Haier HDN455 45-Pint Capacity Mechanical Control Dehumidifier

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Product Description

45 Pint Capacity, Electronic Control - 115 Volt / Energy Star / Electric Control, LED Display / 12 Hour Timer / Drain Connect with 3' hose / Auto Off Automatic Humidistat Control Auto Shut-off Auto Defrost Front Water Bucket for Easy-Access Bucket Full Indicator Light Built-In Top Handle for Enhanced Portability Dimensions - Width 14 31/32 x Depth 12 19/32 x Height 23 1/32 inches

  • High-efficiency, ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Low-temp operation down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Automatic humidistat control and auto defrost
  • Bucket full indicator light
  • Easy-access washable filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Dehumidifier humming away
    We moved into our new home 7 months ago and didnt realize how damp the basement was until we installed shelving down there for extra pantry space. The shelves were filled up in no time and I was shocked a couple of weeks later when I went down to get a can of soup and realized that the shelves and all the cans were covered with mold.
    We purchased the Haier 45- pint capacity Dehumidifier and were impressed with the quality right out of the box. We turned it on in the basement and it was amazing how much water we emptied for the first week or so. Finally my husband hooked up the hose to drain into a hole in the cellar floor and it has been humming away, doing its job since then. We dont even hear it run unless it comes on when I am down there so it is pretty quiet.. Very happy with our purchase.....more info
  • Great Price Works Well
    I bought this dehumidifier for $169. We built a new house and did not run the Venmar (ventialtion system in the garage) because the house is so well insulated, the garage sweats during the winter only. Our garage is 32ftx32ft. As a result, mold was starting to grow on the walls. The Haier does a wonderful job of sucking all of the moisture out. We don't have a moisture problem any longer. The only minor complaint I have is the tray in which the water accumulates in is a little hard to slide in and out. Other than that minor inconvienence, it's been a great product....more info
  • A nice looking Dehumidifier that works as advertised
    This is a good product so far. A good dehumidifier that does the job in my basement. It is quiet, not noisy, like some reviewers stated also there is very little vibration I connected the drain hose and let it drain into a floor drain. The hose does not leak if connected properly.It has a rather odd connection. The washer that seals the drain hose is part of the drain hose, it has a collar on it and must be slipped over the connection on the humidifier. Read the directions.The humidifier does a good job of removing water from the air. It automatcly shut off after about eight hours of running after the first time I plugged it into the electric outlet and now it cycles on and off when needed. The musty smell in my basement has entirely disappeared.I would buy this unit again.I rate it 5 stars...more info
  • A bit noisy but does the job
    We purchased this unit about a year ago to replace a Soleus model that arrived broken. It is a touch on the noisy side, but since we use it in the garage for firewood in the winter, and in the basement in the summer, that's not a problem for us. So far it has been on most of the time in one location or the other, and is still drawing the water out of the air (and the wood) very effectively. Although the unit is easy to move around, thanks to the wheels and light weight, I'm about to buy a second one anyway to save going up and down the cellar stairs with it and have coverage in both places. For us, it has been a good value for the price. ...more info
  • Good Product Great Price
    I am very satisfied with this dehumidifier and it cost much less than most it's size....more info
  • Good Choice
    I did a lot of research before deciding to buy this product. I am very happy with it, however, my husband thinks that it is a little too noisy....more info
  • Can't be beat!
    I researched many dehumidifier's before this purchase. Our new basement was getting a bit damp, so we needed something to get the moisture out. I read reviews on almost every one available here on amazon and I decided on this one becuase of the price and reviews, plus it's for the basement, so I don't need fancy digital control's, just something simple that works. This unit works great, no complaints, not too loud but it pulls some serious moisture from the air. We empty the bin everyday, I haven't hooked up the drain hose yet. For the money, this is a great unit, I would recommend trying it before spending more on other fancier units...more info
  • A Waste of Money
    I bought a Haier 45 pint dehumidifier last year. Since new, it has been quite noisy and vibrated excessively. Because of the vibration and resultant metal fatigue, the tubing from the compressor to the condensor has cracked, so the refrigerant has been lost and the unit doesn't work properly. Under the 5-year warranty, Haier will only cover parts, not labor. Also, I would have to find someone on my own to fix it and bill them, since their repair vendor doesn't cover my model. Tne only part in this case would be solder to fix the crack, so I'm pretty much stuck with the costs for repair. Not a good deal! ...more info
  • 1 Week of Use - Great Dehumidifier!
    I've been using this dehumidifier in our basement for about a week now, and so far it works great! From the start, I was impressed with how sleek it looked (many dehumidifiers I've seen before looked outdated and clunky). I took it out of the box, plugged it in and voila! it worked right off the bet without any set-up work involved. The only thing I had to do was take out the water container, and place it back in proper position - then the dehumidifier started right up.

