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In Godfather: The Game, you've got the chance of a lifetime - to join the legendary crime family. After a life spent pulling small-time jobs, you've been invited to become part of the Corleone family. Work your way up the ranks as you follow orders & earn respect. Pull off big jobs, hit the other families, earn respect through loyalty and fear as you climb up the ladder. Play your cards right, and you might even be the next Don. Features scenes and events from the first two Godfather films, as well as voice acting by the original cast

  • Pull off missions for the Corleones - From mob hits and bank heists to drive-bys and extortion
  • Use your skill with weapons to take out the rival families - Tattaglia, Cuneo, Sollozzo, Brazini, and Stracci
  • Intimidation and negotiation are your tickets to the top - but you'll also have to use brutal violence, skillful diplomacy, or a cunning mixture of both, to stay there
  • Characters in the game world will remember your interactions with them - and that will affect your choices in the game, so play it smart
  • Rise through the ranks to become Don in a living, 1945-1955 New York

Customer Reviews:

  • a seriously stupid game
    It's a pretty fun GTA clone. It's a lot like the free roaming mode in Mafia if you don't pay any attention to the story.. and if you're as big a fan of the Godfather movies as I am, I strongly suggest that you don't pay much attention to the story.

    The best thing this game has going for it is the combat. There are a million different ways to kill and maim people. You can use your typical array of weapons from pistols to machine guns to explosives, or you can grab people and throw them through windows or off bridges and buildings, strangle them until you break their necks, head [...] them to death, throw them in front of cars, slam them into walls or other nearby objects.. etc.

    If you want to waste an hour being a total psychopath, this really is quite a fun way to do it.

    But that's about all there is to this game. Sure, there's the "story", but I just can't recommend that part of it. It's quite amazing the lengths to which the developers went in order to wedge you into the events of the book/movie. Every single major event of the movie, your character is there to witness, and often has a big part in accomplishing.

    For instance: You're there to witness Don Vito's assassination attempt, and must drive him to the hospital... You're there to see Luca Brasi get whacked and must kill his assassin... You're the guy who plants Michael's gun in the bathroom and must drive him to the docks afterwards... You're there when Sonny is whacked and must chase down and kill his assassins... You're the guy who whacks Paulie... You're the guy who whacks Tessio... etc.. etc.. etc..

    With all this madness revolving around you, you'd think the Corleones would have had you whacked on page 4. It really is supremely stupid, and is an absolute disgrace to the beautifully complex and multi-layered story of the film.

    All that aside, there is a good bit of fun to be had here. I suggest sticking to the sidequests and doing the story last only if you have nothing else to do.

    I've also heard that they're going to be making two more games to go along with the other two films. YAY! I predict that in part 2, you will play two roles: your character from this game and his father. Get ready to help Vito whack Don Fanucci and help Al Neri whack Fredo all before lunch. In part 3, you get to poison the Pope! Good times!

    ...more info
  • Don Vito playing in his sandbox
    Give EA credit for at the very least taking on a huge risk with a property as beloved as The Godfather. There were plenty of dark alleys that the publisher could have driven down, but they largely stayed on the straight and narrow with this sandbox game adaptation of one of my favorite movies. The Godfather attempts to balance a retelling of the greatest ganster story ever told, while weaving in a playable open world environment that allows freedom of not only movement, but advancement within the subplot and side-mission structures. I can recognize what an arduous task it presented, if only considering the number of ways that this amount of freedom could send the narrative careening off course. Certainly a tightly scripted and more restrictive game like Mafia (which I'll use as a comparison) tells a better tale, but The Godfather takes more risks.

    The most laudable accomplishment of The Godfather is the voice acting. James Caan, Abe Vigoda, Robert Duvall, and others (I've read conflicting reports as to whether or not Brando supplies Don Vito's voice) reprise their roles brilliantly. An actor is as good as his material, and fortunately the scripting is excellent. Even the minutae of daily life as a Mafioso scrub seems glamorous when your instructions are delivered by Sonny Corleone. Caan outshines everyone else, in my opinion, and his were my favorite missions. Ambient sounds like pedestrian banter and occasional period music are appropriate and well-placed. Weapon and destructive sounds are deep and jarring as they should be. In other words, it sounds like a big budget game.

