Healthy Choice Chicken with Rice Soup, 14-Ounce Microwave Bowls (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Chicken and Rice Soup

  • One case of 12 14-ounce microwaveable bowls (168 total ounces)
  • Made from a natural blend of chicken, carrots, rice, and peas
  • An excellent source of protein and vitamin A
  • A hearty, easy-to-prepare meal
  • A perfect fit for your healthy, on the go lifestyle

Customer Reviews:

  • Quick lunch to have on hand anywhere
    What an easy way to be certain you will have lunch at work or on the go. No refrigeration. Easy microwave heating. Well seasoned.Healthy Choice Chicken with Rice Soup, 14-Ounce Microwave Bowls (Pack of 12)...more info
  • Great taste, low sodium, a must-have for soup lovers
    In less than 2 minutes in the microwave, you can enjoy a soup that has great-tasting chicken, delicious rice, and low sodium content; in doing so, you will make a healthy choice while on the job or at home. After finishing this soup, your body will feel healthier than it would with high-sodium soups. Beware of soups that have sodium content approaching 1 gram; instead, choose Healthy Choice's Chicken with Rice Soup and give your heart a break....more info
  • Not worth the price
    Go to a major food chain (like shop rite, pathmark) and you can purchase these for less (and you won't have to buy 12 of them. Amazon's food is never a better bargain - especially when you have to buy such a large quantity....more info
  • Good Tasting and Healthy too
    Healthy Choice is the real healthy choice when it comes to soups. It's delicious combination of vegetables and meat make it hard to believe it's so healthy. Watching your weight and cholesterol has never been as easy. The healthy choice products come in a variety of food choices so you can always choose what you like. Its hearty and easy to prepare, since it comes in its own microwavable bowl. Don't waste time, just getting healthy today....more info
  • Good soup, but not sure of the value of ordering through Amazon
    The soup is delicious; Healthy Choice is a great brand. I particularly like it because it is low sodium. However, I'm not sure that using Amazon to order soup is really more convenient or cheap than just going to the grocery store....more info
  • quick & easy
    I purchased this soup for my daughter who's away at college. She has a microwave in her dorm room so it's quick and easy to prepare. It makes a great healthy meal during the winter months or a wonderful midnight snack when studying late. If you use a plastic spoon, there's no clean-up....more info
  • Best of the varieties.
    Good tasting and reasonably filling soup. One drawback: IF YOU ARE ARTHRITIC OR SUCH, BE VERY CAREFULLY WHEN OPENING THE SOUP. ...more info
  • Incorrect Nutritional Information
    While the product may be tasty and fine, the nutritional information displayed here (100 calories for the entire bowl) is incorrect. I visited the Healthy Choice website to verify my information -- the soup is 100 calories per cup. Nearly 200 calories for the entire bowl. ...more info
  • Lots of broth, light on taste
    Healthy Choice soups are not my first choice when it comes to ready-made soups. These are convenient to take to work, though, so I often pair one of these with some crackers or a bag of tortilla chips to round-out a meal. They're easy to open and heat.

    The Chicken with Rice Soup is a little light on the rice, however. This is not a hearty meal. There's much more broth than chicken, rice, or vegetables in the package. The flavor is light, and especially not as salty as other ready-made soups. The chicken, vegetables and the rice are of decent quality, though, and this soup almost always seems "fresh" after I heat it -- it doesn't seem like it's from a can or container.

    One plus - I find that the Healthy Choice lids are much easier to remove than those of their competition, with no strange tabs to squeeze or excessive force required to remove the plastic lids. Recommended for a light lunch especially when trying to watch your calorie intake....more info
  • Best packaged Soup around!
    I don't normally write reviews for products, but I have to say that I took a chance on buying two boxes of these due to price. I was very shocked, and happy, with my first experience with this soup.

    PROs: REAL white meat, veggies, low salt broth, great flavor.
    CONs: If you like salt don't buy this soup.

    I am not a salt fan, but I AM a flavor fan. This soup successfuly removes the salt without removing the flavor. I highly recommend it to all as a healthy, flavor filled alternative to sodium (salt) filled soups....more info
  • Good Soup, but ...
    This soup needs more rice in it to make it equal with the Chicken Noodle. This is a big oversight by Con Agra. What would it take to add some more rice?

    I bought these during a promotion for $1.13 per container, which you will never find anywhere but Amazon.

    Amazon is going to take over the entire product world soon enough....more info
  • Excellent product!
    When you think of what you could spend on junk for snacks at work, this is really quite a bargain. My own "research" tells me that soup helps cut the munchies. Bring a couple of them to work, and you just might be able to stay out of the cookie jar or vending machine.

    Of course it's not the same as home-made, but as a close second, Healthy Choice has the added benefit of great packaging that allows you to stockpile for those days when you've forgotten to bring other food and can't get out to pick something up.

    Healthy Choice soup is definitely worth trying....more info
  • MNCook
    Yummmy - works great in the microwave; very comforting; great taste, lots of rice and veggies....more info
  • Serve it hot!
    This is really good soup, all thats missing is a good piece of bread and some butter...but I guess then it wont be healthy anymore ...more info


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