Annie's Homegrown White Cheddar Microwavable Mac & Cheese, 5-Count 2.15 Packets (Pack of 6)

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Product Description

You asked for it - we made it! Annie's Micro Mac (as we like to call it!) is perfect for a quick snack or meal. Just add water and microwave the pasta and you'll get a healthy meal fit for one! We've made Annie's Micro Mac with certified organic pasta and real white cheddar cheese. Just pop one of the five Micro Mac pouches into your bag and you've got a quick lunch at work in just 3 minutes. Micro Mac is also the perfect size for a child's meal.

  • Case of six 10.7-ounce boxes, each with five single-serve pouches (total of 30 single-serve pouches, 64.2 ounces)
  • Made with organic durum semolina pasta and totally natural white Cheddar cheese
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Each pouch is the perfect size for a child's meal

Customer Reviews:

  • Annie's Easy Mac
    This is a wonderful, easy snack when I'm really busy and need to eat something quickly. It tastes much better than Kraft easy mac, is healthier, and is overall wonderful!...more info
  • a fast and easy lunch or dinner
    I got these for my husband to take to work with him for those long, hectic days where he needs a quick snack. I also like to mix this with some veggies for a healthy and satisfying lunch or dinner. Very good!...more info
  • Tastes great, easy to make
    These are really good. You do need to add just a bit more water than they recommend for the best consistency. The portion size is small-ish, appropriate for a snack or single-person size.
    ...more info
  • Love this stuff.
    This is a very great buy! I've got these on a subscription. They make a great snack or meal throughout the day. Weighing in at about 280 calories, this makes a healthy alternative to other heavier foods.

    Tastes great, and good for you....more info
  • Fast, Easy and organic
    For speed and wholesome goodness, Annie's can never be beaten. And since this is a basic mac & cheese in a bowl, I have found it works well with left-over "add-ons" like vegies or a variety of meats. I can have a filling, "good for you" meal in less than 5 minutes. And kids love it too!...more info
  • My kids' favorite!! Better than Easy Mac!!
    My oldest daughter LOVES Mac & Cheese. I was trying to go organic on many key items so I picked this up from Publix to try it. It is now her favorite. I checked prices and bought the case from Amazon. Much better price than Publix and seems to always be in stock. It comes and goes at Publix. Try it!! So Easy!!...more info
  • Perfect Pantry Item
    It is so wonderful to have single serving Mac & Cheese on hand at all times! My 3-year old son loves it, and my husband & I often eat it too for quick weekend lunches. We send it to school (hot or cold), and I keep a few packs in my office desk drawer for days when I can't get away for lunch. Whenever we have friends with kids over for dinner and someone won't eat what we're serving, we always have this reliable back-up on hand. Nearly instant (3 minutes in microwave) 1 serving easily feeds 2 toddlers, so you have happy kids in no time....more info
  • The best microwaveable macaroni, but not the best Annie's.
    This is a very tasty snack, which is improved by some butter and milk. It is not, however, nearly as good as old fashioned stove top macaroni. I live in a dorm, so this is great for me, but if you have a little time and a modest kitchen, go for the old fashioned stuff....more info
  • Very convenient
    This product is very easy and convenient to make. I only give it 4 stars because it is a little too salty....more info
  • Love it; perfect noodles take practice
    Love the flavor on this mac n cheese, but making the noodles right takes practice--what works in your microwave won't work at work, or at your friends' houses. But that's okay, because having this healthier alternative, with no nasty chemicals or hormones is worth a few trials and errors.

    Serving size is small for an adult and a bit large for a child, but so? Make two and steal some of your kid's....more info
  • Great Mac&Cheese
    My kids love this mac & cheese. I saved a bundle by buying in bulk. I'm very satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Yummy!
    Great white cheddar taste. Don't drain!! If you don't leave a little water in the bowl, the sauce will be too thick and dry. If it looks a little thin don't worry because it will thicken up and taste great.

    In my opinion, this product is much tastier (and better all-around) than the national brand White Cheddar macaroni products. And Annie's is the only one that makes White cheddar in single-serve-microwave packs!...more info
  • The kids love them...
    Three minutes in the microwave and these are ready to go. My three kids ask for this at every meal. Tasty for adults, too....more info
  • guilty pleasure is actually good for you.
    I love all of Annie's products, and this one is no exception. I keep them on hand for an instant lunch for visiting grandkids or even for my self. Not only does it taste better then the OTHER brand, but Annie's uses real cheese with out any of the bad stuff. This product is one of the very few "instant" foods that I even buy and I love it. ...more info
  • Both my toddler and first grader LOVE this!
    It is great to have around, when there is nothing to eat, I make this in 5 minutes and both of my kids are happy!...more info
  • My 8-year-old can't live without this
    Annie's Mac & Cheese is my youngest son's favorite lunch. As my older boy can't have cheese, the microwave packets make the perfect amount....more info
  • Delicious and fast
    This is my two daughters' favorite mac & cheese. I love it because it is organic, very tasty, portable, and ready in just 3 minutes! I always have a few individual portions on hand when we travel and sometimes I even put them in my daughters' lunch boxes. All you need is a bowl, a little water, and a microwave to enjoy a healthy snack....more info


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