Emergen-C Vitamin C Fizzy Drink Mix, 1000 mg, Super Orange, 0.3 Ounce Packets (Pack of 36)

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Product Description

Emergenc-C Super Orange offers 7 mineral acsorbates deliver 1,000mg of Vitamin C in a non-acidic formula that revs up your immune system. Tons of B vitamins give you natural, non-caffeinated energy.

  • Super energy booster
  • 32 mineral complexes
  • Supports the immune system
  • 1000 mg Vitamin C as 7 mineral ascorbates

Customer Reviews:

  • Can't LIVE Without It.
    I personally don't like the taste or consistancy of this product. It reminds me of a fiber drink. It's not something you would drink for the sheer pleasure of it, but my husband absolutely could not live without Emergen-C. He drinks at least a packet a day, and I must admit...he hasn't had a cold and didn't get a flu shot...even in the winter season. He literally freaks out if we run out, so I've even subscribed, so he'll never be without it. ...more info
  • It's okay
    Taste is good, I did get Energy from it, I don't think it helped me keep my colds away. I've been trying all sorts of things to help me fight off my colds. Nothing seems to be working.
    I do recommend this as an Energy Booster. ...more info
  • Great flavor
    I really like this flavor. To me, it almost tastes like regular orange juice, just a bit watered down. I love the high levels of vitamin C and I always take this while sick. Ive even found when I'm just feeling run down or tired this gives me a boost. When I'm in need of iron, I take this with my iron because it helps me absorb the iron. I feel like I have more color in my face when I'm taking emergen-c regularly.

    [...]...more info
  • Good Alternative to Soda
    I have been taking this for years. I often use one of these in water instead of grabbing a soda. It is a pretty good product. I don't notice any super energy boost or anything. But, the ingredients show the levels of vitamins in it....more info
  • I always keep a stash on hand!
    I am an avid fan of Emergen-C. I do my best to get in 2 a day. I started taking them when I was on a new diet. I was going to a clinic and the nurses recommended them to ensure that I got all of my daily vitamins. Your body absorbs vitamins much more this way rather than taking the huge horse pills. The clinic also recommend them to help curb headaches. I was giving up my beloved 'Diet Coke' and this was the only thing that made it possible. Plus the B vitamins really boost your metabolism.
    These are also great when you feel a cold coming on. They really help to boost your immune system. I never leave home without Emergen-C!

    I've liked all of the flavors I have tried so far. I love mixing them with Crystal light or something similar. With the Orange, my favorite thing to mix it with is Orange Juice in the morning. It is a great way to start your day. It really perks you up! also mix this with the Lemonade Crystal Light and made it Orange Lemonade. It's delicious. ...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product. It works synergistically by providing many cofactors needed in order for vitamin C to work efficiently. Unfortunately, this will not solve all your problems or stop the cold. But hey when you need vitamin C to help with stress or boost your immune system, it works....more info
  • Excellent Supplement
    I've been a faithful fan of EmergenC for 12 years and I can attest to its ability to be quickly absorbed by the body and provide a phenomenal pick-me-up. It was introduced to me by a martial arts master and I believe it is the best vitamin supplement out there. Highly-recommended!...more info
  • This stuff always gets me through my colds...
    ...though this year it seems I did not catch any bad ones. I chug the stuff whenever I sense a sore throat coming on and maybe it helps, maybe I'm just imagining it, but I've got no complaints....more info
  • Easy to make, no hassle, Tactical Food Product
    Easy to make, mix and use. High dosage of plain vitamin C which digests and absorbs quickly than regular tabs or capsules. It helps regain immune system strength and does its miracle. I have used on the field when cold and harsh weather could get me in trouble for sure. I never took flu shot in my life and never will when this product came out....more info
  • Excellent Vitamin C Source
    I am a huge fan of Emergen-C. I've tried all their flavors now. I use this in between meals to keep stomach from feeling hungry as well as to keep sicknesses away.

    I was one of those people who would get a powerful sickness at least once every other month until someone recommended this to me. I've gone over 7 months now without having a sickness (ever since I found Emergen-C).

    This stuff tastes great - just don't add too much water or it will taste very thin. For a regular glass - I fill it about 20% of water and then swirl it to mix in the Emergen-C.

    Super Orange is not my most favorite. It is not very strong and gets watered out quickly if you add too much water. Lemon-Lime is better tasting and stronger in my opinion....more info


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