Max Fitness 75cm Exercise Ball with Foot Pump (Black)

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Product Description

75 cm Max Fitness Exercise ball with FREE foot Pump included. Incorporate the versatility and effectiveness of the Max-Fitness exercise balls into your workout. Core strength training is the only way to exercise. You can take your exercise balls with you wherever you go or exercise at the conveinence of your home. Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, this ball will enhance your workout giving you results. Ideal for stretching, strengthening, and toning exercises. First used by physical therapists over 30 years ago, Exercise Balls are now used in leading health clubs around the nation and are quickly becoming a standard item for any home gym. The Max-fitness Exercise Ball is safe, durable, and easy-to-use. The ball is made of burst resistant heavy gauge PVC vinyl and is rated to withstand up to 500lbs pressure.Includes: 1 black ball , 1 foot pump.

  • Increase stability and flexibility
  • Ideal for Core strength training
  • Comes with easy to use foot pump
  • Helps make your back stronger
  • Ergonomic

Customer Reviews:

  • good training aid
    the ball was very useful in my home training and gave good support to my lower back for all exercises. i like the ball training method too....more info
  • Extremely Happy
    I am very pleased with this product. Even more pleased with the fantastic customer service. I would order from this company again!...more info
  • exercise ball
    This is a larger ball for taller people. I was very satisfied with the material and feel of the ball. ...more info
  • The best i seen
    i bought that fitness ball after i shoped around in sports store...disappointed with all i have seen,i m 190 and i Exercis on the ball with weight all get almost to the burst point i didnt trust it and it was expensive ones!!!i bought max fitness ball and as soon as i blew it and put it to felt safe really good quality.just wanna say that between me and my wife we use it everyday.great the seller if any question he WILL get back to u within hours.its must for strength and conditioning workout. ...more info
  • Great Product, but...
    It took a VERY long time to get. I ordered on the 5th of the month and would say it was probably the 25th before I got it. Product is great, but just took forever...more info
  • Good for sitting on
    I bought this ball as a chair for my home computer desk as my posture was crap. The ball was easy to inflate, hasn't gone down, and easily supports my weight (85kgs). Best of all my posture is much better although it's not quite the miracle 'Ab workout' that i'd hoped for.

    Down side was it cost a lot for me to get shipped to Europe and took about 3 weeks, but at least they were prepared to do so, unlike some of the british and german sellers i tried to buy through....more info
  • yes!
    The ball is great. Fast delivery. Me and my husband both use the ball all the time. Anytime my back hurts i just use the ball and it feels really good. It's fun to use anytime even while watching tv....more info
  • Great Service
    Had a small issue with the product I received. I contacted customer service who quickly made amends and corrected the problem....more info
  • The Ball is Round
    The Max Fitness exercise ball is great and very round as described unlike other square balls I have received. It is made of a soft material which makes it not hard as other balls I have had before. Still yet, the ball is firm the way I like it, not too mushy like other balls I have received. The ball comes in a charcoal black color, which gives the ball a dark shade contrast. Although, the rubber-plastic like material offsets this darker shade, by having a shiny outside glisten to it. I have found even more unlikely uses for the ball, such as exercising or working out while using it. The pump is especially nice for inflating air into the ball too. All my past balls had been hard to use without this. ...more info
  • Good Investment
    This Item is just as discribed. And works for me. Foot pump is low-grade but did the job. Bottem line is Im pleased.

    Thanks, Ryan T....more info
  • Useful for crunches but BIG
    I probably ordered the size too big and suspect the 60cm would have been best. Pretty big to leave inflated in the house.
    The pump split immediately, but since the inflator end fall off the tube and the tube falls off the pump, it's a moot point. Assume you will buy a decent pump.
    Vinyl quality is OK but it does not seem quite as robust as those at the gym. Still, for the price it is decent value....more info
  • Heavy duty exercise ball
    The rubber in this exercise ball is much thicker than others I've purchased, so I can see why it's listed as anti-burst. The included pump was helpful as well. As indicated in the instructions, the ball didn't seem to blow up that much initially, but after letting it sit overnight, I was able to add more air. So far I'm very pleased with it....more info
  • Very bad experience
    Item wasn't shipped until after the original date it was supposed to be received and arrived two weeks late. Once opened, the pump included didn't even work. Upon closer inspection, the pump was sent with a shredded o-ring inside. Haven't heard back after emailing to resolve the problem yet...more info
  • Great Ball and Service
    We have had our balls for about 2 months. The first ones we received lost air between workouts. I contacted Max Fitness, and with no questions ask, they sent us new ones within a week. The replacements work great! I had read other reviews that the customer service was really bad, and I think they may have taken note and fixed the problems. I would recommend this product to anyone! ...more info
  • good product but...
    I like this ball now that I have it set up- it's great for stretching and even as a chair. However, when it arrived it had an oily residue all over it accompanied by a terrible chemical smell- maybe I'm just oversensitive to these things, but it was really overpowering. I washed it as best I could, and the smell has faded over time, but avoid this product if you have any sensitivity to smells or chemical.s...more info
  • slow service
    It took me exactly one month to get my order from this company because they initailly sent the wrong size ball. They don't really have an efficient customer service department; I think the whole place is run by one person. Anyway, I finally got my ball and it's what I wanted, so that's ok. ...more info
  • Worth The Wait
    Although delivery was slow and there was a mixed-up with the order, the seller finally made everything right. I specifically wanted a black ball to fit in better with my house decor. It is to be used both as a "chair" and for exercise. The ball seems to be sufficiently sturdy and the air pump is slow but works fine. It is shinier surface than I would have liked, but overall I am pleased. ...more info
  • Good price for a sturdy product
    I bought this item to use as a chair replacement, which means it likely gets used more often than if for exercise. I bought this items a month ago and have used it almost daily since. To date I have not had to reinflate the ball and it has been sturdy and comfortable. The enclosed pump didn't inspire a lot of confidence but actually worked just fine, and given the fact that it may not require a lot of use, should be suitable for the life of the ball....more info
  • works great
    just as described, works great, bigger than it looks at first. plastic smell goes away after you leave it in the shower under hot water for 10-15 minutes...more info
  • Nice company, good service
    Initial mix up on my order was remedied by a very apologetic owner of this family business. The exercise balls were re-sent and are as they should be. I use mine for computer chairs...better for posture, circulation, abs. For me, all around a more comfortable seat at a desk....more info
  • Very strong good quality
    This thing holds up to my weight which is 318lbs w/o flinching. I lift weights on it, so its really holding a lot more than that. It is quite strong. The pump they give you with it though makes it take a LONG time and a lot of energy to fill up, its nice if you have your own pump....more info


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