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If you have fine or frizzy hair, make friends with Cynthia. This shampoo's special recipe includes organic Irish stout and lemons. The stout adds weight to hair and smooths cuticles, while lemons give amazing shine. As a bonus, your hair will smell delicious all day, but please refrain from drinking your shampoo if you shower at night.

  • Contains cognac oil just because it smells so good
  • Gives weight, shine and condition to frizzy hair while keeping fine hair under control and kink free

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Gift Idea For Your Beer Lover.
    The scent on this is too overwhelming for my sensitive little nose. I am also one of those freaks who are allergic to Stout Beer. I give it as a gift quite often to my fellow beer loving friends. Everyone who has gotten this shampoo from me has loved it regardless of hair type. The smell and idea of this shampoo is fun. It works wonders. The scent is not overwhelming after the hair is rinsed. It is a scent that you either love or hate though. I would recommend this as a gift idea for something fun and unique....more info
  • Got my hair squeaky clean, but...
    ...but I didn't care for the smell. It does smell like beer and I could smell it throughout the day after I used it (smell fades throughout the day), but I guess if you like the smell of this shampoo, then it won't be a problem at all. Did notice my hair was shinier and softer(which is hard to say for my hair), but had to knock off a star for the scent.

    Cynthia Sylvia Stout Shampoo was just `okay' and I will be sticking with Rehab, Big, and I Love Juicy (see my reviews). Try a smaller size bottle first, and remember that some of the products IN the LUSH store smells different when you get them home....more info
  • Shiny hair promise delivered
    This shampoo totally fulfilled its promise of bright, shiny hair for me. I have nice hair to begin with (if I do say so myself), but I used this in conjunction with one of Lush's conditioners(American Cream)and my friends told me I had shampoo model hair that day. I'm not crazy about the beer-ish smell,which is why I'll give it a four rating.However, it doesn't seem to be very strong once you wash it out and the benefit is worth it....more info
  • Definetly makes your hair smooth looking
    As I stated in my other reviews, I have color-treated otherwise normal hair which is wavy and prone to frizz. I like this shampoo for it's calming effect, best experienced after a couple of uses. If you straighten your hair, this will work great because the shine and smoothness will be most noticable.

    To those of you worried that your boss may think you spent your lunch break in a pub - the stout scent fades quick and is only really identifyable while washing.

    A word to the wise, this shampoo is a bit drying. I make sure to deep condition at least once a week to avoid crispy hair. ...more info
  • squeaky clean!
    i never would have bought this shampoo if i didn't try it out just for fun once. i was cat sitting at my sisters apartment for a week and decided to try out some of her crazy bathroom stuff while i was there. i'd heard that alot of hair products that were known for healthy hair were actually not healthy at all due to all of the chemicals and residues they leave behind in your hair, so i was intrigued. i smelled it first and thought "Yuck! who would put this is their hair!?" but lemme tell ya, i did. and it does not leave your hair smelling like the bottle at all. it leaves your hair smelling clean! feeling clean! soft and light, but not fluffy. it makes my hair literally squeaky clean. i was hooked after the first time i used it and bought the biggest bottle i could before i flew back home. when i arrived home and showed it to my boyfriend i made him smell it and he said "oh wow! it smells so good i want to drink it!!" different strokes i guess....more info


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