Zojirushi NS-ZCC18 10-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer, Premium White

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Product Description

Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy NSZCC18 Rice Cooker & Warmer

  • 10-cup computerized rice cooker and warmer with advanced Neuro Fuzzy logic technology
  • Multi-menu selections; automatic keep-warm, extended keep-warm, and reheat cycles
  • Spherical, nonstick inner pan allows for spherical heating; LCD clock and timer; retractable cord
  • 2 measuring cups, nonstick rice spoon/scooper, rice spoon holder, and recipes included
  • Measures approximately 11 by 9 by 10-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing Rice Cooker
    I have had the Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy 10 cup rice cooker for about two months now. I am still somewhat amazed at the cost of this rice cooker and the fact that I paid that much for it. But I must admit that this rice cooker was worth every penny that I paid for it. I took about 2 months to choose a rice cooker because I was kinda tired of cleaning seared rice water off the stove. The ease of use for this is great you rinse your rice add it to the rice cooker add water to the appropriate line, shut the lid hit the button, listen to the tune wait for the next tune and you will have the greatest rice ever. It makes all kinds of rice as well as steel cut oats. I use it for making the boxed flavored rice as well. I bought this mostly for what it is intended (making rice) but have read about many other uses for it. It has a programmable timer so your breakfast or dinner will be ready when you want. Then it switches to keep warm mode if your not ready when it is and extended keep warm if your really late. There are setting for white, reg/sushi, harder, quick cooking, mixed, porridge, sweet, semibrown, and brown. I have only used the white rice, mixed, porridge and brown and all have come out excellent. Its cute too and made in Japan which is another plus. It comes with two measuring cups white for most rice and green for pre-washed. The cooking pot seems real durable and nothing sticks to it. The little white server also looks durable and cleans in a snap. The inner lid is removable and cleaning it is also a breeze. It has a carrying handle so it quite mobile. It keeps time in military mode and the LCD display is large and easy to read. Another plus is the retractable cord when your done with it retract the cord and storage is simple....more info
  • A great rice cooker, beats cooking on the stove.
    I have never had a problems with this rice cooker. I have used it for at least once a week for over 3 years and it's been flawless It's amazing how I will keep rice warm for hours and not dry it out. The inner bowl has never chipped, but I do wash it by hand and I would not recommend putting it in the dishwasher. The rice comes out perfect every time as well as steel cut oatmeal. It does get a little messy making oatmeal in the unit. It will crud up with oatmeal through the steam vent. It takes a little time to clean, you do have to take off the inner lid on top of the unit. It weren't for the cleaning and the price I would have given it a perfect score. ...more info
  • Great Rice Cooker!
    This is a great rice cooker! The rice is cooked just right. I also like the timer feature and the lower temperature warmer feature. I'm totally satisfied with the product. Some of my relatives think that I spent too much money on a rice cooker but after they see the product they agree that it is better than what they have and I know it is better than the other lower model Zojiruchi cooker that I previously owned. It is worth the cost! I love it! Also, at Amazon, shipping was free and I received the product in just a few days!! ...more info
  • great rice every time
    When three family members were diagnosed with celiac disease (severe wheat allergy), we started eating a lot more rice. I'm not the best cook, so I found it a real pain to make rice in a pot. This rice cooker has been a life saver. Every batch of rice has turned out perfect. I've also made rice pudding, rice cereal, and tapioca pudding. It's very easy to clean--unless I've made a porridge type dish I usually just rinse and wipe. The only problem I've had was that I lost the measuring cups that came with it, so I had to figure out the equivalent in standard cups. If you buy any rice cooker I would also recommend you get The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook : 250 No-Fail Recipes for Pilafs, Risottos, Polenta, Chilis, Soups, Porridges, Puddings and More, from Start to Finish in Your Rice Cooker for lots of great recipes to make in your rice cooker....more info
  • Feeding a Daily Habit
    In Hawaii, many of us eat rice every day, so most of us have rice cookers on our kitchen counters. I'd been wanting a "fuzzy logic" cooker for a long time, but my old-fashioned, bridal-shower-era aluminum cooker took its sweet time easing into retirement. When it was time to say farewell, I'd narrowed my choices to the higher-end Zojirushi line.

    My sturdy Zojirushi was worth the wait! Rice comes out dependably, every time. White rice. Jasmine rice for curries. Mixed brown and white or wild rice and brown or white. Never overcooked; never crunchy. There are multiple settings to accommodate all kinds of combinations -- "reg/sushi" is best for everyday, and hit the "pre-washed" button if you've washed the rice grains. The others are self-explanatory with one possible exception, sweet, which is probably not a common choice. A steam vent up top keeps the rice from getting overly sticky, and the included rice paddle may look like it has measles but it's designed to keep the rice from sticking.

