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What it is:A hair product created to add light control to hair.What it does:This non-greasy, non-sticky, water-based texturizing paste is infused with lemongrass essential water to add instant manageability to hair. Sweet almond protein helps to repair and strengthen as white tea, almond, horsetail, and nettle extracts nourish, stimulate, and condition. A potent antioxidant blend of natural plant botanicals combined with a UV filter work to protect hair and prevent color fading.What else you need to know:Jonathan on Dirt: "Clients often ask me to style their hair to look like it does the 'day after a cut'-sexy, manageable. So I decided to create a product to achieve that look even on clean hair. And I named it Dirt. It's a clean way to get the look and feel of 'day-after a cut' hair. P with it. Mold, chunk, separate, add texture. Have fun."

Customer Reviews:

  • yup
    it works!!!
    i actually didnt buy the item from amazon, i saw it at costco today and was excited that they would have it.
    it was MUCH cheaper there.
    $10. i couldnt believe it!
    its 3.35 oz same amount i think.
    it make my hair really light and and soft.
    and can practically feel each strand shiny and smooth....more info
  • Dirt is good!
    Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste(R)

    great product! Good for thicker hair. My son doesn't use anything else.......more info
  • tricks for curly hair
    I dare Jonathan to cut and style my hair. I don't think he could do it. It tends to be dry, it's thick, course, and naturally curly. No stylist could ever tame it. But dirt helps. I first tried it on dry hair, very frizz-prone hair, and it was a disaster. There's no hair on my head that curls the same as one next to it, so it was bad, bad, bad. Then, I tried it with wet hair. After leave-in conditioner, I rub some dirt into my palms and pull my palms (not fingers) through my hair, kind of like I'm flat ironing with my palms. Shake it out a little (the less you touch your, the less frizzy it will be) and dry naturally. My hair curls, but some hairs stick together giving it that I-don't-do-anything-to-my-hair-it-just-looks-this-way look. Beats frizz, too. Just don't get too close to the roots with product....more info
  • great texturizing paste, stiffer than hair wax
    A little goes a long way. Work Dirt through just the ends, unless you want a very dirty look. It's stiffer than hair wax so you can maintain soft spikes or a clumpier look than with hair wax. BTW, Dirt doesn't hold stiff spikes. If you have fine hair and just want a little soft texture, hair wax might work better for you. I like Brit Style hair wax for that purpose (as with Dirt, put a small amount on the ends)....more info
  • Great, but doesn't last long as I hoped...
    I was introduced to this product from a friend who did not enjoy it. But having short hair and looking for a none gel that would allow me to mold and sculpt my hair this product was right up my ally. It leaves my hair frizz free and mold able to do what I please with it, but about half way through the day it seems to "absorb" into my hair or something, b/c the hold goes away a little. But it does leave my hair softer and shiny which I enjoy.
    One negative I also noticed is it leaves glitter in your hand after you apply it and sometimes after you wash your hands. It also smells great, like desert!
    Overall great product....more info
  • Punch his face?
    This product is not good. Sticky and greasy, the name is apt. But my wife wants it so, hey, it's all about hair, right?...more info
  • just ok
    I bought this because i wanted some texture/volume and that great hair you get the day after you get it cut. I found it too sticky and thick and hard to work with. Granted, i am not the best with styling my hair so for someone like me this did not work out. Also, i thought the smell was just ok. So far, the best product I have found to give some volume and texture to my straight hair is by Tigi and its called Bed Head (its a spray wax). It really works without making your hair look greasy....more info
  • Just right
    As a guy with very fine and straight hair I've always had a tough time keeping my hair from sticking out in all directions if I have it any length longer than a buzz cut. Dirt is just perfect for me though. It starts out as a semi-firm paste but melts when you rub it in your palms before applying. I'm guessing it gets firm again once it's in your hair but it's spread out enough you don't feel that. So my hair gets good control without being sticky or overly oily. Just remember you only need to apply a small bit, a dab'll do ya....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product. As a former stylist I can say without a doubt that this is the cream of the crop! I really do not understand all the negative reviews? As with anything having the product is one thing but knowing your hair and how to use this product is quite another. My fiance has bone straight hair and he watchees the show with me. He kind of liked the way Jonathan styled his hair so I decided to grab this product. After using this product on him the bone straight hair is easily managable and it looks great. No greasy, flaky, or helmet head type of look! AFter showing him how to apply the product and what he must do to get 'the look' he is able to manage his hair easily enough! Great product....not just for women either!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • great stuff