    The Godfather strikes a visual balance between the historically correct world of Mafia and the pulp-fiction fantasy of GTA III. While I read some complaints about graphics, I was personally impressed with the level of detail delivered both outside and inside the game's New York City. If anything, EA may have tried to cuddle too close to the movie's atmosphere and architecture. Some variation and expansion in both architecture and accessability would have given the game a bit more depth and reduced the feeling of tedium that crept over me as I noticed the sameness of various business interiors and street exteriors. While it would have shortened the side mission play time (a foolishly overvalued priority in current game design), a city perhaps 25% smaller in square mileage would have yielded more interesting gameplay. The tunnels, for example are insufferably boring. Overall, I have to compliment EA by managing to capture the historical correctness of Mafia with a greater level of detail and polish.

    The on foot gameplay is mostly a blast. EA did right by gamers in installing the extortion and conquest system. Without it, The Godfather would be subpar considering the relatively short and truncated primary mission structure. But played alongide the Corleone family's requests, business extortion instills a satifying sense of accomplishment. Walking into a baker's shop, inquiring about the owner's level of protection, then gunning down the current family's guards while cracking open a few display cases to sample the wares is a lot of fun. Particularly when the baker changes his mind after all the smoke clears. Again, the city should have been smaller as even the exortions become dull after the halfway point. I recommend a good quality dual action gamepad for the PC, as the mouse controlled movement is a huge disaster. The dual analog stick aiming and movement are tight enough, although I enjoy freeaim mode in my shooters (what's the point of gunplay if you're using an autotarget?). Unfortunately, the difficulty balance is seriously whacked around the hubs and warehouses, where the player is required to knock off around 40 goons with only one or two health pickups. These little jewels, which are required conquests for game completion, are actually tougher than the family compounds.

    Driving? Eh, not so much. Unlike Mafia, which was largely a "car guy's" game, the vehicles of The Godfather are merely a device to connect point A to B. Which you'll be doing a lot of, considering the bizarre and disjointed mission locations of The Godfather. Due to their inexplicable decision to link most mission starts to multiple informants located at opposite ends of New York, EA had to make the cars run like bottle rockets on a Hot Wheels track. I despised the cartoonish handling and racecar top speeds, which combined with the sewing machine engine sounds and lack of authentic touches like a manual transmission (something I really appreciated in Mafia), ruined the movie atmosphere every time I opened a car door. Only six car models and a lack of analog speed control or even a cruise button show EA's carelessness with their autos. Again, a smaller city requiring less travel, and perhaps a public transit or taxi service would have helped the situation.

    EA made a commendable effort to deliver the core of the movie's story as a string of playable missions. Any undertaking such as this will be a degree of failure in the eyes of a movie fan, and I mean to say that EA cut The Godfather's plot as tenderly as possible (unlike the rusty butcher's knife they took to From Russia With Love). The most dramatic scenes from the film are playable and largely enjoyable, although many motivations and subplots are left out. While a bit disjointed and incomplete, I have to admit that The Godfather is the most faithful game adaptation of a classic film I've played.

    So, in summary, fans of the movie or action oriented shooter fans will undoubtedly enjoy the majority of The Godfather: The Game for PC. Be sure to have a quality analog gamepad handy, along with a DVD drive and a healthy video card, and you'll have a blast knocking down New York one bakery at a time....more info
  • Innovative and exciting!
    Fans of the Godfather movies will enjoy this to no end. It actually puts you IN the movie, as you join the Corleone family and work through all the major plot points, including the horse in the bed, Sonny getting shot, and the Don's demise. Along the way, you will extort hard working immigrants, bribe police officers, steal cars, and throw people off of roofs. Little socially redeeming value, but a WHOLE lot of fun....more info
  • A lackluster cash-in on a masterpiece
    The video game adaption of The Godfather has been lurking on the periphery of my consciousness for awhile. It registered due to my love for The Godfather and The Godfather 2, though I knew enough to not expect much from a video game adaptation of what I consider a flawless masterpiece. I wasn't incorrect, let's say.

    It's got its moments. It follows the pacing of the movie pretty well, takes some rather strong liberties in order to jam your character into the plot, and is generally a good homage to the feel. It's also quite satisfying to be able to blast the Tattaglia thugs through the head and watch them topple to the ground, blow up oildrum fires (which are apparently in abundance on even the busiest streets and seem to be filled with high explosives) to torch surrounding enemies and/or civilians, and throw shopkeepers through windows. As you progress, you seize and extort businesses, thus guaranteeing a steady flow of income and allowing you to watch your influence spread inexorably across New York. Once you've played through the game, and all of the plot points, you're reasonably satisfied with your Mafia activities. Plus, most of the cast of the movie lent their voice talents to the dialogue. Sonny Corleone is as bitter and filled with rage as ever, Tessio is eerily calm, and Tom Hagen is as frustrated by everything going on around him as he was in the movie. It was a very good touch.

