Weight Watchers WW43/WW43D Memory Glass Electronic Scale

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Exquisite styling defines this dramatic round, glass scale with its gently glowing blue-backlit LCD. The WW43 tracks weight for up to 4 users, displaying start, last, current, and goal weights, as well as differences between those and the users current weight. Sophisticated semiconductor, multiple load cell system technology accurately reads and electronically stores user data. The safe, impact-resistant glass platform is suspended on graceful feet and has a capacity of 380llbs. Weight, measured in 0.1 or 50g increments, is easy to read in an oversized 1.5 backlit digital display.

  • 4 user memory
  • Displays start, last, current, and goal weight
  • Leveler system for most accurate weight measurement
  • 381 lb, 172 kg weight capacity
  • Large, safe, impact resistant 12.5 glass platform

Customer Reviews:

  • Not impressed yet, where do I put my feet?
    This scale hasn't measured the same weight yet. I have tried several times in a row and come up with different numbers up to a 2lb difference. I need a scale that is accurate. I thought at this price I'd be able to get that. Maybe the placement of my feet is the problem? I didn't realize that round scales are harder to judge foot placement. On the square ones I put my feet in the same spot each time. The scale does say Im balanced so maybe its not a problem? I wish I hadn't have bought this scale. Im out about 50.00 and I still cant weigh myself....more info
    It has been very accurate evertime I or my wife step on it. There has been no inconsistencies. ...more info
  • A Weight Watcher Member Who Loves This Scale!
    This scale is all I'd hoped it would be and more!
    The leveling feature works well. Unlike other scales I've owned
    the weight doesn't vary if you used it minutes later. I like the measuring of weight in tenths of a pound just like the scales at my Weight Watcher meetings. It's also a beautiful addition to our bathroom! I was concerned about the glass top, but, it seem to be quite sturdy....more info
  • Scale works well, but can't program it
    When I received the scale, I read through the instructions but for some reason couldn't get it to save the starting weight and therefore can't use any of those "extras" that the scale has to offer (goal weight, change from last weigh, etc.) It was kind of disappointing because I feel as if I did pay extra for a scale that had those features... Anyway, as far as strictly determining current weight, it works great....more info
  • Worth the money
    I was skeptical about this scale from the get go because I figured it couldn't be any better than the cheaper digital scales. Oh was I wrong! This scale is always consistent and levels out your weight so there is no possible way to cheat, no matter how much I want to!!...more info
  • as expected
    It works exactly as expected, the scale is very easy to use and so far very accurate. Nice modern design and it comes with an easy to store/carry box. Something that is not very clear from the description on the site - you actually have an option to switch between kilos and pounds I was nicely surprised by the fact.
    Overall a great scale for the whole family to enjoy...more info
  • WW 43 Memory Glass Electronic Scale Review
    I have never had a scale I enjoyed getting on more. Love the tenths weighing; and the looks of it are so clean and smart. Very happy I ordered it and the price was right too....more info
  • It's ok
    It's ok but can never get it to have the same reading, even within seconds of each try. It is pretty accurate to the Weight Watchers scale I weigh on each week but it is frustrating at home trying to see where you are at when you cannot believe it. ...more info
  • Weigh Me
    Overall a good digital scale.

    sleek, good looking, will fit any decor and weigh-ins fairly accurate.

