Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with ComFit Cuff

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Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM-780 automatic blood pressure monitor utilize Omron's patented IntelliSense technology, but it also features the innovative ComFit Cuff. It's easy to apply the cuff to your arm without assistance. Simply wrap the cuff around your arm and press START. In seconds, your blood pressure and pulse are displayed on the large digital display.The ComFit cuff is pre-formed for a quick and proper fit for both medium and large sized arms (fits arms 9" to 17").AC Adapter and four AA batteries are included.5-year warranty

Not only does the HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor utilize Omron's patented IntelliSense technology, but it also features the innovative Comfit Cuff. The ComFit Cuff is pre-formed for a quick and proper fit that is perfect for both medium and large-sized arms (nine to 17 inches). It's easy to apply the cuff to your arm without any assistance -- simply wrap the cuff around your arm and press start. In seconds your blood pressure and pulse are displayed on the large digital panel. Proven time and time again, Omron's IntelliSense technology ensures accurate, clinically-proven, and comfortable readings. And with a 90-memory recall with date and time stamp, you can track your blood pressure and pulse progress as your work towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Omron HEM-780 delivers accurate, clinically-proven blood pressure readings in the comfort of your own home.

To take an accurate reading, first position the green marker directly over the artery on the inside of your arm.

Next, place your arm on a table so the cuff is positioned at the same level as your heart.
Instructions for Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors
There are several easy steps to taking your blood pressure with this monitor. First of all, avoid eating, smoking, and exercising for at least 30 minutes before taking a measurement. Remove tight-fitting clothing from your upper arm, and sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Slide your left arm through the cuff and position the cuff approximately 0.5-inches above the elbow. On the cuff you'll notice a green marker; position this marker directly over the artery on the inside of your arm. Next, secure the cuff with the Velcro material. The cuff should make direct contact with your skin, but you should be able to easily fit your index finger between the cuff and your arm.

Place your arm on a table so that the cuff is positioned at the same level as your heart. Rest comfortably in a relaxed environment for at least 15 minutes prior to taking your blood pressure measurement. Once you feel relaxed, simply press the start button and remain still. The cuff will begin to inflate and numbers will appear on the display as the heart symbol flashes. When the measurement is complete, the cuff will deflate, and your blood pressure and pulse rate will display on the screen. If you need to stop the measurement at any time, simply press the on/off button and the monitor will immediately deflate. And remember, always consult your physician for specific information about your blood pressure.

What is IntelliSense?
The IntelliSense monitor inflates the cuff to the ideal level with each use -- you never have to make any adjustments to select an inflation level. This is especially convenient for hypertensive users and for people with certain arrhythmia or heart disorders because their blood pressure is so likely to fluctuate. The biggest advantage of using the IntelliSense technology is a personalized inflation every time for maximum comfort.

The Importance of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring
Doctors, diabetes educators, physician assistants, nurses, and other healthcare professionals all recommend home blood pressure monitoring for various reasons. Home monitoring provides your healthcare professionals with better information to understand and manage your high blood pressure. Many types of hypertension can only be detected by monitoring your blood pressure at home, including:

  • White-Coat Hypertension: blood pressure reading is high in your doctor's office but lower at home
  • Masked Hypertension: blood pressure reading is low in doctor's office but higher at home
  • Morning Hypertension: blood pressure reading is higher in the morning
Additionally, many factors can affect your blood pressure, including physical exertion, emotional fluctuations, medications, and stress. So having your blood pressure monitored at a pharmacy with an in-store device after you've been shopping or walking around might not provide you with the most accurate measurement. Monitoring your blood pressure at home allows you achieve a relaxed state more easily, and it gives you the flexibility to take your measurements at various times during the day. By keeping track of your home blood pressure readings, you can provide your healthcare professional with a log of your measurements over time. This can help them evaluate the effectiveness or need for medication.

What's in the Box
Omron HEM-780 blood pressure monitor, AC adapter, storage case, ComFit cuff, four AA batteries, and instruction manual.

