Soleus Air MA-9000 9,000 BTU Portable AC/Dehumidifier/Heater and Fan

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Product Description

"SOLEUS" PORTABLE AIRCONDITIONER UNIT*4 in 1 technology: airconditioner, dehumidifier,heater, air cleaner, and fan*9,000 BTU*40 pint dehumidifier,automatic defrost, 7.4 pintwater bucket-drain hose optionoverflow alarm, adjustablethermostat-range 64 to 85 degF, 24 hour timer for autostart and stop, 3 speedoscillating fan, easyinstallation, 115V remotecontrol*220 CFM air flow*Noise level is less than48dbIncludes one exhaust hose andwindow kit*Watts-cooling:1100w,heating:1000w*Rated current: cooling-9.8a,heating-8.9a*Boxed

  • 4-in-1 technology saves space and energy
  • 75 pint dehumidifier with removable water bucket, overflow alarm, and automatic defrost; includes continuous drainage hose
  • Changeable, washable air filter
  • Includes single hose venting system
  • Remote control included
Customer Reviews:
  • Works great and can cool multiple rooms
    This unit is just right for taking the edge off of a hot day in an otherwise temperate climate (like the Bay Area). Can cool down one or multiple rooms 5 to 10 degrees. The output vent fits just right into a sliding door. Perfect if you don't have the option of installing a higher-output window-mounted unit. It also runs quiet, indoors and outdoors. ...more info
  • Where are the details on this item?
    Are we supposed to guess what the details are for this item?? There is absolutely on info for this item on the page....more info