    Has a knob that allows you to set it from "normal" to "extra dry" and anywhere in between. You can also choose between low and high speeds. I personally thought it was pretty quiet when it was on. Automatically stops whenever the water bucket is full, or you can set it up with the hose (included) for continuous draining. I left it on overnight, and by the morning the bucket was full.

    I saw some people commenting on how Haier products were not good, and never worked, but I guess that's the chance you take with electronics and appliances. Invariably, there are going to be some defects, but that doesn't mean every single item is bad. ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    It works as advertised. It does not have digital readout. However, you can manually set humidity control. The machine will shut off an on automatically when set levels of humidity are reached. I use included hose so I do not have to worry about emptying the bucket all the time. Which is nice. I have had the item for a week os so and I think its is a great value for the money. Item arrived very quickly....more info
  • Better than expected!
    Well designed product. Easy to use. Much better than expected especially for the price....more info
  • So far so good but.......
    I will say that so far, so good with this model. It is no louder than any other dehumidifier I have had and it works easily enough. Our cellar is much drier now. My only complaint of note is that when I unpacked it, I noticed that the outer skins were not aligned and I needed to disassemble the unit partially to get everything to line up. Seeing how closely they don't seem to watch their quality in China, I am keeping a close eye on it. This kind of sloppy manufacturing wouldn't have happened if it was made in the USA....more info
  • Good but noisy
    Dehumidifier works very well. I'm using the included hose setup and running right to a drain but you should be aware that this is very noisy even on low speed fan. Its in my unfinished basement so not such a big deal for me but could not use in a part of the house and watch t.v. comfortably....more info
  • Works well for the money
    This dehumidifier is a good deal for the money.As others have noted, it is a little noisy, but since it isn't running (hopefully) all of the time, that's not a real issue. It has a convenient handle to empty the water from the large 45 pint tub. I looked at similar sized models for $30-$45 more, so this is a bargain in my opinion. Shipping from Amazon was not an issue at all (and free!), so if you are looking for a dehumidifier for a large room (basement, etc) this is a good choice....more info
    Being as I don't have 2 million characters here, I will try to make it short. 1. Product is JUNK - didn't work right out of the box. 2. Call Haier: 35 layers of automated to get a human. 3. They KNEW this model has humidity sensor problems but are still selling them. 4. 17 calls and 3.5 weeks later I have a new unit - they wanted ME to pay shipping despite what the warranty says. Haier customer service is absolutely the worst thing I have ever experienced. Whatever you do, no matter how nuts you think I am and you write me off, no matter what "great deal" you think you are getting, and asking yourself "come on, how different can the various brands really be?" I BEG OF YOU - don't buy Haier. You will regret it. "Haier" is a misnomer - a label name used to be slapped on whatever piece of junk they can get the cheapest from ANYWHERE in the world. Never again. Ever. For ANY Haier product....more info
  • Takes out the moisture very well !
    This machine works better than any I have had previously and takes out the moisture very well. Is very noisy though....more info
  • After 4 days: so far, so great!
    I have previously owned two Whirlpool dehumidifiers (35-pint daily capacity) for my basement. The first one failed in less than a year, and the second one lasted about 15 months before the sealed cooling system failed. Since Whirlpool no longer makes them, they offered me a check and I was off to find something else of a similar price ($140-$170)

    In comparison with those Whirlpool models, this Haier is better in EVERY single area. Within 18 hours, it had removed at least 2 gallons of moisture from my basement. It is about 1/3 as loud as the Whirlpool. The construction quality is several notches above Whirlpool. It's also smaller than my previous unit. The hose connection actually prevents the bucket from filling (total bypass). It works all the way down to 41 degrees. All of this for the same price and a higher capacity! I can't find any negatives regarding its initial operation or performance, so I have to give it five stars right now.

