Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Series
Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Series

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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 02/05/2008

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  • This Series needs to be seen in it's original Hi-Def
    Disappointing on DVD. When this series appeared on UPN it was shown in Hi-Def. According to IMDB, this series was shot digitally in 1080P/24. I have a 70 inch Top-of-the-line Sony HD-TV (KDS-R70XBR2). The network HD showings were spectacular, especially the opening. The eye-poping picture you invite your friends over to see what Hi-Def truly is. The DVD release of Enterprise was not as good as most of the TNG DVD movies. I enjoyed the series in HD on the UPN network. I would buy the series on Blu-Ray when it is available in that format....more info
    I love Star Trek. I am also a fan of Scott Bakula ('Quantum Leap').

    He looks really fantastic in the Starfleet uniform.

    Of course, I was really disappointed that ST: E was cancelled.

    This series really rocks and proves that the Trek legacy and franchise was in great hands.

    Great storylines. Great special effects. Brillant Trek all the way.

    Being set 150 odd years, before the time of Kirk and his crew's missions, was brillant.

    Showing the early obstacles that Archer and his crew must overcome, as Starfleet's first active Earth starship. Plus other encounters.

    Some encounters that will eventually to the creation of the famous Prime Directive law/s, which are discussed/debated so much in ST: TNG.
    Not to mention the sexual contact directive/laws etc mentioned in Star Trek: Voyager. Obviously came about, after Tucker finds himself pregnant, by accident and becomes the first man in Starfleet history to do so. Great episode.

    As the title of this review says.

    IT'S STAR TREK. ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Star Trek Enterprise
    Having seen most of the episodes on TV its still a pleasure to watch again.
    Not all doom and gloom, light hearted look at Sci fi. Glad we bought the series...more info
  • For the love of Scott Bakula
    I caught some episodes of Season 1 and decided I wanted to see more of Capt Jonathon Archer and the first Enterprise. It was also cool to have a lesser-known Rod Stewart song be the series theme song. (Which by the way was also in Patch Adams.)

    So while I don't regret getting the 4 season set, I did not find the entire series compelling. Good enough, but nothing ground breaking besides the "retro-continuity" fixing why klingons don't have bumpy foreheads in the TOS, etc.

    I also liked the Brent Spiner guest-star episodes (big fan of Spiner).

    I thought the Temporal Cold War was a bad idea, and the Xindi War was an unnecessary diversion....more info
  • Great Show In A Great Box!
    Star Trek Enterprise is the best trek so far
    And went before its time hopefully it will return back
    As direct to dvd or as a movie season'3&4 are the greatest
    Hey CBS we want more of Enterprise!

    "Where no man has gone before"...more info
  • ST Enterprise, The Complete Series
    Better than I was expecting, going by previous reviewers rating of the quality of the recording. This is great, widescreen and excellent video quality. I've watched the entire series through twice now and enjoyed myself very much. This is far quality than it was broadcast in on UPN. The price was right and I got what was advertised. The complete series....more info
  • Typical Poor Quality from Amazon
    I was not pleased that the first disk contained several commercials, even before you were able to get to the Enterprise content. Most annoying. The series was great, and shouldn't have gone off the air. For me, this collection was a chance to see all the episodes that I hadn't seen. It was like having the series in new release again. The most disappointing part of this collection as purchased from Amazon was the fact that all the so-called, "Extra Features" were not viewable, for some technical reason. You only get to "see" pixels of the features. This was true of not only this "Complete Seasons 1-4" of Enterprise, but of all the complete seasons of all the Star Trek series I've purchased from Amazon. They bait and switch you. They say they've never been used, or are original product from the manufacturer. Which may be true, but these DVDs certainly are not error free. I was very dissappointed. I would not recommend buying any DVDs from Amazon. Look elsewhere....more info
  • An Enterprising Trek Series
    When I first watched the beginning of "Enterprise" on television I was at first rather dismayed. What is this musak? Where was the Star Trek title? And the jingoistic patriotism! It was soo unlike what has gone before, and not in an especially good way. Having said that; I have found the show itself thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining and as always with Star Trek optimistic and hopeful for a brighter and more tolerant future. With time I have become rather fond of Star Trek: Enterprise; the adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer and his brave, bold and daring crew.

    I do have some problem with Star Treks predictable and formulaic approach, such as... the name of a ship is nearly always Enterprise: why not the Endeavour or the Discovery? And surely it would have been a good gesture to all the devoted Star Trek fans around the world to have included a foreign actor or actress (an Australian a European or an Indian for example) in the Enterprise cast, other than the usual Americans or Brits. But an even more important and significant issue to me as a bisexual woman, I feel saddened that there has not yet been a character in any Star Trek series who is from a sexual or gender minority. Indeed it has not even had an episode or plot relating to - GLBT - issues in any Star Trek production... unfortunately also including Enterprise. Of all the shows on television Star Trek has no excuse, the United Federation of Planets is meant to be cosmopolitan and diverse isn't it? I think an enlightened organization like this would not exclude people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity, and that this topical issue should have been addressed by the makers of Star Trek if they wanted the franchise to remain relevant to a postmodern audience. If Gene Roddenberry was still alive today I believe the subject of a transgender, gay, lesbian or bi character in a Star Trek series would have been breached in a positive and embracing way many years ago... oh well. I also think that during season three Enterprise is at times a little bit too gung ho and brash and that this is not really in keeping with the peaceable Star Trek ethos. But I do realize that Star Trek: Enterprise is set at the beggining of humanity's true exploration of space; and that the crew does not yet have a "prime directive" to guide their actions, so they make many honest mistakes. With time the United Federation of Planets will be founded to bring many of the disparate and warring species of our quadrant of space together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual benifit, The Enterprise NX-01 crew will play a vital role in its foundation.

    So despite these misgivings which are more concerned with the Star Trek franchise as a whole; I have absolutely loved watching Enterprise and have looked forward to each new episode, throughout all four seasons. The thought provoking stories, the attention to the details of the sleekly stylish sets and props, the moody and dramatic lighting, the beautiful costumes, the look of the aliens and their varied cultures or the special effects is as with all Star Trek productions impeccable and tasteful. And the well chosen cast is made up of talented actors who really do make you care what happens to their respective characters... and Porthos is very adorable! All these elements combined make Enterprise addictive viewing, and are what set it apart from other lesser television shows in this genre. So what a damn shame that it has been cancelled after only four short seasons, and all the more so just as it was getting its space legs! I also think that in a time when television is being increasingly dumbed down; a show like Star Trek: Enterprise was actually needed more than ever, for it could at times be quite intelligent and extremely topical. I feel incredibly annoyed (like many other trekkies it seems) at the Paramount "executives" for canceling Star Trek: Enterprise and believe that they have made a rash error of judgement; I mean surely it would have been a wiser decision to let Enterprise run its full course of seven seasons, and then wait awhile to see if there is still a market for another Star Trek series.

