Columbo - The Complete Fourth Season
Columbo - The Complete Fourth Season

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Legendary actor Peter Falk returns in his 4-time Emmy? award-winning role as everyone¡¯s favorite trenchcoat-wearing Police Lieutenant in Columbo The Complete Fourth Season! From a spoiled kidnapping plot to murder at a historic military academy, join Columbo in this three-disc set as he asks all the right questions in some of the most deceptive and deadly cases. The captivating fourth season also features such brilliant guest stars as Dick Van Dyke, Larry Storch, George Hamilton, Robert Conrad and more. The landmark crime series that inspired a genre is back, and no murderer can hide for long with Columbo on the beat!

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  • Season 4: When Columbo Was At Its Best
    Season 4 is when the series reached its peak.
    Among outstanding guest stars were Patrick McGoohan
    in "By Dawn's Early Light", Dick Van Dyke in "Negative
    Reaction" and Robert Vaughan in "Troubled Waters".
    If you can only afford one season's worth of DVD's,
    this is the one. We see outstanding performances by
    the guest stars, great directing, and ingenious
    A tantalizing hint: It is in one of the episodes
    from this season that we get closest to seeing
    Mrs Columbo. Find out which one it is!...more info
    This is my favorite show of all time! Almost every episode is like watching a high quality movie. What's great about the Columbo plot is that you KNOW THE KILLER FROM THE START. We all have murder in our heart, to some degree. When we watch the killer plan and execute the crime, we vicariously become the killer. The 4th season is great. Yes, BY DAWNS EARLY LIGHT is the best, great ending. Hint, The title is a clue! Also, I checked the clock in NEGATIVE REACTION. There are no hours on the face. I thought they might have slipped up. I am a Columbo style writer. If you are interested: POKE60099@YAHOO.COM....more info
  • No problem
    No problem with the description nor the service. I will probably be a repeat customer....more info
  • Colombo fans will love this collection!!
    The episodes all look and sound very good. The only thing that I don't like about these seasons is that they show short clips of the episode as a preview before the actual episode. You cannot just skip past these episode previews, you have to fast forward, or you will miss the beginning of the actual episode. They should have put a chapter marker before the actual episode begins. Other than that, a great collection for Colombo fans!...more info
  • Five-sixths of the compilation are worthy Columbo's
    Five of the six installments in Columbo's fourth season are worthy additions to the detective's almost forty years of sleuthing.

    "An Exercise in Fatality" sports he-man actor Robert Conrad as a Jack Lalanne-type that does away with partner who threatens to reveal his underhanded business practices. Though not a classic, it does have a smile-inducing undoing of the villain.

    "Negative Reaction" gives funnyman Dick Van Dyke a chance to show his dastardly side as a famous photographer that eradicates his shrewish wife. Vitto Scotti, a featured player in many Columbo, shines as a drunk witness to part of Van Dyke's crime.

    "Playback" benefits from the beginning banter between guest murderer Oskar Werner and guest victim Martha Scott. It also features the brilliant Gena Rowlands in the role of Werner's wife.

    George Hamilton makes his first appearance as a Columbo "perp" in "A Deadly State of Mind." His second, "Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health" was better, but we all have to start somewhere. "Mind" is still a nice diversion.

    The piece de resistance is, of course, "By Dawn's Early Light" with the always-marvelous Patrick McGoohan. McGoohan's Emmy was well-deserved and the actor would return a few more times as either a guest star or a featured director. He and Falk play off each other well and this episode makes wonderful use of that interplay.

    By now, it's obvious what this reviewer thinks is the "weakest link" in the set: "Deadly Waters." This sea-bound mystery plods along, with Robert Vaughn making for possibly the series' most boring killer. The episodes' most "salvagable" characteristic is its ship-board setting, along with the inspired casting of Patrick McNee, Bernard Fox, and 40's star Jane Greer.