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Features Simple manual inflation Easy one-touch operation with auto inflation Deluxe auto inflation with Comfit cuff Premium auto inflation with Comfit cuff Ultra premium auto inflation with software
Clinically Proven Accurate
Advanced Diagnostics
  • 30 memory
  • Averaging
  • Date and time
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • 30 memory
  • Advanced averaging
  • Date and time
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • 60 memory
  • Advanced averaging
  • Date and time
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • 200 total memory
  • Advanced averaging
  • Date and time
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Detects morning hypertension
  • 2-user plus guest mode
  • TruRead
  • Detects irregular heartbeat
  • 200 total memory
  • Advanced averaging
  • Date and time
  • Hypertension indicator
  • Detects morning hypertension
  • 2-user plus guest mode
  • TruRead
Power 4 "AA" (not included)
AC adapter N/A
4 "AA" (not included)
AC adapter not included
4 "AA" (not included)
AC adapter included
4 "AA" (included)
AC adapter included
4 "AA" (included)
AC adapter included
Warranty 1 Year 2 Year 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year
Cuff/Cuff size D-ring cuff
Arm 9" to 13"
D-ring cuff
Arm 9" to 13"
ComFit cuff
Arm 9" to 17"
ComFit cuff
Arm 9" to 17"
ComFit cuff
Arm 9" to 17"
Carrying/Storage Case
Omron Health Management Software

Q&A - Blood Pressure Monitors

What is IntelliSense?
The IntelliSense Monitor inflates the cuff to the ideal level with each use. No adjustments are required by the user to select an inflation level. This is especially convenient for hypertensive users and for people with certain arrhythmia or heart disorders, because their blood pressure is more likely to fluctuate. The advantage is fast personalized inflation for maximum comfort.
What is a ComFit cuff?
The patented pre-formed cuff expands to fit regular and large arms comfortably and easily.
How is an Irregular Heartbeat Shown?
This advanced monitor can detect irregular heartbeats while your blood pressure is being measured. If an irregular heartbeat is detected, an accurate blood pressure reading is displayed along with the irregular heartbeat symbol.
What is Morning Hypertension?
The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends you take blood pressure readings in the early morning and evening. With the touch of a button you can review an eight week history of your morning and evening weekly blood pressure averages.

  • Cleared by the FDA to help detect morning hypertension
  • IntelliSense monitor inflates cuff to the ideal level with each use
  • Large digital panel displays blood pressure and pulse readings
  • Cuff fits arms 9 to 17 inches in circumference
  • Main unit measures 5.16 x 3.31 x 6.09 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • easy to use
    I purchased this product because my doctor wanted me to monitor my blood pressure at home. It is convenient and easy to use. The memory features enable you to go back to review the 84 most recent individual measurements as well as 8 weeks of morning and evening averages. I especially like the fact that you can choose to take 3 sequential measurements to get the average. An added bonus is the User ID feature. My husband can occasionally measure his blood pressure without affecting my averages. There is also a "guest" option....more info
  • It's very nice and convenient.
    My father wanted the blood pressure monitor. So, I bought it from He is happy to use it. It easy to check the blood pressure. And I think it's really accurate. But I gave it to four star. Because It sometimes occurs an error but not serious....more info
  • I love it!
    It's very accurate with manual but so much more easier to use....more info
  • Pleased with BP Monitor
    I am very satisfied with this monitor. It's easier than having someone else do it. I like that it keeps up with two people also....more info
  • blood pressure
    i like this product, it gives a good accurate reading. good value for the money. get error message a bit too often i think....more info
  • Outstanding Product
    ...more info
  • omron hem-780n3
    3/2009 i received this highly rated auto blood pressure machine. i work at a hosp, for 24yrs on nursing staff. I start by knowing my baseline pressure (manual) done by my RN friends and my doc. I workout and in good health! this machine was 10 to 15 over Dia and 7 to 10 over sys.I called Omron to get a verbal(blaming) walk through on what I did wrong and them resetting the machine. SAME problems. I was told to call the seller or send back but I had to pay for s/h. I was so disappointed by Omron. However i was Very pleased with the Seller ZENCORP007 for refunding my money and allowing me to pleasure to throw this poorly made item in the TRASH!! i have a old sunbeam auto bp machine cost me $30.00 4yrs ago will stay with the cheap machines work better.....Omron are morons....more info
  • Very good product
    A good value for money.
    Extremely accurate product.
    Very helpful in monitoring blood pressure and keeping a check on it.
    The technique of taking the average of 3 successive results for obtaining the final result is really helpful and accurate....more info
  • Doctor Recommended
    I asked my physician which brand of blood pressure monitors I should look into purchasing and he suggested Omron. I'm glad I took his advice.

    * The Omron HEM-780 will track your blood pressure over a large number of readings, allowing for a pretty accurate long range average.

    * It measures your blood pressure and heart rate fairly quickly.

    * The cuff automatically inflates and deflates.

    * It keeps track of your morning and evening readings, individually, to help diagnose morning hypertension.

    * The unit will keep track of readings for 2 different users (there's an A and a B switch on the side).

    * The cuff is really large, so it should fit most people with no problems.