    I plan to update this review in the next year or so, unless the unit fails or causes problems beforehand....more info
  • Basic dehumidifier
    This dehumidifier was purchased as a cheap dehumidifier for a damp basement. The noise level was just about what our old dehumidifier gave us, IE you knew it was there, but it was not obtrusive. It has a connection for an external hose and just sits in the corner, turning itself on and off based on the humidity level in the basement. This is a basic appliance performing a basic job well, for a basic price. I would recommend this dehumidifier. ...more info
  • Worked Great For A Year Then Died!
    I bought this dehumidifier 13 months ago because of its high rating on this forum. It worked great for a year. I went down into our basement and noticed a slight moldy smell a few days ago. The dehumidfier fan was running, but no water was coming out of it. I tried unplugging it, cleaning the filter , changing the humidity control knob. The compressor is still not working. What a piece of garbage. Of course the warranty is only good for a year, so I am out $190 and have to buy a new on. Avoid this model!!...more info
  • Great value
    Plugged the unit in and attached a garden hose for direct water draining. The unit worked from the start. It took about a day to get the 600 sq ft basement to where the unit would cycle on and off. As with all these units it is a little noisy. I am very pleased with it after 30 days....more info
  • Works great!
    This dehumidifier works great. The thing I like best is that it works in a much colder temperature than my old one. No freezing up is a big plus! The reason I gave it four out of five stars is due to the noise factor. It is not what you would call a quiet running machine, but it is in the basement so the noise is not really a problem. It does what I need it to do, which is to take moisture out of the air. ...more info
  • not as many features as I would like
    I bought this dehumidifier and an LG Model LHD45EL from Home Depot at the same time. My main requirement was energy star compliant, but I have noticed some shortcomings for this model. I run both models in my damp basement continually. The Haier is very good at pulling moisture out of the air (but this should be expected) however there are some disadvantages compared to the LG:

    -Water bucket is much smaller than LG, so I have to empty twice a day compared to once a day for the LG.

    -Substantially louder than LG, it seems like something internally is vibrating which makes the unit even louder than it should be.

    -Shell on Haier is plastic, LG is metal and more sturdy. Maybe this is why Haier vibrates more.

    -Controls on Haier are manual and there is only a dial for humidity, and a slow/fast fan switch. LG is all digital with more options such as a timer.

    -Haier runs constantly even when set humidity is reached. LG turns itself off.

