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The Mega Man X Collection brings together six incredible adventures with Mega Man X and Zero! Join them as they relive their amazing first adventures, plus one you may never have seen before: The Blue Bomber's action-packed racing game, Mega Man Battle & Chase, never before released in America! Enjoy a total of seven Mega Man games with remixed soundtracks original and sketch art, plus many other cool features!

  • Mega Man X Collection

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  • Great X Collection
    While I only grew up with Mega Man X for SNES - I never tracked down the following games in the series. Mega Man X was the greatest game I'd owned in my childhood collection of video games - and now with the Mega Man X Collection out, I've finally been able to play through those remaining games. The content is expansive - each game ranges about 10-12 hours (unless you know each games' boss/level order) varying difficulties and tons of replay value. As a lifelong fan,this complete collection has been a great addition to my library of games - and I'd reccomend it to anyone - gamer or not....more info
  • They didn't change much, which is a good thing.
    I've been waiting for this since the first Mega Man Collection came out. The anniversary collection they released with the original Mega Man games was fun, but I think every gamer who had played through all the old ones had some problem with it. Capcom figured out what exactly it did wrong, and really drove this one home.

    One of the reasons this really shines as being just like it was on the original systems is because the controller designs line up naturally. The Super Nintendo and Playstation both have 4 "action buttons" if you will, so executing button combinations works out exactly the same on the Playstation 2 as they did on the SNES.

    As for the actual games, they're exactly like they were on the old systems. Some people might be disappointed, but I was happy to see that there were no alterations in the graphics. Some people were wishing for more extras, but for me, the only thing I really wanted was all of the old X titles in one package (since the older games are hard to come by these days). Capcom did that.

    I'd recommend this to anyone who really liked any of the X titles--as a general rule, the series started great and as new games came out, they got worse and worse. I think straying from side-scrolling was a bad choice, but that's the direction that graphics went. Sometimes the best games are the ones with minimal graphics, an obvious goal and a little bit of inventiveness. I think over time that inventiveness became really hard to come by.

    Old Mega Man fans will not be disappointed. This collection is ahead of the anniversary collection that came out about 2 years ago by leaps and bounds....more info
  • HahHAhaaha
    Yeah, if you even know the games it's worthwhile. So, if you aren't familiar with the games, probably best to pass it on....more info
  • Hours of entertainment!
    This game really makes for a good time. It has the nostalgia factor for those of us who played the Mega Man X games originally on the SNES and Playstation One. Some of these games are impossible to find or to play and the collection is a fun and reasonably priced way to go back and play through them all again. A great purchase!...more info
  • Aaaah the memories....
    This collection is definitely worth the small price, considering that a copy of the original X3 cartridge can fetch up to $90 nowadays.... maybe even more, if my numbers are outdated. And the roms, well using a keyboard to play megaman has never been an easy task anyway...

    This set faithfully translates the titles to the PS2, complete with everything that was in the originals. I even enjoyed the little quirks about each game that, surprisingly, they left intact. Such quirks are things like the fact that X6 had no English dialogue - just the Jpanese. Or the little graphical quips now and then in X2.

    And to an early reviewer, I feel I must clarify for you some of your misguided observations about the features. While I agree that interviews with the makers of the series would have been a lot of fun to see, your other observations aren't really accurate.

    -There was never a Mega Man X tv series. There is, however a manga, that really ought to be brought to the states very soon...
    -X5 and X6 had no anime intervals.
    -The arcade games you mentioned actually were released on the previous collection.

    All in all, these are relatively minor oversights. I think this package is far FAAAAR more than worth the measly $30....more info
  • Despite flaws and ridiculous sellers, the X Collection shines.
    Well, what can I say? I used to love these games as a kid, and still do. If you're looking for a review that reviews the games themselves, look in my older reviews, because I think I've reviewed all 6 games on here. (even though those reviews are real crappy, considering I was only 13.)

    THE PREMISE: The X games are like the old Mega Man games. You choose one of eight levels, fight the boss, and get his weapon. The bosses all have weaknesses to a certain weapon. You also collect items like hearts to increase your health and tanks to store energy. And you get to blow a lot of things up, which is a plus. Like the original series with Dr. Wily, the final boss is always the same guy: Sigma. In some of the games, you can also play as Zero, too.

    Due to the success of the Mega Man Collection, it was only natural for Capcom to tackle the X games next. However, should you just get all the games separately, or buy this collection? Here are the pros and cons.