    The sleek silver casing that the DVDs come in is truly elegant and stylish, I just wish there had been three more of them! The special features are fantastic too, with animated menus they provide hours of behind the scenes info and trivia that gives one a deeper appreciation of what goes into the making of a series like Enterprise. As fans we should thank the heavens for DVD so that the valiant but ill-fated, Star Trek: Enterprise series will at least be saved for posterity as a valuable and treasured part of the Star Trek canon. So if you are a seriously avid trekkie I think Star Trek: Enterprise should unquestionably be on your wish list if you are collecting the various Trek series on DVD; for the obsessive completist like me I would not have it otherwise!...more info
  • If I could give it more than five stars I would!!
    I reeks that it was so short.. I was overseas when the show premiered so never got a chance to watch it when it originally aired.. I got a glimpse of it once though and it didn't impress me so I didn't explore it further (at this point I had already watched the original Star Trek, Star Trek The Next Generation, a lot of Star Trek Deep Space Nine (not too fond of that one), and Star Trek Voyager and why it didn't catch my attention I'll never know) fast forward to 2009 and it comes out on Sci-Fi and decided to give it a shot.... I set the DVR to record so I could watch it later to see if I'd like it and I couldn't get enough of it!! First chance my wallet got I bought the whole series mostly unseen.. I was that taken and impressed by it.. I really was.. I'm not usually so impulsive.. I love it!! I love it!! I love it!! Voyager used to be my favorite (for sentimental reasons) but now it's hands down Enterprise..

    I will warn you about one thing though.. the way it was ended was criminal and sloppy.. I'm sure all the reasons are there.. blah, blah, blah.. but it was truly devestating.. what a horrid end to a excellent Star Trek..

    Oh yeah.. and for the record.. my 13 and 16-year old daughters got sucked into it kicking and screaming but they love it now too.. he he. (the big debate is who is hotter.. Tucker from Enterprise or Riker from The Next Generation.. lol.. I have a personal fondness for Captain Archer.. who knew.. )...more info
  • Slide into Space Trek Style
    "Enterprise" is the cherry on top of the Star Trek universal cupcake, an homage to its enormous creative entirety. The original Trek aspired to break away from defining humans via false racial or geographic differences. In Enterprise's universe, what it means to be human, in our shared fragility, fallibility, and uniqueness, is underlined and illuminated by encounters with various alien cultures. The highly entertaining and clever May 2009 "Star Trek" movie has the grace to mention Captain (now an Admiral) Archer's dog Porthos.

    I think the cause of this excellent show initially not catching on with dedicated fans, and a new audience, is Diane Warren's horrible, dated, bellowing non-Trek opening musical score. Don't punish a great series due to a stupid mistake, or deprive yourself of real Trek fun. It's difficult to understand how so much hard work went into creating this series, and saddle it with a corny ballad (speed through this portion to view graphics & silence the singing). Even the fab woo-woo and bongo drums of the original Star Trek series is more futuristic. It's unfair that the writer and the singer of the awful score are named at every opening, but the credits don't list primary cast members with their roles, as in DSN.

    As with the Original Series, this cast gels, and the "Enterprise" team works beautifully. Time and again, the cast is subtle and superb. Connor Trinneer's acting is graceful and deft (although his role was subjected to inexplicable suffering). All Trek fans must experience outstanding episodes, such as "Carbon Creek," where first-contact was not in Bozeman, MT, or Roswell, NM (my stomping grounds), but earlier; this story is an exceptional valentine to Trekkies. "Unexpected" deals with an exotic alien ship and male pregnancy; Vulcan conflicts are explored in "The Andorian Incident" (see the infamous DSN's Weyoun, the superb Jeffrey Combs, in another incarnation, with blue skin and those wonderful mobile antennas); the wonderful "Dear Doctor," Phlox considers disease & evolution. One of the best Sci-Fi shots ever depicted is in "Proving Ground," beyond the back of Bakula's head, two expressive little blue Andorian antennae wave. There are only two woefully placed, misguided timeline/WWII "what-if" episodes (Storm Front I & II), but the pace returns right after that. "In a Mirror Darkly" is an amazing two-part sequence that meets the future lost ship Defiant (caught in a Tholian Web during Kirk's run), with great opening sequences and music, the sword through the world emblem, and the "Enterprise" cast in the Original Series uniforms. Even the super-colorful Trek food & liquids are reproduced on the sleek old/new Defiant.

    I can't state enough how deft and pitch-perfect the acting of the entire cast is, in this Shakespearean space theater. Historic Trek story threads are developed, like the Prime Directive, holosuites, Vulcan mythology/mind meld issues, and more. Details differ, diverge, and sometimes converge: although not spray-bottles, there are glowing, colorful bottles of fluid in Sick Bay, as in the Original Series. Forgive this not looking exactly like the early series, as the interior visually approximates a submarine rather than the carpeted hallways of previous series. There is a jovial commeraderie amongst the cast, thankfully, no Drama Queens chewing the scenery. The focus is not as operatic as "Deep Space Nine," because more than any other of the spinoffs, "Enterprise" is closest in spirit to the Original.

    If you are going through Star Trek withdrawal, give this enjoyable, good-hearted, excellent series a chance, speeding through the initial shock of the horrible, inappropriate opening musical score, to get to the meat & taters of a really great addition to any true Trekkie DVD collection. The "Enterprise" packaging is good as well, and the set arrived in perfect condition. And don't forget to check out the Original Series Remastered (although the packaging was dinged on our order). Enjoy "Enterprise!"

    Star Trek: The Original Series (Remastered) - Three Season Pack
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series (Seasons 1-7)...more info
  • Life Before James T. Kirk...
    Of all the ST series, I'd rank this as one of the best. While the original ST (a/k/a the Kirk and Spock show) was groundbreaking in many ways, it was more "sociological" SF without enough science to satisfy techno-SF nerds like me (I'm a computer jock by trade, and old enough to have seen the original series when it was shown for the first time). I thought STNG was better, liked STDS9 best of all, and never really got much into ST Voyager... but THIS series is great. In ST Enterprise, there's no great all-encompassing Federation (at least not yet), and we Earth people are still looked upon as a bunch of neobarbs who somehow managed to stumble into space.