    Bottom line: this dehudifier will do the job, but there are better ones on the market....more info
  • Great while it lasted...
    The Haier HDN455 45-Pint Capacity dehumidifier was the right price, capacity, and features for what I needed in a humid room where I'm temporarily storing furniture. And it worked great, while it lasted (almost a full month). I don't know what happened to it, but it's basically electrically dead for no apparent reason. So far I've called their answering service, explored their website, and sent an email to their customer service. Nothing. No listed service centers and no responses in the past week. It looks grim....more info
  • dehumidifier
    This works really well in our condominium in south Florida. The climate here is so humid that I have trouble sleeping. From the very first day this dehumidifier was running, it dramatically improved the comfort of our home. I could tell a difference within a few hours. We use less AC and sleep a whole lot better. It collects quite a bit of water even on the normal setting. We have 1200 square feet of living space so this little machine packs a pretty good punch. It's not at all hard to put together and emptying the water pan is simple. Very, very satisfied with this purchase....more info
  • Made it through first year fine....
    I bought this last year from Amazon the same week I bought a similar LG model from Home Depot after our basement took a foot of water because of a sump pump failure. This one's still running great after spending the year in an unheated detached garage building. It performed great and has now moved to the basement since the LG model has a perpetual CH01 bucket full warning that keeps it from running at all. No negatives at all on this model from me....more info
  • Fantastic
    Ordered this dehumidifier for my mom who lives in Florida and she loves it. Being that it is quite humid there she needed one for her walk-in closet. It has made a big difference. Only thing I would change is maybe getting a larger capacity model as she has to empty it everyday. ...more info
  • stopped working after one season
    After hooking this up in my basement, and using the hose attachment, it worked fine; however, a year later, the machine shuts itself off when full in spite of fact that I have the hose connection on. They put the hole for the hose way on the top rather than on the bottom where it should be. I had a very savy handyman look at it and he too couldn't figure out why the hole was on the top, nor how to get the water to drain through the hose. I am now shopping for a new brand....more info
  • Horrible!
    I am completely disappointed with my purchase. I received the product and it does not work. The "full" light is on (the light that comes on when the dehumidifier tray is full and needs to be emptied) at all times, even when the water tray is empty. Therefore, the dehumidifier will not turn on because it "thinks" it has a full water tray. I am currently calling numerous places to see if I can get it fixed and find out if there is a warranty. What a pain!!...more info
  • One out of two is not bad?
    First unit arrived and the compressor turned on once but not again. So the fan would run continuously. Amazon was great at taking it back and sending a replacement right away. The second one seems to be working fine. Lets hope it continues to do its job through the long hot Florida summer. I bought this unit to replace a 2 year old unit that died just out of its warrantee period....more info
  • Absorbs water like a sponge
    I am pleased with the Haier HDN455. It is effective in our basement and seems to have resolved our moisture issues. Although I purchased the device in the Winter, there is still enough moisture to absorb. I expect it to work significantly more in the Spring, Summer and Fall. I will then hook up the hose for continous draining into my sump pump. The device is somewhat noisy, but I am able to turn the easy control knob to shut the machine off when I want to play with my son or watch TV. I haven't noticed my Electricity bill going up, but the device isn't on all the time....more info
  • Good Dehumidifier for the money.
    It works great and with the included drain hose I havent had any issues. I have mine running into a 5gallon bucket. I have not had the issue of water running into the reservoir like other reviewers. Everytime I empty the bucket I check the reservoir and it is empty as it should be. My only complaint might be that the drain hose is so flimsy it will lose its angle and the water wont flow out properly but will get trapped in the hose til I "unkink" it. The dehumidifier has been running constantly since I bought it 2mos ago and even in 19 degree weather under my house it ran fine with no freeze up. Im very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • new humidifier
    Overall, I do like this product. I had a very old humidifier that was really using alot of energy. I am hoping this one is much more energy efficient, as it is an energy star product. It is in my basement, and there are two things I notice. It has a blower which is new to me. Also, it can be loud, but since in the basement, that is fine. It really seems to be doing the job.

    It is light enough, and I will bring it upstairs during the summer too....more info
  • So far so good!
    I purchased this dehumidifier to replace one that died on us after 2 years of hard labor. It's in the basement and we have not had a dehumidifier down there for maybe 3 months. This Haier pulled moisture out the the air very well!! For the first week I had to empty the bucket 2 times a day! I had my husband hook up the hose thingy so we don't have to keep doing that. The fan does run a lot and it is a bit noisy, but it's in an unfinished basement so I don't care. I don't know how much electric it uses but I could not find a dehumidifier that was 'green' and cheap. So, bottom line- works well, kinda noisy, and the hose thingy has not leaked yet and we have had it for 4 months or so now. ps. don't forget to clean the filter once in a while!!...more info
  • Great durable unit, 2 years so far and still going
    I bought this on clearance a couple of years ago to repalce my well aged unit which i inherated from my grandmother circa 1973 or so. This unit so far has been nice, doing a good job even in the humid midwest summers. Caution though, this is the first unit I have had that has an Air Filter on the intake area, just remember to clean it a couple of times a year. I had not done so till midway through this summer, and it significantly cuts down on the efficiency of the unit if it is left dirty. I notice a drop in the output air temp and the machine was not working as hard. My mom has had 2 prior dehumidifier units of different brands, one died after 10 years, the second only 4, but neither had a filter. My brother has a different model from Haier that doesn't have a filter as well, so plugging up isn't as much an issue. But, so far, great unit, sucks the moisture right out. ...more info
  • very good dehumidifier
    I have used this dehumidifier for several months and recomended to my Mother to get one also....more info
  • overall good
    i like it, it does the job

    mine does kick off when it reaches the required humidity level....more info
  • works great
    It's actually not quite a 5 start rating. More like 4 1/2 because I don't believe the humidity readings are accurate. It wil start at 75% and get down to 45% or so withing minutes. However the machine works well. I take out a bucket of water in the morning and then one in the evening. Within a few days almost all the moisture in my basement was gone. I was pleased enough to buy a 2nd unit for my vacation house and it works just as well. It's simple to use.

    It might be a little noisy if you have it in a living quarter bt for the basement it's fine. And the price is good....more info
  • Gets the job done
    This inexpensive unit gets the job done. It dries my 700sqft basement from 70% to 45% R.H in about 12 hours.

