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NOW FEATURING THE NEW DESIGN YOUR OWN WORKOUT MATRIX MENU OPTION!!! Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond has helped to establish Ana Brett & Ravi Singh and their signature yoga style as the most exciting new trend in yoga and fitness. This DVD contains exercises for flexiblity, strength building, aerobic efficiency, stress relief, back care, and much more: all with a through the roof fun factor! This amazingly effective daily workout features two 25 minute sets which can be done individually or together. Set one, Rise & Spine, will help you maintain a healthy back and raise your energy high! Set two features an original and fun version of the 'Five Tibetans,' exercises to keep you supple, youthful and vital for life! Also included: breath primer, meditation, deep relaxation, and a great soundtrack by Tom Carden. Discover why Ravi & Ana's client lists includes Madonna, Donna Karan, Gwyneth Paltrow, and the Red Hot Chile Peppers. This conveniently chaptered DVD, with the recently added Matrix gives you the option of designing your workout based on the time you have: pick and choose whichever segments you want to include in your workout and let them play in whatever order you'd like! This best-selling DVD has everything you need for high caliber fitness, peace of mind, and to give your life a total boost!

Customer Reviews:

  • Feels better than an average workout.
    I bought this dvd after buying Ana Brett and Ravi Singh's "Yoga for Weight Loss" and I must say that I was not disappointed.
    This video works a lot with meditation, focus, breathing, and coordinated body movement to achieve desired results.
    When using this video regularly I find myself feeling calmer, more at ease, and more commfortable in most situations.
    Your body gets a great workout from the repetitive motions and there is really no impact involved at all.
    The euphoric feeling you get while doing this video, even just part of it, will last for a few days, and doing this video regularly keeps that feeling going....more info
  • Definitely An Incredible Experience!!!
    I loved this DVD for the exact reasons that the reviewer below didn't. This is the best of both worlds: the power and depth of the yoga tradition with a more modern synthesis of the best fitness approaches. If you are interested in getting everything that an exciting style of yoga has to offer without having to wade through the traditional window dressing which has become superfluous to life as we know it, then I think you will agree that this strikes a very good balance. That is the genius of Ana & Ravi: they're not afraid to innovate, but they're also not afraid to present the things that they believe in which are so effective. I would never hesitate to refer this all the beginner and intermediate people I know who have been wanting to benefit from yoga. If you're like me, and know about 100 people who are always saying things like, 'I need to do something about this stress,' or 'I need to start working out before it's too late,' you will agree that this is the perfect DVD for them. This one has two sets which can be done individually or together. You will get a complete workout and smile all day!...more info
  • It's great!
    I had not done yoga in many years, and was sort of "afraid" of doing anything now, let alone "kundalini" which I had never tried. When I first saw Ana Brett I was a little intimidated by her youth, but this was soon put to rest because she is so completely open and competent, and fun to watch. The music, suggestions, and the routines are very solid. In fact, when I use this video I sleep very soundly, compared with another yoga video I recently purchased. Thanks to Ana and Ravi for getting me started again on the right track....more info
  • Love this DVD
    This is a fun and energetic DVD. I have been practicing yoga for years but enjoy Kundalini Yoga more and am totally addicted. I have had several back injuries due to car accidents and this is an excellent way to keep my upper and lower back pain free. I have tried all of their DVD's and love them all, but this one is one of my favorites. Love You Guys!! Can't wait to try the new one's....more info
  • I Can't Get Enough of This Yoga!
    This is great for experiencing yoga in a unique and enjoyable way - finally someone makes yoga that is actually fun to do! They explain the benefits of all the moves as you go along which is very encouraging for a beginner or anyone new to this style of yoga. I love the results I get from this style of yoga and even though I have a few of the other yoga DVD's available, I always feel the best with my Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (and Fat Free Yoga). You will easily learn down dog, up dog, hatha bridge, staff pose, yoga ab work, camel pose, rock pose, forward bending, shavasana and more. The moves are not staticly held; they flow from one to another. I feel so fluid and graceful just like Ana when I do these moves. It's my primary workout....more info
  • WOW!!!
    Words can't express what this DVD has done for me. I used to do gymnastics in grade school...had three slipped disks, a pinched nerve and a twisted pelvic bone. As a young adult, I was in a river accident and broke my tailbone...only to break it three more times later in life. I also ruptured a disk in my neck while delivering my second daughter...so I had a full cervical diskectomy with fusion. I'm older and living on the East Coast in the cold winters. When I do this DVD, it's like I'm having a complete overall body manipulation treatment without having to leave my home. I don't need pain pills if I do this DVD soon enough before the pain gets too bad. At that point I need to take a muscle relaxer, then do the DVD and after about three days from then, I'm PERFECT! I don't have to see a doctor for those pains anymore because of this DVD. Also, I have IBS and Interstitial Cystitis. I love how this DVD cleanses the organs. It WORKS!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

    Also, I must mention all the exercises on this DVD are while you are sitting or laying down. I have not been able to do the advanced section of this DVD, but anybody can do the beginner part. It's that simple and so great at the same time!...more info
  • Beginners to yoga will love this!

