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Eliminates, not masks, odors from anal gland secretions, tom cat spray, necrotic tissue, urine, feces, emesis, etc. Used on animal, accidents, bedding, cages and litter. Eliminates unpleasant companion animal odors. Spray directly on the source of the odor. Can also be used as an air freshener. Ideal for deodorizing cat litter boxes and neutralizing tomcat spray in the home. Fast, Permanent, Safe, Non-toxic, Nonirritating, not Oily, Biodegradable. Does not contain masks, enzymes or oxidizers. AOE chemically bonds to odors.

  • Animal odor eliminator
  • urine odor
  • male cat spray
  • glandular secretions
  • cages
Customer Reviews:
  • Wow! Great stuff!
    I highly recommend this product! I ordered this on a vet recommendation. It is non-toxic and can be sprayed right on an animal if necessary.

    In my case it was necessary yesterday when... I was walking my dogs off leash near a stream. They came across a pile of human feces and both rolled in it. YUCK!!! After coming home and bathing them both (several times) they still had some lingering odor around the snout area. I sprayed the product in my hands and rubbed it into the fir. The odor was gone, thankfully!!

    You can spray the stuff on furniture or carpets. I have also sprayed some on a paper towel, vacuumed up the towel and proceed to vacuum. After that, the exhaust from the machine comes out smelling clean.

    There is also a companion product - KOE for using in mop water or spraying in the dog run area. Sure takes away the odor fast. So far, I have not seen any adverse effect on plants next to the dog run, either. NICE!...more info