Audiologists Choice Dry Spot Dehumidifier

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Product Description

Audiologist's Choice "Dry Spot" Dehumidifier comes in a beautiful container with an easy open lid with wide opening. The container is large enough for two BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids. Its patented desiccant pillow is microwaveable and absorbs the moisture out of our hearing aid. Dry Spot helps keep your hearing aids moisture-free

  • Beautiful container
  • Patented desiccant pillow - now microwavable
  • Large enough for two BTEs
  • Easy opening lid with wide opening
  • Replacement Desiccant Pillows available seperately also
Customer Reviews:
  • Works like it should
    I have used the predicessor of this product and have been happy with it. This one is different, but seems to work just as well. No complaints....more info