    Unfortunately, it's got more than its share of flaws. For starters, when you begin racing cars around, you notice that the crash physics are nonexistent. Your momentum doesn't stop you from coming to a grinding halt if you hit something bigger than a produce cart, even if you're driving a pickup truck at 70mph and you slam into a tiny coupe. You also can't flip over, no matter what you do. The graphics initially seemed good, with facial renders looking spot-on and realistic, but then I got out into the gameplay world. The buildings and streets are all uninspiring, the citizens are boring, and eventually you'll notice that the detail that was put into the facial renders of the main characters make them all look like they've got smallpox. The AI doesn't exist. You can predict what the enemy will do in 90% of all situations and off them quickly after you get used to the scenarios.

    Speaking of scenarios, all of the levels repeat. Apparently, New York City ordinances state that all buildings serving a like purpose (bakeries, smoke shops, nightclubs, warehouses, etc.) will all be built with the exact same floor plan. To whit, you see one bakery, smoke shop, or what have you, you've seen them all. This also applies to the rival family compounds, which are all reproductions of the Corleone compound. So if you've ever sleepwalked in your own home, you know how to blow up the center of your rivals' power. It makes for a tedious, repetitive time. Plus, the auto-aim is completely counter-intuitive.

    Storywise, the game does some very odd things. Aside from wedging the player into events of the movie, everything from slaughtering the guy who garrotes Luca Brasi to killing the heads of the Four Families in ways that go completely against the movie's beautiful montage of their deaths, there's also some very conspicuously ignored factors. The most glaring is the Don's death. What should have been an extremely pivotal event in the game, as it was in the movie, is not even mentioned until far after the fact. Additionally, you don't hear about Moe Green until the very end of the game, where it is mentioned that he is dead. Anyone who isn't familiar with the movie would have no idea who the hell he is, where the hell Fredo Corleone went, what's in Las Vegas, why anyone's in Las Vegas, and why this Moe guy had to die. In its context, it's a non sequiteur.

    In the end, the game doesn't even come close to living up to the legacy of its source material. If you're dead set on not being insulted by its frequent liberties, it's enjoyable. Frankly, though, it's only comparable as a slightly less interesting version of a strikingly similar game: Let's face it, Mafia came out three years ago....more info
  • Godfather- Excellent Quality, O.K. overall
    Playing this game I loved it. I'de play it every day, Days Nights, I was into this game like no tomorrow. After a while (about 2 months) though once it got to the last level it lost its "Fizz." I just didn't want to play it much more. If your looking for a "great short-time thriller" to keep someone busy for a short amount of time get this game. I highly recommend it to you. If you like this game I would advise "Gun" the game. That's a classic western that had me going for a long time (about 4 months)....more info
  • Don't Bother
    There's already a great role playing organized crime game set in the late 1930s and early 1940s. It's called MAFIA, and it came out four years before THE GODFATHER. MAFIA features better graphics, more cars, better voice acting, more diverse missions, a larger playing area and better music. This game is dull and repetive. There are a few fun things, but mostly it's "drive here, beat up or shoot a bunch of thugs and get back to your hideout"; or, "go to Mr. X's deli/saloon/restaurant/warehouse and rough him up til he starts paying his protection money again". Sandbox games have been tremendously popular with the GTA and Driver games over the last few years. A gamer looking for this kind of experience simply has too many options to chose from these days. Don't bother with this one. Some of the cutscenes, which feature dialogue and scenes from the movie, are fun to watch, and you do get to dress up your character and change his appearance. But all in all, you will become bored very quickly with this.

    Sanbox games like GTA are fun because you can wander back and forth from the main storyline whenever you wish. If you don't want to advance the main story, you can drive around doing side jobs or just exploring. GODFATHER tries to recreate this, but the only side jobs available are stickup and protection rackets which become boring after the first 15 look alike.

    All in all, a disappointment. I played it for about two hours initially and then uninstalled it. ...more info
  • Disappointed
    It's like Mafia by Rockstar Games with Godfather plot.

    The differences are, even with several years apart, the graphic isn't improved and detail isn't as good as Mafia.

    Those cars on street have less detail than those in Mafia.

    The control is frustrating especially you're using bear hands or baseball bat.

    All those make me to believe that it's a half-baked product.