    The "bonus" is another ho-hum installment of the "Mrs. Columbo," the rather uninspired 80's series with Kate Mulgrew. This time Columbo's wife deals with a schizoid ventriloquist.

    Been there, done that!...more info
  • Columbo - The Complete Fourth Season
    Vintage Columbo - excellent collection of an old favourite.

    Regards...more info
  • Clues to a Classic
    It is a cliche to say that Columbo is one on the most engaging and popular characters in television history. The clever detective with the rumpled raincoat is indelibly an American icon. The mysteries are memorable, the stories are engaging, and the writing is top-quality throughout. In season four it is no different. With guest stars like Dick Van Dyke and George Hamilton, the episodes are as alluring as Columbo's pretended and disarming demeanor. Arguably, Patrick McGoohan gives one of the best performances as a strict commadante of a military academy. (He seems so natural, cool, yet with an understated vulnerability.) There is a rich variety of backgrounds and methods to the murderers' methods throughout, so, even if you haven't seen these episodes since their inception, or for the uninitiated (or even if you have seen them recently on A&E) owning this DVD set is worth the price of admission. Today's viewers of "CSI" or other crime shows should also give "Columbo" a try. (The show and the character have stood up to the test of time.) Perhaps to be balanced one criticism remains: Sometimes the coincidences make some of the episodes seems slightly contrived, but the results will make even the most cynical viewer into a fan. ...more info
  • When telling the Story was Preeminent
    I recently purchased "Columbo--The Fourth Season". Although these episodes were produced more than 30 years ago, they are still extremely engrossing. What strikes me about this series, and some others during this era, was the time the producers allowed the writers to "flesh-out" the story. This practice stands in stark contrast to current crime-dramas with stories being largely propelled by frenetic directing, and largely gratuitous violence and sex (and I'm no prude). Unfortunately, "Columbo" would not work today because networks are convinced that audiences will only tune in a series if a good story comes wrapped in a titilating package....more info
  • An interesting mix of cases for our favourite homocide Lieutenant
    Lt. Columbo continues to put some of Hollywood's hottest stars (well, they were at the time these episodes were filmed!) behind bars. This season is a good mix of episodes. One advantage of a show like Columbo is that the mix of directors and writers, and the 1.5 hour length, make the stories deeper than your average TV murder mystery. All the episodes follow the usual Columbo formula, where we (the audience) get to see the murder and how it was committed. We then follow Columbo as he works his way through the evidence to determine how the killer did it. In this season it often involves some trickery or a detail that the killer overlooked. This set's episodes are:

    1. An Exercise in Fatality - a fitness guru murders one of his business partners. Watch as Columbo tries to keep up with him jogging on the beach while dogging the suspect with questions.

    2. Negative Reaction - Dick van Dyke sets up an elaborate plot to murder his wife and frame an ex-con. This is Columbo at his best, as he matches wits (and has to learn the art of photography) with the murderer.

    3. By Dawn's Early Light - a military school's commandant murders the school's president. Columbo must earn the trust of the school's plebes and instructors, not an easy task for an outsider! Probably the best episode of the season.

    4. Troubled Waters - Columbo meets the Love Boat! On a cruise, a lounge singer is murdered, and it looks to Columbo like the band's piano player has been set up. This sets him in conflict with the ship's captain, the ultimate arbiter while on the high seas. With a star-studded cast and some neat twists, this is an extremely enjoyable episode.

    5. Playback - another "Columbo has to sort out the technology episode." The security cameras at the house appear to give the murderer an iron-clad alibi, that Columbo must dismantle to bring the killer to justice. One of the weaker episodes of the season, due to the less-than-stellar guest stars.

    6. A Deadly State of Mind - a somewhat strange episode, where an accidental murder is covered up with a deliberate one. Columbo matches wits with a successful psychologist in an attempt to solve two murders.

