Haier HDN305 30-Pint Capacity Mechanical Control Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Features: High-efficiency, Energy Star qualified. Low-temp operation down to 41F. Pre-drilled drain connect with 3' water hose included. Automatic humidistat control. Auto defrost. Front water bucket for easy access. Bucket full indicator light. Built-in top handle for enhanced portability. Easy-roll casters. Easy-access washable filter. Size: 14 31/32"W x 12 19/32"D x 23 1/32"H. Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty.

  • High-efficiency, ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Low-temp operation down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatic humidistat control and auto defrost
  • Bucket full indicator light
  • Easy-access washable filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Lasted 18 months with very little use!
    I purchased this item from Amazon on April 19th 2007 and used it very lightly in my finished basement during the spring/summer months and I estimate approximately 30 hours of total use. It has stopped working for no apparent reason. When I turn the knob to on I hear a small click but nothing happens, totally dead. Reservoir is completely empty and float switch is functioning properly. Very unhappy with this product and it's the first and probably last Haier product I will purchase....more info
  • Longer drain hose
    The drain hose for continuous operation is only 3 ft long. I have drainage sumps, but the optimum position would require at least 6 ft. Unfortunately the connector has an interface that will not accept a garden hose. The hose will attach, but the water ends up in the tank. So, only the original hose and connector will work.

    Does anyone know if there is a longer hose available?...more info
  • Reliable, quiet, and effective.
    This is one of the first home appliances I've purchased from Amazon, and while its hard to give a glowing review for something so mundane as a dehumidifier, I'm pleased with the way this one works.

    Our basement is basically a finished root cellar, in a 19th Century home. We have work supplies, clothing, some exercise equipment as well as some musical instruments stored down there, so keeping the humidity level down is a critical need to preserve what we store down there.

    The unit has a small footprint, takes up about the same space as a paper shredder. It's quiet, and in our cellar, which is probably no more than 700 sq ft, on the mid-level setting the unit fills up within about 48-72 hours, depending on recent weather (if it rains a lot, it fills up in less time).

    The catch basin has a drainage hose in the event your basement/cellar has a central drain, or a swivel handle on the inside for easy removal and dumping. The fill level also leave enough room from the top so that water does not accidentally spill when transporting it for dumping. Overall a smart design feature.

    I can't speak for the energy efficiency of the unit (though it seems to be rated well), but overall it does the job, and I am pleased with the product. I notice that the drier air in our cellar seems less musty then it did before I installed the unit....more info
  • buyer beware
    after 5 months it just stopped working. Currently in process of getting warranty service...more info
  • great for cold areas
    Love this little wonder. It is in an unheated area and doesn't freeze up and shake like the ones from Sears. It's been in use for months with not one problem. But failed at 13 months but I can't change the star rating....more info