    Very disappointed.
    ...more info
  • great entertaining game
    Great graphics, instructions and what you're supposed to do is a little fuzzy. Actions difficult using mouse. Overall, a good game....more info
  • Great Game especially with this price tag!
    I cannot complain, maybe they didn't put in the greatest graphics available at the time, but this is still a great game. The cool thing is that you can go into count less stores and take them over for the Corleone family. The mob wars are also very fun. Lastly, i had fun with the cars, whose handling is above normal and speed ahead of it's time (this game happens in the 40's) but that makes it even more fun to drive. The actual plot of the game is interesting, you get to meet all the characters from the book, the character's faces based on the movies. My only concern with this game is that at the end of the game plot the story starts to move too fast and ends too suddenly, and the end I will not spoil.

    Overall, a great game for 10 bucks. I would say this game is a mix of Grand Theft Auto and Mafia....more info
  • Skip this One
    Played Mafia??? Well this is same but with worse music.. slightly better graphics and story... should be. The game gets old and when you become Don guess what... I don't know what to do. No multiplayer. Hard gamer? takes 2-3 days to finish. You'll be bored and $30 for 3 days is a touch on high side wait till it gets down to $10 it is worth that. Oh yaa, get the Magnum upgrade first you'll be glad you did. Print a map on-line the one they send is unusable and getting to map in game is a torture device....more info
  • Mmmmm, gratuitous violence
    Too many of the game reviews I write end up sounding like condemnations of the particular genre. The problem is, these genres are used and abused ad infinitum. If someone did something original and fun I'd gratefully laud it to the skies!

    The Godfather is a Grand Theft Auto clone: pointlessly shoot/kill lots of people, spend hours driving around (zzzzz), shoot it out with the cops over and over again, rob banks, threaten people, win battles single-handedly against dozens of enemies, etc. The only substantial difference is the use of characters and some plot points from The Godfather book/movie.

    Granted there are a few strategic problems to solve, though in general it becomes quite predictable. Buildings are reused throughout the game, and once you know "oh, this is a type 2 warehouse" you can murder everyone in it without much thought. It certainly isn't a cakewalk (the missions often have interesting twists) but it wasn't immensely challenging either; I finished it (everything except finding all the film reels) in 30 hours of play. And as usual, there's no point in playing it again.

    The ending is truly lousy. They give you unlimited ammo and $1 million when there's nothing left to spend money on and the only people left to shoot are civilians and cops. I suppose if you wanted to go on a killing spree... what were they thinking?

    Characters in the game don't react even remotely sanely. Blow up someone's safe or rob their cash register after you've made a protection deal with them, they just ignore it. Rob a bank, run to your safehouse, wait a bit, then walk around as if nothing happened. Kill 50 cops and 300 civilians, no big deal.

    The in-game character speeches aren't as bad as some, but become patently ridiculous after you've become Don. "Don't forget me when you're the Don!" Someday, someone will take the time to make reasonably interactive NPCs in one of these games, and add a decent ending as well. As it is, the typical approach just encourages the player to shoot, shoot, shoot!

    There must be some truly fun game designs which aren't as inane as The Sims, as dozingly uninteresting as a typical puzzle game, or as pointlessly violent as GTA, The Godfather, or just about any MMORPG. Occasionally there are good ideas just poorly implemented (many, if not most RPGs; sadly, most of them are copycats of a few basic designs). Few game companies are trying to innovate anymore, and none of the big game houses are willing to invest $10 million into an uncertain design when they know a GTA clone will at least break even.

    I'm not against violence in games, and I certainly enjoy playing strategy wargames. This is something else altogether, something which started with Doom and will end up in an unfortunate place. I probably got my money's worth, and I knew what I was getting ahead of time. It's still a disappointment....more info
  • Average by now
    The cool thing about this game is that it revolves around the movie. If your a fan of the movie, then you'll probably enjoy the game because it gives you a look at what the movie didn't show you. The controls are clunky, but I got used to them after changing a few around. Graphics are acceptable, better than GTA at least. This is a GTA clone though, with 100 hidden "Film Reels" (unlocks actual clips of the movie) and all. Gameplay gets boring. After the storyline is finished, it's take over a shop here, take over a front there, blow up a rivals headquarters and so on. AND NOT WORTH IT. I beat the game 100% hoping that something cool would happen. I was dissapointed to get nothing but a lame short video and infinte ammo. Car selection sucks. I couldn't believe it. You'll probably end up driving the same 3 cars over and over again. Only 1 that acually gets some sort of speed. And it's lame when your getting chased by the cops, the computer practically throws them at you. You could be looking behind you with nobody there, then the second you look ahead a cop rams you, setting you car on fire and you to stop and ditch before it explodes. But watching cars explode is awesome, the fire was well done. Music is classic, with the soundtrack laced on it.