    Clearly, episodes 2, 3, and 4 are the cream of the crop here, and stand up with the greatest Columbo episodes of the whole series. The other three are not as good, but interesting nonetheless. As usual, these DVD's are devoid of extras, except for an episode of "Mrs. Columbo," wherein Kate Mulgrew (later to become famous as Capt. Janeway of Star Trek: Voyager) portrays the elusive Mrs. Columbo. As you might expect, the show is a little silly - shorter and boringly linear compared to a typical Columbo episode. But at least it's an extra feature of some interest....more info
  • Columbo
    The fourth season ranks, in my opinion, with the second and first as being the best (I haven't seen season five yet), and, as there is almost universal agreement on, this set is highly recommended.

    The episodes:

    An Exercise in Fatality: Robert Conrad stars as a health club businessman who murders his partner and makes it look like an accident.

    Negative Reaction: Dick Van Dyke plays against type as a famous photographer who kills his wife and makes it look like an ex-con committed the deed.

    By Dawn's Early Light: Patrick McGoohan stars as the head of a military academy who kills one of the school's govenors by sabotaging a cannon on Founder's Day, making it look like a gun cleaning accident.

    Troubled Waters: While vacationing on a cruise liner Columbo must solve the murder of the singer of the ship's band. The murderer, Robert Vaughn, sets up his alibi-he was recovering in Sick bay from a minor "heart attack."

    Playback: An inventor video tapes his mother-in-law's murder and later plays it back to the security guard, to give himself an alibi.

    A Deadly State of Mind: George Hamilton as a mesmerizing doctor who murders the husband of one of his patients that he's involved with (Leslie Ann Warren). He then decides to kill her.

    Plus a Mrs. Columbo bonus episode: "A Riddle for Puppets."

    Excuse me...just two more things:

    1. Problems with the DVD is most likely an issue with your player, not the DVDs themselves. This is mostly evidenced by the thousands of copies that are watched with no problem. The DVD specification, and the huge variety of players out there guarantee some sporadic problems. Think of it as having to put a penny on the label of the 45 to keep it from slipping back when we used record players. It's possible that your disc is defective, but unlikely.

    Don't let that potential problem stop you from watching these!

    2. While I suppose some "extras" would be nice from an archival point of view, they're not necessary. With, what, thirty or forty episodes altogether, what is there to say about each one? This is a personality-driven show, so watching it is the real treat. I often...well maybe not often, but occasionally...wonder just what it is people do with the extras? Is it really all that interesting to watch the ten minute "backstage access" special or watch film trailers over and over again? How many films really warrant a commentary track, and of those, how many are well done? A few dozen over the history of film? Maybe? I'm all for the extras, but I suspect they would be of little interest in this series, and really would exist just to give those that complain about "no extras" the ability to complain about "bad extras."

    Again, the lack of bonus materials shouldn't keep you from enjoying these shows. Enjoy!...more info
  • More problems with the DVD's !!!!
    I've been a fan of the Columbo series for as long as I can remember. However I must complain about the sorry state of the
    DVDs put out by Universal. Season 3 had problems. I purchased
    The Rockford Files and twice had to return that DVD for problems with skipping and jamming up. Now I just purchased
    Columbo season 4, and have to report problems with that DVD as
    well. The problem is on disc 3, both times the discs skipped
    on both the "bonus" Mrs.Columbo episode, and the George Hamilton
    episode. Frustrated with this silly problem that only Universal
    seems to have I returned the set for credit. I will not purchase
    anymore Universal TV series season long sets until they correct
    these problems. If we could all join together and not buy any
    Universal season sets, that would force them to fix the problem.
    Good luck to anyone who continues to buy these sets. I've learned my lesson and am not buying anymore....more info
  • Columbo is Awesome
    I have purchased all of the Columbo movies. Peter Falk was really just the best at this type of role. The stories are a little "thin" compared to what we are used to, but just watching Columbo go through his routines is amazing....more info
  • The Man In The Rumpled Raincoat
    While the first season of "Columbo" featured a more intense, hard-charging detective, the subsequent seasons (including this one) toned down that image. As a result, the lovable character that most of us remember when we think of "Columbo" was born.