    ...more info
  • This is the kind my doctor recommended
    Last year, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. My family doctor wanted me to track my blood pressure over a period of time to see if my medication was what was necessary. I had tried to track my blood pressure using the mechanized machine at a local pharmacy, but the doctor said it might not be sufficiently accurate. The doctor recommended the kind of cuff that fits snugly over the upper arm. He said the kind of cuff that fits over the wrist was not sufficiently accurate.

    I have been pleased with the ability to both track my blood pressure on a daily basis, as well as the memory feature which records blood pressure on the monitor itself....more info
  • Easy to Use
    This product was recommended by our doctor. It is easy to use, the display is large enough to read. I would recommend this product to anyone needed to check daily blood pressures. ...more info
  • feature-packed, but inconsistent
    This unit seems to work well and offers a lot of
    features, but I experienced readings that vary as
    much as 20 points at the same sitting, not only mine,
    but my wife's readings as well. Maybe if you take
    several readings and average tham out you can get
    some idea of what your blood pressure really is....more info
  • Does not measure blood pressure accurately
    I just recieved this product , tested it and it gave largely varried results and did not give one correct reading. Its a defective instrument with defective design stay away from the product and keep your money in your pocket....more info
  • Great Product! Has been very helpfull, Doctor Approved
    My wife developed some high blood pressure through her last pregnancy. Because we had this monitor our doctor felt much better about her going about her day to day activities with out full bed rest or worse staying in the hospital. It is very easy to use and very accurate. She uses it all of the time....more info
    I had to return this product because it was giving wrong readings, both systolic and dystolic reading were off by +20 mHg. This was verified by two doctors office visits. I called OMRON to JUST REPLACE IT but they gave me hard time and asked me to do several steps to reverify the readings. I was fortunate to have this unit bought thru AMAZON. It was very easy prepaid return process if returned within a specified time. I bought OMRON because doctors recommendations. I think OMRON should have replaced it without questions as long as it was under warranty and specially only 3 weeks old unit....more info
  • Small improvements make for superior comfort and usability
    Slightly narrower cuff, considerably more gentle inflation pressure and speedier readings make this new model of the HEM-780 a superior product. I had the older version that only stored one person's record, and switched to this newer one on a whim. Lucky choice, this is a pleasure to use....more info
  • Bogus
    Bought this unit in December 2008 and have never gotten an accurate reading. It is always 15-20 pts higher on both systolic and diastolic. I was alarmed with the high reading and took it to my doctor's office for calibration. Her readings (6) confirmed the poor accuracy of this device. No more Omron products for me or anyone I know....more info
  • This Registered Nurse endorses the HEM-780
    I'm a disease management nurse after "Retiring" from hospital nursing after 20 years. Now I call people and promote wellness. Our company has one of these cuffs available to the employees. After trying a $35 Costco variation of a theme (arm cuff...not wrist) and finding it VERY picky on placement, showing ERROR frequently...I gave up on it. The HEM-780 at work always worked...every time, and seemingly accurate. I've been equally pleased with the same model I bought for home use. Has some nice features re storing 2 peoples results etc. A good unit for sure!!!...more info
  • Great 2 person monitor
    I bought this because my husband and I both have high blood pressure. It allows for easy usage, stores past readings, and is set up to work for 2 people. Great product and well worth the money!...more info
  • Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
    Actually, I bought this superb product for my grandfather who is a patient of hyper-tension. He is also using Inderal-10 to suppress high blood pressure, So it will be of great use for him to track his blood pressure, and even for other family members. The device is easy to use and full of productive features. In addition, the readings are very clear to observe. Moreover, I would like to recommend this device to all....more info
  • BP monitor is great
    This product came quickly, and was what we had expected. It works well, and we like all the features. It is nice to have one in which the cuff fits our arms and stays inflated as it should....more info
  • Satisfied customer
    This is a very user-friendly blood pressure cuff, with multiple features to help track history and maintain results. It is easy to program, and easy to use. ...more info
  • Versatile and easy to use Omron HEM 780 BP Monitor
    For those who want a monitor to regularly read and track their BP this is the monitor. My wife and I both use it daily and at our age (60+) it is wise to see what improves your BP or things to avoid. The plug-in power of the HEM 780 is better than a battery only model. The cuff is well designed but for a midsize guy and a gal the cuff is only just small enough to fit properly. The readout screen is very easy to read. The unit is too large to pack for travel but great for home use....more info
  • Readings are not accurate.
    I am highly disappointed with this product. I tried several times, but the readings are different every time I check. I feel like I waste my money. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • blood pressure monitor
    I like the monitor, the only think that I might change is the arm cuff is a bit stiff..however maybe that is the way it has to be?...more info
  • Great value
    This is a great product that reallys works.Plus it is priced very well for all the features it has...more info
  • Norman from Folsom
    This unit was exactly what I wanted and at the price I wanted to pay. Easy to use and gives the same readings as I get from my doctors equipment....more info
  • So far so good...
    I bought this cuff a month ago, and so far it has given very consistent readings (haven't compared with an official source yet, so I cannot attest to the accuracy!). It is well constructed and comes in its own carrying case. I like that this model comes with the AC adapter and batteries as a backup!...more info
  • High Quality Product
    I brought this one for my parents in law. They said they like it with its prefect quality. The screen shows the digits in large size. That's very important for senior people....more info
  • Cuff was inaccurate, but Amazon was great on the return!
    The cuff read my pressure higher and my wifes quite low, but Amazon was great on the return....more info
  • See Photo for Batteries
    The monitor appears to be high quality. The instructions are very clear and enable the user to accurately program and use the monitor. The power cord is long enough that I can keep the monitor plugged in and conveniently placed on my desk. The readings are about 10 mm higher than that measured by my cuff monitor, which is good because I have hypotension.