    Pros: Good looking and easily portable; continuous drain hole can be recapped; high moisture removal capacity for the price.

    Cons: a bit loud even on the low fan setting; the included 3-ft drain hose is short and there is no easy way to hook up to a garden hose - you pretty much have to place the unit right next to the sump pit. If you choose to use the water bucket, it has a rather small volume and needs to be dumped every half day or so. ...more info
  • Lotsa water in the air
    We put this dehumidifier in a finished basement that had a damp smell. Overnight, it pulled a gallon or more of water out of the air....more info
  • poor quality/design
    No mention in product information that fan is always on, even when target humidity level is reached. Second issue which I'm not sure is a design defect or mfg QC issue involves auto-defrost feature. I suspect auto-defrost uses heating element to control ice build up, but that heating element is always on by design or defect, Haier CSR couldn't tell me for sure. The result is when not dehumidifying this unit blows enough warm air to heat up my small basement by a few degrees. Not exactly my idea of a "high-efficiency Energy-Star dehumidifier". This unit is going back for a full refund....more info
  • Stopped working after 9 months. Read Reviews Carefully!
    The positive reviews for this dehumidifier are most often from people who just started using it and are happy with the features. The fact is, I was happyt too until it stopped working after 9 months. There are 3 out of 14 reviews like that, one of which had it not work from the beginning. I would be interested to have people who wrote their reviews shortly after buying to update after 2 years of use. Even without this, 3/14 (over 20%) failure rate isn't good for one year of use!

    I used this dehumidifier in the basement of my house. This worked fine and then stopped dehumidifying after 9 months. I don't feel that a dehumidifier should stop working after such a short period of time. I examined the inside: The compressor gets very hot and the cooling coils are not cold at all, except for a very small region of thin tubing connecting two banks of coils. Water condenses on this small portion but on no other part of the coils so total condensate is <1 ounce of water/12 hours. Deffective!...more info
  • great value; gets the work done
    My product is only weeks old but works just fine. I am a fairly weak female and can remove and empty the water with ease. Once the container is full, there is still plenty of room so spilling while emptying is avoided. I like that the unit is pretty quiet in comparisson, since i live in the basement where I use it. I would give it five stars but the unit is on wheels (great though for easy transfer) and because of that, if i tap or bump it on accident it stops working for a few seconds, regroups, and starts again. I like the automatic shut off feature. ...more info
  • Gets the job done...
    I live in a basement apartment in a climate that is extremely humid during the summer. Under those conditions, I could run the air conditioner all day and the apartment would never cool off. After doing some research on Amazon and the EPA website, I settled on this unit and I'm very pleased with the results.

    The Good-
    1) Energy Star Rated - my electric bill only went up about 80 cents after I started using the unit.
    2) There was a remarkable difference in humidity after the FIRST DAY. The room (approx. 750 square feet) always felt moist, but after 24 hours it had dried off to a level where I could actually feel the air conditioning.
    3) The drip bucket is very easy to remove and drain. It is not at all cumbersome and has a handle that makes splashing less likely.
    4) Variable setting that works like a thermostat...set the unit to a comfortable level and let it run!
    5) Casters on the base and handle on the unit itself for ease in movement.
    6) The auto-shutoff feature ACTUALLY WORKS!

    The Bad-
    1) The unit is a bit loud...about the same noise level as a window unit air conditioner. If you are buying for a basement or any area where you don't mind or don't hear the sound, then this is the perfect unit. I, however, find myself turning the unit down when I watch movies or listen to music (the unit is in my living room.