    Cons/Watch out for:
    make sure you use scale on smooth leveled surfaces or your weigh-ins will certainly be off....more info
  • The Enemy
    Yes, it's a nice scale. Damn thing tells the truth every time I get on it. Are you happy now?...more info
  • Wonderful attractive scales.
    These scales are great. They look really nice also. I guess the only complaint I have is they give me my correct weight. I think if you buy these you will love them as much as I do!...more info
  • Great and informative
    Great Scale. It's very informative and detailed. This product is very attractive and blended right in. ...more info
  • Best Scale for home or group.
    I am a leader for First Place for Health. We have 14 in our group and meet weekly as a support group for Christian growth and weight loss. Each week we weigh to see if we are any closer to our goal. This Weight Watchers scale is the third scale we have tried in three years. The other scales would show err each time a new person stepped on the scale. The weight watchers scale is perfect for an individual or a group. It weighs correctly each time. Also we have some members who weigh over 300 lbs and it can accommodate them.[ASIN:B0008G2W6Q Weight Watchers WW43/WW43D Memory Glass Electronic Scale] them....more info
  • Weight Watchers electronic scale
    An exceptional product in both form and function. Highly recommend.
    ...more info
  • Losing Weight is Fun
    I purchased this product when I was on weightwatchers because it was able to track multiple people with the push of a button. Since I have regained some weight, I found it easy to reset so I can begin tracking the progress again. It gives me my current weight, lost since last weigh, and what's left. Very motivating...more info
  • Weight Watchers WW43 Memory Glass Electronic Scale
    I really find this product to be precise and I truly trust the scale reading. Any negative reviews you may read or hear regarding this WW scale is because the user does not understand how to use it or program it. It is very easy to program and after programming it, it is set for your daily use. If you are thinking twice about purchasing this product, I recommend that you don't think twice -- just purchase it and you will see that it is a fabulous product. Buy it -- you won't regret it!...more info
  • Very accurate. Easy to use.
    We are enjoying our new scale. It is very accurate when compared to my weight measurements at the doctor's office. As long as you follow directions when setting up individual users, it is very user-friendly. We love it....more info
  • Great, very accurate.
    Love it, I weight myself at the same time every week and naked, and it is very accurate. I compare it to my doctor scale, and it is great, love it!!...more info
  • Excellent product and service from Amazon
    I ordered this item as a Christmas gift and when it was completed, I was told that the free super saver shipping would not get it here before Christmas. I received an email saying it would arrive on the 26th. Two days later I received another email saying delivery wqas expected on the 24th. It did show up on the 24th, in time to be wrapped and given to the recipient. The scale itself is very nice. Sturdy, attractive, easy to use. Great product at a great price. Hihgly reccommended. MK...more info
    This scale is on the mark, easy to program and customizable for up to 4 individuals. I love to see what I've lost each week compared to the previous week, great incentive for one to achieve his/her goal(s). Also it is nice to view how many more .lbs one must lose before one's goal(s) are reached. All in all, I would say this scale is a must have!...more info
  • Not exact at all
    If you are really trying to lose weight this is not a good scale . Mine says something different everytime I use it . I tried it 5 times in a row and all different. if you just need to generally know around how much you weigh it's fine . But if you are using it for weight loss - don't get this...more info
  • Weight Watcher WW43 Scale
    The reading are totally repeatable, plus the scale gives you your weight, the difference between your current weight and the last time you weighed yourself, the difference between your current weight and your weight the first time you were on the scale plus the number of pounds you need to lose to get to your desired weight. It is also very good looking and about $10 less expensive at Amazon than the same model at Wal-Mart where they always have "Low Prices"...more info
  • Great Weight Mate!
    I used to list from side to side to get a weight number I could accept. I was despicable! That's why I specifically chose the WW43/43D model. No shifting weight numbers here. For a few days I dragged it from room to room to see if I could force a different reading, but it always rang true. There are other options in this sleek looking, not so heavy scale, but it's always been the bottom number for me, so I would recommend it to anyone who's been leaning heavily on an old scale. The truth has set me free!...more info
  • Either a defective product or poorly designed
    I knew there was a problem with this scale the first time my son weighed himself and it recorded his weight 25+lbs over his weight. He stepped on the scale 3 times in a row and got 3 different weights each at least 20 lbs more than he weighs. The second day, thinking perhaps the scale was not on a level space, we moved it to another location. The LED's that are supposed to indicate that it is balanced did not work properly -- kept indicating the person needed to move to one side even when there was no room left on the scale to do so. Giving it one more try, the third day, 4 different members of the family tried several times to weigh themselves. It was impossible to get the same weight twice in a row and there were variations from 1-15 lbs. We returned it on the fourth day. I'm not sure if I just got a defective product or if this is poorly designed product but I didn't take any chances. I would not recommend this product nor would I buy it again....more info
  • Finally an accurate scale!
    I am so happy to finally have an accurate scale. I played with this scale moving it all over the house the first night I got it & it was exactly the same everywhere I placed it. I love that it measures with 1/10 LB. increments and when I weighed in at my weekly WW meeting it was exactly the same as this scale read before I left the house. Programming in my start weight & goal weight & seeing each time I weigh how much I have lost is great. I finally have a scale I can trust! Thank you Conair. I just ordered a 2nd one for a friend at WW who doesn't use the internet. Amazon.com - as always - fastest processing & shipping on the planet. Can always count on Amazon! Thank you Amazon.com...more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    A lot of the previous posters probably had inaccurate readings because they did not fully snap in the batteries; I was getting weights that were all over the place at first as well, until I looked at the battery slot and realized it wasn't completely closed (a tiny push does the trick). After fixing that, the scale reads perfectly - it's the same weight regardless of where I go, and it's dead on with other scales. Plus, the .1 degree measurements are rather nice! I have no problems with this scale; in fact, it's probably my favorite one to date....more info
  • Instructions Manual Anyone
    I either didn't get an instruction book or threw it away with box. Does anyone who has it know if I need to set up anything on it and if so, how?
    I'm not sure it is weighing properly.