    Ana Brett & Ravi Singh's Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond is a very uplifting and unique workout dvd. It is, quite honestly, a ton of fun! I highly recommend it for any beginner because it really is the easiest way to ease yourself into a serious feel good yoga regime! After experiencing the immediate benefits of this program I promptly purchased more and now I own them all! I have found Kundalini Yoga with Ana & Ravi to be the most transformative form of Yoga and exercise system in existence. I have benefited from it in a myriad of ways and always recommend these DVD's to my friends and family. It is my belief that everyone has something to gain from this practice. I LOVE this dvd and it is like my special treasure in the morning to center myself in awareness and within my body.

    ...more info
  • What A Great DVD!
    I have this duo's other Beginners & Beyond DVD and I liked it so much that I got this one as well. I was really ecstatic with this workout. It has two sets: Rise & Spine, a great spinal workout, and The Five Tibetans, a traditional yoga workout which works on all muscle groups.I like the pacing and the whole vibe of this one. In addition to being a great workout this one, as well as all of Ana & Ravi's DVD's adds another dimension to fitness: soul power!If you are curious about Kundalini Yoga and are looking for something which is the best of both contemporary and ancient fitness this is it!...more info
  • My "Feel Great" Secret Weapon
    This is the first yoga DVD I fell in love with! I could feel the good effects in just minutes which prompted me to write to the instructors to try and find out more about this type of yoga. They were so nice and patient answering all my questions. I just love them! I am a student and I swear this even helps me think better! This also has built my core muscles so I am sitting up straighter and even my mother has commented on my posture. People are actually asking my what I do for such great posture!
    The two sets are fun and the first is a do anytime one, the second is a little more challenging and will build strength quickly. I have practiced Hatha Yoga so I recognize all the postures. I love the way this style of yoga adds movement and breath and great music. The instructions are very easy to follow and encouraging as well. I highly recommend this one to anyone!...more info
  • Results!!! And a great way to learn the basic of yoga!

    This is the first yoga DVD I bought from Ana Brett & Ravi Singh. I didn't realize how challenging it was until the next day when I felt every muscle in my body. This is a good thing. I want to know the yoga is working to tone my body as it relaxes my mind! This one also, in set 1, seems to focus on releasing and lengthening the spine which is also just my thing. I think I may have grown half an inch actually :)
    I was ecstatic to discover the 5 tibetan rites in set 2. I had read the book and practiced them on my own as a teenager for strength training. I can now practice them under the able instruction of my favorite yoga teachers!
    I never need to push myself to do yoga with Ravi & Ana. They have a calming professional presence that makes you feel in good hands. They also tell me what each exercise is working on which I find very encouraging and inspirational. ...more info
  • Brilliant Easy to follow Beginner Yoga Workout
    I love Kundalini, because it is like traditional yoga (with its stretchy hatha poses) but also has another aspect which makes it fun and exciting! I do the exercises that involve movement combined with a simple breath technique or moves that flow from one pose to another, as on this DVD, and magic happens! I can't think of anything else. It's amazing how refreshed I feel when my mind rests, even for some seconds. It's like I'm a different person. This particular DVD does not include much Breath of Fire (there is more on their other programs) but it does have enough to experience the quick energy it engenders! Also what it does for your skin! My skin looks amazing, all glowy and healthy. I don't think my skin has ever looked better than it does right now. Ravi & Ana are great teachers, and very inspiring!
    Get this - in fact, go ahead and get them all while they are on sale - you will eventually anyway - like I did!...more info
  • A Great Experience for this Beginner
    I never saw myself doing yoga but I read an article about this type of yoga and it sparked something in me which piqued my curiosity. Everyone seemed to think that Kundalini Yoga is doable for anyone but it doesn't focus on difficult poses, but also features movement exercises which anyone can do. So, taking advantage of the sale on Amazon, I bought this one and I'm thrilled with the results. Just the fact that it keeps me coming back for more is a revelation. Kundalini Yoga combines postures, movement, stretching, breathing, and mental focus, in a way that leaves me energized but also relaxed. If you're exercise resistant, like me, but know you need to do something positive or yourself, then look no further than this!...more info
  • Ease Into Yoga!
    This is a wonderful DVD. Great intro into the great yoga practice that will stretch, strengthen, energize, relax and revitalize your body and mind. If what you're looking for is an easy to follow practice with great instruction, enjoyable movements, excellent music and stellar results this is the one DVD for you! ...more info
  • ***Magical!***
    I have tried many yoga DVD's and none of them made me want to stick with yoga until I discovered Ana & Ravis magical yoga workouts!They really are magical. I can't believe how a seemingly simple workout can impact a life so much but there you are! Just read through the good reviews here. What these people say is all true. You will feel amazing - and be ready, your life will change!! And I mean more then just losing weight, which will happen too if you need it! Don't take my word for it. Get one of their DVDs - any of them and just start
    KY for Beginners & Beyond is like two workouts in one. The first segment called "Rise & Spine" leaves me feeling like I have had a luxurious massage on my spine! The second set is the "5 Tibetans" and is a series of flowing yoga poses which may be familiar if you have experienced hatha yoga. I like the way Kundalini Yoga tends to be active and not just static held poses like other systems so you feel your energy moving and tension does not get a chance to build. I think its partly why I feel so amazingly energized, whol,e and at peace after my practice! I'm sure you will be hooked on Ana & Ravi's Kundalini Yoga as much as I am. It's truly an authetic practice and it works!...more info
  • Excellent!!!
    I love this DVD. It is extremely well put together and easy to use. The matrix menu is genius.

