the last skit of that episode was so funny I cryed, it shows a different side of Wayne, if u have seen him on Whose Line is it Anyway? then this will be new to you. cuz he acts the way a ghetto person would act - hoes, cussin, drugs, and drive-bys wayne brady was hilarious.
    3)Charlie Murphys True Hollywood Stories- Starring Dave Chappelle as The superstar rick james and Prince. this particular skit was the main reason I bought this It was probably the only one I watched over & over again. I'm Rick James B****.
    4)The Extras was okay just showed extra stand-ups that Dave Chappele did plus an hour of outakes that were pretty funny except the only thing I didn't like was the 4osumthin takes of Charlie Murphy laughing the same exact laugh. I just didn't get that.
    5) Season 2 completly surpasses season 1 in every way so get up out yo ass and end this review by buying this DVD. It's only $24.99 i mean thats a great deal right....more info
  • A Great Buy
    This was so freakin' hilarious! Me and my Dad watched it and laughed the whole time, and even Mom thought it was funny. I can watch the Rick James show a thousand times and still laugh. Definitely worth the money, and then some...more info
  • The Dave Chappelle Humor Ratio
    The Chapelle show is equal parts hit or miss or near-miss.

    For every brilliant sketch that has you simultaneously shaking your head in amazement while you slap your knee in amusement (a hit), there is a bit where you just shake your head at how embarrasingly lame it is. (The miss.) And then there are the solid bits that are pretty funny, but no great shakes.

    HITS: George Bush as a black man AND what the Internet would look like in real life. Brilliant.
    NEAR MISS: Working at McDonald's.
    MISS: Negrodamus, black futurist.

    Watching the episodes, see if you agree with me. ...more info
  • cool comedy
    this is a cool dvd well worth paying money for the comedy is great and Dave Chappelle intellegintly intertrines people's personality's in his joke's like when he make's fun of Lil Jon having the habit of saying yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhh and ooooookaaaaaaaaay this is well worth getting if your a fan of comedy or just a fan of entertainment that is really raw and fun . [...]...more info
  • dave where r u!
    dave chapelle what else can i say the man is funny! im ricj james bittch!...more info
  • Too Damn Funny!
    Having become a recent fan I gotta say Chappelle's Show is fresh, bright and just too damn funny. The guy has got gold with the Charlie Murphy True Hollywoood Stories...absolutely hilarious. His impersonation of Lil John has got us asking "WHAT?!" and answering "YEA-AH!"

    Some of the best money I have spent!...more info
  • The funniest skits since chappelle show season 1.....
    this is a really funny dvd and i could not stop laughin throughout the whole thing.......episode 12 with wayne brady is really good....haha.....and esepecially charlie murphys true holleywood stories featuring rick james and prince...haha...and remember these are true out for season will be off the chain daddy....hahahaha......more info
  • ???
    I haven't received my item yet. It's been more than a month, and though I've been in contact with the owner I still haven't received anything. ...more info
  • the man is brilliant!
    Chappelle is brilliant. I really needed something like this too. You know. Hard day at work. Really wanna laugh at something clever. Terrified to buy something that says it's funny. Chappelle is funny like that powerful funny that you are not ashamed at laughing at but in the back of your head you feel what he is saying and it's very powerful. He is great. A brilliant comic. One of very few....more info
  • Season 2
    This DVD set will have you and your friends cracking up for hours. Dave Chappelle is crazy in this DVD set.
    ...more info
  • Great product
    As promised, this DVD set looks and plays new! I'm very pleased. Thanks for such a quick response & quality "gently used" product. ...more info
    Chappelle is a genious. Charlie Murphy's Hollywood Stories is great. I've literally watched this DVD ten times. I wish they were still doing the show....more info
  • A little dissappointed
    I liked the shows when the 1st ran on tv; the unrated didn't quite live up to my expectations....more info
  • Chappelle's show -season 2
    Dave Chapelle even though i never thought much of his movies , he just exploded on the scene with his comedy central show i was never much of a fan sketch comedy until he came out , this man had no shame when it came to comedy he would tackle any subject and he didnt care who he offended and thats what made this show so popular we may not have another comedian like this for years in my book he's like the richard pryor and eddie murphy stand up comedian of his time his sketch comedy is the best i will ever see proboably i thought season 1 was as good as it was going to get but charlie murphy's true hollywood stories blew me away as did the p.diddy one its a shame what happened to him and season 3 but anyone who is in the mood for a good laugh should pick up either season one or two or both because dave chappelle does in two season's what takes other comedians a liftime to attain...more info
  • Another season to a classic show!
    Season 2 is just as good, if not better, than Season 1 was. For now I only own this one, but either way they both are classics. There is no denying that there are sketches in here that will make your cheeks hurt from laughing you a ss off.

