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Kids love doing yoga - especially when it feels like play. This acclaimed DVD set engages your child with fun yoga-style moves and activities to develop physical fitness learning skills and confidence. In YogaKids 2 ABCs (40 minutes) letters animals and nature inspire your child to get moving. YogaKids 3: Silly to Calm (40 minutes) helps release restless energy and teach helpful tools for handling everyday feelings and challenges. Entertaining and educational YogaKids Fun Collection is destined to be a family favorite. System Requirements:Running Time 80 Mins.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: HEALTH/FITNESS Rating: NR UPC: 029956316102 Manufacturer No: 120-9880

Customer Reviews:

  • Exciting and captivating learning tool!
    This DVD is a great alternative to passive TV watching. It exposes kids to a creative and active way of using their bodies. It develops self-awareness and body-awareness. The creator states that instead of telling kids to do something (like "calm down" "chill out" or "get some exercise"), it shows them how to do it, and the DVD suceeds....more info
  • Fun for active little ones
    I had Yoga Kids on video tape for my older kids & they enjoyed it a lot, so I got this one for my toddler. He loves it! He tries to follow along & do the yoga (it's so funny). There are some "classic" yoga poses modified for little ones and some exercizes that are mostly movement and using imagination rather than poses. The teacher is very fun (looks like she's having fun) and warm and has a kind voice. ...more info
  • My daughter loves these!
    I got these for my daughter when she was two, and she was eager to watch them and do the poses a couple of times per week for months. She's still eager to watch these intermittently, and at five years old still loves them. There aren't really smooth transitions between poses, but I don't think small children necessarily need smooth transitions as long as the dialogue captures their interest- which it does. I even enjoyed the interview with Marsha Wenig about how children do many of these poses through play and pretending. It's perfect also for days when children have lots of energy but outside isn't an option. ...more info
  • I Am So Pleased
    I bought this for my 4 year old Granddaughter and we love it. Thank you....more info
  • Great gift for kids 5 and 3, boys and girls alike!
    I got this for my kids and they LOVE it. They are 5 and 3 years old. I was looking for a way we could spend Quiet time. I am a yoga junkie myself. This is great, because they are quiet and getting exercise. They love doing this together so I bought the other 2 yoga kids DVD's as well. We rotate all 3 of the DVD's and do 2 a night before bed! They talk about the poses during the day and I have seen them get better each time they practice. Get these for your kids for sure. I also bought them kid yoga mats which makes it easier (and more fun!). This would be a great gift for a toddler with the yoga mat. ...more info
  • interesting but too long
    The video incorporates different kinds of postures in a fun way. However, I think a 40 min non-stop sessions is too long to hold any 3-5 year old's interest. Instead, if different routines, each at the most 10 min. long had been presented it would have been better. A parent could guide the child do those, or even accompany the child doing them. And by having different routines there would also have been more variety for the child.
    My three year old grand son soon lost interest and moved away to play with some other toys....more info
  • Very entertaining for toddlers!
    I bought this for my little home daycare and have found it to be the most popular video in my collection to them. The two-year-olds especially ask for it all the time. It's a great way to keep them active when it's too hot to go outside. ...more info
  • ok....
    My 7 year old has enjoyed this program. Still, I have difficulty keeping up with it. I have been practicing yoga for over two years, and the lack of transitions/ time for transitions (especially prevelant with the ABC yoga-lots of siting, standing, sitting, kneeling, standing again, kneeling, etc..) seems to wear us both out. I prefer a practice that flows from one postion into the other. This one seems very choppy. After thirty minutes, we both seem to give up a bit. That said, the instructor is very lively and funny....more info
  • A little more challenging for my 2 year old but still good
    I bought these to go with the first DVD release so I'd have a full set of 3. These are a little more difficult for my 2 year old but I'm still happy with them because I know that she'll eventually get more into them. Right now her favorite is the first one. We have watched these too;but, she keeps going back to the first in the series. I'm sure as she grows, we'll move up to the more difficult poses. I'm happy because I can really see her doing this for years to come and it gets me up and moving too. I can see it really helping for anger management and stress release when we get to those issues too. :)...more info
  • fun for my son
    My son is 4 and loves these videos - although his favorite of the 2 is the alphabet dvd. He loves watching other kids doing the poses too....more info
    I absolutely love these videos! I have two boys, ages 4 & 6. Both enjoy doing there yoga! They are learning the names of the poses, and actually correct me when I make a mistake on the names! We have been doing yoga for several months now. The boys are ridiculously bendy. They watch me and attempt to 'help' me go into a move more deeply. I cannot do half the stretching those kids do. The dvds are not condescending, they are fun, and they hold my kids interest. I branched out and bought them 'Animal Yoga'. It is horrible. I could never recommend that video. It is cheaper, but it is not worth it.
    I look forward to trying Yoga kids 1. I love hearing the boys chanting 'Namaste'! Ah my little Yogis.....more info
  • Perfect past time for too hot summer days
    My son loves this DVD set! When it is too hot and humid to go outside he pops it in and does Silly to Calm to get his wiggles out. I don't even have to remind him he has it, he does it all by himself. My only complaint is that one of the DVDs is slightly off, the intro is scrambled, but it doesn't affect the work-out part of the video so no big deal. I would definitely recommend this set to anyone with young children....more info
  • interesting and fun for everyone
    I bought the DVD for my son to help him control his large amounts of energy and for exercise. I found that the DVD was benefitual for me also. There is not much time between changing positions but each one is explained in a fun and educational manner. I would recommend this DVD to anyone interested in having their children try and perform Yoga...more info
  • Lots of fun
    My son loves this DVD, it is funny, maybe not the fully relax yoga, but of course is made for kids and that is how they learn better: having fun. Nice songs and they have kids from 3 to 6, which is good for my [...] to watch that not all the kids make the excercises perfectly. I will say worth the money ...more info
  • My kids love these videos and so do I
    My kids absolutely love these videos. My 5 1/2 year old is a pro already and his little brother, who is two, copies everything he does. It isn't too long so we can do it every other night or so before bed. Not a lot of traditional yoga postures like I'm used to on my tapes, but they are fun and get the kids stretching/moving. Me too! Definitely glad I bought them and would certainly recommend them....more info
  • Fun watchin the kids laugh and have fun
    I bought some yoga Dvds for my sister to try with her kids. I would say that its a little more advanced for the younger ones but they still loved seeing the kids play and have a good time on the tv. Falling over doing poses so cute! FUN...more info


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