    The series draws on the lore of four other series and a whole string of movies, but it also goes into a lot of little nooks and crannies that haven't been explored yet. Did you know, for example that humans smell bad to Vulcan? But of course, Vulcans discipline themselves to ignore such things -- and also use a chemical agent to block the smell if they have to be in the presence of humans for very long.

    Oh, yeah... lots of tasty little details here that will titillate the True Trekkie. And of course, it answers the BIG question: was there really life before James T. Kirk?

    I've gotten through the first couple of seasons so far, and my only regret is that the series didn't last more than four. Of course, I could be wrong and it could fumble and stumble in the third and fourth years... but I think that in the first couple seasons alone, I got my money's worth.

    Besides... T'Pal has GOT to be the best-looking Vulcan you're ever going to see...
    ...more info
  • I loved it!
    I loved the series. I only wish they had made more after season 4. I thought the crew worked well together personality wise and the story lines were great. I especially liked the relationship between Trip and T'pol. It's about time they allowed a romance between crew members. Does anyone know if their planning to make series 5?...more info
  • space no one can here can complain...
    Somewhere a ways back TV did this thing called Star Trek. Now despite its' many flaws and lousy episodes, this little TV series became the "little TV show that could". Decades later a new generation of writers/producers take control and attempt to rewrite the beginnings of this now epic tale. With nothing even close to a stern to steer this ship with, "Enterprise" leaves dry dock and sails on a journey,, well a journey of the damned. Four seasons of truly disjointed stories. Each and every season is a temporal anomoly of the previous. Picture "Groundhog Day" meets "Alien" meets "Deep Star Six" Meets "2001" meets "Star Wars"....etc etc Remember that is why they say "blow the hatch", you can't get sucked into space, unless you buy this...and by the way, as others have noted, this set is actually more expensive than seperately. Geeez! I guess if you keep running spin-offs of even the best of franchises you will eventually bury it. Live Long And Prosper. Enterprise sure didn't....

    note: I actually was torn between the ideas the second and third seasons came up with (either would have been my favorite season but not both), they were like alternate universes to me. Being a big Trek fan I couldn't see this show being more important than the future time frames, when it, of course, was unknown. ...more info
  • Enterprising
    Although I felt the music was anything but Trekkish, the series followed in the vain that Roddenberry started with the first Trek series. One of the better ones it turned out. I think of all the series the original, DS-9, and Enterprise are probably the best when it comes to replayability. I never seem to tire of rewatching them. The timeline is before the original but obviously we have come along way in special effects so this will seem far less cheesy than the original in the props department. I recommend this series for the whole family. A number of issues are covered that it would do a family good to discuss, just like the original series. The DVD quality is good, the boxes are cheap, and the Paramount price is outragious as usual. When they hit around fifty a season I will buy them, afterall about every other TV series on the planet is in that range. Just because Trekkies are spending all the money they made buiding Cray super computers or working at some retail chain doesn't give Paramount a right to be so greedy. BTW, this Trekkie isn't buying at this price so there!

    Addendum: Well about time they knocked the price down to reasonable. I ordered this for under one-hundred ninety elsewhere so shop around. if you don't get it here check

    ...more info
  • Great series! Unfortunately, the most insulting ending in Trek history!
    Enterprise was an excellent addition to the Star Trek franchise, but like the original series, was cancelled much too soon. While there certainly seemed to be an abundance of "bashers" when the series was originally broadcast, the general mood surrounding Trek fandom seems to have shifted a bit, allowing Enterprise to finally receive a portion of the respect that it originally deserved.

    Low ratings were not caused by a poor series....

    Enterprise was created at a time when the TV viewing public had just been exposed to fourteen, uninterrupted years of Star Trek (21 seasons in all), not to mention several movies. In my opinion, the mainstream public was simply burned out on "Trek". Also, the very idea of telling stories that took place PRIOR to the original series, seemed to alarm die hard fans, causing a fair amount of friction. To make things worse, UPN (The now defunct United Paramount Network) was not a healthy home for Enterprise. The network was not available in all areas across the US, and local affiliates would sometimes air episodes off-pattern (on different nights and at different times), if they even showed them at all.

    A poor third season was caused by Low ratings....

    Low ratings caused the writers to act out in desperation and initiate the ill conceived third season. While the Xindi plot-line itself is fairly interesting, the pacing of the season, and the "Xindi" as characters, left much to be desired. The Xindi plot was basically seen as "Borg-Lite" by many fans (a threatened Earth rehash).

    Season four; What might have been....

    Once the Xindi plot was wrapped up, Enterprise was back on course! Unfortunately, the news of cancellation put the writers in an awkward position. They were allowed to finish the season, but with such a limited amount of time left, they had to condense plot elements (that deserved three of four episode arcs) into single episodes. As a result, the last few episodes seemed rushed and unfinished. In particular, the resolution of the "Trip & T'pol" plot-line (in the final episode) left many fans feeling betrayed by the writers. Actress Jolene Blalock, who starred as T'pol, described the final episode as "appalling", and with good reason. "These are the Voyages..." (the final episode) is truly THE most insulting episode of Star Trek ever produced.

    If you've never seen it, I would ask that you NOT believe the negative reviews. Watch it for yourself and make up your own mind. I'm almost certain that after you watch final episode, you'll wish that Enterprise had received the traditional seven year run. Of course, you'll also wish that you never watched the absolutely wretched final episode.

    Worth owning on DVD!

    ...more info
  • Amazon Missed the Mark
    Normally the prices on here are competative but I agree they're off base here
    Deep Disciunt DVD is over $100.00 less for this set and free shipping
    C'mon Amazon...more info
  • It is what it is
    I have been through the first three seasons already and have not seen any glitches, bugs, or problems with the product. It came when it was estimated and is great condition. Thank you amazon...more info
  • I think this is a rip off
    I agree with the above poster. This is ridicules. I have been trying to get an explanation about this since I ordered this, seemingly, same set here for a lot less. They have yet to explain to me the difference other than just there ASIN number. I mean the description and everything is the same!!!!! I ordered the set I linked to about 2 weeks ago and it was listed as shipping within 24hours when I ordered it. And I still haven't gotten it. It is listed as unavailable now. Yet his more expensive set pops up at the holidays and is available in 24hours.