    Highlights in this Season to me would be:

    Slow Motion sketch
    Racial Draft
    Black Gallagher
    Negrodamus sketches
    Charlie Murphy's famous True Hollywood Stories (Both of them)
    Lil' Jon sketches
    The Internet in real life
    And many joke

    Bonus material includes an extra stand-up, over an hour of bloopers and deleted scenes. 2 unaired Charlie Murphy stories, an extended Rick James interview, and brilliant audio commentary from Dave and Neal. There is once again no thinking over to do, go out and buy this set now!...more info
    This dvd is the best, very funny, great entertainment. would recommend it to anyone it is simply the best. ...more info
  • Chappelle's movies
    I returned the two movies I bought, but have not received acredit yet. They were unopened x-mas gift that I decided was inappropriate for my 14 year old son. When can I expect a credit?...more info
  • Still Laughing
    Had this sent to the desert of Iraq and me and the other Marines watched and laughed for days. We still are laughing....Chapelle, from my home city, has an uncanny sense of hitting controversial topics and making even the prudest persons crack up.....2 thumbs up your----? (laughing)...more info
  • It'll get ya drunk!!!!!!!!!
    Simply put, this is the only DVD you need to buy this year. There are too many classic sketches to mention here. The bonus footage on Disc 3 has some great Rick James material. If you liked Season One (which was great in its own right), Season 2 will meet all your expectations and then some.

    Warning: after buying this, you will be tempted to by Half Baked....more info
  • Not Funny and Very Offensive
    I don't think this guys jokes are funny at all. Every skit is a slithering crack at white people and most of his shows are very violent and strange. I think this guy has a searing hatred of whites. Also, all that very serious stuff aside and when he isn't being like that, which is almost never, he just isn't particularly very funny and his skits look cheap and thrown together...Basically his shows seems immature, uneducated, and lacking in true social awareness. But this is for you if you like "fart joke" level humor with an seriously hateful black twist....more info
    This season is so funny it will make you sick. you will lauph outloud so hard you will have to rewind to see the rest of the joke....more info
  • Non-Stop Laughs!!!
    When I purchased Chappelle's Show-Season 1, I expected what I got out of Season 2. It is hands down one of the funniest TV series I've ever had the pleasure of watching. It's a prime example of how accepting everyone should be when it comes to Great Sketch Comedy- forget about how someone could be offended by something they see and ponder the question "how could someone not laugh at this?" It's realy quite simple: Either you have a sense of humor or you don't. If you do have a sense of humor, you'll be rolling on the floor hysterically. If you don't possess a sense of humor, then most likely you'll just be watching the show to see how much good humor can offend a human being. The fact is everyone is entitled to their own opinions and interpretations-INCLUDING THE PERSON WHO CREATED THIS SHOW! Thank God we live in America-where we can laugh at anything we wish. This is surely one to add and KEEP in the collection. I truely enjoyed every aspect of the show and hope that I can expect no less from Season 3. The guy is a comical genius. HE KNOWS WHAT MAKES PEOPLE LAUGH! Prove me wrong. Laughter makes everybody feel better. The average kid laughs 300 times a day. The average adult laughs 4 times a day. My suggestion-Pick up Chappelle's Show-Season 2 and feel like a kid for a good while. Everyone deserves a good couple hundred laughs every once in a while, Don't you?...more info
    Okay, first i would like to say i agree with Music fan12. This is probably the funniest show to ever hit TV. I give it 10/10 and two thumbs up and all that. Chappele is the funniest and most clever comedian and he needs to be supported. So everyone who enjoys this show should buy the DVD. These skits will leave you rolling around on the ground laughing and i am not kidding. ...more info
  • Best Chappelle Season!
    I love Chappelle and even if you don't you'll love this DVD. All the extra features are just an added plus. If you watched this season you know what you're getting. I love it and I love this man!!!...more info
  • Hittin on all cylinders - Classic!
    Could Dave do any better than season 2? Not sure. The jokes were so on point that it's near perfection.

