Valeo MB8 8-Pound Medicine Ball

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Product Description

8 lb Durable Rubber Medicine Ball. Textured rubber surface for superior grip. Bounces off hard surfaces. Includes exercise wall chart. Recommended by leading fitness trainers. Great for all fitness levels

  • Sturdy rubber construction with a textured surface for superior grip
  • Built to bounce off hard surfaces
  • Includes an exercise wall chart
  • Helps develop core strength and improve coordination, balance, and endurance

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Product
    I would recommend this product to anyone who is training clients and wants a more economic medicine ball. Or to anyone who does not care if the med ball they use looks "cool" or trendy. These look good and have a good feel and work well for the price.
    I like that there are no little bumpy gripers on the ball. I have worked with other balls that have friction for grip. These tend to hurt the hands when you catch them.

    I am taking these outdoors for bootcamp and they will be getting dirty. I intend for them to hold up but this is the first time buying these. I will review back if they do not hold up to the outdoor environment....more info
  • Good Quality Medicine Ball
    These are the same set of medicine balls my personal trainer uses. I LOVE them. They are bumpy rubber like a basketball and roughly the same size. The 12 & 10 lb. are about the size of a basketball, while the 8 & 6 lb. are slightly smaller, and 4 & 2 lb. just a bit smaller than that. It seems like such an easy workout but surprisingly you can really feel the workout in your core. They are NOT the same as the Weighted Fitness Ball which is about the size of a softball. My whole family uses these medicine balls, it is a great workout we can all do together....more info
  • Perfect Medicine Ball
    I Love this Medicine ball. It is soft and won't hurt your floors or foot if you drop it. Has the feel of a basketball which makes it easy to catch and grip on to....more info
  • Incredible core workout!!! Great Strength Builder!
    If I dared put a video in this category, you would hear resounding laughter from all corners of the globe!!! Anyway, I love the medicine ball and purchased it after seeing a strength training article the Tarheels Basketball Coach uses for the team in Men's Health Magazine! My husband receives this magazine, compliments of our daughter, and I read it with great enthusiasm!

    The Valeo 8-lb. Medicine Ball is definitely not recommended for those starting out using a weighted medicine ball; go with a lighter weight!
    I really like it and would encourage anyone to start somewhere with strength training! It works if you work it!...more info
  • Very fun and durable.
    This ball is great. I keep it at the office and everyone plays with it. We bounce it on the concrete, throw it to each other. It's great and seems like it will last a very long time....more info
  • It's a medicine ball!
    Way cheaper than the Nike ball and does what it is supposed to - weigh 8lbs and have decent grip....more info
  • Medicine Ball Review
    I love my 8 pound Valeo medicine ball. I use the workout sheet with its list of exercises and am very happy with the workout. I had a 2 pound ball but needed more of a challenge. The ball arived in perfect condition and is a nice addition to my other exercise items....more info
  • Made in China
    The ball is good quality and has a good grip, so it's quite usefull for medicine ball exercises. However, the ball is made in China and has a rubber, tire odor which I have not been able to get rid of. The company stated that the rubber has not been tested for any harmfull chemicals.
    They might want to do that....more info
  • Excellent Price, Sizing and Grip
    This medicine ball is excellent! I also own the 6 lb ball (colored green so you can tell them apart) and it works great. The best thing about this ball is the grip. I do my medicine ball exercises when I'm watching TV, and it's very reassuring to know that the ball won't slip from my hands and smash into my LCD TV.

    The only negative is the fairly lame sample exercises they include with the package. If you're looking something more substantial, search for "The Tar Heels Workout" medicine ball circuit that you can find on info
  • An excellent choice, in a comfortable size

    I'm very happy with this medicine ball. It seems well made, and its deeply textured surface and medium/small size (8.5" in diameter) make it very easy to handle. When I bought this Valeo 8-pound ball, I also ordered a TKO 12-pound ball, which has some distinct differences. The TKO turned out to be much larger: at 11" in diameter, it's even bigger than a basketball, and the texturing on the TKO is not as deep.

    All in all, I'm glad I ended up with the combination of one smaller, lighter medicine ball and one bulkier, heavier medicine ball. The larger size of the TKO makes it harder to handle - which is a good thing, because it makes it more of a workout to manipulate it. For exercises like the squat press or medicine-ball curl, I prefer the larger size of the TKO ball, while for exercises more focused on range-of-motion, the smaller Valeo ball is a great tool. If you're considering a pair of these, this might be an option to explore. They both seem equally well made, despite their differences.

    But if you're just looking for a mid-weight, easy-to-handle ball, definitely get yourself the Valeo.
    ...more info
  • Exactly what I wanted
    The surface material is rubbery, so easier to grip than other medicine balls. I'd definitely recommend it. ...more info
  • Valeo Med Ball
    I received this quickly and it is a great product. Also came with a poster to show some exercises....more info


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