    Why will you not tell me the difference?!?!!!!
    I am going to send them a 3rd e-mail and see if they can answer my question this time. This just seems to be a ploy to make more money at the expense of holiday shoppers. I hope I am wrong!
    PS: my one star rating has nothing to do with Enterprise itself, I was required to leave a ratting. I loved the series and saw all of season 1-3. want to see the fourth....more info
  • perfect
    Perfect for every Trek fan; this was a good--not great--show that deserves to sit along your DVD shelf and be enjoyed. ...more info
    If you are into Star Trek, you will agree that this is their best show ever. Unfortunately they are only 4 seasons. The stories are most the time excellent and will keep you and all your family stuck next the TV screen for many many days. The quality of the DVD's picture and sound is by far better than any other previous Star Trek release on DVD, so if you are only buying 1 star trek complete series, this one is the best in all aspects; guaranteed. enjoy...more info
  • A great meal with a distasteful dessert
    The previous reviews of the Enterprise series are accurate and fair. The writing was at times weak, but the show's concepts were so brilliant and the acting so well done that it overcame the weak scripts and turned the strong scripts into some of the best Star Trek television episodes in history.

    The two episodes focusing on the Vulcan civil war rank as among the strongest in the series, not only telling an important part of the Star Trek canon, but doing so with especially good acting. It explained well the variance of the Vulcan characters' duplicity with the straight honesty of the Vulcans of Spocks' era. Indeed, Spock represented the Vulcans who ultimately won the civil war and abolished the corrupt Vulcan High Command.

    Not often mentioned directly, but poignant for me, were the two episodes focusing on the Terra Prime terror group. For me, the interaction of the clone infant and the T'Pol character was some of the most well acted portions of the series. It wasn't the typical mother/infant interaction, but it bridged a gap between the cultural differences of Vulcans while also providing a glimpse of the underlying similarities of the human and Vulcan races. The final scene of Trip and T'Pol standing by their dying daughter was a particularly poignant moment that needed a strong expansion in the series finale.

    Speaking of the finale, the dessert was particularly unappealing. The series finale was so horrible and mangled that it will endure as a low point in the entire history of the Star Trek industry. The Enterprise ensemble cast did their best to polish a shoddy script, but could only do so much.

    The series deserved to end with a series entirely devoted to the cast. A story set at the time of the Enterprise NX-01 decommissioning was perfect. It should have been a series of ensemble cast memories played out in a script of the sadness of seeing "the old girl" put out to pasture. The Archer speech at the founding of the Federation of Planets should have been given a full weight of the speech laid before us.

    T'Pol and Trip should have had a bittersweet ending of their crew association, with a final answer on whether or not they were going to endure as a Vulcan/Human couple. Trip's death was a distraction, not central to the theme, and horrible disjointed. It is a bitter fruit for all Star Trek fans who liked this series -- and there were many who did.

    The series finale almost seemed to be the two original producers getting together and serving up a poison pill for Paramount to consume. It was anything but a valentine. It's true indication of bitterness is the fact that not a single primary actor in the series has supported the script, and all who have commented have provided bitter recriminations.

    Blaylock, Bacula, and Trinneer have all offered blunt honest negative assessments. These views are accurate.

    People who will likely purchase this DVD collection are fans of the series, and don't need a review to make a purchasing decision. However for those few who did not see the series I highly encourage you to purchase the collection. All four seasons contain nuggets of beautiful scripts and excellent acting. It should be enjoyed in sum as a series that boldly went in a direction where many mistakes were made by the characters in trying to form the rules for future crews. ...more info
  • Buy all 4 Seasons & Pay More than Buying Individually!?!?

    54.99 x 4 = 219.96

    Am I missing something?...more info
  • My favorite Star Trek
    The was the very first show that I started watching from day one. Most other shows I don't get into until I catch the reruns after they have been on a few years or more.
    I loved this show, and it was by far my favorite new show while it was on. I was shocked when I heard they were canceling it after only four seasons. It could have easily gone seven seasons or more.
    All four seasons are good and feature great acting, good special effects and some great storylines. There was clearly some more story lines they wanted to do and never got the chance.
    I think the show was a product of some bad luck and timing. First of all it aired, at least locally for me, on an awful channel on which I watched nothing else. The channel did a poor job advertising this show and its other shows were mostly awful black comedies that seemed totally at odds with the nature of this show. Second, this was the fourth Star Trek show in a row, and I think the public was getting a bit burned out on the theme. Third, too many die hard Star Trek fans tuned out for some reason.
    Ill-regardless, this was a great show. I found it to be the most realistic of the Star Trek shows. If you are a Sci-Fi fan and haven't seen this, you should definitely check it out. ...more info
  • to boldly go nowhere
    When this show first came out, I expected it to be a sort of retro-styled homage to the original series. Instead, I was bored by the steady diet of bland-looking, uninteresting villains, bizarre time warps, etc. and just wanted something a little more solid and original, which would have better continuity within the Trek universe. Also, I think I wanted Captain Archer to be a little more like Captain Kirk, who certainly would not have taken a shower with Lt. T'pol and then not even attempted to do anything more! Being a major fan of the original Trek, therefore, I actually became more interested in this show just before they cancelled it because they started going back to the basics and bringing back old characters like the Romulans, Andorians, etc. Too bad the show couldn't be saved in time, however....more info
  • The show and the box
    First off, if you buy each of the 4 ST:ENT seasons separately, they collectively cost you less than $400 BUT if you buy them together in the form of this boxed set, it costs you $480. D-uh? Who came up with this brilliant marketing strategy? Shouldn't it be the other way around that if you buy the boxed set it should cost you LESS than buying each of the seasons separately? Who in his or her right mind is going to buy this offering?

    (N.B. After I originally wrote this review, a 10% discount appeared bringing the price down to $431. Nice try, but buying the individual seasons separately STILL costs less than buying this boxed set!)

    Now to rate the show itself, I think Enterprise started off on a good foot with good intentions but then lost its way. The theme of creating a retro series didn't suck. It wasn't a bad idea, but it seemed that as the further in the series went, the writers were struggling to find the show's calling. If you look at the other three series, namely, TNG, DS9 and Voyager, halfway into EACH of the series, they had each found their respective callings and directions, by the third season usually.

