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Generous portions of fine and coarse sea salt line the rim of an enriching facial scrub to wash away everyday grime. Ocean Salt refreshes, nourishes, and tones, all while smelling deliciously of violet and lime. Butters of the avocado and coconut variety take the edge off, moisturizing and softening your face to reveal a brighter you. Try it on other parts of your body as well and take a trip to Margaritaville without the hangover.

  • Can also be used on the rest of the body as an all-over body scrub
  • Coconut and avocado butters help soften while lime and grapefruit juices revitalize

Customer Reviews:

  • The best thing you can do for your face
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this face exfoliation scrub. I noticed a difference after the very first time I used it. It doesn't leave any oily residue like some face washes, and my face just GLOWS whenever I use it and is so soft. I have very combination skin and was able to use this with no irritation or anything. I can't say enough good things about this product (or the awesome face masks LUSH sells either!)...more info
  • Awesome
    I am running out of things i can use while pregnant, and avoiding chemicals... This rocks, and has saved the day, and my skin....more info
  • This stuff is awesome!!
    I just got this stuff today after reading the reviews about how it cleared up peoples acne, i decided i wanted to try this stuff, since ive tried most acne products. It made my skin so soft, i could tell that this was going to be a product i would continue to buy. It does look a little odd when you open it but the retail person at the store told me to stir it up good before i used it. I thought i would suggest that even though most ppl probably assumed that, but one review said that all the granuals were on top and none on the bottom so i thought i would suggest that. ...more info
  • Scrub Away Your Skin Blues
    After pregnancy and nursing my skin was dry, red mess! Nothing seemed to help it heal and recover from the insane peeling I was experiencing! Lush to the rescue!

    The combo I needed started with the Sea Salt Scrub. I used it once a day at night for the first three days, and as my skin improved I used it once every few days, until finally I only needed to use it once a week. A little goes a long way! It gently scrubbed away the nasties and the salt helped to heal my skin. At night I followed it with Baby Face cleanser, so my skin never felt dry or tight.

    By the way, the other part of the combo was Angeles on Bare Skin, followed by Imperialis in the mornings.

    ...more info
  • Insane looking but wonderful
    When I first ordered a pot of this and opened it, I was a bit scared, because it was chock full of fragrance and blue salt!

    But man, I am glad I got it! If you have any blemishes this pulverizes anything off your skin, and I use it about 1-2 times a week, mostly at night, and right after using it my face is smooth as glass, no kidding!!

    YOur cream will sink in better, any dermatologist products you use will work better and you will hardly need any foundation. Now when you think how many scrubs are out there and how expensive and not worth your time and money they are, this is a real gem.

    Wonderful face scrub, I will always buy this!...more info
  • Love this stuff!
    I love this stuff! It really does a terrific job of cleansing and exfoliating and leaves my face feeling so clean and soft. It also works great as a foot scrub and it only takes a small amount to do the job. I will definitely order this product again in the future....more info
  • LUV IT
  • Great skin in seconds
    I have always had good skin, which was nice...but now I have GREAT skin. I've been using Ocean Salt(which literally smells like the ocean)for all of three days and WOW. Works better than anything I've tried before. I've been using it twice a day followed by Skin Nanny and it works like a charm. I normally have really tight itchy dry skin and this doesn't irritate it at all, even used so frequently....more info
  • Ocean Salt Skin Cleanser
    This is one of the first products I tried from the Lush line. Its made from real sea salt and that is what attracted me to this product besides the fact I always like to try out new lines and products. When I opened the container it's a pretty sea blue color and smells fresh. Wow, my skin was super soft after I got out of the shower. Its one of the best scrubs out there, I've used St. Ives, Clinique, Sephora, Bath and Body Works products, etc. It will get rid of any dead, loose skin you may have on your body. I highly recommend this product. And I noticed from the other reviews they are just using it on their face, I used it on all my rough spots, like elbows, knees and feet. ...more info
  • Amazing.. just Amazing
    At certain times of the month my face will break out a little and this is really the best things I have ever bought to help fight that. It really really does the trick. I use it on my face the most, but it keep you hands looking young it try to use it there once a month. I found their website a year ago and I have been hooked ever since. It really is worth every penny!!...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!!!
    I have very sensitive skin, and for the longest I have been looking for something that would help my skin. This is it. I used it once and It notice a difference right away. I smells wonderful and it is not too coarse to use on your face, however if you have very sensitive skin do be gentle. Loved It, I am Lush Fan now love all their products......more info
  • THE BEST SCRUB EVER!!!!!!!!!!
    So my skin is very very sensitive to EVERYTHING.. I had acne problams for a very long time.. well the acne is gone but it left acne scars. and to me thats worse then having acne .. well this scrub has helped my scars lighten up so much i can barley see them anymore.. it makes my skin feel so soft and refreshed. I love the smell of this product and I will be a customer forever! I even used it on my arms, neck and chest and my skin has never looked better! I highly reccoment this product, it is truly the best product I OWN.. and TRUST ME.. I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING! ...more info
  • Gentle Facial Scrub
    This product is a wonderful exfoliating scrub that I use 2-3 weeks. It doesn't dry out your skin and has a great blance between toning and exfoliating. It is also great to use on the heels of your feet between pedis.

