Super Dri-Aid Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Super Dri-Aid absorbs moisture from your hearing aid, prolonging its lifetime and increasing its sound quality. You'll receive a jar filled with moisture-drawing beads. Remove the battery from your hearing aid, place your hearing aid on the layer of foam that separates your hearing aid from the moisture-drawing beads and close the lid tight. Your hearing aid will be ready for use in no time! Great for use in a humid environment, when you've come into contact with water, or as a regular part of your hearing aid cleaning regimen.

  • Prolongs the life of your hearing aid
  • Improve the sound quality in your hearing aid
  • Blue beads turn pink to show they're working
  • Beads are reusable; just put them in the oven (follow instructions)
Customer Reviews:
  • A Must-Have for Moisture Problems
    If you often get moisture in your hearing aid or the tubing, you MUST get one of these! I use them in my classroom if the kids wear their hearing aids outside to recess... it pulls the moisture right out. It's best to store your H.A. in this at night to keep it dry. Remember to remove the battery before placing your H.A. inside. The cartridge inside can be placed in the oven to dry it out when it changes color, then it's ready to use again and again!...more info
  • Great product that really works!
    Mini Super Dri Aid This is my second jar used for keeping my two hearing aids dry, which is very important for hearing aids. The first jar probably would have lasted forever, but the label was dirty, so I wanted a new one. ...more info