    But in the case of Enterprise it seemed as if someone was trying to invent a new direction and find the show's way into every season and we were back at square-one. I personally feel that is what eventually became the show's undoing. With the other series, three seasons in the audience knew what they were coming back for -- they all started out sort of directionless but settled in by the third season. That never galvanized in the case of Enterprise and it looked like we were pursuing a completely new theme with each season. You could see the writers fumbling at times when you watch some of the episodes across the 4 seasons. That probably led to viewer loss. The effects were definitely better (obviously), the acting was not bad either.

    Season 1 started off okay. But by season 2, loss of connecting elements and a cohesive theme was becoming apparent. Season 3 was a vagabond season in my opinion because it might have been good as a standalone season with the whole Delphic Expanse storyline but then the whole show just went 180 degrees when season 4 came and you mainly had all these "mini-plots" of 2 or 3 episodes filling it up, but no developing theme at the series level. Then suddenly half way into the fourth season it seemed as if someone told them to wrap it up and the fourth season's second half packed in storylines and plots that were meant to be told across 3 more seasons rather than half a season. The federation came into being, some band tried to derail it, someone got killed and we ended up with Riker and Troi in the finale -- fruit cocktail. The whole second half of the last season went by in an incoherent blur.

    In simple words into the fourth season it fell apart. "All the king's horses and all the king's men could not put..."

    In the end I think eventually die hard Star Trek aficionados will get this series irrespective. The production was good. It had its moments too and there are some brilliant episodes in many of the seasons but in the end the writers couldn't hold it together.

    My 2-star rating applies not to the show itself, but to this ridiculous offering of a boxed set. I'd give the show itself a 3/5. ...more info
  • Is this price a joke?
    I'm a fan of this show. I never missed an ep. This price, however, is so high it's offensive. What in the world are they thinking?

    About the show:
    It had a lot of promise. They had good actors, an established 'universe' to play with, good special-effects budgets, a decent time-slot, and a crew that had been putting out quality shows for years. They did not, however, have a crack team of writers. Some were good, but on the whole, the writing was flat, the stories were predictable, the character arcs belabored and inconsistent, and -- the worst thing television writing can be -- boring. In short, they weren't good story-tellers.

    It was very disheartening having to see such a talented ensemble of actors being given such asinine things to do. I understand that sex sells and showing skin is considered by some to be a legitimate plot device, but how many "suntan lotion" decon-chamber scenes can one series have before it's done to death?? If you're going to play the 'sexual tension' angle, at least be clever about it. I felt like the writers assumed we were all fifteen year old boys.

    If the series had not been driven into the ground by poor writing and lack of focus, it could've been one of the best shows on television. (It would also still be on the air instead of being ignominiously canceled after four seasons.) Manny Coto finally came on board in the fourth season in a last-ditch effort to pull everything together and put out a good show, one that actually lived up to its promise. He managed to almost single-handedly lift it out of the mire. Unfortunately, just when things were improving, the network decided enough was enough and canned the show.

    If you decide to purchase, I'd recommend buying the fourth season only. $480-something dollars is way, way too much for anything less than a classic series, and sadly, this series does not fall into that category....more info
  • What can be said that hasn't already?
    Each Star Trek series is unique. All are worth watching for entire family entertainment...with parental common sense. Current political topics are touched on with balance. And the stories are just plain fun to escape to...a great series of books on video/audio tape....more info
  • Great Series, Great Cast!
    I watched the entire Star Trek: Enterprise series in a few weeks, and loved it. I'm not a super hard core Trek fan, so the complaints about "cannon" didn't really affect me at all. The plot was great, all the way up from the "We have lame weapons" to the "Xindi" to the "Trip / T'pol relationship". The series got A LOT better in season 3 With the Xindi. Every episode totally held your attention, and the entire series was dedicated to the Xindi arc, which made each episode exciting. Jolene Blalock as T'Pol did a great job, and as did Scott as Captain Archer. I made a fansite dedicated to Jolene Blalock. I recommend you check it =)
    Theres a video interview with Jolene Blalock about her character and the making of Enterprise. Well worth a watch....more info
    Maybe I am not the person that should be leaving feedback about this product since I am so prejudice about this series. I think this was the best series to the Star Trek genre. It answered many questions to Star Trek, not to mention the HOTTEST female actor on any Star Trek movies or series that of course being Jolene Blalock. Can the producers bring back the series or better yet make a movie. Well, five out of five is what i give it. ...more info
  • Fun Series
    Bought this as a gift for my husband. Watched a few episodes with him and they are all pretty interesting. If you are a fan of Star Strek Next Generation, you'll like this series. ...more info
  • Star Trek just keeps getting better
    Of all the manifestations of the Star Trek series' this is by far my favorite. The plots are cohesive and well written, the characters are complex and well developed, and the actors are all attractive. That being said, my favorite character is the least attractive (not necessarily the least attractive actor) is Dr. Phlox. John Billingsley is good in other roles, but he shines in this role! And the rest of the cast is outstanding as well. My only complaint is that it only ran for four seasons. When will the makers of Star Trek get it? Those of us who love Star Trek will watch it. Stop canceling on us!...more info
  • Enterprise: the Misunderstood Star Trek Series
    Reading many of the reviews I have seen two sides: the people that didn't really like it anyway gave it a try and continue to complain, and the people that were open minded and gave the series a true chance.
    Unlike what anyone says these are the real reasons Enterprise got canceled.

    1. It was on UPN, a channel which at the time most places didn't get which they didn't take into account when they checked ratings.

    2.Paramount and UPN were going through a shift in management. The Main reason the show was cut short was cause of the new takeover. This had nothing to do with ratings that was an excuse.

    I remember seeing the HUGE rally to get this series to season 4. If the series was that poorly received nobody would of bothered. In Season 4 everyone attempted writing,emailing and calling everyone to continue the show. The new management would have nothing of it no matter what was done.

    Having said that I will give you my review of the series.