    Overall, average game for the times....more info
  • Fun GTA clone but falls a bit short
    Godfather is great for mimicking the cars and society of 1945 NYC. The storyline is well written and the gameplay is fun for the most part. But it lacks a variety of missions other than kill rival family members, extort businesses, and take over rackets. Unlocking clips from the movie by finding movie reels was a nice touch though. Two other complaints: you can't shoot out of the car you're driving though if somebody is in the car with you, they can shoot. GTA excels over this in that respect. Also the controls are quirky and take some getting used to as others have noted.

    Still at $10-15, a good pick-up for the 3rd-person-action fan! Good performance on my Pent 4 3.06 GHz, 1 GB RDRAM, eVGA 6800 GT....more info
  • Very nice transaction!!
    Order was shipped and received very fast. My expectations were met at 100%....more info
  • now on sale for ten bucks
    at that price its a Steal!
    I might have been upset if I paid $50.
    Yes the graphics are dated, but that means it should work with older video cards. The talking heads are spot on though. Backgrounds fuzzy.

    Linear gameplay mixed up with your choice of missions.
    Follows movie plot so a must if you love the movies to replay critical scenes with You on the scene. Movie scenes unlockables...

    I actually like the fighting system for a mouse but it plays with an XBOX 360 controller on the PC if you would prefer.
    Driving is tough but possible on the keyboard.
    Hey its just mindless fun and a bargain at the moment. Enjoy!...more info
  • An overall fun and addicting game.
    When I first got this game, it came off to be a little confusing. But the first part of the game has a decent tutorial and the mob leader tells you everything you need to know. Be patient, it takes some getting used to!

    If you liked Grand Theft Auto 3 & above, then you'll love this game. The interface is strikingly similar to GTA3, with it's own twist.

    Get used to holding the right mouse button in combination with other buttons (left mouse button, V (execute), W (Slam). Some attacks are harder than others, for example, swinging the baseball bat takes some practice! You have to lock with the right mouse button, then move the mouse forward then backward. A little irritating at times, but fun once you get used to it.

    There are also executions that are very interesting and cool if you can do them right. The only problem is there's no instruction on how to do some of these executions! Although, some are pretty self explanatory.

    The guns are great and you can buy upgrades for guns as you move up in the ranks. Shooting people is very simple with just holding the right mouse button to aim and left clicking to fire.
    This is one of the trademarks of the game and is similar to Grand Theft Auto gameplay.

    In general, the gameplay is great, but after a while there is redundancy for a lot of the businesses that you extort. The faces of the people are the same. Most of the businesses, compounds, wearhouses are identical, which makes it a little exhaustive. Although this was an effort i'm sure to save memory and time on EA's part.

    Once you become the Don of the Corleones, the game isn't over. You may still take over all the businesses and rackets, buy out any safehouses, and finish and hit missions. Then you can become the Don of NYC.

    While the game is repetitive in some ways, it came out to be very addicting with fun gameplay. I recommend it to moderate to heavy gamers as the controls are somewhat difficult. Newer gamers should be cautious and patient to learn the controls....more info
  • Don't Fuggedaboud Dis' One!
    Now that the price has dropped, this is one game that you cannot refuse. Running off of a DVD-ROM, this game runs as a parallel story to Godfather I. You rise up the ranks as the godson of Vito Corleone.

    The actors voices and format of the game make you feel like you are in the movie. The streets and buildings look good. You can wander around town but not all buildings are accessible. Unfortunately, the template for a business is the same exact one for each business (You've seen one bakery, you've seen them all).

    Driving through the cities is fun but gets more and more tedious when you find yourself commuting throughout the town of NYC.You can drive any car in the simulation (parked cars, cars driven by poor unsuspecting bystanders). Each car has it's own handling characteristics. The sports car is fun to drive but fragile and the truck is very durable when outrunning the cops (I outran the cops with 6 badges warranted for my arrest - I get into another 'burrough' and the cops are gone).

    All of the characters from the movie are the same except for Michael Corleone. The game is very graphic when it comes to shooting and the kill moves are brutal (ie standing on the chest and firing a Tommy Gun into some's face is ghastly).

    You go through the story with assignments or tasks by the Corleones but you also have side tasks of 'providing security' for business owners (ie extortion) or getting contracts for 'hits'. Some 'hits' are creative - must use a baseball bat, must throw person into crematory, throw person off of building, etc.

    Shooting a person is awkward - even with a Saitek gamepad. You will take a few bullets before you can actually aim the gun to fire off shots. Choking someone to death is pretty straightforward. Pushing someone is not easy - or I am not moving the controls exactly the right way. Despite a controller, I still need to use the keyboard which is a real nusance.

    Overall if you loved the movie, you need to try this out....more info


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