    Thanks...more info
  • Simple and accurate
    Scale is easy to use and accurate. Large Numbers for us old folks and attractive. Love it....more info
  • Weighing can be fun
    This scale makes it pleasant to weigh in. After researching all of the WW scales, I decided on this one and have absolutely no regrets. I love: the appearance, weight given in .1 increments, the precision and the program which is very easy to use. Even my family loves to weigh themselves on this one. ...more info
  • Love it!
    I bought this because I saw it at a friends house and liked the style of it and the digital display. When I received it I was even more excited to find out that once programmed it will display current weight, difference in current weight and original weight, and pounds to go to reach your goal weight. It has a balancing display for accurate results. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was the programming can be a little tricky. It's not bad but not as easy as some might want....more info
  • Wish I could give this zero stars!
    Absolute piece of crap. It's nice to look at but doesn't function well as a scale at all. I tried this scale in numerous places in my home and even got out a level to check the floor. I weighed myself 20 times over a 4 hour period and did not once get the same result. In fact, the results were ridiculous. According to this scale, I weigh 24 lbs one minute and 318 lbs the next minute. Don't waste your money on this. I'm sending mine back....more info
  • Yeah! Cool!
    If this isn't the coolest weight scale in the universe, well... It is so refreshing to find a decorator's choice in the weight scale department. It almost makes you feel good about what it's going to tell you!

    It is easy to program. In my home, I have 2 users. You can program up to 4 users. The target weight is easy to set. You step on the scale, weigh yourself, then user 1 and user 2 become the up-or-down pound/kilo measurement, so you click on these buttons until you get to your desired target weight. After setting your user number and target weight, you get on the scale after pressing your user number, and it tells you your current weight, how much you've lost since the last time you stepped on it, how much you've lost since you started your program, and how much more you have to go to your target.

    The user manual (a flyer), is easy to read and use to set up the scale. Additionally it let's you know how often to weigh yourself depending on whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight.

    Additionally with my purchase I also receive a year of Weight Watcher magazine for free. All right!