    Most people take things that they think are official, but are not. They Look at enterprise and see inconsistencies. There is none. The original series has a hell of a lot more, and the next generation spent time cleaning up that. Enterprise was created to officialize all of the unknowns or the "supposed" known.
    Enterprise started out in testing waters in the beginning example being the sexy scene with T'Pol. Having realized it was a bad idea, it was quickly changed. After many adjustments I found that most of the characters had more depth to them over the seasons. Each one got a chance to have an episode about themselves which was nice to have for once. Many of the previous star trek's had very scattered episodes and had small pool of characters that got a chance. Having said that, the only one that got less was Hoshi.
    As for the writing, besides the last episode which was the most atrocious piece of garbage I've ever seen in my life (the real nail in the coffin), most of the writing was well done.
    For Consistency, there was more episodes that had meaning to them; less fluff. If you checked reviewers sites with ratings of each episode, Enterprise is the only Star Trek with the most consistency for ratings. All except the last episode are rated a 7/10 or higher.
    For music the first version of the song was MUCH MUCH better, and it was something different, you know how everyone hates different.
    I Know I'm saying randomness, but I would like to explain things, especially since I saw so many negative type reviews about the series.
    Please Everyone Check out the series and give it a chance....more info
  • ST-Enterprise It's Four Year Mission.....
    On September of 2001,the UPN network and Star Trek producer Rick Berman with writer/producer Brannon Braga introduced viewers to Enterprise (later renamed Star Trek Enterprise in season three).
    This fifth live action series from the franchise took place a century before James T. Kirk's five year voyage of the original series.This series follows the pioneering voyage of the first warp five ship in the early days of Starfleet, before the formation of the United Federation of Planets.
    The crew of the NX-01 led by Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula), consisted of the Vulcan liason/first officer T'Pol (Jolene Blalock), Chief Engineer Charles "Trip" Tucker III (The great Connor Trennier), British armory officer Malcolm Reed (Dominic Keating),Communication Officer/ linguist Hoshi Sato (Linda Park), Helmsman Travis Mayweather (Anthony Montgomery), and Denoblian Chief Medical Officer Phlox (John Billingsly).
    The show had the distinction of being the series that ruined an almost forty year old franchise.But in the end it's only crime was bad timing, the creators total disregard to continuity,as well as wasting time putting around the galaxy, and focusing on the confusing Temporal Cold War while fans wanted to see the early days of Starfleet leading up to the founding of the United Federation of Planets.At first the series was sampled by Trekkers curious about the beginnings of the Federation,which wasn't adressed until the fourth and final season.Viewership dwindled by it's racy tone, disregard of continuity, the fact that NX-01 looked technologically advanced to Kirk's NCC-1701,the unnessesary "Temporal Cold War" and it's theme song which was a AOR pop song(!!!!).The stories felt prefunctuary as to appeal to a larger audience, which was the previous Star Trek Voyager's biggest flaw.
    Aside from the shows fallabilities, the first season boasted great episodes in Broken Bow (the series pilot), The Andorian Incident, Breaking the Ice, Cold Front, Dear Doctor, Shuttlepod One, and Shockwave (the season finale cliffhanger).
    By the time of the second season, it was pretty obvious that Enterprise was a disappointment to viewers who felt the show direction was weak as well as "Franchise Trek" becoming stale (indicated by 2002's Star Trek Nemesis's poor box office performance). After the follow-up to the excellent first season finale (Shockwave pt II),the season consisted of weak episodes(Precious Cargo, Canamar,The Crossing,Horizon, and the terrible A Night in Sickbay),among some of it's finest(Carbon Creek, Minefield, Stigma, Future Tense,Judgment,Cogenitor, Regeneration, and the best Enterprise episodes ever,Dead Stop ).Fans who first tuned in to see how the steps were taken for the UFP to be formed(which would be touched upon during the last episodes of the fourth and final season) had to contend with two seasons worth of "Boldly Going Nowhere.
    Sensing a change in direction was needed, the show took on a different course as Enterprise respond to an attack on earth ("The Expanse", an allusions to 9-11), and try to stop the Xindi race from developing a weapon of mass destruction.This story arc continued into the third season,as Archer's new mission of stopping the Xindi from destroying Earth with a superweapon.Albiet,there were some weak semi stand alone episodes (Extinction,North Star,Carpenter St.,and E2),among classic episodes which ranks with some of the franchises best(Impulse,Twilight,Azati Prime/Damage,The Counsel/Countdown/Zero Time).Staff member Manny Coto was responsible for new direction which made for the most exciting season of the entire four year run.
    Unfortunatly the exciting new direction couldn't produce ratings and was barely renewed after a fan based letter writing campaign,echoing the classic series fan fueled renewal.
    The fourth season of Star Trek Enterprise was the season that most Trekkers have been waiting for, with homages to the original series(Mirror Universe,The Eugenics Wars,Orion slave women,T'Pau), as well as rectifying continuety errors(The Vulcans,The Klingon "forehead" issue).Unfortunately,the show was cancelled prematurely as the show was becoming what Trekkers been waiting for since "Broken Bow".
    Sensing that the show wasn't going to see a fifth season,Executive producer Berman handed the reins to Coto, who set about in correcting the many elements in Trek history that have been disregarded,which driven away even the most dedicated fan.
    The season's format was tweaked to make room for multi episode arcs which dealt separately with The Eugenics Wars(The Augment trilogy featuring Brent Spiner as Arik Soong),A Vulcan Civil War(featuring Surak, and T'Pau),A Klingon Virus (resulting in the humanoid Klingon foreheads from the original series), and the mirror universe featuring the USS Defiant from The Tholian Web.
    One of the biggest disappointments of the season itself was the final episode "..These Are The Voyages" which takes place on the Enterprise-D, featuring Riker and Troi reviewing the NX-01's final mission before the charter signing of the UFP.Instead of giving the NX-01 crew a dignified send off,they were used as supporting characters in a glorified "Next Generation" episode.
    Unfortunately,Enterprise would be a troubled production whereas the declining interest of Trek, flawed stories of the earlier seasons, and bad ratings would lead to it's cancellation.The finale (written by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga) was called a "Valentine to the fans".But the real valentine was the entire fourth season which finally gave the fans what they wanted,and the most problematic Star Trek series a dignified ending, dispite it's weak finale.

    Top five episodes
    1.Dead Stop (season two)
    2.Impulse (Season Three)
    3.Dear Doctor (Season one)
    4.Cogenetor (Season Two)
    5.Damage(Season Three)
    ...more info
  • Watch out for the asian knockoffs
    I was stupid enough not to think about "you get what you pay for" with this one. The seller was supposed to be in TX, but you know how little that means. I spent $149 and got the asian knockoff disks originating from China. Most likely pirated, I guess.

    First off, this is not a review of the series, which is pretty good so far as I can tell. This is about the product I received.

