Marsona TSC-330 Travel Sound Conditioner

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Product Description

The high quality sounds and noise masking capabilities of full sized sound conditioners are featured in the TSC-330 white noise machine by Marpac. The TSC-330 sound conditioner is a compact, travel size (approximately 6" x 4" x 2"). The soothing white noise sounds of rain, waterfall and surf aid in sleep, concentration and relaxation while masking unwanted noise. These natural sounds calm crying, colicky babies as well. Fits easily on a nightstand, desk or in an overnight bag. Perfect for home, office or travel.

  • Sleep and Rest Better
  • Compact and lightweight, yet offers thise masking capabilities of many full-sized sound conditioners
  • Fits easily into an overnight bag or suitcase and comes complete with a handy nylon Travel Pouch.
  • Utilizes solid state technology to create "white noise" emulating Rain, Waterfall and Surf
  • Mask unwanted noise or create acoustic privacy where needed

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Good, but I Still Stuggle Sleeping with It
    This is an excellent unit. I like that it uses organic sound and not a recording. I also like the wide variety of tones that it offers. I find that different pitches are more or less effective for different types of noises. It's also smeall and portable enough to easily take when traveling.

    That said, I still struggle sleeping with it. I should say that I'm an extremely light sleeper and really need/want absolute silence. Unfortunately, I go to bed earlier than the rest of my family and I would hear just enough talking/TV/general activity to keep me from getting that sleep.

    When traveling, if I can get the hotel's fan to stay on at a constant speed, it will mask other noises and I will sleep well enough. I was looking to repeat that experience at home. This unit does mask the noises, but (for me) there is something I find a little annoying about the sound regardless of pitch. The only way I can describe it is that the hotel's fan is sort of a big sound where the noise that comes out of this always sounds little and coming out of a little speaker, even with the tone turned all the way down.

    It does the job, though, I guess. It helps me sleep a bit until the rest of the family quiets down for the evening. But with the rest of the house quiet, this unit will eventually wake me up and I need to reach over and turn it off if I want to sleep well for the rest of the evening. Glad I have it and it's worth the price to me, but still not the ultimate solution for my needs....more info
  • Not sure
    Used it for a couple of weeks. It kind of grows on you. I don't know if it helps me sleep or not, but I don'g mind it....more info
  • Highly recommended
    Having used one of the fan based devices from the same company, I was interested in this as a second unit. The sound is configurable in two ways. First is volume and second is pitch / mix. The pitch / mix (as I call it) slider on the bottom of the unit moves from a low booming white sound to a high pitched sound. This is EXACTLY like the sound of surf. In fact, by sliding the bar from low to high, the back to low, you can make it sound identical to surf breaking on a shore - given that this is all electronically generated and not a recording, it's amazing how realistic this sounds.

    The only problem with the unit I received is that there is a slight vibration somewhere in the unit that can be heard at higher volume levels. I'm reasonably sure that tightening a screw somewhere would solve this, but I'm not bothered enough to do it - and risk ruining the warranty. On that note, I really don't think this would happen as my one (phone) experience with the manufacturer for my other unit was wonderful. They were genuinely concerned that it had developed a bearing issue and asked me to send it in for replacement right away. While the issue cleared itself up before I could send it in, it left me with very positive feelings on the company.