    Ana Brett is easy to follow. When you are done working out you feel wonderful. I am hooked on Kundalini Yoga now. Unlike other yoga that I've done it doesn't make me feel as if I am a failure for not being able to turn my bones into rubber and make myself into a pretzel shape. Ana ensures you that you can do it and that you don't do it wrong, the beginners mind and dedication is something all yogis should strive for.
    ...more info
  • Advanced, yes; beginners, no!
    This videos is a good workout--for that is what it is--for advanced yoga practitioners but does not connect for beginners. They would have to know yoga already to understand how it could possibly be used as a beginning exercise. Lose the "for beginners" on the blurb....more info
  • I tried to get into it.....
    I really want to be centered, get in touch with my inner self, have my chakras align in perfect harmony, ETC. I got this DVD because I know Yoga can help with the centeredness thing and thought it would be easier to do than to try to get my mind to be quiet so that I can meditate. After reading all of the reviews and because like I said, I WANT to like Yoga I settled on this DVD. It is a wonderful DVD, Ana is cool and she obviously has the Yoga thing down. I however, might not be the future Yogi of my dreams. I am the least flexible person in the world (can't even touch my toes without bending my knees!) and I just can't sit still long enough to BREEEAAAATHEEE and OMMMMMMMMM like I should, but if you are into Yoga, I highly recommend this DVD! ;-)...more info
  • My favorite Workout
    Ana & Ravi's workout is easy to follow, and fun! All yoga is good I guess, but traditional yoga with the same old long held positions (and the usual new age music) I find really boring. I love this! It stretches my whole body, helps me build new muscle tone, and is interesting from start to finish. The music rocks, Ravi's voice is smooth as silk, and Ana is an absolutly great to watch! You gotta get this. ...more info
  • Love this DVD!
    This is an amazing DVD! I had no experience with yoga at all and I have done the workout (modified poses at some points) every day since I got it. Two weeks and I already feel a remarkable difference in my posture and my energy level. I love it!...more info
  • lovely Kundalini sets for beginners and intermediates
    I've been doing Kundalini yoga for a long time and even went through Teacher's Training (which is amazing if you can find a way to do it), so I came to this not as a beginner, but just wanting to augment my expansive library. I love the variety Kundalini offers.

    The chapters and Matrix menu options are fabulous, with times listed next to each chapter so you can plan your time accordingly, and I really appreciate that.

    The matrix option means you can pick and choose which chapters to do, if you have neither the time nor the inclination to do the whole DVD. It also lets you change the order, if you'd like to do the 5 Tibetan Rites before the spinal set, but I actually think the order they're in is absolutely perfect.

    If you're brand new to Kundalini, the breath primer is valuable, and even a seasoned student could often do with a refersher...if nothing else it brings you into a place of focus and stillness before the Tune In and Warm Up. But again, you can simply skip that chapter or program your Matrix that day without it if you feel like you've got it down and don't have the time.

    The warm up set is concise and to the point, but also gradual and very effective; sufi grinds, spinal flexes, the wonderful "washing machine" twists, an active stretch for the backs of the legs, etc.

    The first set, Rise and Spine, I find a really lovely series. For a beginner, it will likely feel a bit awkward at times, and Ana's pace can seem overwhelming but they continually remind you to go at your own speed and take it slow when you need to. The end of the set includes some unique poses that incorporate bear grip in front of the throat and over the head while either holding breath in or out with the mulbandh/root lock engaged (contracting the muscles of the rectum, sex organs and navel) and then my favorite, Sat Kriya. Again, I think an absolute beginner might have more questions and need time to adjust to this unique form of yoga, but I don't think Ana and Ravi could have done more in terms of information and choosing approachable sets. I think this would make a wonderful morning set or a great quickie.