    I'm a gadget geek, so the computer melodies that indicate the start and end of cooking make me smile every time I hear them, and sometimes that's twice a day (I do love my rice). The warming function seems to work well, keeping the rice quite hot without drying it out, but for best flavor you would want to eat the rice within 30-60 minutes.

    The non-stick coating truly is ... no more soaking the aluminum pot in cold water to get the "goo" off. Instead, a quick hand-wash with hot soapy water is all the bowl and the detachable cover liner need. As to the measuring cup, as one person noted, it's not exactly a dry measure 1c. I keep it in my rice tub, scoop out however much I want to prepare, wash it in the sink (old habits die hard) and then use the knuckle measure technique to add water. Basically, no matter how big/small your hands or the dimension of the cooker, rest your pointer finger barely touching the top of the rice; the water level should hit your first knuckle. I boost this a bit for brown and wild rice.

    This cooker has given our family more than 3 years of faithful service so far, and my eye hasn't wandered. ...more info
  • Excellent Rice Cooker
    Excellent rice cooker. So far, I've used it for white and brown rice with and without the automatic timer and it works great. I'll use it for shushi next week. With the automatic timer feature you set up the machine and then tell the rice cooker the time of day when you want your rice to be ready. After that time it switches automatically into 'keep warm' mode so your rice is ready to eat in case you're delayed. This is one of the main reasons I bought this specific model.

    A few things to note so you can make a more informed purchase.

    1- Cup size is different. I guess a japanese cup is different than those used in the US. Therefore, 10 cups in this case actually translates to 7.5 US-sized cups of rice.

    2- Cooking time is longer than 'normal'. I included the estimates for some types of rice straight from the manual. The zojirushi website also has estimates.
    a- Quick cooking (only white rice): 35-45 min
    b- White Rice: 51-60 min
    c- Sushi rice: 47-58 mn
    d- Brown rice: 82-108

    3- The minimum amount of rice you can make with the 10 cup model is 1 cup except for sweet, mixed, and brown rice where the minimum is 2 cups. Mixed rice is one where you ad a few other ingredients that will cook together with the rice 9eg. soup stock, soy sauce). For the 5 cup the minimum you can make is 1 cup for all types of rice except porridge where you can make 0.5 cups. Again, these are the smaller cup sizes.

    4- For those with small kitchens, the 10 cup machine has the following dims (WxDxH in inches): 11x14.2x9.4. The 5 cup is 10x13x8.1

    Enjoy perfect rice every time. Spend your time preparing other parts of your meal....more info
  • Beware the condition of your purchase
    I have the same rice cooker (except with induction heating) and wanted to purchase this item as a wedding gift. Well, when I get this item, I notice the box seems a little less than new. I notice that the rice measuring cup is missing, the manual is worn and there is the scent of rice in the machine. IT WAS A USED ITEM. Note that the item is not sealed but Amazon should have known. Very disappointed, especially for an item this expensive....more info
  • This is the Cadillac of rice cookers!
    We have had our Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy 10 cup rice cooker for about a year now. We have owned a couple of rice cookers and this is by far the best rice cooker we have ever used. The rice comes out perfect every time. We eat a lot of sushi and sushi rice comes out just right with this cooker. We have also cooked a lot of jasmine rice and basmati rice as well and it comes out beautifully. Brown rice...to perfection! It is easy to operate. A nice feature is the quick cook option for when you are in a hurry. This rice cooker does have a bit longer cooking time (about 10 to 15 min) than other rice cookers but it is worth the wait! We have NEVER found the bottom of the rice to be that light yellow color you find with so many other cookers from being close to the cooking element. The rice is consitent and fluffy throughout. This rice cooker is also very easy to clean. It is attractive. My wife, who is extremely picky about what items are left on the countertop does not mind this cooker to be permanently placed on the counter. Our cooker is on all the time...you will love the keep warm and extended keep warm options. We always have rice whenever we need it--hot and ready to go!! You will pay more for this rice cooker but you will get quality, professional, asian-style rice every time. ...more info
  • This is the best deal - love it love it
    We have researched and researched and finally took the plunge on this 10-cup neuro fuzzy cooker. And we absolutley love it. We eat rice at least twice a week and it is soooo easy to use and clean. It is easy to cook 2 cup of rice as it is to cook 10 cups of rice; the output is consistent very time. We bought the larger model for when we entertain. My hubbie loves it and he used to be the 'minute rice' man.... and now loves the taste of the rice cooked properly. He is now a convert and he was hard to convince to splash out and buy this cooker.