    I have used many an ocean salt scrubs - this the the first one that I have found to be gentle enough to use year round....more info
  • Ultimate face scrub
    True story... I was having issues with acne and I'm 36. Yes, 36! I couldn't get rid of the stuff no matter what I did. I tried dermaculture, different face scrubs (some really expensive ones), facials, the works. Nothing helped. I bought this product originally for my body. I then read the label which said you could use it on your face. I did and the rest is history. Not only did my acne clear right up, but my face has stayed moisterized and healthy because of the oils in it. I can't rave enough about this product!!!...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised!
    I love the Lush Ocean Salt facial cleanser. It smells great, I love the blue color, and I enjoy the texture of it. It feels so fresh and clean, and when you apply it to your face, you know you are giving your face an extra special treatment. Leaves it feeling smooth and soft....more info
  • A Margarita for Your Face
    This is an excellent scrub. It's comprised of large salt chunks in a somewhat creamy base, thus, not oily at all. As the salt chunks are large, it requires a bit of care when used on the face. I always wet my face first, and then gently massage in this scrub- this helps the salt chunks dissolve and ensures they don't scratch. So yes, a bit of effort, because it's absolutely worth it. Ocean Salt leaves skin soft and fresh. As this is a fairly abrasive scrub, it's not really an everyday treatment for most, but even with dry-ish skin I use it religiously several times a week during the warmer months. And I couldn't possibly finish this review without mentioning the scent. Ocean Salt smells just like a margarita- somewhat citrussy, sort of zingy. It's an all-around sensory experience. ...more info
  • Great exfoliater and smells great!
    This is probably one of the best cleanser/exfoliaters i've ever come across. It smells great and it leaves your skin feeling so soft. The best thing it that it's not over abrasive. I probably wouldn't use it if i had sensitive skin, but the size of the salt crystals were perfect for every other day use. ...more info
  • Fun to try, but not so effective
    I read several glowing reviews before I purchased the Ocean Salt Cleanser from LUSH. I had been having some problems with breakouts, and I thought the cleanser might help me out a little. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It's great for exfoliation, and it is a fun product to use, but I saw no improvement in my complexion. On some instances, the cleanser actually caused my skin to burn rather painfully. I wouldn't buy it again, but I'm sure it does work for certain skin types....more info
  • Wonderful scrub!
    I have tried countless facial scrubs, most of them being high-end and quite pricey. I have to say, none of them worked as well as this one did! It does look a bit odd in the jar (it is an extreme shade of bright blue), and I'm not a huge fan of the smell, but the results are amazing enough to where I would use this even if it smelled like fresh skunk.

    First off, many scrubs use harsh detergents and ingredients like kaolin clay, which is good for supremely oily skin but will parch your face otherwise. Aside from using parabens as preservatives (the only real negative), most if not all of the ingredients in this scrub are gentle and not overly abrasive. As long as you limit your use of this to 1-2 times per week, your skin will be much softer and your complexion will look more even. Just be sure that you wet your face before use, and don't over-scrub. I would also recommend stirring the scrub thorougly before the first use, as all of the coarse sea salt and most of the coloring are in a layer on top of the rest of the product. This scrub can sting a bit if you have any open blemishes on your face, but that can be a positive considering salt is an antiseptic and will actually speed healing. You can also scrub your whole body with this as an all-over exfoliant.

    Bottom line, this is a great scrub for all skin types. The only problems that I have with this scrub are the fact that it contains harsh preservatives and the not-so-pleasant smell (some folks like the smell, I'm just not one of them). I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who is looking for a great scrub that is exfoliating yet moisturizing....more info
  • Sooo good
    This stuff smells amazing AND actually exfoliates. I actually feel like I'm getting the dead skin off, unlike I do when I use other exfoliaters with a few grains of something. I love all Lush products. We have a Lush store here in Philly, where I have a hard time controlling myself..
    ...more info
  • AWESOME stuff! Smells like a margarita. CHEERS!
    This is my most favorite LUSH exfoliator ever! I tried this as a sample, but will be going to my local LUSH to buy a full size pot! I find I don't need to use that much and the small sample size lasted me 5 uses!!

    The thing I like the best is the small salt granules that eventually dissolve as you rub it on your face. Even though this is made of salt and acidic fruit (grapefruit and lime), I never found it to be drying at all. And because salt is a good antibacterial agent, that's another plus for this product. If you have open sores or blemishes (watch your eyes as well!), they may sting a little, but salt is very good for wounds, so it's not a problem for me.

    I absolutly LOVE this stuff!! Ask for a sample and try it first before you spend the $28 on a big pot! You won't be disappointed....more info


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