    The set that I was really anticipating personally is the second, The Five Tibetan Rites. I've known about them for ages but like so many others I find doing them from a booklet a bit dry...must be spoiled by the home video/DVD life! But this is a great set, it challenged me. I did notice they do them in the reverse order from the presentation in the books, and they add a little Kundalini twist with adding full camel (or a modification) with breath of fire, and they don't seem to count them for us, it seems to be more about timing them. In the books about the Rites, they suggest slowly working up to 21 reps of each exercise. I counted Ana and she stops around that point but not exactly. If you're a stickler, count your reps. But I counsel everyone, beginner or not, to take these slowly. They are more powerful than they seem.

    For those who don't know and are curious, the five rite are:

    - spinning clockwise, slowly (even I was dizzy afterwards but they have you apply root lock at the end which stopped that instantly)
    - lying flat on your back, raising the legs (they can be bent to accomodate your back) and the head, for a navel energizing exercise
    - kneeling as if about to do full camel, but only arching back to where you feel a nice stretch, to which Ravi&Ana add coming down into child pose in between, which feels really lovely.
    - moving from an upward dog/cobra pose (on the balls of the toes though, not the tops of the feet) into down dog, back and forth
    - moving from a sitting position with legs in front of you into table pose and back

    Traditional literature suggests beginning with literally just a few reps of each movement and to work slowly up to 21 reps. I do Kundalini regularly and found the Rites to be challenging but invigorating. A beginner might find them to be too much, so follow the old wisdom and start with just a few reps. It might seem like 3 reps isn't enough, but again they are deceptively simple.

    After the Rites, you have a lovely deep relaxation as always followed by a simple but very effective and powerful meditation; sitting comfortably (cross legged or in a chair with the feet flat), with the index fingers and thumb tips touching (Gyan Mudra, the Mudra of wisdom) and just enough pressure on the fingers to feel the pulse within...or, if you can't detect a pulse there, to simply notice the rhythm of your heartbeat and to mentally chant "Sat Nam" (sounds like "but mom") in rhythm to the heartbeat/pulse. Yowsah. That really took me right out of my head and into pure relaxation. It's a great meditative choice for beginners because it gives the practitioner something to focus on without being too "woo-woo" as I've heard people say about other Kundalini meditations with mantra.

    What might throw some newbies is the way in Kundalini you "tune in" and end each class with specific mantras chanted out loud. That might strike some as religious, but it's not really. It's meant to connect you initially to the teacher within, your higher self, and to vibrationally set the tone for the class. And at the end, the chanting of "Sat Nam" once, held for a longer count, is sort of the energetic bookend. Certainly they are't mandatory, so beginners who don't resonate with them can skip them, but just know that they aren't dogmatic.

    I recently sent this DVD to a friend whom I've wanted to introduce to Kundalini for a long time and I think he'll find this very useful; the first set is approachable enough to begin with and the set with the Tibetan Rites is something to grow with as well.

    A nice class for beginners but also fun for those who are intermediate or advanced as well.

    ...more info
  • Thrilled again
    I continue to be amazed with the work of Ravi Singh and Ana Brett. I know many who are reluctant to take a step into the yoga waters. Not only will this DVD calmly ease any intimidation one might feel, but the teachings also apply to and guide the more experienced student as well. Thank you, Ravi and Ana, you both truly know and love what you do. ...more info
  • Good for a Kundalini Beginner
    I like how this DVD started off slow enough for beginners to keep up. Once you recognize the pace of it, it's easy to follow along when the 5 Tibetans start. I enjoyed it! The reason for only 4 stars is because, I like to sweat more during my workouts. I've been doing pilates for 5 years and was curious about Kundalini. I think I'll use it more as a cool down due to the fact that it IS a more slow and meditative workout. FUNNY COMMENT: the background music they play on the DVD is kind of addicting. I did the routine again last night and that song has been stuck in my head all day..haha...more info
  • Has me hooked!
    I am new to Yoga and I love this DVD! I later tried out some local group classes practicing other types of Yoga but this one does the most for me! Much more intense than any other I tried but great meditation and relaxation breaks....more info
  • Perfect Workokut For Me
    I found this DVD to be an absolutely perfect workokut for me. It has warm-ups, two 25 min. sets, a relaxation and meditation. It also features the Matrix menu option so you can program your workout based on whatever time you have. The first set Rise & Spine is a really cool spinal series which makes me feel like Gumby afterwards. The second set, The Five Tibetans, are great yoga-based exercises which work all of the major muscle groups. This DVD seems like a straightforward workout but it's actually very masterful and works on many levels: body, mind, & soul. That's what I really appreciate about Ana & Ravi's DVD's: even though they are very powerful and deep, they are also very accessible. When I practice their DVD's I always feel that I am in very capable hands!...more info
  • Wow, my back feels AMAZING
    I'm a 24 year old male who is fairly active. I run around three miles a day and eat a raw food diet (if you don't know about raw please do yourself a massive favor and google it...it's not raw meat).

    This yoga transformed my body (especially my back) and mind. I love meditation and even though I don't follow the mantras included in the DVD, I find that after the yoga my body and mind are very clear. This yoga is different than the other yoga that I had been doing (I'm a beginner) so I thought it was weird at first....but wow, the results are amazing. I also didn't think it was that great of a workout the first time I tried it...but I wasn't doing all the exercises correctly.