    I guarantee that if you love to cook rice and have hated the experiences of cleaning and eating under/over cooked rice .. you will not regret buying this appliance. The rice comes out perfectly everytime from jasmine, basmati and brown rice. This is the best out there... though dont go for the cheaper alternatives ,, you get what you pay for that is what my dad taught me and he has never been wrong.

    Update: March 2009: we are still using the rice cooker, but use it properly on average 4 times a week now! It definately has been one of those best buys. Also, we found that the rice stays nice and warm under the 'warming option' as long as you do not open the lid. ...more info
  • Takes up counter space, but worth it
    I bought this on the recommendation of a friend and I'm not at all sorry. I keep it on the counter and it does take up a good chunk of space, but it's worked so well, I'm good with the space issue. I had a bottom-range rice cooker before this one and it was ok as long as you ate the rice immediately. This one keeps rice warm for a very long time without overcooking the bits touching the pan. I'm looking forward to trying to make soup in it....more info
  • One of the best
    Our family eats rice everyday and we rely on a good rice cooker. My parents have a thing about having their electronics being made in Japan, especially my dad since he's used to repair a lot of them. Our past rice cookers all have been Japanese, and have lasted more than 10 years. I bought this one because of it's many cooking options for different types of rice. The rice cooks evenly and just makes dinner great every night! Amazon has great service and it didn't take long to ship. I would highly recommend purchasing this from Amazon....more info
  • who knew?
    I've made rice all my life. I learned from my first cook book -- Julia Child.

    But a few years ago, I moved to a new climate area and it's been hit and miss ever since. I made pots of rice turned to mush and pots of rice so hard and uncooked they were inedible.

    In desparation, I read all the descriptions, online reviews, evaluations by "America's Test Kitchen" -- all the resources I could find -- and this 10-cup Neuro Fuzzy seemed to offer the most consistant results to people and testers.

    And you know what? They were right.

    Every pot of rice since I got this machine over 6 months ago has been perfect. Also perfect with broccoli added on top of the rice in the last 10 minutes. Also perfect in the "mixed" mode with chopped veggies added with the rice and water. Also perfect for rice pudding. Also perfect for breakfast hot cereal.

    And the "keep warm" function is sooooooo useful when people are in and out at meal time -- or when folks are sitting up late working and need a second helping of something warm and good.

    who knew? Not me. Now I do....more info
  • Skip this product
    After less than a year of everday usage, the locking mechanism became loose which made the rice turn out dry every time. The "keep warm" setting became useless because the longer the rice was in the cooker, the drier the rice became. What a waste!...more info
  • They weren't kidding!
    I purchased one of these cookers after reading many glowing reviews about them. I have been using an old switch cooker for several years, and eventually I learned to make plenty extra so I'd have some "good" rice above that crunchy brown layer (yeah I know some people love it). Even so, sometimes it would turn out too dry or too mushy.

    So after buying this cooker, I read quickly through the manual and tried my first batch...it was perfect! No, really! People have said that there is a huge difference between rice from this (and other zojirushi) cooker and their old ones, and were they ever right! No more gummy, starchy-tasting mess. I've tried two different kinds of rice so far and they both came out perfectly, with no brown crunchy layer. (If you like that layer, keep your cheap cooker!) It's really foolproof. Just make sure to wash your rice thoroughly, add water up to the line and poof! you're done.

    It does take longer than my old cooker. From 45 minutes to an hour for the rice I've cooked so far. But the results are well worth the wait, and the timer function almost makes this a non-issue. Set your rice in the morning to be done at 7pm, and it'll take care of the rest. Very easy, and foolproof. Hey, even I could do it.
    ...more info
  • Warning - Aluminum Inner Lid!
    After reading all the reviews on fuzzy logic rice cookers, I was very excited to order the Zojirushi NS TGC10 model. When I recieved it, I was dismayed to see that the detachable inner lid was made of aluminum! It's my understanding that it's very unhealthy to cook foods in direct contact with aluminum. I called the seller who told me that all of the Chinese-made fuzzy logic models are made this way.

    I ended up getting the higher quality, Japanese-made induction fuzzy rice cooker by Zojirushi which has a stainless steel detachable inner lid. Which I love! It makes the absolute best rice (brown and white) that I've ever had! It was pricy, but I think worth it as a long term cooking and health investment.