    I bought dirt on a reccomendation from a friend, and this stuff is great. I'm a dude with short hair and I wanted something that would give me good hold and texture with low to medium shine, and Dirt did it. Smells great, too. I can do pretty much anything to my hair with this stuff. Expensive, but more than worth it since it lasts forever because you don't need to use that much to get the style you'll want. This and B&B Sumotech are the only two products I will use, and I highly reccomend both....more info
  • So Let Down
    After seeing this product hyped on the smash reality hit show "blow out" I was dieing to try it. I knew that Jonathan could not let me down. Oh with his charisma and that certain Joie de vie that gives me a rush how could he. However after trying this product I have to say my balloon has been burst. I spent 26 of my hard earned cash to get this, and I could have gone to my local CVS and got some final net product for $1.99 which would have left my hair with the same feeling. There is nothing special to this product. I equate this to the thighmaster, a horrible product being promoted by a celebrity for cash, and not the love of the consumer. Why would he do this to us? I am trying not to blame Jon, it could have been his people who let me down, but I am loosing faith. Why would he promote such a poor product? I mean he cares right? He is so above product promotion just for cash. I mean this is his life long dream, why would he waiver on quality? I was going to make an appointment with his salon when I go on vacation to LA next summer, have a whole day planned out for it, now I just have doubt. Please Please Please Please save your money, or (and I am sure Jonathan would love this since he cares so much for the enviroment) dontate the money you want to spend on this product to some charity that will help save our Earth. ...more info
  • Put it to the test
    I must say that this is by far the best hair pomade or paste that I have ever used. I used LA Looks gel for the longest time but that always ended up flaking out and making me look like I had dandruff by the end of the day. Before this I used Crew Pomade, a good product but not quite as lasting and effective as I would like. It didn't hold by late afternoon when I needed it to work all day. Dirt is the first product I have used where I can't feel that it is there. This is the first time that my hair doesn't feel like it's loaded down with product. With gel I always had to use so much to make it hold all day that I felt like I had helmet hair and pomades felt heavy and would just stop holding. I am a waiter in a busy restaurant and that is a really good test for any hair care product because I'm always on the move and my hair has to withstand steam and heat. While this product costs more you don't have to use nearly as much as a pomade or gel so it lasts much longer. After reading the review that said this left a grease stain on a pillow I must say this person must have greasy hair to begin with and then smeared half of the container on their head. I put on what I consider to be an excess amount and couldn't get it to leave a stain on anything. For a guy like me with hair that is a little bit over an inch, you really only need a very small amount, a dab less than the size of a dime rubbed in your palms. This stuff isn't gel or sculpting foam and shouldn't be used in the quantities that those products are used. This stuff also smells better than any hair care product I have ever encountered....more info
  • Gave my stick straight hair some LIFE
    I bought Dirt and the voluming foam last night at Sephora. I tired Dirt this morning and LOVED it. I used a smudge and it really did give my stick straight, fine hair some body and movement. I was skeptical but it really did work. Even my husband, who was making fun of me for buying it, liked it. It also smells GREAT! I can't wait to try the volumizing foam on my wet hair and then the Dirt to texture it up!

    (It looks like someone has a personal vendetta against Jonathan or his product line! The negative comments all in a row for all his products look suspicously fake!) ...more info
  • The search is over!
    In an effort to perfect the "purposefully messy" look, I've spent the last several years trying just about every texturizing product available. Not a single one of them comes close to offering the functionality and results that Dirt offers.