    The second time I gave it a try I asked a friend who's fairly experienced with yoga to join me. She ended up being worn out by the end and I realized what an intense workout this DVD actually provides.

    Check this great DVD out. ...more info
  • Rave reviews from a yoga teacher
    I teach yoga in a style that is different from Kundalini, but after discovering Ravi and Ana's DVDs I have found Kundalini yoga to be incredibly fun, and excellent for producing results you can really feel and notice in the body and mind. Their DVDs are my favorite yoga practices now - I invariably feel stronger, healthier and happier after I practice them!

    The Beginners and Beyond DVD is a great place to start if you are new to yoga or new to Kundalini yoga in particular. The DVD is fun and feels great. If you are new to this practice, I would suggest a few things:

    -Read the insert that comes with the DVD first. This gives some helpful tips like not eating a few hours before practice, etc., that will help to create a more enjoyable yoga session.

    -Do the Breath Primer on the DVD - if you simply hit "play DVD" then it skips the Breath Primer, so make sure to go to the Chapter Outline and do the Breath Primer the first few times you practice until you feel you "get" the breath of fire and long deep breathing.

    -Listen to your body - Ana does say at the beginning of the practice that if at any time the pace being demonstrated (for moving or for breathing) is too fast for you, it is fine for you to back off. These breaths and movements can ultimately be amazing for the body, but you may want to start them a bit more slowly - there's no "shame" in that - you're still getting plenty of benefits and probably more benefit in the long run by not forcing your body and taking it at a pace that works best for you.

    Practice in a way that is mindful for your body, and ENJOY the benefits!...more info
  • Transcendent
    This series of DVDs seems to be a lot like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead. The hundreds of people who have given this release a 5 star rating (myself included) all exuberantly proclaim that salvation has arrived in the form of Ravi Singh and Ana Brett. On the opposing side, those who hate this DVD REALLY hate it with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.
    How to reconcile such a vast gulf between the opinions? Well, first I would suggest trying to find this series through your library, as I did. (Netflix doesn't have it yet). This is a very specific form of yoga, and if you're not prepared to just go with it, I can see how a person might be confused or disappointed, especially given how highly rated this disc is among Amazon users. (that old psychological trap of raised expectations, I suppose)
    Anyway, throughout years of various movement classes, I have developed a pretty good sense of my own body and what I need to do to keep myself safe. Someone trying to keep up with Ana who doesn't have this sense of their body's limits may very well experience the workout as frightening. At certain points I felt myself getting dizzy so I sat out one or two repetitions and then joined back in. I personally felt like I was in very safe hands, with plenty of guidance and safety tips, but clearly some reviewers feel that this area needs improvement.
    Ultimately, however, I found this DVD workout to be deeply therapeutic and it put me into what I can only describe as a transcendent state; I was practically high. At first I thought that with the chanting and meditating that this would mostly be a relaxation workout. It certainly does have that benefit, but my body got an incredible physical workout, as well. About half an hour after my husband and I had finished this practice, he remarked that he felt all wobbly like a baby giraffe, and I thought that description was very apt. I was quivering from head to toe from the exertion. Today I feel lactic acid fermentation in the muscles of my back, glutes, and arms, but none of the typical aches in my neck or back that come from alignment problems. I just feel like correct posture is the easiest thing in the world right now.
    I love how this workout made me feel, and am excited to try the rest of the series. ...more info
  • My New Favorite Yoga
    As I've said in my other review for an Ana & Ravi DVD, I never thought I'd like yoga until I tried their DVD's, now I'm a Kundalini, Ana & Ravi addict: this from a person who once thought that yoga was for granola types. What I love about this is that you feel like you're exercising, but you're also getting everything yoga is known for: stretching, relaxing, centering, getting your overview back. I sincerely hope this review gets people interested in trying this powerful and very doable form of exercise. Have an open mind and you will not be disappointed!...more info
  • Great DVD!
    I'm a 50 yom male, 6'1" 235 lbs. I've lifted weights most of my life. I started to look into yoga for a while now. My lower back has been bothering me for a long time, so I thought that I would try yoga to help it out. I know, if I did ab work and lower back exercises my back would feel better. Problem is....Boring!!!! My next problem was, yoga classes are a fortune! I decided to try buying a yoga dvd first to see if I would actually try staying w/ these yoga exercises or would I quit them & be out the $12. I can deal with throwing $12 away a lot easier than 10 times that amount for one month of yoga classes. Anyway, the dvd is great. The first part of the dvd (which last aprox 25 minutes)is core exercises & core stretching. Every movement is done sitting on the floor, no weird pretzel moves to make you feel like a clutz. I do a lot of the stuff sitting on the edge of a chair (my knee doesn't like to be bent for very long in a cross-legged position). After the first use of the dvd I was able to go to bed & actually sleep w/o waking up w/ lower back pain. So if you are like me, and only do the first set on the dvd, you'll think that it was a good investment. As I get better at this yoga stuff I'll run the dvd past the first set & see what other good exercises are left for me....more info
  • Great instruction for Beginner Yogis