    For the remainder of the show, the genius of Columbo was not so much how he figures out the crime (although that is the conclusion to each episode), but also the WAY in which he gathers information to form his conclusion. Whether it be talking about his wife (who is always the biggest fan of the celebrity killer), driving his beat up car, or checking all 6-7 jacket pockets to find his notepad, Columbo would portray an air of stupidity, which would inevitably trip up the villain at some point. Also, just Columbo's hand and body gestures (hands raised over head when talking or finger on nose when thinking!) were odd enough to put the villain "at ease", as well as his propensity for asking "just one more thing".

    Throughout the second-seventh season of the show, the episodes were quite formulaic (a murder occurs and Columbo must determine how it happened and who is the murderer), but featured the device of letting the audience see the murder being committed. Thus, the focus of the show was placed squarely on Columbo's investigative skills, not our imaginations'. While some episodes drop enough hints to allow viewers to get in tune with Columbo's train of thought, others leave his thrilling conclusion completely up in the air until the very last scene. Either way, Columbo always puts together some sort of miracle detective strategy and comes away victorious!

    The acting in the show is also terrific. A few actors (Jack Cassidy, Robert Culp, and Patrick McGoohan) played the murderous villains on multiple occasions, while other episodes contained a "Who's Who" list of celebrity victims. Just to name a few: Eddie Albert, Anne Baxter, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner, Dick Van Dyke, and Ricardo Montalban.

    Overall, "Columbo" is a great mystery show that, despite being at its peak in the 1970s, still resonates today on the strength of Columbo's character. I highly recommend every season of this show to mystery fans, classic TV watchers (for the guest stars), or just those of you who can't stand all the reality TV shows these days and want some television material that will entertain you AND stimulate your mind at the same time!...more info
  • One of the Best Series Ever
    What can you say about Columbo, the unassuming and bungling, yet brilliant sleuth who always gets his man or woman. Part of the brilliance of this series is that the murder occurs at the beginning of the episode. Columbo is then called to the scene of the crime and in his annoying and ultimately endearing manner slowly unravels the mystery. It becomes obvious early on that Columbo has the uncanny instincts, intelligence and experience to handle the job and almost always has a suspect in mind. The murders are ingenious and sometimes umpremeditated, yet the murderers all ultimately incrimminate themselves by their own behavior and the many clues they drop along the way. When Columbo finally nabs his mouse after a long and determined pursuit, he then reveals to them their one fatal mistake which led to their undoing. While there is no class distinction in crime, it is certainly more interesting watching accomplished and often brilliant individuals in extraordinary settings than common street thugs and drug dealers. And you learn that the wealthy have their problems just like everyone else and are often victimized themselves. The impressive settings, creative plots and excellent performances, all directed by renowned film makers are sure to stimulate your mind and senses and Columbo is destined to remain a delight on the small screen.

    Season Four is just as engaging as the first three seasons and I personally have a difficult time deciding on which I like best. Columbo the series hits its stride early on and remains consistently good for several seasons to come. You can't miss here as the quality never falters and Columbo never fails to deliver. The only exception with me was the episode with Mrs. Columbo which I never liked. Other than that, you're safe in selecting this as a great addition to your collection or as a first of many seasons you will inevitably want. ...more info
  • Loooove Columbo...Haaaate Mrs Columbo
    I'm a guy who actually has a raincoat that I won in an auction and it has the autograph "Peter Falk as Columbo". So that should give you an idea of how much I like this character. BUT, could someone PLEASE ask the company that's putting these out to stop including a Bonus Episode of that absolutley horrible show Mrs Columbo? I hated it when it was Mrs Columbo. I hated it even more when some marketing dweeb changed it to Kate Loves A Mystery. If you want to give us bonus footage, how about deleted scenes, gag reels? Please. Just stop wasting space with that Mrs Columbo garbage. Thanks. ...more info
  • columbo slipping
    although i'm a huge fan of columbo i found that 6 episode is nowhere near enough to be considered a season or a box set. the episodes in this season are an exercise in fatality, negative reaction (one of my personal favourite episodes with dick van dyke), by dawns early light, troubled waters, playback, and a deadly state of mine. this set like season 3 also has an episodde of mrs columbo a riddle for puppets....more info
  • A List of the Fourth Season Episodes
    Here's a list of the six Columbo segments presented in this fourth season collection:

