Haier HDN455 45-Pint Capacity Electrical Control Dehumidifier

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Product Description

45 Pint Capacity Electronic Control 115V. High-efficiency ENERGY STAR qualified; electronic control; LED display of humidity and temperature; 12 hour on/off timer; low temp operation down to 41 degrees farenhiet; pre-drilled drain connect with 3 water hose included; automatic humidistat control; auto defrost; handle on bucket; front water bucket for easy access; "Bucket Full" indicator light easy-roll casters; easy-access washable filter.

  • High-efficiency, ENERGY STAR qualified
  • LED display of humidity and temperature
  • Low-temp operation down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Auto shut-off and defrost
  • 12 hour on / off timer
Customer Reviews:
  • Good manual dehumidifier, but automatic functionality is lacking
    This humidifier's operation is straight-forward and in my basement, the tank fills after about 5 hours - a relief after reading reviews that indicate the unit does not work. Although the humidifier has many benefits such as an easy to read temperature and humidity display, an auto shut-off, 1-12 hour timer, and a 3' hose for continous draining, the automatic mode has one main flaw.

    When the automatic mode is active, the compressor will stop when the desired humidity level is reached. However, the fan will continue to run even if the compressor remains off for several hours - the fan runs in order to keep the correct temperature and humidity readings. This represents poor design because the fan could cycle on and off every 15 minutes or so to check if the humidity levels have risen. I'm not sure how this humidifier got an energy star rating when the fan continues to run indefinitely even in its "idle mode".

    There are less expensive humidifiers that do turn off completely and automatically when the desired humidity level is reached. I cannot recommended this unit until the fan issue is resolved, but otherwise I would have given it 4 stars. ...more info
  • Worthless!!!!
    Bought from Target, the dehumidifier worked for about 2 days, then no water in the bucket. Took it back and exchanged it for another of the same. Silly me, thinking it was a fluke and the odds of getting another defective unit remote....not! This second worked for 1 day. I'm getting a refund. ...more info
  • Absolute Junk!
    Bought in January, broke in Febuary. You could put a sponge on the floor of the room you intend to dehumidify and it would absorb more water than this Haier....more info
  • Machine never worked
    Right of box the "tank full" light was on and could not reset it by unplugging it or pulling out tank. Never got machine to work and returned it immediately!...more info
  • Disappointing.
    Had high hopes on this product from reading other reviews on it. I had recently had a basement flood of 6 inches of water. After the water receeded, I needed to get rid of the remaining moisture. Did my research, order the product, got it and turned it on. 6 hours later, not a drop was in the catch basin. It was quiet, it had wheels, and was easy to operate, but it just didn't work. Gave it a two week trial, sent it back....more info
  • Haier 45-pint dehumidifier
    This dehumidifier works well. The digital readouts are clear and easy to understand. The product is a good buy as far as I am concerned....more info