    It's so exciting to me when you find a yoga DVD that blasts you to a whole new dimension. I was so surprised at how AWESOME this workout and how much I LOVED it!!!! I loved this dvd for several reasons ... it's 2 short and sweet sets, feels great to do every move and it's explicit instruction is so good it engages me totaly.I would suggest this even to the very beginning yogi - you are in excellent hands!
    ...more info
  • Results! Results! Results!
    My husband and I have made a firm committment to start doing some yoga everyday and DVD's like this make it easy! I find Kundalini yoga not as uncomfortable as regular yoga. It's less about achieving some impossible balancing pose and and more about moving and breathing and attaining results quickly. The instructers (Ana Brett & Ravi Singh) are very pleasant and excellent teachers.
    i have only been doing Kundalini Yoga for beginners & Beyond (alternating with their Fat Free Yoga) for two weeks now (everyday, religiously!) and i feel my body getting into better shape already! i feel alot more confident and for the first time in my life i really believe that I can reach my goal weight and feel good about myself again!
    I was happy to discover that this DVD teaches the 5 Tibetan Rejuvenation Rites. I had read about these and actually practiced them years ago. They are 5 simple exercises which provide a complete energetic workout. I am happy to be able to incorporate them into my practices once again as I enjoyed them so much before.

    ...more info
  • The best yoga video EVER!!!!
    I am a beginner and so I have been trying out different videos and this one knocks everything out of the water! I showed my friend who has been doing yoga for a while and it blew her away as well. Clearly when they say for beginners and beyond, ravi singh and ana brett know what they are talking about. I love how easily I could understand each pose and I did not become frustrated as I have in the past. THIS IS THE BEST VIDEO and you will be so pleased!...more info
  • Beginners and Beyond
    This was the second dvd I purchased for Kundalini yoga, and it definitely fueled my curiosity. It is a really nice variety of kriyas and is a wonderful way to gain understanding of kundalini's potential. I do this dvd when my energy level is moderate and I need a boost. Also, Anna and Ravi's timely and subtle cues make good sense and are relevant even to the beginner. I am so glad to have this title in my library. ...more info
  • Do your research!!!
    I have never tried yoga before so I thought this would be a good one to start with given all the great reviews. I should have done my homework. Kundalini is not for me!! It involves alot of meditation and is very slow paced. I recently purchased Jillian Michael's 30 day shred and love it. The two are drastically different. If you enjoy lots of meditation you will probably enjoy this dvd, I just wasn't comfortable with it. I have purchased about a dozen different dvd's and will be sharing reviews as I do them. ...more info
  • So You Thought You Knew What Yoga Was?
    Before I started doing Ana Brett & Ravi Singh's Kundalini Yoga DVD's, I thought I had everything covered: I'd been doing a gym workout 3x per week, and a hatha yoga class at my gym 2x per week. I also did weights 3x per week. I also go out jogging when the mood strikes me. So imagine my surprise when I bought their Fat Free Yoga along with this one and was amazed at what I'd been missing. There's just something about this style of yoga which distills so much of other workout systems in one elegant equation. My rational mind still prompts me to stick with my old regimen, but Ana & Ravi's Kundalini Yoga DVD's are all I really want to do. I'm sure I'll go through phases in my life in which different kinds of exercise are what's called for, but all I can say is that Kundalini Yoga with Ana & Ravi satisfies a deep need, both in terms of physical and beyond, for something more than surface. I'm going to get all of their other DVD's. Whoever you are reading this, I'm sure you'll be very happy with the results you get from this one....more info
  • Awesome
    This is my first yoga experience, and I'm addicted. I had a lot of anxiety and needed to lose some weight. I thought I would give it a try. Unlike other workouts where it seems I try to find an excuse not to do it, I actually look forward to fitting this into my schedule. It's been about four weeks now, and I have been so relaxed. It truly has positively affected how I deal with my family and work everyday. Not to mention, I have lost about 10 pounds so far. I believe it has eliminated my previous habit of emotional eating. I do not crave food all the time and instead have found ways to fit more enjoyable activities into my life. This video will center you so you can focus on what's important. I am looking forward to ordering more from Ravi and Ana....more info
  • Good addition to collection
    I have several of Ravi & Ana's Kundalini Yoga DVDs so I purchased this title for some variety.

    First I will say that I enjoy their "Fat Free" DVD the best. Even though I do not like this DVD as well, it will be good for changing things up a little.