    Bottom line -- if having your rice cook with direct aluminum contact is a concern for you, just remember -

    Zojirushi Japanese-made fuzzy logic INDUCTION rice cookers GOOD...

    Zojirushi Chinese-made fuzzy logic NON-INDUCTION rice cookers BAD!...more info
  • Great and cute little machine
    Have used my rice cooker a few times now, and I am just loving it! It cooks up wonderful aromatic sushi rice, which is all I eat. You can set it for regular, soft, and hard sushi rice, or a ton of the other possible rice settings. I prefer sushi rice though, even on the soft white rice setting, my sushi rice was still a little el dente. However, I got used to it and am absolutely in love with my springy sushi rice. Much like the kind you can get at Japanese restaurants. Oh, I recommend the Kokuho Rose sushi rice, which comes in a hot pink and white package....more info
  • I love my Zoji!
    I grew up in an Asian family and my parents always had a one-button rice cooker. So when I saw this one, I said to myself "what's the big deal, a rice cooker's a rice cooker, right?" Wrong! This rice cooker makes rice 10 times better, if I could put a numerical value to it, than any of the one-button cookers we have used. Now rice has become one of my husband's favorite things to have for dinner. Considering that he's white and wasn't brought up on rice, it says a lot. : )

    Tips on making Cantonese style porridge: cook the porridge as instructed with water / stock. When the porridge is done, add boiling hot water / stock to bring it to the desired consistency. It's important to add the liquid as the last step. If you add extra liquid at the beginning, the porridge will not cook properly. I've tried it. ...more info
  • excellent rice cooker
    This is an excellent rice cooker. I owned this product for almost 5 years and rice comes out perfectly every time. The inside non-sticky pot is still like new and very easy to clean. With 4+ years of usage, the easy-to-clean feature itself is worthy of the money. The rice tastes better too. I have bought another two to give to my family members and they just love it....more info
  • Awsome Rice Cooker
    I love this rice cooker. I had an inexpencive rice cooker that we had been using the last 9 years. My husband acidentlly dropped it and we decided to replace it with a really nice one because it had become an esentual kitchen appliance for us. We decided to replace it with this rice cooker. I am so we did.

    The things I love about this rice cooker:

    When you start it it plays twinkle twinlke little star (my daughter who's two loves it) and when it ends it plays another song

    It has a timer where you can set it to finish cooking when you want dinner. I put all of my ingredients in and set the timer for when I get home from work. It starts cooking about 45 minutes before the time you set and then it's ready and waiting for you. Unlike a slow cooker, it's not cooking all day. That's important because I am normally gone more than 8 hours each day and stuff gets over cooked in the slow cooker when I leave it.

    All the different rice settings. I love the porrage cycle.

    Jessica Hoisington
    ...more info
  • Great addition to my kitchen
    I bought the rice cooker because I just got into cooking chinese food // it is an amazing product ...more info
  • perfect rice every time.
    I purchased the 10-cup Neuro Fuzzy rice cooker as a Christmas present for my wife...because she ASKED for it. Well, she has never been able to cook a decent pot of rice before and after my extended stay in Japan, she was curious to see what the difference was. This cooker is dead simple to use and makes the most perfect sticky rice for onigiri every time.

    All you have to do is add your rice, your water, close the lid and turn it on (or set the timer). I wake up to sticky rice every morning. A couple of handfuls of rice with some fish/seasoning and I am out the door. It was a very worthwhile purchase and worth the pricetag....more info
  • poor quality non-stick interior pot
    The non-stick interior pot started bubbling after a few months and chipping after 9 months. I do not know the consequences of ingesting the chipped metals. And the replacement interior pot cost over $56 (including shipping), with only 3 month warranty. From that, you can see how much confidence the company has on its products. I regret buying this rice cooker. Buy from a different manufacture!!...more info
  • Most useful appliance
    I have owned this rice cooker for 4-5 years and worth every penny. If you eat rice this is for you. You will find that you will have rice more often. I just finished making Basmati Rice, which came out fluffy. I had always used a pot for basmati, but decided to try after researching online. This is my most used appliance! Enjoy many different types of rice with this cooker....more info
  • great machine, but not immortal
    I bought my 10-cup Zojirushi two and a half years ago, and have used it on average three times a week ever since. It's been pretty great, but at this point the teflon on the bowl is completely shot and must be replaced (note that I've used the plastic paddle almost exclusively and have never scratched the bowl with a metal utensil). A replacement bowl is about fifty bucks, so be aware that even if you tenderly wash it by hand, it has a life-span of about two years....more info


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