Soleus 12,000BTU Portable Air Conditioner- Silver

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Product Description

Evaporative Cooling Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier, Fan and Ceramic Heater Super efficient self evaporating system collects moisture and evaporates it over the condenser to remove heat and humidity. Warm air and moisture are eliminated through a vent hose connected to a double hung window. An optional second hose can supply fresh, filtered air from outdoors during air conditioning and dehumidification. Installation for this AC is fast and easy, and does not require heavy lifting because the actual unit does not have to be placed in the window. This portable air conditioner rolls on casters for easy transport. Vent hoses install in minutes and can be quickly removed from the window. They are not used for fan and heater modes. Includes a thermostat, easy-to-read Multi-color LCD display, remote control, LCDI shock-protected safety power cord and removable, cleanable filter. Features anextra motor for 3-speed motorized fan oscillation. 24 hour timer will turn unit on and off at the same time every day. Ceramic heater provides all-season climate control. In the event of power failure, settings will be saved. 115V. Additional features include: Auto Mode which operates heater when room air is 68176;F or less, operates dehumidifier when air is 68-80176;F and operates air conditioner when air is over 80176;F all with one thermostat setting. Sleep Mode saves energy. When cooling, within the first 2 hours it gradually raises thermostat by 1176; per hour and then maintains temperature for 6 hours. After 6 hours, thermostat returns to original setting. When heating, it lowers and raises the temperature in the same pattern. Watch Video Below function popUp(URL) day new Date(); id day.getTime(); eval("page" id ", '" id "', 'toolbar0,scrollbars0,location0,statusbar1,menubar0,resizable0,width500,height430,left 300,top 125');"); If you are unable to view this video Click Here

  • Cooling Capacity: 12000 BTU/h
  • Dehumidifying capacity: 60 Pts/Day
  • Power (Cooling): 1350W
  • Power (Heating): 1350 W
  • Air Flow : 176 CFM
Customer Reviews:
  • Avoid like the plague
    I bought this because of its specs. Cooled close to expectations given the room and conditions. Worked for one summer. Summer #2 - after the warranty expired - the exhaust squirrel cage fan blades disentigrated. I believe the plastic fan housing warped allowing contact with the blades. Called Soleus to buy a replacement. Once the phone mail hell finally answered my call without hanging up, the obviously new customer service rep after several false starts finally advised me they do not sell parts but for $45/hr will troubleshoot and fix the system - just bring it in. They are in El Monte, Ca. I am not. Cheap materials - lousy support....more info