    There are two main sessions to this video. The first session seems geared more for the beginner and is fairly easy and relaxing. The second session is much more advanced. With some of the poses that Ana was doing in this session I was unable to get my body to cooperate. But I am definitely not an advanced practitioner in kundalini yoga so the second session was rather frustrating for me. But this is a "beginner & beyond" video so it will definitely be effective for a wide range of people.

    ...more info
  • My new workout
    I have been doing weightlifting for over 3 years and I have always been very careful with my nutrition. After less than a month of daily practice of this DVD I feel much stronger and and in better shape. As much as I have big respect for kinesology and nutrition science, Yoga in general shows that body is not a mechanic thing and is a direct expression of the mind. That is why body shape and health is subject to a larger set of factors that are not limited to nutrition or physical exercise. Although eating right and exercising are inevitably a part of our well-being, Kundalini Yoga takes us 'beyond the veil' and allows us to work on our minds. And our bodies follow....more info
    Of all the Ana & Ravi DVD's this is the one I use most. My hatha yoga teacher started adding Kundalini Yoga into her classes. I couldn't get enough of it, it made me feel soooo incredible, so I asked her where I could find out more about this style and she suggested that I try the Ana & Ravi DVD's on Amazon. She especially recommended this and their Fat Free Yoga to start with. They are both awesome. I love the matrix which lets me do just as much as I have time for. I love the spinal exercises which bend and twist and rotate my spine into new levels of relaxation and fluidity. Every time I do this workout I feel euphoric and energized at the same time. There is nothing else like this that I have found!...more info
  • Very good yoga DVD.
    This is a great DVD for Yoga. I've done 4 different types lately, this one is the best. A good balance of meditation and exercise, brought to life by a talented and calming duo of Ravi and Ana....more info
  • Beginner Level welcome
    This video is done well in my opinion. The music is a little cliche but, the content is good. The man narrating in the background sounds a little unnerving, but again, the exercises are good. I have read a book about Kundalini Yoga and was anxious to see the practice in motion. This was a great jumping off point. Good way to begin ones practice....more info
  • Great Yoga DVD ~Highly Recommended!
    This yoga DVD features two workout sets to be done separate/together, which I have done. I find that it depends on how your body is feeling and the amount of time you have to workout to complete the DVD. I love that these exercises culminate both vigorous/snuffling light breathing with movement to workout the entire nervous system and organs. I find that the rolling back movements help extend my spine, and keep it straight. If you have sensitive knees or a back, please variate the movements in this DVD! I double over my mat to compensate, and find it really helps protect my back for a lot of the exercises presented in this DVD. Great narration, positive affirmations to listen to daily and solid workout. You will not be bored, and will find the challenge in being one with yourself each time you do this DVD. Namaste....more info
  • Monumental!
    I have all of Ana & Ravi's DVD's and this is the one that started it all for me. What I love about their DVD's are: 1. content: they always supply a great workout body, mind, & soul while staying true to the yoga tradition. 2. Sequencing: their sequences are genius in the way that each exercise works in conjunction with the one's before and after it to create a powerful synergy. 3. Encouragement: you can tell that their hearts are in the right place by the way they are so encouraging and down to earth. 4. Music: all of the music on their DVD's is a cut or two above the generic music on most yoga DVD's. 5. Everything else: There is so much more I can say about their DVD's, from Ana's masterful execution of the poses to Ravi's poetic sensibility. Bottom line: I hope this review inspires you to give this one a try. I'm sure you will want to try their other titles as well....more info
  • Love Ravi & Ana: Great Practice
    I was so excited to get this DVD because I have about 8 of Ana & Ravi's DVDs and absolutely love each and every one! I am very happy to report - I love this one too!

    The Rise & Spine is great for the morning and I use it as a gentle wake up which really gets my blood moving as it deepens my breathing and gets the cobwebs from my spine. It's a wonderful series of moves that has your spine bending and twisting and your internal organs detoxing. I feel so fresh and new and wide awake afterwards!

    The 5 Tibetan Set is a favorite of mine from way back. I learned it at a yoga studio years ago and felt the fantastic benefits immediately and have returned to it again and again over the years. I have to say Ana & Ravi's version is even better than the original! It's the same exercises but they have changed the order and added breath of fire to one of the exercises (there is a Breath Primer instructional on the DVD). Completely invigorating. I love it! And will do their version from now on.

    I plan to get the rest of the Ana & Ravi series. They are truly excellent!

    ...more info
  • Fantastic
    This is a must for not only new to Kundalini but yoga as well...There were a few moves that challange me to get there.It does change you in a lot of ways.Loveing and life changing!Share with friends and loved ones....more info
  • Just Breathe!
    Excellent dvd for the beginner to intermediate student! Anna focuses on the breath... wow, what a concept. Yes, I sound sardonic because it seems as though so many yoga teachers today for get the importance of reminding their students to breath. That is why this dvd is so wonderful, especially for the begining to intermediate student that is ready to incorporate their breath with their postures... only then do you get the true benefits of yoga. Anna is teaching an age old form of yoga in this dvd with a new and fresh approach! Highly recommended. TAMARA'S YOGA FUSION...more info
  • Excellent Choice for New and Experienced Yoga Students
    I am a long-time student of Kundalini yoga, and I heartily recommend this DVD to jumpstart the addition of yoga into your fitness routine. I have shared "Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Beyond" with friends new to Kundalini-style yoga or to yoga in general, and the feedback has been extremely positive.

