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The NEW Sonicare Essence Series rechargable power toothbrush removes 80% of coffee, tea, and tobacco stains. Only Sonicare combines 31,000 brush strokes per minute and extra-wide sweeping motion to create dynamic fluid cleaning action. Sonicare improves gum health by reversing gingivitis and shrinking periodontal pockets. Whiter teeth and healthier gums in 28 days guaranteed! Essence e5500 includes: 1 Sonicare toothbrush with 2 contoured brush heads, 1 Charger base with easy-wrap cord, 2 Hygienic travel caps, 1 Travel case, 1 Brush head holder, 2 Year Warranty

  • Soft-grip handle holds charge for up to 2 weeks, ideal for travel"
  • Rechargeable toothbrush cleans with ultra-high speed bristles
  • 2-minute Smartimer and Quadpacer interval timer
  • Removes 80% of coffee and tobacco stains in just 28 days
  • Includes 2 contoured brush heads, charger base, and travel case

Customer Reviews:

  • Refreshing
    This toothbrush leaves my mouth feeling really refreshed. After just a few weeks my gums are much healthier....more info
  • Does the job
    This is our second Sonicare toothbrush. (The last one died after many years of use.) This version is pretty much the same, with the addition of a little beep/pause every 30 seconds to remind one to move on to another section of the mouth. For some reason, that makes the 2-minute brushing period seem to go faster. This is an effective and efficient product. ...more info
  • Satisfied
    This product does an excellent job

    I just hope I can disable the "auto-off" function, because 2 minutes is not long enough for me. ...more info
  • Should have bought this years ago
    This toothbrush would have saved me thousands of dollars of dental discomfort if I had bought one years ago. Feels like I just had my teeth cleaned when I use it ...more info
  • Skimpy on quality, but worth it for a healthy mouth
    I ordered my Sonicare 3 months ago. I believed the first unit to be defective because the toothbrush head would not screw on flush with the base. Ultimately, this would cause a lot of bacteria to build up so I sent for a replacement. Amazon was great about sending a new one right out and I received it within a couple days. Unfortunately, the new one had the same problem, but not as bad, so I went and ordered the Sonic Seal. Check it out if you are thinking about getting this brush! If it weren't for this miracle little seal I definitely would have returned the brush because the gunk that builds up in the crevices is so disgusting. The last thing I want to add to my To Do list is 'clean toothbrush' !!!
    I don't understand how Philips can justify selling such a cheaply manufactured brush at this high of a cost.

    Well, it's 3 months later and I am happy to report that my teeth and gums are healthier than they have ever been. My teeth are much brighter and my gums don't bleed anymore. I don't floss less, but I'm noticing that when I floss, there is less to floss after brushing. I brush 2-3 times a day and have only charged my brush 3 times in the past 3 months. Even better, the brush itself is still in good shape. I think some reviewer's brushes get worn out so quickly because they are brushing their teeth too hard. You aren't supposed to use the Sonicare like a standard toothbrush because it will lead to the degeneration of your gums! Even though I feel like I shouldn't support Philips for misleading their customers, the Sonicare, for now, has held up to it's end of the bargain. I only hope that it will last more than 2 years. Oh, and make sure to fully drain the battery and then charge it back to 100% for optimal battery life....more info
  • Sonicare toothbrush
    This is my second Sonicare unit and I like this one even better than the
    first one. The neck has a smaller diameter and angle which makes it more
    efficient in my estimation. I give it a five star rating and would reccomend it to anyone....more info
  • Review of Toothbrush
    Great product for dental care. The only drawback is the cost of the replacement brushes....more info
  • The Sonicare is very effective.
    The Sonicare is a great tooth cleaning machine. It was recomended to me by a friend and I'm glad I took his advice. My first impression after the first time I tried it was that it was like cleaning your teeth with a lazer. ...more info
  • Great toothbrush
    Not much to say that others haven't said already. The tooth brush works great. I have noticed a significant improvement in whiteness and overall clean feeling.