    We really love this machine and hope you will too....more info
  • It's the Absolute Best
    I can't give a lot of technical information, but my sisters and I have tried a lot of sound machines and this is the absolute best. We often sleep three to a room when we travel and found we were all wanting the sound mchine. They all bought one of the these travel Marsona's now. It's quite small and lightweight for a sound machine and has great sound. ...more info
  • Much better than the cheap ones I've had
    I have a fan at home and that works fine but on the road in my RV when we park in rest areas etc. it can get noisy and the RV battery has to be used to power everything so I like to minimize the appliances I use. I had another portable noise machine that was terrible. It had an effect of looping the noise. I could detect where the loop ended and started again. This made it actually HARDER to fall asleep. This one was more expensive but is so much better (no surprise). So I guess you get what you pay for.
    Pros - There does not seem to be a loop, Volume control can go pretty high or nearly silent, can be run on AC or by AA batteries, noise type can be changed by increments so you can find the exact tone that works for you, small enough for travel.
    Cons - you have to buy the battery pack separately. wish the batteries went IN the unit and had a switch to go betwwen AC and battery, a little expensive but I've seen what the cheap ones are like.
    Would I but again? - Yes!...more info
  • Excellent Product
    I have purchased this product before and it provides good service. My only complaint is the cord for the electrical connection has, after considerable use, broken. This most probably was brought about because the cord is "folded" for traveling. Wish they would re-design the cord to reduce this problem....more info
  • review
    Good product. Easy to change and set volume and sound. Only drawback is not having a timer....more info
  • A better night's sleep despite thin walls
    My home's walls are woefully thin, I have been a most unwilling observer to my neighbor's life. Although this device will not obscure the inconsiderate neighbor's new home theater system, it works beautifully on voices and other miscellaneous annoying noises. It works on voices and noises in the typical range, not for heavy bass or erratic noises.

    It is pleasant to hear rain or water sounds, and after 1 or 2 nights it actually lulled me to sleep. When the neighbor had guests milling about outside my home, the Marsona washed out the sounds of their merriment; it did nothing for the smell of smoke though. I have come to depend on it to neutralize the variety of nocturnal noises that I do not want to be exposed to.

    It is compact so I can take it with me to hotels when I travel. I do wish that it had a timer function that could turn it off after a few hours to save electricity. I turn it off when I wake up.

    All in all a worthy investment that will make me a friendlier neighbor!...more info
  • Great buy!
    I bought this about 3 weeks ago and so far it has exceeded my expectations. It is easy to use and compact. ...more info
  • Great Item
    My wife likes to sleep with the noise of the furnice fan going whether or not we wanted to have heat or air conditioning. It was just too quiet in the bedroom without some kind of "white" noise.
    My wife and I weren't quite sure what to expect when we ordered this item, but the reviews I read were so good, we decided to take a chance. We have been more than satisfied with how it operates. I particularly like the ocean waves setting. We've had it for two months and, We recommended it to anyone who is looking for this kind of "white" noise machine. ...more info
  • Saved my vacation
    On our last vacation, my husband's snoring kept me awake at nights; making for a less-than-pleasant trip. This time, I brought this noise machine along and got plenty of rest. It is surprisingly simple, but does the job nicely. I bought it for travel, but have been using it now that I'm back home also....more info
  • Decent noise
    This is my first experience with a white-noise machine. Overall it works pretty well, although I have to say that the many glowing reviews here led me to have high expectations that were not completely met. It does allow you to adjust the frequency (high = "rain," low = "flood"), and whether you want it to be continuous, or "wave," although with the latter you can't, as far as I could tell, change the speed of the waves. I think it sounds a little more artificial and grainy than I'd hoped, but it still seems to result in a pretty good sleep, so overall I would say it still works pretty well.
    ...more info
  • Almost Like Being On The Beach
    I recently returned from a stay on the beachfront in Maui. I really enjoyed listening to the waves at night coming in from my opened Lanai. So I wanted to replicate that back home in my bedroom. Ergo the TSC-330. I am very happy with it as a wave generator and it comes pretty close to the real thing. The only two cons are it really needs a "speed control" for the waves (and rain etc.) and need a more clever way to hold a battery than that optional big and clumsy battery holder. Otherwise, waves away!...more info
  • Best white noise out there - don't balk at the price
    I travel a lot, and used to often have trouble in my hotel room. First, I'm used to the sound of my house (the a/c, my wife, baby monitor hum, etc). Second, hotel A/C kicking on and off can be loud, people in the hall are loud, city noises, etc. Most white noise generators that make nature sounds fail miserably for a few reasons. First, they use cheap tinny speakers with too much treble. You can easily pinpoint the source of the sounds and it gets annoying. Second (and most important), they use 6 second clips of nature (1 ocean wave, a few raindrops), and then loop it over and over. When you wish to focus on the white noise to sleep, you WILL hear the loop and it WILL drive you crazy. I can tell it's the same ocean wave over and over... I can hear the spot where the loop starts over.