    What I got was a cheap box, with incoherent slogans on it like "the ultimate collection," or some such, with a big number "5" on the front, signifying who knows what. The disks came in a sheath; picture a cheap CD wallet that you can buy at Walgreens, and you got it. And, hilariously, the disks are printed with images of Next Generation, DS9, and Voyager, both the cast and ships of those series. Huh? Also, there was no index whatsoever, so it's like playing roulette trying to find a particular episode.

    Anyway, take care bargain hunters. This one's not worth it. Spend a little more with a reputible dealer....more info
  • Great series!
    Star Trek Enterprise was a great series. I only wish it could have continued for 3 more years like the last three series....more info
  • Enterprise is one of the best
    Disregarding the price, which is unbelievably high, Enterprise is an important part of the Star Trek franchise, one which didn't deserve the ridicule it recieved. I have been a die hard Star Trek fan since I was a kid, and I appreciate the loose ends this series tie together--without boring me. I'm hoping that this isn't the last series, what will they think of next? Amazing!...more info
  • Star Trek: Enterprise - Over-/Review on all 4 Seasons
    Awesome cast, great atmosphere, but the quality of the stories varies from the best
    that science fiction has to offer to the most boring imaginable.

    Main review
    The concept of a series taking place shortly after the First Contact Movie is a brilliant idea. But it seems a long way from the idea to realisation. Already at the end of the pilot (Broken Bow) I missed the greatness this concept potentially has. You get thrown into "business as usually" (rescuing, exploring etc.) way too soon. I would have loved a pilot movie plus some more shows describing the time from first contact to the launch of Enterprise. That would have been something truly new. But this pilot is just an extended version of a 08/15-show.

    The cast delivers frequently - Scott Bakula is on hell of as sovereign captain, Jolene Blalock is sexy as she is intelligent and plays T'Pol with a huge amount of depth. I could continue endlessly with Phlox, Hoshi, Trip, Malcolm... It's an outstanding team with no need to fear comparison with a Picard, Spock, Scotty...
    The set designers and the costume designers all did a great job (thanks for avoiding more romper suits).

    But it is difficult when there are too many boring scripts.
    Especially in the first two seasons contain too many shows following the pattern:
    "Landing on an alien world, been taken prisoner, making an escape." Even the visit to Risa follows this.
    Also there is "being boarded, been held hostage, chasing away the enemy".
    Then there are some episodes like "Shuttle pod one". The whole show consists of a rather dry talk between Malcolm and Trip. I can't imagine something more boring.
    And a lot of the shows contain just a recycled script from "Next Generation", "Deep Space 9" and "Voyager", such as "Terra Nova", "Sleeping Dogs", "Dawn"...

    But on the other hand you can't skip those episode - they sometimes contain important information on the characters. Therefore the waiting for the good and outstanding episodes is somewhat painful. These are the shows "The Andorian Incident" (I love the duplicity of the Andorians and there development into the 4th season) , "Shockwave", "First Flight" and the continuing plot about the Xindi (finally a few more star battles than in TOS, TNG and DS9).

    Then when the series was already near its death the 4th season hit with power. The plot about the Augments could have been an Oscar-winning movie, and so would have been the story about the Vulcan's not been that perfect after all. The Andorians continue to deliver and the racial conflict with "Terra Prime" is the kind of stuff I waited 4 seasons for.

    Seeing the 4th season there is defiantly potential for three more seasons.
    But with the experiences of the first two seasons I can't blame the network for discontinuing the show.

    I bought the slime line boxes and paid for each 13 British Pounds (18 US-Dollar). If I had paid the regular price for the first editions (80 Dollar) I would have been very upset.
    ...more info
  • One of the best series of the Star Trek Universe
    Enterprise was special to me. I was disappointed when the series ended after four seasons. I watched it in syndication, but owning all four seasons on DVD is fantastic. Not only is the quality of the format better, but being able to view the multi-part episodes in one sitting enhances the appreciation of the story. Especially season three the "Zindi years". I think Enterprise meets the Roddenberry relevance test as well as any of the five series: the story, the message and the characters will continue to entertain and teach us something about ourselves and the world we live in whenever we view them. I am very pleased with my purchase....more info
    Item was well priced, and shipping was done quickly and at a reasonable cost...I HIGHLY recommend this seller!!!...more info
  • The Absolute Best !!!
    This is the best Star Trek series ever !!! I have watched Star Trek since I was a little kid (Old Fart Now !)and this is the absolute best one !!!
    The DVD features and quality are Top Notch !!!
    Live long and view on.......more info
  • Enterprise
    This set costs more than it would to buy each season individually. Why, Amazon, why? As for the show, it is definitely not my favorite Star Trek, but my mom likes it and the theme song isn't that bad the thousandth time. Plus it has a dog....more info
  • Superbe
    "Star trek enterprise" is definitely the best series of all productions on this subject. Excellent argument, good scientific basis, fine action, good special effects. The only series that gathers all these qualities in every single episode, contrary to "Next Generation"....more info
  • The Best Trek Yet
    Simply the best Star Trek series which met its end far too soon. The last season is outstanding....more info
  • excellent service and product
    We were quite pleased with the service and product. Problems with order were corrected immediately. I highly recommend this site for Star Trek orders. Please disregard any evaluations that were previously posted about problems with order. Thanks, Daniel Brownstone...more info
  • Is it an Asian import?
    Caveat emptor / buyer beware!

    This is just a note to people considering buying "Star Trek: Enterprise The Complete Seasons 1-4" on DVD from certain Amazon sellers.

    If you see the Star Trek: Enterprise DVD collection in a single box rather than in four separate boxes (one box per season), it's likely an Asian import edition rather than from the studio.

    Especially beware the appellation "the Chosen Collection" which was copied from the complete collector's edition of Joss Whedon's TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The Buffy "Chosen Collection" is official while the Star Trek: Enterprise "Chosen Collection" is not.

    Furthermore, if the DVD set mentions it's region free, then it almost certainly is an Asian import, because the studio does not have a region free version of Star Trek: Enterprise on DVD (at the time of this review).

    It's true the Asian import edition will be considerably cheaper, and as I mentioned region free, but there are drawbacks as well. For example, the audio and video quality suffers relative to the regular edition. Also, if there's a scratch or other slight defect on one of the DVDs, most of the sellers won't refund the buyer's money or replace the DVD(s). Some might, but it could be tricky (and perhaps despite their claims to the contrary). Not to mention that purchasing an Asian import means the money goes to the Asian distributor and its affiliates rather than to, say, the cast or crew or anyone else on the actual production team -- which in turn could presumably be funneled into bringing back Star Trek (although it's debatable).