    Also, I use a Swedish smokeless tobacco product which can cause rough patches on the gums and yellowing between the teeth. A completely unexpected benefit, this toothbrush eliminated both problems within a week....more info
  • great toothbrush
    This is my fifth Sonic toothbrush..I like it so much that when it is time to replace it I buy another one....more info
  • Awesome Toothbrush supersonic
    The sonic toothbrush is pretty good it works for me doesn't grind your gum to the bone and does a pretty good job and yes flossing is still a must but all in all the sonic has a 2min timer shuts off,, charges well and holds a good charge for a pretty long time,,,it's good wish I had one about 20 years ago,,...more info
  • Faubous Toothbrush
    I love this Sonicare Toothbrush. The size of the head gets in all the right places...the vibrating speed is comfortable...After the 2 minutes, you feel like you have had a professional cleaning!...more info
  • Great produck
    This is a very wonderful product. Was shipped very fast. According to our dentist, it was a smart purchase!...more info
  • does a great job
    i bought this to help with keeping my teeth majorly clean and to ward off periodontal disease, which so far it seems to be doing. at first its a bit hard to get used to and it sent shivers down my spine, but after a coupla weeks im fine with it now. its a greta product, and was recommended by several friends, including my dentist....more info
  • Great toothbrush
    I bought this toothbrush based on other reviews. I am so happy I did. It does a great job in cleaning and really gives you that dentist cleaned result. It holds a charge for about 2 weeks, after charging for 24hrs, so you do not need to keep it pluged in....more info
  • sonicare power toothbrush
    This is our 4th sonicare toothbrush and as with the others we've had , it is just great---our dentist highly recommends this product for continued teeth and gum care with excellent results ....more info
  • Failed after 8 months.
    After 8 months of use once a day by one mature adult the toothbrush failed completely. It will not even turn on. I would not recommend the e5500 Power Toothbrush to anyone....more info
  • Where Has This Been All My Life
    The best investment I made in my dental care was deciding to purchase this Sonicare toothbrush. It's great for cleaning teeth--I mean my teeth really feel squeaky clean after using it. I do not feel that sticky film on the ridge of my teeth, as I do when using a regular toothrush. Another great feature of the toothbrush is that once powered up, it doesn't need to be recharged for well over a week (I'd think more closely to two weeks). I'm in a job where I'm doing more and more travel, so the convenient travel case that comes with it is heaven sent.

    Some of the other reviewers commented that the little pause/beep that the brush gives to indicate that it's time to move on to another quadrant in your mouth can be annoying. I agree; it is a little annoying. I tend to ignore that beep/pause, and continue in my normal brushing routine. To each his or her own.

    I've had my toothbrush now for almost 2 years, and I hope it will last for years to come. I recommended the toothbrush for my mom as well, and she loves it too. The toothbrush may be a little costly, but it is well worth the cost.
    ...more info
  • Planned Obsolescence
    Here are two things Phillips will not tell you about their Sonicare toothbrushes and heads.

    1) The collar that holds the toothbrush to the handle will disintegrate in a couple of months. That's what prompted this review, because they would not replace mine after it fell apart two weeks after purchasing a replacement.

    They manufacturer these things to disintegrate so you will continue to buy replacements - planned obsolescence. However, I suspect their China supplier is skimping on the plastic specifications and they fall apart in weeks instead of months. (Do you think China would really do that?)

    2) UNPLUG your base until you need to charge the toothbrush. If you charge it up overnight, then unplug the base, the toothbrush will work for four brushings per day for about a month. Then, when it signals or stops, plug the base in to charge it.

    This method will allow your toothbrush to work for five years or longer. If you keep the base plugged in all the time, these NiCad batteries develop memory and will stop functioning after 18 to 24 months.

    A bonus, if you travel a lot as I do, you don't have to pack the charger. Just make sure it's topped off and you're good for a month's vacation....more info
  • Philips Sonicare Essence e5500 Power Toothbrush