    1.) AN EXERCISE IN FATALITY. Robert Conrad stars as a health club businessman who murders his partner and makes it look like an accident. This episode is highlighted by Gretchen Corbett who plays Conrad's sexy secretary.

    2.) NEGATIVE REACTION. Dick Van Dyke plays against type as a famous photographer who kills his wife and makes it look like an ex-con committed the deed. This segment features the incredibly gorgeous JoAnna Cameron, who played Isis in the Saturday morning programs "Shazam" and "Isis" circa '75 and '76.

    3.) BY DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT. Patrick McGoohan stars as the head of a military academy who kills one of the school's govenors by sabotaging a cannon on Founder's Day, making it look like a gun cleaning accident.

    4.) TROUBLED WATERS. While vacationing on a cruise liner Columbo must solve the murder of the singer of the ship's band. The murderer, Robert Vaughn, sets up an ironclad alibi -- he was recovering in Sickbay from a minor "heart attack."

    5.) PLAYBACK. An inventor video tapes his mother-in-law's murder and later plays it back to the security guard, to give himself an alibi.

    6.) A DEADLY STATE OF MIND. George Hamilton stars as mesmerizing doctor who murders the husband of one of his patients that he's intimately involved with (Leslie Ann Warren). He then decides to kill her utilizing his hypnotic skills.

    BONUS EPISODE: Mrs. Columbo -- "A Riddle for Puppets."

    The three disks are thankfully one-sided, unlike the third season collection.

    I'd rate the episodes, but we Columbo fans know that they're ALL fabulous! ...more info
  • No frills; just good preservation of these shows
    I'm not awfully hard to please. There isn't a lot of extra special add-on type features with this DVD set. If you just want no-frills digital copies of these good shows, this is for you.

    The scene selection is rather limited. In other words, in a full-length show, you might have only five or six scenes to select if you want to use scene selection. But that's not a big deal.

    Peter Falk is one of a kind. I was a small kid when these came out. I didn't appreciate the talent of Peter Falk then. Watch him carefully in these shows, and you might find him understatedly hysterical. I don't know how they shot some of that stuff with straight faces. Falk is a gem. Get these, and you'll see what I mean!...more info
    Robert Conrad, Dick Van Dyke, Patrick McGoohan, Robert Vaughn, Jane Greer, Dean Stockwell, Patrick Macnee, Oskar Werner, Gena Rowlands, George Hamilton and Lesley Ann Warren are the most known guest stars of this fourth season. Four out of the six episodes would have their place in a Columbo anthology so don't hesitate to buy this box which features:

    Columbo Collector's Edition (An Exercise in Fatality) : **** With Robert Conrad as Milo Janus, a murderer Lt. Columbo will love to confound.

    Columbo Collector's Edition: Negative Reaction: ***** The second best episode of the season. Lt. Columbo is mistaken for a beggar by a nun and takes photography lessons.

    Columbo Collector's Edition: By Dawn's Early Light: ***** In my opinion, the best episode of the season. Patrick McGoohan earned a well deserved Emmy for his performance.

    TROUBLED WATERS: ***** Directed by Ben Gazzara. Columbo in Loveboat with Robert Vaugh as the villain. Great.

    Columbo Collector's Edition: Playback: ***** Directed by Bernard Kowalski. With Oskar Werner (Jules and Jim) and Gena Rowlands (Gloria). Fourth ***** star episode in a row. Emmy award for cinematographer Richard C. Glouner. An outstanding episode.

