Personal Air Supply AS150mm Clear Shell

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Product Description

Clear shell.Output of 120 trillion ions per/sec. Weighs just 1.5 oz with the lithium battery,included. Can be worn around the neck or clipped to clothing.

  • Virus and Bacteria incinerated by corona discharge
  • 120 trillion ions per/sec. output. Ozone output .028 ppm
  • Destroys odors, chemical contaminants and dust
  • Second hand smoke eliminated
Customer Reviews:
  • Personal Air Purifier
    I purchased this for my duaghter who is in ninth grade to help her with her asthma. You know how all the girls wear so much perfume and air freshners are sparyed everywhere. She wears it faithfully in school and out at friends house. Recently she went to a party where they had a fire burning int eh fireplace. Her comment was she never would have been able to breathe if she did not have it! It saved her from a severe astham attack! She also finds it helpful in the car when we get stuck behind exhaust!...more info
  • excellent product
    I work in a smoky environment. I was never able to work more than three days in a row due to an asthmatic reaction to the smoke. The day I got this, I never had any problems due to smoke at work again. I can work as many days in a row as I want. Also, a side effect of its use that I have noticed is that I don't get sick anymore due to work. This purifier kills airborne viruses and and bacteria. I used to get sick a lot because my work has so many different people entering from around the world- but no more. It is also good for my allergies when I visit a friend's house with a cat. If I am having a sneazing or watery eye reaction, I'm cleared up soon after I turn this on. I use this religiously.
    It is one of my most favorite belongings....more info
  • Pretty good
    I have chemical sensitivities, and this works fairly well. Some things get through, especially if they're pretty strong, but overall I'd highly recommend it. I would also highly recommend getting the rechargable batteries and charger to go with it - the batteries can be REALLY expensive.

    It can be worn around the neck, or clipped inside a shirt pocket (if the top of the pocket is left open), and is discreet, especially if inside a pocket....more info
  • great device - VERY expensive batteries
    This is our third personal air purifier by this company, we use two and one died.
    It works at least as well as the other two did. I use it on airplanes to reduce the risk of picking up the recirculating germs and I use it extensively in New Orleans where I lead workgroups every couple of months for rebuilding. In New Orleans I wear it in buildings with a residue of mold smell - and sleep with it clipped to my pillow.
    The device that died had a plug in option and inexpensive batteries. This one has an extremely expensive battery and no plug in options. It will be fine for plane trips - I just used it on a 12 hour trip to Africa - but I don't know if I could afford to run it most of the time, as I used to in New Orleans.
    CAUTION: flip it over your shoulder when drinking liquids so they don't accidently drip down into it and short it out....more info
  • It stops tobacco smell and prevents my migraines
    Passing a smoker's coat hung in the hall or walking past an office where a smoker comes in from the street can end my workday. My headaches get so bad I sometimes have to call my wife to pick me up once I get a snootfull of a smoker.

    The Wein AS150mm is a literal lifesaver. I clip it to my tie or even put it into my shirt pocket with the magnetic clip and it is strong enough to keep me protected while I am indoors. It takes a pretty expensive photo battery to run but one lasts about 2 weeks if I run it all the time at work.

    I don't have any proof of it being a germ fighter but I feel much better about being on planes with people who sneeze. There isn't any hassle going through security. TSA has seen enough of these to recognize them.

    Once outdoors it just doesn't have enough zip to keep smoke from blowing from across the street, around the corner or even out of a car window 20 feet away. At $99 it is a bargain that keeps me safe from the smell of smoke and smokers....more info