    This whole collection is probably less expensive than getting one SNES cartridge of the first three games.

    Remember how the Mega Man Collection censored Bass's line from "Damn" to "Darn" in MM7? They don't censor anything in this one. In fact, in the first game, they add a "Damn" when Zero saves X from Vile.

    Includes an extra game, too. Battle and Chase, I believe. I haven't played it yet.

    X3 is the rare PS1 version with anime cutscenes.

    X6 is retranslted and they got rid of the Japanese voices.


    The sound can get a little muffled at times.

    People say there are errors in some of the text. I read so fast, however, that I really didn't pay attention to it.

    The collection is not complete. X7 and X8 are not included.

    I like the SNES version of X3 better. In my opinion, it has superior music.

    In X4, they change one of X's power ups.

    It lacks on the extras department, unlike the regular collection.

    This isn't a flaw in the collection, but rather in human nature. Despite the game being fairly new, it's hard to come by. The sellers are rather greedy, also. Just look how much it is for a brand new copy. And some sellers sell the game for about $20, yet it only has the disc. So make sure you choose wisely in ordering it.

    Yeah, I put more cons than pros, but the heart of this collection is in the games themselves. If you like Mega Man, this is worth a buy.

    ...more info
  • Awesome collection! BUT WE NEED MORE EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    About the extras:
    * Where is the first episode of the Megaman X tv series?
    * Where are battle arcade games that didn't came to America?
    * Where is the interview with the creator and fans?
    * Where the trivia and the background story?

    The bads:
    * The ONLY extra is a racing game????!!!!!
    * Megaman X5 and 6. WHERE IS THE ANIME???????!!!!!

    X deserve better than this! SNIFF!!

    The goods:
    * The illustration gallery!
    * COOL version of Megaman X3!
    * We can finally play Megaman X4 after 1997!!! Megaman X4 is the BEST Megaman ever!!! and we can play it along with their GREAT prequels without Super Nintendo!!!!!!


    ...more info
  • Excellent
    This is a classic for all megaman lover's as well as beginners. Six games plus a bonus game what more cud u ask 4. The only thing dat cud improve dis game is if u add megaman x7 and x8. Excellent buy and not 2 mention da price...more info
  • Mega Man X to the eXtreme
    Putting the first 6 Mega Man X games into a single DVD-ROM is one eXcellent deal. Not only that, but you can unlock the never before released in the US Mega Man Battle & Chase game which is worth well the price for the overall game. This is definitely one eXcellent collection....more info
  • Good collection
    This has the best Megaman X games out there, I'm a big fan of X1,X2,X4 and X5, the menus/features aren't great and are lacking but it's the games that are important. All of the games work just as well as the originals and I feel they work best on the PS2 controller over the other consoles (though the SNES games still are better on the SNES pad)all of the games are untouched letting the experience be as it was when they came out. It even has the PSOne version of X3 with better quality music, which is a big bonus since X3 is incredibly rare and expensive alone.

    The one big gripe I have with this collection is if you play it on PS3 through an HDMI cable, it will NOT work, the games will not display though the menus will. I'm not sure if it even works on component. I'm not sure why this is since I've played Sonic Mega Collection on the same set up and I've had no problems....more info
  • collection well worth the money.
    yes this is it, this is the collection ive been waiting for. the mega man x series is perhaps the best of any of the megaman games ever created its true that after x4 the games start to slack a bit and that after x6 the games fall down the tubes this collection holds all the best games from this series. the games in and of themselves are classics, true, true, classics. the great part about this collection is the amount of money you will save by buying it. as many people know finding a copy of megaman x is very easy to find while x2 and 3 are very very hard to come by x3 especially. the reason for this is because the megaman x3 game only got 3000 copies off the assembally line. due to this to get a good copy of the game you have to pay at least $50 dollars. a good note is that x3 was also ported into a pc game (even harder to come by). the pc game only differed by having some cutsceene additions as well as having different music. the pc version not the snes version have been put into this collection. if you were to just look into getting all the games in there original form you would pay easily a hundred or two dollars. this is such a great deal for such great classic games i dont know why you would pass it up. anywho i dont need to get into the games themselves because other people will do that im sure. im just letting you know that this is perhaps one of the best opportunities you will get for a good while....more info
  • Short, Sweet, and to the Point
    I've still got most of the games to explore, but I'm amazed how a simple game like MMX can cause so much frustration. That being said, the challenge definitely adds value to the game. A good buy....more info


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