    I printed out the blood pressure chart found here [...] to keep with the monitor.

    My only complaint is that the company included clearly damaged batteries in the package. ...more info
  • Omron Hem-780
    I bought this unit, because the Dr. said I had high blood pressure, and I wanted to monitor it at home. It is very easy to use, and very easy to understand. I keep it in a place where I can just slip it on whenever, I want to check my BP. I have no real way of knowing how accurate it is, but I am hoping it is very accurate, as my readings have come down considerably from the Drs. office. I know I am more relaxed doing it myself, and that in itself may be responsible for a few points. This same model is in Walmart for $30 more than I payed on Amazon. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase....more info
  • Omron HEM 780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
    This product is exactly what I was looking for. There is no having to adjust the cuff because it works automatically. Both myself and my husband use it. I have had a rist cuff in the past and was not as pleased with it. Excellent product and I would recommend....more info
  • Great product
    This product was easy to use and works great. This is the second purchase of a blood pressure machine (the first one was sent back). The product is sturdy and looks like it will stand the test of time....more info
  • HEM-780 worth the expense
    To be as short as possible, the HEM 780 is a fine blood pressure monitor. One feels confident that the right numbers are materializing on the screen. This is my second Omron monitor. I think the 780 is better than the first one, and the first was a very good unit. ...more info
  • automatic omron blood pressure monitor


    ...more info
  • Omron HEM-780
    I've owned this monitor for one month and use it daily. I love the memory function, average function, the multiple user capability, the included ac adapter and the overall ease of use. The purchase on Amazon was a PLUS and BIG money saver....more info
  • Reliable, accurate and with improved features over earlier models
    This is my second Omron blood pressure monitor. I purchased this one as a replacement for my first one (which had been purchased at least 4 or 5 years ago) not because it failed to work, but because I had a friend who needed a monitor and I wanted the upgraded features of the HEM-780. I find Omron monitors to be easy to use, and they produce very similar results to the manual cuffs used in my doctors' offices. They also work reliably for a long time with regular use on battery power alone.

    One added advantage of this model is that it fits well for people who, like me, may be too large for standard cuffs. My arm size falls just between the two cuff sizes the doctor has, making one almost too small and the other almost too large, and giving me less confidence in their readings. Sometimes they pull out both cuffs and compare. I feel more comfortable using a cuff that is sized correctly, and the range of this cuff is such that it fits me perfectly.

    I like the features this model has that my old one didn't, such as detection of irregular heart rhythms and classifying of readings by morning and day/night so that morning hypertension can be identified more readily.

    The one drawback of this model is that earlier models allowed for the cuff to nest in the top of the same hard plastic case that contained the screen, so while it was bulkier, it was easier to keep in one piece and required less fussing with the zippers and floppy sides of the new fabric case. I preferred the older physical design, but the new features on this model more than make up for any design-related inconvenience. ...more info
  • great product
    I am very pleased with this bp machine. It is easy to use and when calibrated with my doctor's office readings gave consistent accurate results....more info
  • Excellent bp monitor
    Easy to use, nice big display with great memory. Saw the same monitor at my local pharmacy for $33 more. Would buy again for sure....more info
  • Omron HEM-780
    We are extremely happy with this product. It is so easy to use and very accurate. I would highly recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Works Great!
    We use this monitor at least once a week to monitor our blood pressure. It works very well and the cuff fits small arms to large arms. No issues whatsoever.

    At first I thought this monitor was a little expensive, but after using it for nearly a year I feel it is a great value and I'm completely satistfied with my purchase! Go ahead and buy it!...more info


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