    And please make sure to read Oren D. Applequist's helpful comment below regarding World Express Mail Service (EMS).

    Anyway, obviously people are free to do what they like, but I'm mentioning all this so buyers can at least be aware of the risks....more info
  • Started slow, now I love it!
    I bought this series not really expecting to like it. Now, after watching every show it is my favorite Star Trek, and I think whoever made the decision to end it should be smacked, then fired, then smacked again. (Security!)

    I still do not like Scott Bakula as the Captain. I kept waiting for that other dude to show up and tell him he had to wear a dress to fix the time continium (Quantum Leap).

    I realize that playing a captain that is supposed have noone elses experiences to have learned from has got to be tough. But its like Scott was trying to hard.

    Connor Trinneer could have been likeable as a character if it weren't for his country accent. That kept pulling me out of the story. I am supposed to believe that they still have red necks in that year??? ... and that he is an engineer on a starship?? Who came up with that character??

    Jolene Blalock - T'Pol OH MY @#%$!!! That woman is HOT!!!Georgous!!! FINE!!! She played T'Pol very well. Even before we knew of T'Pol's affliction/addiction she seemed tired, not herself. When we find out about her little problem it all makes sense. And she is HOT! Someone please tell her to put out an exercise video. How did she get her stomach to look so tight? And she is HOT!

    Linda Park was an interesting part of the crew as Hoshi. She played her well I thought, and brought an angle to the show that I didn't expect. Building the first data base that future translaters would build on is just plain cool. She was very sexy in the last few shows. I think she could have been allowed to be a little cuter during the whole series, but she definately made up for it at the end.

    Reguardless of what some of the other reviews say the storys were very well written if you see the whole series. Each story built on top of the last, and you found out that the little missions that they did were part of a bigger concern that was coming.

    I was kinda sad when I got to the last show. These guys didnt get a real chance. If Deep Space 9 got seven seasons, these guys should have gotten 10. I mean DS9 is STUCK in one place. How stupid a concept that is. Enterprise was doing what Star Trek is famous for. Going out there and meeting new races, dealing with problems and situations that no one has come against before and over coming them. That is the essence of Star Trek. That is what Enterprise did VERY well.

    Toward the end it seems that they are trying desperately to save their show. Sexier outfits etc. What ruined this show like all good Sci-Fi shows is IGNORANT programming directors who slot the shows in horrible spots, then move them, then move them again. All the while not advertising them. I kid you not, I never knew this show existed until I saw and bought the boxed set! Does that tell you what a horrible job they do advertising Sci-Fi shows?

    If I ran the Sci-Fi channel I would get rid of all the black and white twilight zones and junk, and put some REAL shows on, like this one, BSG, Farscape, etc.

    I think all Sci-Fi fans somewhere deep inside think that by watching/reading Sci-Fi in some way we will be better prepared for the future and the adventure that will come. If we didn't have a little imagination, we wouldn't enjoy Sci-Fi. Enterprise came up against some new situations. I will have to use some of those tricks should I ever find myself face to face with an emotional half dressed Vulcan girl. (Just incase).

    In short.

    1. Battlestar Galactica
    2. Star Trek Enterprise series. Season 1 - 4.

    ** Someone PLEASE bring this series back **

    ...more info
    Drop shippers are easily identified - If a seller lists EMS as a shipping meathod - They are a drop shipper - And you never know what you're going to receive or if you'll receive it at all - Because your order can get locked up in CUSTOMS for several weeks - And worse you may not be able to get a refund for the item. Always ask your seller if their product is being shipped with EMS. If so, don't buy - it's better to pay a little more and receive your product, rather than take a chance on not getting it at all. ...more info
  • Like the "feel" of Enterprise
    I realize that many Trekkers and casual fans don't care for Enterprise and I readily admit it wasn't great but I do by and large like it. I always felt it had the right "feel".

    I've been a Trek fan since the mid-1970's, watching reruns of TOS and while I liked Next Gen, I personally felt TNG was a little too liberal, too "pc" and antiseptic. Deep Space Nine was pretty good; Voyager was my least favorite Trek series. But DS9, Voyager and Enterprise weren't bad; they simply suffered from too much Trek. Over-exposure.

    As others have said, Enterprise and Star Trek in general, suffered from over-exposure. Too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing, as we all know from life experience.

    I like Enterprise's more low-key "look and feel". A little less preachy and idealistic, such as TNG. Also, the characters in Enterprise seemed more down to earth (pardon the expression, for a space series!) and realistic instead of "super heroes". I like the characters in Enterprise.

    All in all, as you can tell, I like Enterprise. Not great but it was alright in my book....more info
  • Star Trek Superb
    I was skeptical at first. I didn't give this series a chance when it was on TV. however i got the entire DVD series and was blown away. i wish it would have continued. superb acting and storylines detrimented only by their early cancellation. what a loss. buy this now,you will enjoy it (even my wife who is not a scifi addict loved this series)...more info
  • To boldly go... away
    "Star Trek: Enterprise" is usually referred to by diehard Trekkies as "that other Star Trek show." It is the Show that Must Not be Named. It ranks lower than Voyager. It was that bad. "Enterprise" had the premise that Captain Jonathan Archer (Scott Bakula,horribly miscast as a sex symbol) was Captain Kirk's childhood hero. It gives backstories about the Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans, and so on.

    "Enterprise" had some potentially good ideas,which it promptly squandered. It's revealed that Klingons have facial ridges due to a disease. The Star Trek mythos is turned on its head when Vulcans stigmatize mind-melding (it's supposed to be a metaphor about homophobia and AIDS) There's the infamous "Night in Sickbay" which opens with a shirtless Bakula and T'Pol (Jolene Blalock) rubbing each other with gel in the decontamination chamber. The "decon chamber" was an excuse for bluelit "steamy" love scenes. There's a horrendous episode involving Vulcans encountering humans in 19th century Pennsylvania. "Enterprise" also seems to have stolen ideas from "Battlestar Galactica 1980" with its time travel/alternate universe Terran Empire arc.

    **SPOILER ALERT**In the series finale,it turns out that the adventures of Archer and Co. were merely a holodeck simulation. What a cop-out.

    "Enterprise" was a disappointment at best....more info


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