    At first, I was skeptical because the product is very thick and doesn't emulsify easily in my hands. All doubt were laid to rest, though, when, in a hurry, I worked it through damp (towel-dried) hair, ran out the door, and discovered later in the day that my hair looked its best in years -- just as if it had been professionally styled!

    This product achieves incredible texture and separation -- the hairs seem to automatically cluster together in ideal-sized pieces, which then seem to automatically splay out in a very natural-looking way. Your hair WON'T look overly done-up, like you spent 45 minutes working on it. Best yet: this stuff rinses out almost completely with plain water (no shampoo). And it leaves your hair feeling conditioned and healthy. I just can't imagine a product better suited to this application.

    One suggestion: if you like your hair shiny, I'd recommend layering a coat of shine spray (such as Bed Head Headrush) on after you've styled with Dirt.

    To provide some context, here are some of the other products I've tried, arranged approximately in descending order of my satisfaction with them:

    1. Aveda Control Paste (Pros: Smells luscious, washes out OK. Cons: Hair feels sticky. Style doesn't last through the day.)
    2. Davines Wonder Wax (Pros: Smells good, offers incredible shine, strong hold. Cons: Extremely thick. Requires 3-4 washings to remove.)
    3. D:Fi D:Struct Pliable Molding Creme (Pros: Flexible hold, rinses out of hair easily. Cons: Nauseating pina colada fragrance.)
    4. Bed Head Hard To Get Texturizing Paste (Pros: Strong hold. Cons: Very thick and sticky. Leaves spots on car headrests, etc.)
    5. Bed Head Manipulator (Similar to #4.)
    6. Bumble & Bumble Styling Wax (Pros: Nice smell, rinses out of hair easily. Cons: Very expensive, ineffective hold, sticky texture, leaves hair feeling damaged after wash-out.)
    7. American Crew Classic Wax (Pros: Inexpensive, easy to find. Cons: Very oily.)
    8. American Crew Fiber (Pros: Inexpensive, easy to find. Cons: Hold is too stiff. Good for outrageous styling, but not for subtler styles.)
    9. Cristophe Beverly Hills Texturizing Fiber Paste (Pros: Inexpensive, sold at CVS. Cons: Despicable texture. Hard to control. Smells bad.) ...more info
  • Great product
    I love Jonathan Dirt. It lets me style my hair and forget about it. Other products that you get from the store make your hair crunchy and stiff. This keeps it in place without it being stiff. I've used it for over the past year. First ordered from QVC until they quit carrying it then started getting it from Sephora directly and now Sephora through Amazon....more info
  • new hair style, new styling product
    I just had my fine, processed hair cut into a short layered wedge. It was shoulder length before and I used a Revlon thermal-air styler to make it acceptable. After using Dirt, I no longer have to spend ANY time styling it!! I just blow dry, scrunching my hair with my fingers and when almost dry, I turn my head upside-down and apply about a dime size amount of Dirt into the roots. Flip up and I'm ready to go all in less than 3 minutes. I find it important to rub Dirt between my palms to warm it up before applying. Use a little can always add more. It gave my hair great body and control. Hope this product works for you too!...more info
  • better than dirt!
    i am absolutely in love with product. my hair is growing out from an extremely short hair cut. when it got about to my shoulders i couldnt use my old pastes and polmades any more because they weighed down my hair.. and i'm a NEED volume kind of girl. this stuff is amazing. it works with my longer hair to keep it textured, keeps it from frizzing, and helps me keep the straight peicey look and with an upside down appliation helps give my hair a healthy boost with out falling flat in 15 minutes like the other stuff on the market!!!! this is a must have for any woman!...more info
  • Dirty is the new clean...
    I really can't figure out why the others have rated this product sooo incredibly low... perhaps a hair product involves too many subjective considerations... What ever the case, I loved the product and I suggest people try it... I have never found a hair product that felt and smelled as great as this one does... it makes your hair just rough enough to give it an edge... also... it isn't greasy or sticky, so it doesn't leave an annoying feeling in your hands as you adjust it during the day.... just try it......more info
  • More like Sh*t