    ips[[ASIN:B000M4DIJ4 Philips Sonicare e7300 Sonic Toothbrush]
    Had the original Philips for 8 yrs. It was beginning to fry and decided to get a new one as I liked the product.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    This was a replacement for a Sonicare I bought many years ago. I decided to upgrade and I haven't been disappointed. Your dentist will love you for using a Sonicare....more info
  • Great product
    Our last one gave out after many years and owed us nothing. The new design is an improvement over the old design and seems to contain all the good elements of the old design. ...more info
  • Power Toothbrush - Philips Sonicare Essence e5500
    Philips Sonicare Essence e5500 Power Toothbrush
    This toothbrush is handy, easy to use, leaves my mouth feeling clean, massages the gums. If I forget to recharge after the evening cleaning, it still works full power the next morning. I am happy with my choice of this Philips Sonicare Essence e5500 Power Toothbrush and would recommend it to a friend.
    Christa ...more info
  • Great Buy!
    After reading many reviews for various models, this one made the most sense. It has the quad pacer, battery life alert, and an extra brush head - costing less than the more expensive, newer "bells and whistles" models. Plus I followed the advice of others and charge it up, take it out of the cradle and wear it right down, and I get a good two weeks @ twice a day before I need to charge again.
    The brush head is much smaller than other cheaper electric models and it really gets into every crevice. My dentist recommended a Sonic model after a cleaning and said you can over brush and get receding gums. As for the vibration, you get used to it after a while, and my teeth feel SOOOOO clean! So go ahead and use a little of your tax refund money and treat yourself...or save it and spend SO much more in the dentist chair later on LOL!
    ...more info
  • you do not want to take it out of your mouth!
    this electric tooth brush is THEE BEST i've ever had! In less than 5 min your teeth feel like they just were cleaned by a dentist!
    Do not hesitate to spend this money on this product! You are going to love it and at is worth every penny!
    ...more info
  • Clean Teeth
    This is my second Philips Sonicare toothbrush. I used the previous one for a handfull of years, until the battery died. This Essence e5500 model is a generation newer, and fits my need precisely. Using the Sonicare is like having your teeth cleaned by an hygenist (almost) every day. I love them. The Essence model has a smaller head that makes reaching into your mouth easier. It has all the bells and whistles I want, which is a light to tell when its charged, and a beeper to give me four, 30-second meassurements during brushing. Get one. ...more info
  • Awesome
    This product is absolutely amazing. I had so so so many problems with my teeth over the years and every time I went to the dentist I had to go back several more times to get cavities and such filled.

    At my last dentist appointment, a little over 6 months from purchasing this product, I had absolutely no cavities! My dentist and his staff were impressed and I was happy I didn't have to go back four or five more times.

    Ironically, I do have to go back to get my wisdom teeth ripped out, but what toothbrush can really prevent that?...more info
  • Makes me smile
    I wish I had known about this product earlier, then maybe I wouldn't have had to suffer through so many cavities and fillings and dental bills. Since using the brush for a week so far, I've felt my teeth feeling cleaner and looking brighter (I smoke and drink coffee). The beep/pause after every 30 seconds is nice and I generally find myself brushing my teeth for 4 minutes instead of two. Besides working really well, it also motivates me to floss more. It's such a simple and enjoyable way to take better care of my health that I think the cost of the toothbrush and replacement heads are worth it. I'm sure Phillips could come up with a way to make cheaper replacement heads but it's a business that needs to make money for profit. Just be grateful that (those who complain about the cost) can even afford the luxury of such a brush - some people can't even afford the basic necessities to take care of their health in the United States. ...more info
  • Philips Sonicare Toothbrush Essence e5500
    My disappointment is that it's not built nearly as well as my older model and probably won't last as long; seems cheap by comparison. Also, no matter how well you wipe it after use, it still leaks water from the joint of the holder and the brush head. This transfers to the charger. Small point perhaps, but sloppy. As with my older model, the inside cavity must be cleaned I'd judge weekly. My older brush from Philips did not leak though. I'm thinking of returning the e5500 toothbrush and buying my older model again.

    That said, it does a decent job of brushing and the angled brush head is convenient. My older model also did a decent job of brushing. ...more info
  • Check the head size
    I previously owned a more expensive model. When purchasing the e5500 I made my choice for two reasons: the price and the fact that I did not need the two handles that come with the more expensive model. I did not pay attention to the head size. The e5500 has a VERY small brush head. It works, it does the job, but it is half the size and 2/3 of the width of the manual brushes I have used all my life. I find myself picking up my old brush all the time now....more info
  • Does a great job and last a long time!
    This is the second we have purchased. The first one must have lasted close to 3 years before the sealed battery finally wore out. I had gingivitis and since using this toothbrush, my gums have not receded one bit. This one may cost more than others but, when I checked a couple years ago, it was the highest rated electric toothbrush available. It was well worth the money....more info
  • Excellent Cleaning Power
    If you want your teeth clean - this is the toothbrush for you. I tried other electric toothbrushes before but were not satisfied with the results. The Sonicare Essence has excellent brushing and cleaning power due to the speed of vibration. It also has an automatic shutoff so you concentrate on moving the brush around your teeth rather than counting strokes. Two minutes of brushing and your mouth and teeth feel smooth and grit free. Love it! Highly recommend the Sonicare to everyone....more info
  • Couple of issues
    This is my third sonicare, so I obviously like this product overall and how it performs. The one thing I don't care for on this model is that the handle is a bit too thick, in that it feels large in my hand (and I'm a 5'8" woman), so if you're smaller than me, it might seem uncomfortably large for you, too. I believe one of their other models has a more streamlined handle.