    My favorite episodes:
    Rick James - no brainer. F@ck your couch!
    I Know Black People - What's the lyric to the theme of Good Times? Classic
    Wayne Brady - Wayne Brady got his ghetto pass back on this one.
    The Real World Episode - That was just skanless!
    The Blind Black White Supremacist - Genius...more info
  • My boyfriend loved it!!!
    It came in a timely fashion it was not broken or scratched at all. It worked great and my boyfriend loved it. It was his xmas present!...more info
    I am so pissed off at Dave Chappelle right now. Don't get me wrong, I love Dave, he's my favarite comedian , but he is a true definition of a Bi*ch for leaving his show like that. "he was stressed out about trying to live up to the $50 million contract". Well if you weren't sure if your show could live up to the contract you were given's standerds, then why would you sign the freaking contract. It was clearly a situation where Dave bit off more then he could chew w/ the contract even though he was well deserving of it and even though any of us would have taken the money as well.
    As for this second season, absolute classic stuff. My favarite scenes are, "The Three Daves", "The Niggar Family", the "Samuel L. Jakson" beer comercial(My persnal favarite), the "Wayne Brady"skit, the " V.D." skit, the "when keepen it real goes wrong" skit where he's cursing out his white co-workers' and of course, and of course, the grand daddy of them all, the skit that made Chappelle(if he wasn't one already) a house hold name, the "Rick James" skit.
    Whatching this and the first season of Chappelle's show, makes me all the more pissed that this show is actually done( and it really is over don't fool yourself).Dave you better do something to make up for this or your career is going to be over like Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy. ...more info
  • "I'm Rick James B****"
    Season two of Chappelle's Show isn't the best overall season. Season one still has the better collection of episodes and still introduced a lot of Chappelle's best characters, but season two has three very important things that couldn't be found in season one: "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories"; Dave's Lil Jon skits; and "I Know Black People."

    Firstly, Charlie Murphy's stories are some of the best I've ever heard, and in the fourth episode, we get to see the Rick James story, complete with Rick James himself there to prove the story is true. This is the funniest skit of both seasons; the fact that now you can hear everyone today going around shouting the catchphrase heard in this episode proves this. Charlie Murphy also talks about Prince and has a few extra moments on the special features DVD. Like the Rick James episode, Dave's Lil Jon has since spawned about four or five more catchphrases. And "I Know Black People" plays out like a real game show where Dave asks questions dealing with black people, rap, or any other subject closely related to those two. The he asks are varied with people who seem both hip to the subjects and people who look as if they should know nothing about it. The funny thing about this game show is who ends up winning, and also some of the answers given to Dave's questions.

    Other good skits include "Making Da Band" where Dave makes fun of P. Diddy's MTV series; "Negrodamus" where Paul Mooney returns; an entire episode where Dave quits and is replaced by Wayne Brady; and the "Racial Draft" in the first episode, which explains itself well. Plus, the extra features are excellent, with nearly a half-hour of stand-up comedy from Dave, plenty of bloopers, two more "Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories"--though not done nearly as well--and an the entire interview with the late Rick James. Those special features, along with the episodes and a few commentary tracks, make this a great package deal.

    Dave Chappelle is easily the funniest comedian out. He doesn't base his career off of corny one-liners (see Blue Collar Comedy) and doesn't mind being offensive. Basically, if you're offended by what he says or does in his series, then don't watch this, and definitely don't buy it. If you don't take yourself so seriously, and can see that Dave also makes fun of himself in this show, then pick this up....more info
  • Chappelle's Show
    This widely knwon comedy series is just unbelievable. The show without a doubt one of the funniest ever aired on television. Dave does't hold anything back at all. He goes from politics to race, to celebrities in the judicial court. No matter what ethinical background is or if you find it offensive, there's no stopping Dave Chappelle. He makes fun of all the different stereotypes to help people realize how crazy and stupid they are. Season 2 was more extreme, more hilarious, and obviously more uncensored. He brings back the crackhead Tyrone competing on Fear Factor. He shows us what it would be like if their was a black president. He also shows all of his Rick James skits with Charlie Murphy. Wayne Brady replaces him as the host and he thrives to get his job back. He even has a "Racial Draft" where whites, blacks, latinos, asians, and the Jewish choose certain celebrities to join their race. All in all season 2 of the Chappelle Show is two thumbs up....more info
  • Another Hit
    My husband and I love the Chapelle show on TV, but of course we miss a lot of the "inuendo" with all the bleeps on public television. Call me crass, but I like the skits better with all the language included.

    Another hit in my opinion....more info
  • Great DVD Dont miss it!
    This is even better than the first season! Although he could have done without the artists singing forever in some of the episodes. but i cant wait for the third season....more info
  • Error in product type
    Was sent an incorrect zoned DVD even though my country and location were specified....more info
    I can't believe I haven't rated this dvd. Let me start off by saying that "true hollywood stories" wasn't the funnniest in this season. It was funny, but not the funiest. I can't say which one because the whole dvd set was hilarious. Dave does whatever he wants to do on his show and that is what I love about this guy. This dvd set has WAY more things that are funny. For example, the deleted scenes. Every scene is funny on the deleted scenes. Plus, there's more to the rick james skit.

    So if you do not have this set by now, it is sold out where you live or you are broke or you just watch it censored on tv....more info
  • absolutely fantastic
    fantastic 3 dvd set of the chappelle's show 2nd season.
    the rick james parts are phenomenal...
    this dvd can entartain you and your buddies for years..
    i highly suggest it...more info


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