Soleus Air CFM-65 65-Pint Low Temperature Portable Dehumidifier

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  • Electronic controls with LED Display, showing either room or set humidity level.
  • Dehumidifier cycles on and off to maintain set humidity
  • Auto restart automatically restarts in case of power failure.
  • Auto On/Off 24 Hour Timer can be set automatically.
  • Auto Shut-off with bucket full indicator , alarm sounds and light turns on, shutting off unit when bucket fills to prevent overflow.
Customer Reviews:
  • Soleus Air CFM-65 65-Pint Low Temperature Portable Dehumidifier
    Did not even last one year. Leaked all over my carpeted basement floor. I understand the need to ship the unit back for warranty work, but the shipping costs are nearly the cost of a less expensive replacement. Customer service did not respond in a timely manner to my emails. I would not recommend this brand to others based upon my experience. This experience also reminds me of the perils of doing business over the internet versus local "brick and mortar" stores. With a local store, consumers have a better opportunity for service....more info
  • Worst experience ever
    I too was looking forward to this unit for several reasons.

    1) Quiet (it is).
    2) If the external hose were to clog it will fill the bucket and stop (it can but read on).
    3) I need one that would restart on power fail, not all do (it does).
    4) I wanted full range setting (it does).
    5) I wanted it to be able to run in cool weather (it does not read on)

    I had FIVE of these delivered, yes 5. First 3 busted the compressor out the bottom. This is obviously a design flaw and it cannot withstand normal shipping. Eventually they shipped 2 by freight at their cost.

    The unit is dumb, in that the fan must run 24/7 even if the humidity is 10%. Some units have energy saver mode to not run the fan. This does not. So even though the unit is quiet it makes noise when it's not even needed.

    The rear drains DO NOT WORK as designed. They will work for little while. But then they will just fill the bucket and stop. This happened on both units. The problem is they use a little dam the water must go over to reach the built in pan. The Dam is not tall enough and after a while (couple weeks) water will whick or splash over the dam and fill the bucket and stop the unit. It's nice idea but it's implementation is flawed. I raised the dam on both units to fix this and that worked.

    One unit initially flooded my cellar because a screw was loose that landed in drip pan and plugged the drain.

    Last fall the unit sounded strange when it got cooler in the fall loud and seemed to run in defrost mode more than dehumidify mode. It just didn't behave well in cool weather (it was not even that cold out yet Sept in New England). So I decided to give up leaving them on automatic for winter. Fired it up this spring and it sounded ok. Not that damp yet though. Then we got a heavy rain and it was running a bit hard. Then I checked the coils and they were not cold. Waited a while thinking it may be in defrost mode (I think it runs in reverse like a heat pump todo this). Still not cold. Took cover off and checked to see if anything was cold. Nothing. In fact, the compressor was so hot I'm amazed it didn't catch fire (20 minutes later and I still could not touch the compressor). I have since unplugged the second unit because I think it's dangerous. I think the unit is stuck in defrost mode or there is a clog.

    My wife can't believe I spent as much time on it as I have. It fit perfectly where I needed it did run quiet and I really liked the backup mode for the drain hose that I eventually fixed.

    When dealing with broken units during shipping the company handled it fairly well.

    But the unit has some very serious issues.

    Remember I bought FIVE !! and kept TWO (after I made serveral repairs) and one is completely toast only after one summer.
    ...more info
  • Like the rest. Defective. Buyer beware...
    I was really looking forward to this unit. In fact, waited for a few weeks for the unit to come into stock. The claimed features, price, capacity, and noise were the most competitive. Unfortunately, never worked as the bucket full detection always is on. Therefore, the compressor never turns on. Fan runs, but does not dehumidify even a drop. The manufacturing and design quality is very poor on the unit I received. Soleusair does not answer the phone nor return calls left on the "customer support" voice mail. Sorry Soleus, I bought a $183 65Pint Haier at Walmart that works and is designed much more solid....more info
  • Works, if you get it in one piece
    I may be the lucky owner of a unit like the ones other reviewers received damaged with the compressor detached from the unit and probably returned :)

    I bought it from a liquidator as "new" (broken but unused) for so I knew I'm getting a damaged unit with the bottom broken off.

    I disassembled it completely at home to see if there would be further damage and there was. Many of the plastic connections/joints were either cracked or broken. The type of plastic used is stiff but frail and it cracks easily. The engineering genious who designed the plastic assembly probably never had to put it together or touched the materials used. The casing is way overcomplicated and consists of too many parts for a squarish box that only houses a compressor, a heat exchanger and a fan...

    After some creative work I was able to put it together and the unit actually works quite well. However, based on my look inside the unit I would probably not want to buy it if I had to pay full price. For the less than $30 I paid for mine delivered I'd say it's a keeper :). I had a LG 45 pint at home at the same time and the LG looks much better put together. The Soleus is marginally more quiet on its lowest speed, but not enough to make a real difference or sway you one way or another. Both units are too noisy to keep in a quiet living space (would be fine in a basement or in a noisy environment). The LG comes with 5 year warranty and everything on it is more ergonomic, especially the part one uses most - the water tray. The Soleus has more features. Both did a good job removing moisture but they seem to do it differently. The Soleus blows a strong air stream up or back that is rather hot. On the LG you I can barely feel the air coming out and it does not get as hot. The Soleus has very loud alarm beeps when the tray is taken out, which I think is unecessary. Also, I had to read the manual to figure out what the settings do, where the LG is pretty much self explanatory....more info
  • Defective Product - No Support
    Item came damaged - manufacturer and seller both declined to provided assistance. Only Amazon responded positively. I WOULD NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT OR BUY FROM AIR-N-WATER.COM...more info
  • Not thrilled...
    This item was shipped ground which could have been part of the problem: It arrived broken with the metal dehumidifier unit coming out the bottom-the housing it was supposed to be attached to was in 4 pieces. I did plug it in briefly which registered 61% humidity (enough reason to invest). Yet when I called the company to find out where the black hose attached-not in the directions, no one answered the phone. Just a message machine. If someone had answered, I would have wanted to know if there was an authorized service center or parts available for repair of this. Instead I returned to Amazon for refund :(...more info