    The Marsona white noise generator is different. First, the speaker is really quite good. Nice base quality, and it really fills the room with sound in a non-directional way (I can't tell exactly where it's coming from). Second, the eletronics actually synthesize the rain/surf sound dynamically, as opposed to using a recording. This means no obvious loop point, and each wave sounds slightly different enough to prevent distraction. I couldn't believe I was spending more than $50 for a white noise generator when you can buy boxes that make dozens of different sounds for far less. However, how many sounds do you need other than the one that makes you fall asleep (and stay asleep)? This box produces 1 sound, with a pitch control and a treble/bass control (calling it rain, waterfall, surf--all depends on these controls), and it works tremendously. I cannot recommend it enough. I imagine their larger units must even be better, but for travel, this is great....more info
  • Good for 3rd shifters, not so good for infants.....
    Machine works great as it should. I sleep during the day at least 5 days a month and haven't heard the children when school lets out and haven't heard the trash truck either.

    One interesting bit of info that I found in an article on the PubMed site. Attention parents!! One recent study in baby rats have shown a delay in auditory development of rats exposed to white noise. If deduction holds then we may eventually see that it does the same in human infants and auditory delay means learning delay.

    I recommend simple classical music to help babies sleep until we have studies to disprove the above theory....more info
  • Once you get one, you'll never sleep without it!
    It might sound crazy to shell out $70 for a machine that's only purpose is to emulate a softly whooshing vacuum cleaner. But once you get one of these you'll never want to sleep without it again!

    I used to run a HEPA air filter in my bedroom all night (hey, I figure I might as well breathe clean air for 1/3 of my life, right?) Eventually you get so used to the sound of a running fan that you need it every time you sleep. Besides, my apartment bedroom faced the parking lot, so there was always a lot of noise from people driving in and out and slamming car doors, etc. I'm a very light sleeper, so the HEPA filter helped me get to sleep by masking those sounds.

    Whenever I'd travel I'd always turn the room fan on "high" before hitting the sack. In hotels where I couldn't manually turn on the fan, I'd toss and turn all night, distracted by the sound of silence (as contradictory as that sounds).

    When I moved in with my wife, her bedroom was too small for my HEPA air filter. So I found the Marsona TSC-330 on Amazon and decided it was worth a try (and a lot less expensive than buying HEPA filters). All I can say is, WOW, I wish I'd bought one of these years ago! The bedroom in our house faces the street, so again I have to deal with traffic noises and cars going by at all hours. The Marsona masks those sounds and enables us to get to sleep and stay asleep.

    My wife and I now take this little gizmo with us everywhere we go when we know we'll be staying overnight. We even bought the optional battery pack, in case we go camping or are staying somewhere without an outlet.

    My wife calls it the "sleep machine", and when my mother told me that my dad was having trouble sleeping, I told her about the Marsona. She bought one, and now they use it every night too!


    No moving parts to break (sounds are created digitally).

    Imitates various sounds like "rain", "waterfall", and "surf". Really though, all you're doing is changing the pitch (high or low), volume (loud or soft) and whether or not the sound comes and goes (which mimics ocean surf).

    Really helps you get to sleep (and stay asleep)!

    Also helps babies and dogs sleep.


    Might take some people a few weeks until their brain gets accustomed to the sound. But it's well worth the wait!

    The controls are on the bottom, which is not convenient but also not too big of a deal because you generally just set it the way you want it and leave it that way every night.

    On/Off switch is located in the back, rather than on the top where it would be more easily accessible.