    Columbo Collector's Edition: A Deadly State Of Mind : **** Lt. Columbo against George Hamilton as psychiatrist Mark Collier. Watch for the deadly phone call.

    A DVD box set that should already be in your library.
    ...more info
  • BAD DVDs
    I love watching Columbo, I'm not exactly sure why as I never watched them when they were on TV. I was part of the Columbo of the month club and then have bought every DVD series they come out with...however, I have noticed that the DVDs are pretty cheap. There are several DVDs that just plain bad and I've reverted to watching the old videos I have. My favorite (which I still don't have yet!) is the one with I think Janet Leigh who murders her husband but forgets she did it. She keeps watching a movie of herself as a young woman in "Rosie" or "Walking my Baby". When will that one come out? Are there any Columbo fan clubs so we can all compare notes? And, I agree, Universal or whoever could at least give us a DVD without using side B? I think that's the problem. Whenever I have a two-sided DVD, I have a ton of trouble with it. And, would enjoy extra facts about making Columbo, etc on the DVDs. Anyway, enjoy Colombo fans! I am anxiously awaiting season 4 to arrive shortly and wondering when we'll get the next seasons out. Also love Etude in Black, By Dawn's Early Light and Murder by the Book. Also, Ransom for Dead Man is great however, I always wondered how Lee Grant could lift an 180 lb man and toss him in trunk and then down a hill? That's a blooper if you ask me. But the end is worth it and the stepdaughter's performance is great. My least favorite episode is Most Dangerous Match with the chess players. I really liked the old escargot-eating guy who was murdered...Columbo on!!!!!! ...more info
  • Fantastic Job!
    I bought all seven seasons and could not be happier! They are better than the original in that I don't have to watch commercials and the closed captions are white which make them much easier to read. I'm looking forward to the next releases. I would highly recommend these to everyone as there is no offensive language or overly gruesome scenes. A great big thanks to Universal for this re-release and I hope for more of them....more info
  • Perhaps the best of the best....
    Definitely, Season 4 of Columbo is a winner replete with a number of excellent episodes that will provide hours of enjoyment.

    "An Exercise in Fatality" with Robert Conrad as an owner of a string of health clubs who murders his partner, and "By Dawn's Early Light," about a military school commandant (Patrick McGoohan) who murders a trustee who wants to convert the military school to a co-ed community college, are clearly the best of the lot. What is fascinating about Columbo is not only the quality of the writing and the pacing of the episodes, but the remarkable cadre of top tier actors that appeared on the show: Jack Cassidy, Robert Vaughn, Dean Stockwell, George Hamilton, John Cassavettes, Oscar Werner, Lesley Ann Warren, Robert Culp, Leslie Nielsen, Janet Leigh, and Gena Rowlands to name a few.

    If you buy only one season of Columbo, make it Season 4. Unfortunately, the only extra is another dull and completely unnecessary episode of Ms. Columbo "Caviar with Everything." Still, no interviews or extras clearly leave Columbo fans disappointed with the hope that future boxed sets will have something more enticing to watch--even an episode of the ridiculous "A-Team" would be more welcome than Ms. Columbo.