    The DVD includes two 25-minute workouts, both easy to follow. Everything is explained -- you really can't get lost. The quality and pace of the presentation works equally well for the novice and those poised to take their practice to an intermediate level.

    The first set focuses on the back and is great for building energy and releasing tensions in the body. The second set deals with strength building. I do both together for a super workout.

    I especially appreciate the primer on the use of the breath and proper breathing, as it is one of the things that sets Kundalini-style yoga apart from the other types of yoga. The benefits associated with the breath techniques have made a tremendous difference for me, personally. The addition of the Matrix Menu allows for personalizing the workout to whatever order of exercises you choose. The DVD also comes with a booklet that explains Kundalini Yoga and how best to incorporate its practice in your life.

    Ravi and Ana are seasoned teachers and both bring their particular strengths to their work. Ana is expert in teaching proper alignment and Ravi is known for the inspiration and encouragement he brings to yoga students. (I say that also from direct experience: I have had the pleasure of attending their classes.) In short, Kundalini Yoga for Beginners and Beyond is a must-have!

    Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond NEW! Now with the **MATRIX** MENU OPTION!!!...more info
  • Yoga Workout to help you "Keep Up" Your Yoga Ppractice
    This is a classic Kundalini Yoga workout for every level of yoga practitioner. My yoga instructor, who has been teaching yoga for more than twenty years, uses parts of set 1 as warm-ups in our Hatha Yoga Class. Sometimes she teaches set 2 as well, for the strengthening hatha portion of our class. She is one of the most healthy, toned, beautiful, and inspiring people that I've ever met. She tells me she follows Ravi Singh & Ana Brett's excellent DVD workouts several times a week as part of her own practise. I can't imagine a better recommendation. Enjoy and Keep Up!
    ...more info
  • Good for beginners...that's about it.
    This is the first yoga DVD I'd bought and the first time I'd done yoga. I didn't realize how unchallenging it was until I bought a new one that made me really sore for two days after trying it the first few times. This one seems to focus more on the mind/body fluffy yoga stuff. Which is fine, it's just not really my thing. I'm more interested in challenging my muscles and feeling it the next day. I'll continue to do this yoga DVD on days where I don't really feel like putting much effort in to a workout but push myself to do at least something. However I must say that this was a great way to learn the basics of yoga. I knew NOTHING about yoga before purchasing this DVD....more info
  • An enjoyable way to learn yoga!
    I bought this DVD because I truly felt and saw amazing benefits from their "Fat Fee Yoga" DVD. Ana Brett & Ravi Singh are engaging instructor's who clearly love teaching yoga. The set is bright and happy, the demonstration beautiful, and the explanations succinct. The music is first rate as well and not generic yoga music You don't need to view this one first to get it like other programs I have tried. Just put it in the player and go! I particularly like what the first program "Rise & Spine" does to alleviate my chronic back pain. The spinal twists and flexes feel amazing and energize at the same time.
    The other 25 minute set is the classic 5 Tibetan workout program. Each exercise is 2 yoga poses done in a flowing manner back and forth. You do not repeat more than 21 times and the full 21 is something to work up to. It is an entire body workout and lots of fun as well I highly recommend this as well as their Fat Free Yoga. I plan to try more of their enjoyable DVDs! ...more info
  • Poor Introduction to Kundalini Yoga
    I have studied kundalini for years, but I had stopped for a couple and I thought an introduction dvd would be a good way to get back into it. I really hated this dvd. I think kundalini is so amazing - I've done every different kind of yoga around, and I love it the most. It has been such a huge source of transformation in my life. But this isn't a good introduction for newbies. Or anyone really.

    In a way, it was dumbed down - like calling a posture "washing machine"? Wha?? No one calls anything that - its like an adult saying "poo poo" (to another adult, mind you). So the philosophy has been diluted, yet, I can't imagine a brand new student being comfortable with something like Sat Kriya. That is something to work up to. It's hard - mentally and emotionally/spiritually. Plus the NPR voice over and girl talked so darn much! They need to remember that if one were to make this a part of their regular practice, they don't need to hear about "making this part of your daily grind" day after day!

    I also couldn't stand the music choices - they changed the tempo and style so much, it was really distracting. I can say that this is a very unique kundalini experience - one unlike anything I've ever seen before, so if you don't like it, please don't be put off trying a different class/dvd.

    And - I totally agree - in the hundreds of classes that I've been to, I've never, never seen a teacher (or student) dressed like this - it's kind of inappropriate. What is wrong with this girl?...more info


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