    I was anxiously hoping to try this product. I'm a fan of the show and it seemed like Jonathan was really pushing for a good product. After all, he IS hair. I was really disappointed because it made my head feel it was dipped in vaseline, and it left big grease spots on my pillows....more info
  • Worth the $26
    I am so happy with this product. It smells awesome and makes my hair look even better. My hair is long straight and fine. Definitely worth trying out and for all of those negative people who say it isn't worth the money, perhaps you should have tried it in Sephora first before you spent your "hard earned" money. I tried it first then bought it on the spot! Go get it! ...more info
  • Disappointment
    Well as a BIG fan of the show and of Jonathan I could hardly wait to try this product. Admitedly I found the name Dirt to be somewhat of a turn off but I really respected Jonathan's commitment to quality as he demonstrated so forcefully on his show. Unfortunately the name seemed to be well rather foreshadowing as it made my hair well feel dirty. This is not something I was hoping to accomplish. Bed Head by TIGI is a better product....more info
  • This stuff gives dirt a bad name!
    For that "second day" look, I would actually like to recommend dirt--not this overhyped, overpriced crap from Jonathan--but real dirt from my backyard and only $20 for a handful, such a bargain! ...more info
  • Amazing!
    Thank you Jonathan! This product does exactly what he says it should. I've been looking for a product to create some texture to my hair, and this is the best around. My shorter ear-length hair tends to just hang, and with Dirt, I am able to create a fun, funky, texturized look that lasts all day. The container lasts forever, as you only need a little bit to create a great look. I'm hooked. ...more info
  • The best styling tool available
    This works great on short and long hair and you can use wet or dry. I have long hair and I love using this product. It works great for those evenings after a long day and you want to give your hair new life. Fantastic....more info
  • Worthless
    This is so unbelievably overpriced. Those of you buying it and reviewing it hightly are just so celebrity driven. If it weren't for the TV show you'd be ranting about how overpriced it was too. Next thing, you'll all be raving about how great the Bobby Brown nail clippers are. Bottom line, I only used this because I got a free sample at work. It is, at best, a low end product. Look elsewhere....more info
  • Awful!!
    This stuff is useless. It simply weighs your hair down and makes it greasy, plus it provides NO hold. Jonathon has got some nerve charging 26 bucks!! I got ripped off! Try Rusk Wired if you are looking for a great styling cream....more info
  • Love it!
    I am not sure what everyone is complaining about. This is the best texturizing paste I have ever used. I only wish it was a little cheaper. Great smell and great feel. ...more info
  • Rips your hair out?
    Ok, well as a stylist myself and reading the reviews on this product here and elsewhere, I can say most people use it incorrectly like with most professional products. No product is a miracle worker people and it takes your time and effort to acheive what you are going for. Styling products are AIDS to help you get that look but will not give it alone. Of course you have to do other things to your hair for it to work. Do you think Jonathan does great hair without any help? Him or any stylist uses products, hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc.... Rather than tear it down, go ask a professional how to use it or to help you find something else that might work better for your hair....more info
  • Good for thick curly hair
    I used this product this morning for the first time. I washed my hair, blew it dry, most of the way, then rubbed the product in my hands and lightly distributed it throughout my hair. The best way for me to describe it, is that, it is like a creamy hairspray. Yes, it is tacky, like hairspray can be, but that's how it helps you get the style you want. What I like about how it works on my hair, is that it really tamed the frizzes and brought down the "big" hair look that I usually have after blowing my thick hair dry. I think it would also work well on the days that I blow my hair out. I would probably blow it out first, then apply some dirt to help tame and smooth it. I can see where it might make thinner, straighter hair a bit limp, so be careful not to use very much.

    Edit: I think it is best to apply to slightly damp hair, that might help with the people that are having trouble applying it to completely dry hair....more info


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