    This has been an enjoyable purchase....more info
  • WW Memory Glass Electronic Scale
    My only fault with the scale, but it's a major one, is that the weight is not consistent. I can weigh myself four times in a row and get 3-4 different weights. Getting the scale leveled once it is stepped upon is difficult, but even if I think I have it, it doesn't weigh the same. I may buy another scale in place of this one....more info
  • WW43 best one I have ever tried
    I am an expert at dieting, I have lost hundreds of pounds over the course of 50+ years (and found them again), tracking each one of these with some type of scale. This WW43 scale is extremely easy to use and to read, and outside of a mechanical balance (Dr.s' scale) this one is the most reliably consistent.
    ...more info
  • great!
    this is one of the best purchases I've made in amazon. This scale was exackly what I expected as far as funtionality and its glass design looks very stylish. I'm very pleased with this purchase...more info
  • So Accurate
    I have had this scale for over a month now and no matter when or how many times I step on it is completely accurate! Best investment I have made since trying to live healthier!...more info
  • great to tell the difference in 0.1 Lb
    I chose this product because its
    capability to tell the difference
    in the scale of 0.1 Lb. The reading
    is accurate and consistent, and the
    appearance is unique. I am happy
    about my choice....more info
  • Disappointed in this Scale
    I bought this scale based on the great reviews, most of which say this scale weighs accurately. However, everytime I step on the scale, I get a different reading every single time. On the positive side, I appreciate the stylishness of this scale and it's features. I like the programmable features that track my weight loss for the week and progress towards my total goal, but what's the use in having them if the scale doesn't weigh you correctly every time. I guess some people have found this to be a good product. But for me personally, I wouldn't recommend the product. I am very disappointed....more info
  • An incredibly major lemon ... do NOT buy ...
    This scale fails at the two tasks required of a scale. It fails to weigh me accurately and it is so small that my feet do not fit on the entirety of the glass. I can step on the scale three times and each time get a separate reading. In one remarkable case this morning, I stepped on the scale, got one reading, and stepped on once more and got a reading that was eight pounds -- yes, EIGHT pounds -- higher than the first reading. I have never had such joy chucking an object into the dumspter as I experienced disposing of this horrid piece of crap that took $50 of my hard-earned money and did nothing of what it was built for. Weight Watchers usually has a fairly good track record, but its partnership with Conair to create scales has led to a line of nothing but lemons; I highly recommend against their brand in this case!...more info
  • Just Another Pretty Face
    It's nice to look at but it's no more accurate than a $7 spring scale. Weights are not immediately repeatable and they don't agree with an accurate 'balance' type scale. This'll look pretty in you bedroom or bath though. Can't recommend it at it's current price, get a pretty throw rug instead....more info
  • What's Wrong With Mine
    With just about anything I buy I look for ratings and recommendations as I did before deciding on this particular scale. Something is wrong because I did not get the same wonderful scale you all rave about. Every time I weigh there is a serious issue ranging up to a forty pound variance which is very frustrating. I am not sure what is wrong but I followed the instructions and cannot get an accurate weight. I cannot recommend that anyone buy this item. ...more info
  • Readings not repeatable
    Did I gain or lose? I don't know because more often than not I get different readings within seconds of each other. If I move the scale a foot or two in either direction I get even more variation (and the floor is solid). Other reviewers have touted the accuracy of this scale, but I am not sure how they can determine the accuracy unless they are comparing it with a known standard. I cannot recommend this scale to anyone....more info
  • Well, I'm impressed!
    I'm very happy with this scale. It is consistently accurate and attractive as a design element. The key is to get it on a level, hard surface. I also love the size of the display. I can read it without glasses. The one thing I don't like are the numbers it is displaying... this girl has to lose weight!!!...more info
  • Really Nice, Accurate Scale
    I usually find scales very annoying and nothing to talk about as they aren't accurate and are ugly. Well, at last. This one is really good looking but much more important, accurate and very easy to read, large numbers on a blue background. It has a leveling dot which floats in the display until you are standing balanced, so that each time, the weight is taken correctly. I haven't programmed it yet, but you don't have to unless you want to track your weight, otherwise it's just a regular scale. Put in the battery, tap the surface with your foot to turn it on, wait till 00.0 displays, get on, balance and there's your weight, get off and it turns off automatically. Very highly recommended....more info
  • Weight Watchers Scale
    Just Got This Scale This Week.. Very Attractive and Accurate.. It was Just What I was Looking for.. Nice Product... Oh Be Sure And Look For The Battery In the Packaging.. I Spent Twenty Minutes Tapping on The Scale Till I Realized It Didn't Have A Battery In it!!!!...more info
  • Accurate, easy to read
    This scale returns the same reading for me multiple times. It has a great design. The history really helps you to track your weight lost....more info


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