    The other thing is that you need to be careful about how you push the little round rubber on/off disc. DO NOT USE YOUR NAIL IN ANY WAY. The only reason we had to buy a new one was that the button got wrecked and pushed into the handle so that we couldn't access it anymore. Mind you, this took about a year and a half or more to happen, but if it had been a better design it wouldn't have happened at all. If you're careful to use just the soft part of your finger you should be okay....more info
    From the first time I tried the Sonicare, I absolutely loved it! I ordered the Philips Sonicare because my dentist suggested it. I have some nerve problems in both arms but worse in the right arm and I am right-handed. I was having a hard time brushing, even left handed. It is so easy to use - I don't have the feeling that I haven't done a good job brushing my teeth. My husband thinks that my teeth just plain look whiter all the time! I would recommend this toothbrush for anyone!...more info
  • Vibrations of death for that icky tartar!
    I'm lucky to have great teeth. I know this cause I've seen some snaggle tooth people out there. Every time I go to the dentist I get the same thing said to me at the end of the actual dentist inspection, "You have great looking teeth Mr. Cole. But you don't floss do you?" I hate when he asks me that cause I know that he knows that I don't. That's why my gums are inflamed usually (not bad or anything). And that's why you see blood on that dang dental floss there buddy.

    Well last year I bought this sonicare cause I was curious how good this thing actually was. And I'm telling ya, it really does make your mouth feel a heck of a lot cleaner than you are used to. I can reach the back of my teeth easily with this. I also can brush my tongue and the roof of my mouth with this with no worries (well except for my gag reflex, but that's not the brushes fault... hehe).

    A year went by with me using this and I had my annual check up again. Of course I'm brushing my shoulder off cause I'm thinkin I'm hot stuff with my perfect teeth (kiidddinngg...sooorrttaaa), but still I'm expecting to hear that same line. After all the praise, the doc starts to get up and I say to him, "Uh? No flossing?". He says to me that I don't need it and it looks like I floss all the time to him.


    The brush automatically paid itself off without a doubt. I did not floss one time that whole year. The only difference between those two visits was the toothbrush. Man I love this thing! I would highly recommend spending a few extra bucks on this (ok more than a few... it's more like 70 bucks I think).

    When you first start using it though it's a pretty weird experience. If you don't do it right it feels sorta like taking a glass beer bottle (or coke bottle for you kids out there) and knocking it around on your teeth... hehe. Trust me when I say you'll learn quickly how to brush correctly with this... lol. Also make sure you keep the toothbrush in your mouth. I've learned not to take it out and try to talk to someone. Cause all I did was take it out and then there was toothpaste flinging left and right like a mist machine on crack.

    One more cool thing is that I haven't put it on it's charger in almost 2 and a half months and it's still charged and vibrates just like it had been taken off the charger. So in case you got a quick trip to go on, you can just pack it in it's little plastic carrying case and it's good to go.

    Don't second guess getting one of these. Trust me when I say you wont regret it....more info
  • Basic + Good
    This is my favorite Sonicare toothbrush. It is simple, effective and a Sonicare. What more can I say. The Sonicare toothbrush alone has prevented all cavities since I started using one. I used to have 1-2 cavities per year before my dentist suggested I invest in a Sonicare.

    I prefer this model to the other fancier models I have owned in the past. It just seems beefier and made to last . Sometimes less is more. And the power on this model is just as good as the more expensive ones....more info
  • Great deal toothbrush
    Great toothbrush, wish it came with a smaller head though. [...]....more info
  • at the dentist?
    I bought a Philips Sonicare, just because it's a Philips. I have many good products bought in the past from Philips. I never expected this brush to be this good. In the beginning it feels a bit strange, because of the speed and sound of this brush. It also feels as if the dentist is working on your teeth... not pleasant. After a couple of times the unpleasant feeling turns into a pleasant feeling (have to get used to it). Then you can see your teeth to begin to whiten. So no expensive whitener needed, just good toothpaste should do the trick with this brush....more info
  • Better than Oral B
    I was an Oral B user for over a decade until I had trouble finding replacement heads. I purchased another Oral B - this time the Cross Action (budget-friendly) but the unit burned out in less than 6 months. I was so annoyed that I thought I'd give the Sonicare line a shot and I'm very glad I did. This toothbrush gives a MUCH better cleaning and just feels better on the teeth and gums. I highly recommend. ...more info
  • Fabulous!
    This one is so much better than the previous model I owned.
    It is lighter, faster, with the perfect angle. Very handy to travel as it comes with a travel case and the charge holds well for a short trip.
    Very easy to maintain clean. I think it is a very good product with a middle range price. I totally recommend....more info
  • Not as good as the original Sonicare
    I purchased this as a replacement for the original Sonicare for my husband and myself. I bought the set with two units and one charger. Even though I like the new brush head and noticed its brushing action is improved with this model, I found that one of the units (the one I use) doesn't hold a charge very long. The old one went two weeks. I am lucky if this one goes a week. Sometimes 4 days is all it stays charged. The unit my husband uses hold a charge for at least 2 weeks just like the older model.