    To address the problems many other Amazon reviewers have been experiencing with their DVD sets, I can say my set works just fine with no malfunctions. I might suggest that keeping your DVDs in their plastic sleeves and refraining from using them as coasters when not in use might help. If that doesn't work, invest in a better DVD player. ...more info
  • Ok
    I bought this for my husband for Christmas who is an ultimate fan of Columbo and I was very dissappointed that this particular season contained episodes that he didn't like much. I would say to make sure you or the person you are gifting to like the shows contained in this collection. I had to send it back....more info
  • Excellent Columbo Series!
    I found the product at an unbelieveable price and enjoyed watching every minute of each episode....more info
  • Columbo has always been my favorite
    I enjoy all the Columbo series and would reccomend the Fourth Season to anyone who loves detective shows....more info
    Every episode so far (season's 1 thru 4) are all uncut, the way they are supposed to be. I have every episode on vhs tape that columbia house video put out a while back and they are all uncut
    and i have compared the running times on both the vhs and dvd's.
    And the dvd's are once again UNCUT AND NOT THE SYNDICATED EPISODES....more info
  • Season four is great, but ...
    But on all of these Columbo DVDs, the NBC Mystery Movie opening with that memorable theme and the guy with the flashlight is nowhere to be found. What's up with that? I hope Universal decides to throw that classic opening on for the fifth season DVD collection. I'll feel like I'm a kid again and it's a Sunday night and my parents are telling me to go to bed....more info
  • Columbo/fourth season
    How can you not like Columbo? Besides Lucy,Archie Bunker, Ralph Kramden and only a handful of characters,Lt Columbo is one of the best ever developed. I often hear his name used metaphically nowadays. I actually introduced Columbo, ( yes there are some who don't know the show...really),to a friend from from Brazil and she loved the shows. Columbo's got a universal appeal. Good versus evil,of course, but the plot is more about the classes. Rich versus working class,brilliant humbleness versus arrogance and overconfidence....more info
  • Columbo gets better.
    If you are a fan of the Columbo series, this is a must have. The DVDs are intelligently arranged, the cases are easy to find, the production quality is great. It's better than when it was on TV - no commercials!...more info
  • Columbo Season 4
    The 4th season has arrived. The quality seems fine and shows better than the vhs collection. I agree with others that the 2 sided DVD is a poor format, although this 4th season is back too one sided. Along with that, all of the DVD seasons seem to have differences; sizes of boxes, thickness of DVD cases, one side vs two sided DVD's. I am just happy they have been released on DVD at all.

    Patrick McGoohan is fantastic in "By Dawn's Early Light". He has played in the beginning and the later Columbo series in "Agenda for Murder" & "Ashes to Ashes" and is great in both era's. I should enjoy seeing next season so we can view a few more stars playing in both time frames of Columbo's long run.

    In Exercise in Fatality, check out the office door towards the beginning. When Jessica leaves the office the door stays open. Also I beleive, this is one of only two eposiodes where Columbo gets very mad at the murderer. Do you know the other?

    Enjoy. Van

    ...more info
  • Columbo 4
    I love the series. DVD was in excellent condition also. Thanks for selling it on Amazon.

    Patricia Brown...more info
  • Yes!
    God God, I love Columbo. If you love Columbo, you will enjoy this. Ok? It's that simple. ...more info
  • Love the Lt., not the Misses
    I'll continue to buy these series; that is how much I enjoy Columbo, but "Universal", I'm not interested in the Extra item that you have included. No offence intended to Kate Mulgrew, but in the world of Columbo fans she's not even divorced from this Lt Columbo but another police officer of the same name; this Lt. Columbo was never divorced, ie see

    If you think there's a market for it then release the "Mrs" series separately. Why are you unable to include some real extras of interest to fans of the Lt. in these collections ?

    Even the website, "" (small print on the back cover), has the bare minimum:
    -Fan Sites: Links to 4 very good sites !
    -Home: 3 pictures (one of which is the Season 4 DVD box)
    -Synopsis: EMPTY
    -Cast: EMPTY (???)
    -Bonus Features: Lists the Mrs Columbo episode ...more info
  • Coloumbo Season 4
    Another fun packed set of adventures with Lt Columbo - what is his first name anyway? -and in keeping with tradition, he solves the crimes even on board a luxury liner. If you enjoy murder mysteries, Columbo Season 4 is the one for you. Filmed in the 1970s it retains a special charm all of its own and deserves to be called a Classic. If you like luxury old cars - this series has an amazing range of classic cars the like of which you don't see in today's modern television. Highly recommended along with Seasons 1-3....more info


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