    The battery pack is a separate unit, and somewhat bulky. They should modify the device to run off of a 9-volt battery or something. We almost never have a need for the battery pack, though, so it's a minor point.

    Calling this a "travel" device is a bit of a stretch, IMHO. It's about the size of a thick paperback novel (think John Grisham). It also has one of those bulky AC adapters with the power brick on the end. It fits fine in a standard suitcase, but if you're REALLY traveling light (like with only a small overnight bag) then it does take up a bit more room than you'll probably like....more info
  • Great Product!
    We began using the Marpac 980 Sound Screen years ago in our bedroom and then found that it was hard to sleep when I travel. I first bought a cheeper version (not this brand) at an airport, but the sound wasn't the same and it didn't help much. I then bought this travel version hoping it would alleviate sleepless nights in the hotel (or having to turn on the fan hoping it would help). Have used it on two trips and it works great! The sound is similar to the Marpac 980. Its a bit pricey but well worth it!...more info
  • I became a fan of white noise
    I bought this for my husband because he loves white noise and ending up loving it myself. It has an ocean setting which sounds so much like real waves it brings me back to my vacations to the coast. Great little invention!...more info
  • probably one of the best; still leaves something to be desired
    pros: compact, easy to hide, volume adjusts from inaudible to deafening, generated (not looped) sounds; could take on trips

    cons: sound choices limited and largely sound the same; instructions fall short of explaining what the two sound controls actually do; not exactly a sonic wonder -- produces essentially no bass, and midrange is peaky

    other thoughts: solid construction, and family members seem to like its soothing sound. i'm picky and wanted more bass and more options for sculpting the sound...more info
  • One of the better units out there
    I was torn between buying the Marsona TSC-330 or the Marpac 980 Sound Screen. I wound up buying both so I could decide for myself. Both are a big step up from the other looping recorded track systems out there. The TSC-330 has a fairly natural sound but not quite as nice as the real fan sound of the Marpac 980 (the 980 uses a real fan to make the noise).

    Bottom line: If you don't need this for travel I would go with the Marpac 980 for it's more natural sound and lower price. If you are looking for a travel unit and don't mind paying a slight premium, the Marsona TSC-330 sound is good enough and less bulky to throw in a suitcase....more info
  • Superb
    Well I don't think you give a feather about my family situation and all that garbage people bore you, the bottom line:

    Pros: It does not produce annoying recorded repetition of sound (known as a loop). It makes a very pleasing, constant "whoooshhhhhhhh" sound. You cannot hear any repetitive cuts, like you do with 95% or the cheaper noise makers. It sounds like waterfall or heavy distant rain. You can adjust the tone and the volume.

    It is small enough to pack in suitcase, even a small overnight suitcse. It is pretty light. It feels sturdy. Not like a toy, but like a solid piece of serious workmanship.

    For all the people who say these kind of noise makers "just aren't loud enough" for your sleeping baby. Either get rid of your baby or buy the friging ocean! You can't have EVERYTHING!

    And for all you penny pinchers, the reason it cost alot is because the people who make it ARE SERIOUS and decided to make something of quality that WORKS LIKE YOU'D WANT IT TO WORK. They did not cut corners and hope to fool you with unrealistic advertising b.s. Go buy some rinky dink 25 dollar gizmo and complain about it later if you want. Or buy this one and be happy!

    I've gone through alot of noise makers. The only one better is the Marpac 980, because it uses real wind like a fan, but it's too big and heavy for travel.

    Stick with me kid, you'll go far....more info
  • My little Dream Machine!
    I work 3rd shift and had a hard time sleeping during the day.I turn this on and good night I am out like Light! It really relaxes me! You might have to mess with the settings to get the sound that soothes you. Once you do it really unwinds you! The price my be kind of high compare to the cheap models out there but you are getting a great quality machine that should last for years!It also work better for me on the other side of the room instead of next to me on the night stand. ...more info


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