    I am very happy with this purchase. It has made my apartment very comfortable at a very low cost. I highly recommend this item!...more info
  • Got rid of my basement odor!
    I bought this model because the reviews were pretty good and I liked how it shipped direct from Amazon with free shipping. Since it's fairly expensive I emailed Amazon to make sure they would issue a refund if for some reason the unit did not work. They said they would so I went ahead and ordered. I have had this down in my musty, stinky basement for just a day and have emptied about 1-1/2 gallons of water so far AND the best part is the musty smell is totally GONE. The basement actually seemed dry to me too, so I was very surprised at how much water it has taken out of the air. I had tried everything to get rid of the smell, cleaning with bleach, running fans, etc. This has done the trick. It's easy to use, fairly quiet. The only negative is the bucket that holds water is tricky to get back in. Otherwise I am loving it. I will update if anything changes. So far so good!...more info
  • beware, lasts less than 6 months
    bought online and now 5 months later, machine will not run.
    ...more info
  • Haier HDN455
    Worked well for a little over a year in a basement. Now it cycles on and off but does not pull any moisture out of the air. Pretty expensive to only get about a year's worth of use. Atleast the Whirlpool that it replaced went for two years...more info
  • Buyer Beware
    product did not work from day one. phoned seller, cant help me, i have to call the manufacturer. called the mfg. on hold for 1 1/2 hrs, no response, left msg after being prompted to do so by their voicemail, suppose to get back to me in 48 hrs. Still waiting, 1 month later, tried the same thing again to no avail. these people are not good to do business with.
    ...more info
  • Works great!
    This dehumidifier works great. It is fairly quiet and it has been keeping my basement nice and dry. I took notice to the difference in basement within hours of using this dehumidifier. My basement was damp and cold and now it is perfect....more info
  • Haier Dehumidifier Does a Fine Job
    The Haier HDN455E 45-pint dehumidifier performs well. It works at low temperatures, is quiet, and keeps the basement nice and dry. I'd give it five stars, but it takes a while to figure out how to empty the bucket without spilling (it was designed for looks and not function). However, now that I've figured out an acceptable way to dump the water, I'm satisfied with this unit's performance....more info
  • Dehumidifier solved my problems
    We bought the house and the previous owner left a dehumidifier from the early 1990's. It didn't work too well and had a leak, so this was a great replacement. We set it on Normal and within a week, the basement was perfect.

    Only negative is the short power cord that is attached to it....more info
  • Lasted only 1 season
    This unit worked fine for about a year. Second summer season it ceased to remove humidity from the air. May be an isolated incident, but can't recommend it....more info
  • Great Product
    By far a better unit than any we could find locally. Dollars/feature and size were also good, at least in these parts....more info
  • works great
    This was fairly easy to set up and use. We are using the drain hose and after looking at the directions and looking at the materials we figured out how to connect it. The directions were not helpful at all....more info
  • Hassle-free and effective
    I first became aware that I needed a humidifier when the condensation from my basement walls left mildewy puddles on the floor. My basement is about 900 square feet. I did a lot of research online, and although I couldn't find a review for the Haier, it had a lot of the features I was looking for (45-pint, Energy Star, Auto-Shut-off-when-full, price, etc). I left the settings on full at first; in one day there was no visible water, in two days there was no obvious dampness, and by the third or fourth day, I turned the settings to normal, and the unit began clicking off when it reached its target humidity level. Because it's in my basement, I'm not really aware of the noise, but it's quite a bit quieter than the air conditioning. If you compare it to your average box fan with three settings, I would say it's substantially quieter than the highest setting and a little bit louder than the medium setting. I've run it continuously since May and haven't noticed a huge difference in my electricity bills....more info
  • Well executed
    This dehumidifier will nicely done, and has several well executed details. For example:
    Hose drain connect has a cap that can be replaced.
    It includes a three foot hose.
    The drip bucket has a handle inside it.
    The whole unit has a handle on the top, making it easy to carry.
    It has a basic filter on the back to prevent dust buildup on the coils.
    It is reasonably quiet, at least compared with my 9 year old white-westinghouse. It might be too loud in a bedroom, but I can't hear it in my basement until I'm 2/3rds the way down the steps.
    It is energy star rated, and (according to the manual) consumes 520 watts of energy.

    I take one star away because water can drip into the bucket even if the hose is connected if it isn't leveled just right for the water to go down the hose. If you have it such that a little water gets into the bucket AND the hose, it may be a potential for mold growth. This is a design problem that is fairly easy to overcome once you are aware of it....more info
  • Exactly what we wanted
    This dehumidifier has worked wonderfully since we purchased it in May 2006. We have a very humid basement, and it has turned it into a perfectly acceptable room. No more humid, dank smells coming from down there. No assembly was required; I had it up and running in less than five minutes. It has automatic shutoff when it is full, and a humidity control you can modify depending on how dry you want the air to be. It is not a quiet machine, so you may not want this in an area where you spend a lot of time. It gets a lot of use in my home and there have been no problems to date. Well worth the purchase price!

    As of April 2007 it is still working great!!! and, still heavily used.......more info