    I called customer service and they had me perform some tests and put the phone up by it so she could hear the sounds when doing the tests. She said it was fine as it passed the tests. She advised me to return it to the charger daily if necessary. I explained that my husband's didn't need that frequent charging and she just ignored that fact.

    I was considering getting one of the newest models and seeing if they are any better, but might just switch to Oral B, as that is what my dentist uses....more info
  • It Keps running, running, .........
    This is my second Sonicare. The first one lasted over ten years and I'm replacing it only because the battery no longer holds a charge. If one does not jam the bristles into the teeth, the brush will last as long as the unit. I regularly take the brush apart, soak it in a weak solution of bleach water and clean off residue inside the brush and charger. UVs don't reach the inside and the chargers. And when the magnets inside the brush head get rusty brush them with a soft copper brush or scrape a little of the rust off with a pocket knife. Two brushes are needed for two people (unless you don't mind sharing) but otherwise an extra is a waste of money....more info
  • It's like going to the dentist everyday
    I bought this toothbrush for my boyfriend and he says that he feels like his teeth are professionally cleaned daily. He loves the timing feature that ensures you get adequate brushing time. I think I will buy myself one next. ...more info
  • Extraordinary Essence
    I really like this powerbrush. My previous brush was the Sonicare 4100, and it was good, but I find the Essense e5500 easier to maneuver (less bulky), and seems to be more effective in removing plaque. It is easier to brush the back teeth, and behind the teeth. It is rapid, and that takes a little getting used to. It does seem to work quickly to "toughen" the gums; the first few times I used it, it hurt a little; but then no problem. Overall, I'm quite pleased....more info
  • Brilliant brush!
    Our teeth have never been so clean! With 2 brush heads it meant we only had to buy one far we have noticed that our teeth are so much cleaner than when we used a regular electric toothbrush and they appear whiter too!...more info
  • Sonicare
    This is a replacement. I already wore out my first one, but I used it for years. This time I expect it to last longer, because I will use the pad of my finger to turn it off and on; not the tip of my fingernail!...more info
  • Unbelievably good toothbrush.
    I picked out this brush by going to amazon and finding the best reviewed toothbrush, which was this one, so there are already a ton of great reviews explaining how good this thing is, but it was so good I had to add my own as well.

    I really like Philips gear, i think they have great quality (already have and love one of their waterproof electric razors) and this is no exception. The whole toothbrush unit is sealed totally, not even any metal contacts (the charging base is similarly featureless, the charging takes place by induction). The heads are very solid and simple, and they have a big powerful magnet projecting out the base, so it's easy to store all your spare heads by sticking them on the side of the bathroom cabinet. The head of the brush is also really small, so it's VERY easy to reach around your mouth and polish every single surface in their, which was never possible for me with a manual toothbrush head. And it all feels very tough, the carrying case that comes with it (room enough for a disassembled body and one head) is also really nice, simple and tough.

    Using it is easy enough, although it did take a few days to get used to the way it works (like never scrubbing, just slowly polishing the teeth with the head, and never taking it out without turning it off first to avoid toothpaste spray going everywhere). The 'quadpacer' thing is annoying at first but now I like it, it's easy to move over every tooth in a corner of your mouth and at the little pause move on to the next without thinking.

    It did work as advertised with stains, I had some coffee stains on my lower front teeth, and within two weeks they were almost entirely gone, in fact all my front teeth are much white now. And another advantage is that you really do have that 'straight from the dentist' clean feeling. Sometimes i'll catch myself running my tongue over my teeth just enjoying the smoothness. It's a massive difference compared to manual brushes.

    The single thing I don't like about this brush is that the charger is not 110/240 like most chargers are, so I had to go out and buy a 240 -> 110 voltage convertor to use it here in Europe, but that's not a big deal compared to amount I like this brush.

    The battery life is fantastic, I keep it off the charger and use it until it runs down after advice I saw here at amazon. And it has a lovely way of saying it has a low charge, a little burping vibrating beeping spasm after your two minutes are up. Very mac-like too with a little white light in the switch that indicates low power and charging states. ...more info


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